Sakura had been doing research in the library when the incident happened. There weren't many people who dove this far into the back of the medical section, if only because there weren't many people skilled enough to comprehend it. Sakura herself was lucky enough to have gotten one of the best teachers there was; it meant that she herself was now one of the best medics there was.

With a sigh, she reached up into the stacks again. At the moment, she was researching bone marrow transplants, something that was still barely understood. Transplanting an organ? Sure. Even a Chuunin could do it. Working with bone marrow on a cancer patient? Much more difficult.

The latest scroll was heavy, but that was only because it was so large. That was… not always promising, but it was something. The scroll wasn't decorated like so many of the others either, which meant that it was probably a more scholarly piece, which was promising.

Sure, Sakura had a bit of trouble opening the scroll, but that was probably just because no one had ever bothered to try breaking the seal on it before. There probably hadn't been anyone that had even been mildly interested in opening the scroll before, because no one really bothered to study back here anymore.

Poor Sakura. She really should have taken the hint to leave the scroll alone.

With one final yank, Sakura pulled the scroll open, spying only seals inside. The next second, there was a puff of smoke, and then darkness encroached upon her, even as she saw the seals on the scrolls begin to release, one by one, marching their way into the scroll and wreaking havoc on her body.


When Sakura woke up, the first thing she did was curse herself for her stupidity. Granted, she hadn't had any reason to suspect that any of the scrolls this far back were booby-trapped, but… well, a shinobi could never be too careful.

The second thing she did was start privately panicking over the fact that she could no longer feel her legs, but rather a massive tangle of buzzing nerve endings.

The third thing she did was look down.

The fourth thing she did was suppress a scream.

The fifth thing Sakura did was reach out a trembling hand to check if the slowly shifting tentacles that had replaced her legs were real.

They were.


A/N: So, this isn't really going to be a lemony story. Just warning you, right now, that this probably isn't going to go above a T rating, M if I stretch it. There will be references to sex, and sex, as an act and a part of life, will play a role in the story (more than half the time, it will be due to research, not fun times). Just warning you that this isn't a hentai-ish story, though.

And one request, if you will: please don't ask why I'm writing this. Please. Just… don't.

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