Just for once

by: kawaii-kirei

Hakkai, Goku, Sanzo and Gojyo were resting in a comfortable inn. Hakkai was looking at the stars by the window, Sanzo was reading a newspaper, Gojyo was smoking a cigarette while Goku was approaching Hakkai...

"Hakkai, daijobu desu ka?" he asked.. Hakkai turned and saw Goku's worried face, he smiled.

"Daijobu desu... Just thinking!"

"Bout' what?"

"About the past events,"



Meanwhile, Gojyo... who heard the short conversation between hus two companion's, smirked. Then an idea struck him,

"Sanzo-" He began

"I know..." Sanzo replied, he also heard the conversation and always knew that 'something I wont tell you'- yet...

Gojyo smirked once more,

"Then lets take action!!" he said, exitedly. Which made Sanzo smirk, too.

He stood up from his chair and went for the door with Gojyo following close behind.

"We're gonna down and have a drink..."

"We'll leave you two ALONE for a while!" And they left,

Goku and Hakkai were just staring at the door confusedly, until realization hit them. They blushed,

"Goku..." Hakkai was the first to speak, Goku looked up and looked at him curiously,


''Gomen.." Goku was confused,

"For what?"

"For making you worry..." Hakkai finished, Goku smiled

"It's alright!!!" he exclaimed. This time, Hakkai was the one smiling.

"Arigatou..." Hakkai whispered before kissing Goku softly on the lips. Goku's eyes widened, yet he didnt pull back.

Upon realizing on what he was doing... Hakkai quickly drew back,

"I... I'm sorry!! My body just moved!..." He screamed and went to leave the room, until Goku grabbed his arm,

"Hakkai, wait!" Hakkai turned, a bit nervous and scared at the same time,

"Hakkai, onegai... Stay with me tonight! Even just for once??" Hakkai was shocked but gave Goku what he wanted... And, maybe what his self wanted too,

And that was the best night, they ever had..... (^-^)

= At the bar, downstairs=

"Oi, Sanzo! Do you think those two are done already??" Gojyo asked,

"Dont mind them, red-head..." Sanzo replied. By this, Gojyo fell red from anger! He held up a fist and yelled,

"Nandeste?! You corrupt monk!"

"Urusai!!" Sanzo screamed, shooting almost everywhere...

Gojyo stepped back,




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