Chapter 24

The first time Hari met the Lord of the Western Lands, it did not end well. For either of them.

It all started when he stumbled upon an adorable little girl trolling a hideous imp that was with her. It was actually pretty damn funny how she torment it while acting all cute and innocent.

The scene he stumbled upon was them in a stream trying to catch fish for their breakfast. Well…more fish since there was already a basket that had two fish on the shore. Anyways, every time the imp would catch a fish, the little girl would "accidentally" crash into him in the name of chasing a fish herself. Since they both "crashed" into each other and lost the fish, the girl would start whining about "Jaken always getting in the way of her catching fish" while the imp starts screeching abuse at the girl.

Normally, he wouldn't allow such abuse, however, he couldn't really detect any true malice in his tone. If anything, it was more like a routine than anything else. Something they had repeated so many times that it would be weird if they stopped kind of way. So, he sat back and watched.

He would have continued watching the amusing show if a certain feathery friend of his didn't trill loud enough to gain the attention of the little girl after she knocked down the imp underwater once again. He kind of froze when big bright brown doe eyes looked straight at him curiously before they filled with fear.

"Ah! Jaken! There's a demon!" She exclaimed in fear upon seeing him and running behind a still sputtering imp that finally emerged from the water.

"What are you talking about stupid girl?!" He yelled out, still upset about being dunked underwater.

"I think she meant me. Though, it's very rude to call someone you just met a demon." He called, amused. "Not that I truly blame her considering all the demons that roam around this era with their abilities to look human."

"Who are ye human?" Jaken then demanded while trying to push Rin back towards the opposite shore where his staff is laying next to the basket of fish.

"Just a traveler wandering around freely. I came upon this stream to catch some fish for my own breakfast when I came upon the amusing sight you two were creating. I couldn't help but stop and watch." He answered nonchalant, full lips tugged in a slight smirk.

"Your eyes are so pretty!" The little girl couldn't help but exclaim when she got the impression that he wouldn't hurt them.

"Not as pretty as yours but thank you all the same." He answered back without hesitation.

He wasn't lying either. Her eyes were pretty to him. It wasn't even about the color like most people talk about when it comes to eyes. Though he did think the color themselves were pretty, being a dark but bright brown that drew you in. It was the emotions behind the eyes that he was talking about.

They were so…so…innocent, is the best he can come up with. Pure, perhaps. It's been so long since anyone looked at him without trying to hide negative feelings from him like greed, lust, hate or just plain indifference while pretending to be his friend or what not. Oh don't get him wrong, he knows that he has friends that care about him. He also knows that it's only to an extent. It's always to an extent.

'I don't really remember anyone other than my parents who ever put me first. I have always become last to everybody. An after thought in their world unless they need something.' He thought somewhat sadly.

He can't even really claim Sirius with putting him first. It wouldn't be true and it kills a part of him to even think about it. But he knows to his godfather, he almost came last on his list of cares.

He waited over 11 years before breaking out of Azkaban to even find that rat. It wasn't even for him but for himself. Hell, if he really cared for him, he sure as hell wouldn't have waited for so damn long to break out. He knew for a fact that the rat was still out there somewhere. It wouldn't have taken that many years for him to become skinny enough to slip through the bars in dog form. Hari is also pretty sure that Sirius thought of breaking out more than once while in there. Being a prankster and all, it would have been practically second nature for him to break out and fuck with everybody minds while at it. So the question remains.

Why didn't he?

Though he came to Privet Drive to check on him or at least to see if the rat was around, he must of saw how he was treated there. Hell, his body was little better in shape than his own and with his dog sense of smell, he should have smelled not only the fresh blood, but the old blood on him as well.

He did nothing to help him in that situation until after his death. Ok…he's been in prison for years and then had to go on the run. It's just that…he didn't think he really had to. To be on the run that is. At least not for very long.

Sirius grew up being groomed to be a Lord. Like it or not, he was taught about his rights and how to find loopholes in laws to benefit himself and the Family. That night he was captured, broke the law and went against his rights. He was not convicted in a court of law nor was he even tried. All he had to do was bring that to light which should have been simple if he went the media. He could have use an anonymous tip to a reporter and let that reporter do all the work. It would have been a ground breaking story - An Unjustly convicted Lord thrown in prison without trial. Or something like that.

If not the media, why not Amelia Bones the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. The number one person that all sides agree on being the most fair and just person in the Ministry. Not that they are all happy about that since they can't get what they want when it comes to her. Not even the Minister wanted to get on her bad side. He knew from his mother's journals that Sirius knew her personally since they grew up together like a lot of the Pureblood kids did.

So why didn't he? Directly or indirectly. Once again, an anonymous tip could have gone a long way in setting in motion his freedom.

It can't be because he was potioned or spelled to change his way of thinking or his personality since he still had his Heir ring on before the Lord ring. A ring that had pretty much the same protections on it as the Lord ring itself.

While his mother blasted him off the Family Tree, it did not mean he was actually disowned. The only person who could do that was the Head of the Family. She didn't even have the power to demand the Heir ring back from him. In fact, she got in big trouble with the Family when it came out that she did. It was a disgrace that she acted out of her station. Something the family members took very seriously no matter their opinion on Sirius or not.

So, he still had the ring itself on. Which couldn't be taken off by anyone but the owner or the Head of House. Even when Sirius lost all that weight, the ring would have just resize itself to fit better. Not only that, being a Black, even if he denied it all the time, he would have had a thorough scan to make sure he wasn't potioned or spelled when he went to except the Heir ring. So that excuse is gone.

Yes, the dementors can be blamed for some of his issues for not thinking straight. However, Sirius told him; himself that he could think clearer when he was in dog form. Not only that, he even got somewhat use to the dementors effect that he can kind of fight them off mentally as long as it was one or two and they weren't around for very long. Anymore and his mind would be consumed once again by his bad memories. Or worse yet, feeling depressed or caught off guard. Then all bets are off.

Another thing that made a black mark against him was the time after being set free by Hermione and him. Instead of sticking around trying to come up with ideas to get himself free, he traveled around the world to mess around. He could understand wanting to enjoy the time away from being in prison, he really could, but he could have enjoyed it even more if he was actually free free. But no, it didn't even cross his mind. At least, not long enough to make a difference.

The worst part, was when he was lock up in his old house. There were so many law books that he could have looked through in order to find someway to get free in the library. Did he look through any of them…no. In fact, he really didn't do anything but moop around, fight with his mother's portrait, fight with Kreacher the house elf or talking with Remus and the Order.

Over two years he could have found a way to prove his innocence. Wasted. And for what?

Then there was times where when they were together and Sirius would stand up for him, it wasn't because he believed in Hari, but because he was Lily and Jame's son. He doesn't think Sirius even thought of him as his own person but the reincarnation of his parents. Being called by his father's name sometimes didn't help dispel that thought either.

'I don't fucking care that he left me a fortune or a Title. I just wanted to come first in someones life. To know I can go to that one person and know right away that they would be there for me without having to think twice about it. Is that really so much to ask for.' He thought sadly. 'What is even worse is that I still love him even though I never came first to him. I just wish that he actually showed me all the emotions he said he felt for me in his Will. Too late now.'

He looked up when he heard a soft trill sound above him, snapping him back to the present.

~Sorry, did you say something?~ Harry thought to his friend.

~Do not forget that you are no longer alone my chick.~ Fawkes reprimanded him gently having heard what he was thinking about.

~I know I am not alone completely.~ Was all he side on the topic.

"Um…are you ok mister?" The little girl asked, drawing their attention to the two again.

Hari saw that they were now on the other side of the small stream with the toad like being still standing in front of the girl. This time banishing his staff at him in a threatening manner.

"I am fine. Just got lost in thought." Hari answered with a soothing voice, not wanting the little girl to worry. "May I ask why you are alone with only a single guard?"

He didn't want to ask where her parents were out right just in case they were dead like his. He had always hated when people asked where his parents were. Every time he would answer, he would either get a look of pity while being talk to like he's mentally deficient or sneered at and be insulted. He could never understand why people think orphans are dump or inhuman.

"Sesshomaru-sama said Rin must get her own breakfast or Rin won't eat." Rin said with a bright and bubbly smile. Not worried in the least that a grown man made a little girl provide for herself. Thinking more along the lines that he trusted her enough to take care of herself in this regard.

"Oh?" He uttered with a slight surprised look on his face. He only received a happy nod with humming included. "Is this…Sesshomaru-sama…near by?"

He didn't like the thought that this little girl was out in the middle of the forest with only a weak guard to protect her. The toad looking creature - Jaken - power was equivalent to a first year student at Hogwarts. If that. He was being generous. Now his staff, on the other hand, had some power radiating off it. So he knew to be at least weary of the staff. As for this "Sesshomaru," since the little girl used "-sama" with the man's name, he could guess he wasn't someone simple.

'I just have the weirdest feeling that I have heard that name somewhere. It's on the tip of my tongue but for the life of me I just can't figure it out.' He thought with slight frustration.

Fawkes remembered why that name sounded familiar to his chick. He just wasn't going to say anything considering it wouldn't be as amusing as him finding out on his own. Maybe, this would also teach him to memorize others names instead of forgetting the moment one stops talking about that person. He must admit though, how he found it funny how his chick forgets a name if he has no attachments to that person.

"Rin does not know. Sesshomaru-sama comes and goes. Rin knows not when he will be back." Rin chirped.

"I see." He muttered with his brow crinkling slightly in his displeasure.

"Shut up you stupid girl!" Jaken screeched loudly. "Don't talk to strangers and telling them information!"

"Is there a village near by that you are staying at while you wait for your lord?" Hari then asked completely ignoring the imp like toad.

'Though the toad is right. Not that she's stupid but she shouldn't be talking to strangers like she is. It could be dangerous especially in this era where demons have no problems eating little girls like her. She's lucky I have no ill will towards her or she could be out of luck.' He thought.

"Rin knows not. Rin sleep wherever Sesshomaru-sama wants her too." She said without a hint of hesitation or grievances. How could she when most of the time she gets to sleep on the softest most fluffiest of tails every night she's with her Lord.

"I see." He muttered yet again. Not really knowing what to say to the happy little girl. "Do you…" He paused, not really knowing if he should continue with his thought. However, he just couldn't leave the little girl out here by herself with only a weak guard to protect her. She's lucky they haven't crossed a very strong demon yet. Or even a group of humans. That wouldn't be good either. "…want to stay with me until your lord comes to get you?" He offered awkwardly.

"Of course not stupid human!" Jaken screeched. He could feel the human male looking down on him from his dismissive glance that passed over him.

'How dare that wretched human look down on me! I am the most trusted and loyalest follower of milord! This mere human can not comprehend my power!' Jaken raged inwardly but too scared to say any of that outwardly. He wasn't stupid no matter how he might come across, he knew instinctively that this human was no ordinary human. Now, if his Lord was here, that would be a different story.

"Yes, please!" Rin chirped at the same time as Jaken's screech.

It gets lonely with just Jaken around all the time, so she wanted to make a new friend to liven things up. While she loves and adores her Sesshomaru-sama, he wasn't really interactive with her. Which she could somewhat understand since he was a Demon Lord and she was nothing more than a human girl he pick up off the side of the road.

"The lady has spoken." Hari said getting up and jumping over the stream to get to the other side. My name is Hari. What are yours?" He then ask even though he already knew. It was still polite to ask.

"Rin is Rin and Jaken is Jaken." The little girl chirped with a beaming smile showing off the cute little dimples on her cheeks.

"Nice to meet you Rin-chan. Jaken." Hari greeted Rin with a small but warm smile and the toad with just a nod of acknowledgement. "Is your camp near by?"

"No, we haven't set up camp yet." Rin answered with a shrug.

"Are you staying in this area or do you move around and your lord comes and fines you?" He asked curiously. He had a feeling that their lord was some type of demon but wasn't all that sure. If he was a demon, that would explain how he found them even if they move around.

"Sometimes we move around unless Sesshomaru-sama tells us to stay put." Jaken answered grudgingly already knowing he couldn't get rid of the human. He wanted to use the Staff of Two Heads to finally get rid of the nuisance, but knew if he tried he wouldn't hear the end of it from Rin.

That's how a group of a little girl full of sunshine, a beautiful teen boy, a colorful bird and a grouchy old toad followed by a two headed dragon was formed. It had actually shocked Hari when he ended up meeting the the two headed dragon, Ah-Un. He had never seen or even heard of a two head dragon before. More shocking, however, was learning that Ah-Un was actually an herbivore and not a carnivore like most dragons he knew.

It was two days later in the afternoon when Hari felt a powerful aura coming towards them fast. Acting fast, he drew his sword and stood in front of the little girl protectively. He didn't know who this demon was or why they were coming straight at them but he could guess it wasn't for anything good.

Hari had just risen his sword in time to block the sword of the other that was sparking off electricity, when he heard Rin's cry of "Sesshomaru-sama." He stumbled slightly in shock which the man in front of him tried to take advantage of to cut his head off. If it wasn't for his quick reflexes kicking in, allowing him to duck in the nick of time. He only had a few strands of hair cut off instead of his whole head.

When Hari got a good look at the other man, he couldn't stop his eyes from widening and the breathe from freezing in his throat. The man had long silver hair that went down to his knees in a straight line with bangs framing his aristocratic face. His fair skin had no blemishes except for the purple crescent moon in the middle of his forehead with two magenta stripes on each cheek, over his eyelids like eyeshadow and on his wrist that look like it went up his arm. How far up, Hari didn't know but was curious none the less. The stripes and the crescent moon couldn't really be consider blemishes considering they gave the man a more majestic look than anything else.

What really drew his attention wasn't all of that or even his unfair height of 6 feet or more. It was the intensely piercing golden eyes staring down at him. He had seen Remus when the wolf was near the surface, it's eyes were more…weak…in color than this man's.

'That is the most gorgeous man I have ever seen. I had thought Blaise was gorgeous. Compare to this man, Blaise looks more like a troll!' Hari couldn't help but think before shaking that thought off to refocus on the fight that was started by the other. His heart skipped a beat at the thought of facing against him in excitement.

He could feel the power radiating off the demon in front of him and couldn't help but want to go against him to see how far he came in his skills since he came to the feudal era. He knew that he wasn't any where near in skills to actually beat this demon, it still won't stop him from trying. All the other demons he came across were weak and pathetic and very easily dispatched so this fight will at least help him measure his level and where he needs to improve.

'I just hope I don't die in the process of figuring that out.' He mused warily. 'I don't even know how well my magic will work against him since I never went up against one of his caliber before.'

"Why are you attacking me?" Hari couldn't help but ask coldly with a raised eyebrow when they were in the middle of sizing each other up.

He couldn't understand where the hostility was coming from. They hadn't even met when the other attacked out of no where.

"This Sesshomaru doesn't answer to you." Sesshomaru answered back just as coldly, his expression not changing one bit.

"Did you just address yourself in the third person?" Hari asked in confusion. It was the first time he heard an adult speak in the third person. He knew there were some kids that did, heck, Rin talked in the third person and he thought it was beyond cute. However, when this man did, it was just weird. Even weirder, was that it still made him seem…elegant? Like he was above mere mortals and what not.

He didn't get a answer beyond a deepening glare. Before he could more than blink, the fight was on. It was all he could do to stay in one piece is defend himself. The demon lord barely gave him room to do anything else. He was clearly outmatched and knew that if he didn't do anything in the next couple of seconds, he's dead.

So gathering his magic into the hand not holding his sword to blast him away so he could teleport out of the danger zone; he panicked when he noticed the minute stiffening up of the body in front of him. He knew the other noticed the gathering of power and quickly threw it at him before he could do anything to stop him not really thinking all that much about the effect it might have on the demon. When the spell hit the demon in the chest hard enough to throw him back, he didn't stick around to find out the out come.

When the dizzying aspect of Apparition cleared from Hari's mind, he realized that he went back to Kaede's village. Not surprising since he felt safest here. He almost jump when a ball of fire appeared out of no where next him couple of minutes later.

~Fawkes!~ He exclaimed tiredly. He was sore and had small cut all over him. He was in no mood to deal with the birds mischief.

~You left quite the scene back there my chick.~ Fawkes trilled laughingly.

~What did my magic do?~ Hari asked with a flinch. He wasn't sure if he really wanted to know when the bird continue to laugh. ~Fawkes?!~

~Your magic turn the Lord of the Western Lands into…~ Before he could finish, he ended up bursting into trilling laughter again.

Hearing what his feathery friend said about the demon, Hari couldn't help but stiffen in horrified silence. He couldn't believe he never connected the name "Sesshomaru" as the Western Lord and Inuyasha's older half-brother. He couldn't help feeling completely stupid for not figuring out on his own. He should have connected the dots way before Fawkes said anything.

~Fawkes!~ He called more urgently. ~What did my magic do!~

~TUNED HIM INTO A CAT!~ He said before falling into laughter again.

'A cat? A fucking CAT?! I turned one of the most powerful demons in the era into a cat? Not just any demon but a fucking DOG demon. A ROYAL FUCKING DOG demon into a fucking CAT!'

Hari's legs gave out from under him making him slam on his butt where he then put his elbows on his knees with his head in his hand. After thinking all that, the only thing that was running through his mind over the bird's completely out of control laughter, was:

"I'm doomed!"