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An unnerving sense of displacement, an uncomfortable feeling of falling despite his body being still. His senses seemed to have stopped working suddenly, no sounds or smells, no light beyond his shut eyelids. When had he closed his eyes? A small sense of dread formed in his heart. Had his master managed to cut of his senses? He couldn't even feel his master's presence and that was new to him. He hadn't been unable to feel his master's presence ever since he had become his apprentice.

This was the last time he would participate in his master's experiments with powers he didn't understand, was what he wanted to say but he didn't exactly have a choice in the matter now did he? The feeling of falling stopped, although a slight sense of displacement still remained. It seemed he didn't have to worry too much as his senses returned. But his returning senses worried him, he felt a cool breeze, heard the sound of leaves rustling in the wind. The air felt warm, and he felt sunlight on his face. He opened his eyes.

"What…" a young man exclaimed silently, his eyes wide in shock. "Where am I?" This is most certainly not his master's laboratory. It didn't even seem to be the same planet.

The youth took a deep breath, reaching out with his mind. He could feel the mystical energy of the force surrounding him, suffusing the air, connecting all living things around him. He frowned. It was odd, he still couldn't feel his master, not even faintly, and that worried him in many different ways. At the same time he felt a slight sense of relief forming, a feeling of hope that he had become free from his master.

His mind reached out further, seeking answers. First he sought out the stars, looking for some hint about where he had ended up. His frown deepened, he couldn't feel any force sensitive individuals within his reach. No space faring life forms indicating a ship in travel. Sure he couldn't reach all the way across the entire galaxy but he could still search nearby systems. Yet nothing. This worried him deeply. Where were he that he would be so far removed from either the republic or empire that he couldn't sense either?

His probing mind returned to the planet he was on. If he could at least find civilization he might have some answers. His mind started wandering the area around him searching in ever widening circles for some hint of civilization. After a while of searching he felt something different. A large gathering of living beings packed together in such a way that it could only be a form of settlement. It didn't feel too large, reasonable, but hardly matching up to some places he had been. He ascertained the direction and distance to the settlement. A kilometre or so due south-west. A smile crept onto his face as he started to withdraw his senses, only to disappear as he felt something wrong. A void in the force filled with malice. He felt more of them moving around. He counted eight, nine maybe ten moving in his direction slowly, their malice targeted on him.

He opened his eyes, berating his carelessness for not making sure his position was secure before he started meditating. Reaching into the force once more he willed his weapon attached to his belt into his hand. At first glance to the untrained eye it might seem little more than a metal cylinder, but in actuality it was one of the most elegant weapons of the galaxy, feared and respected by all, a lightsaber.

The youth stood there as the anomalies approached. Ten black furred beasts with bonelike spines and a skull mask with red lines running across it with red eyes seemingly glowing with malice stalked out amongst the trees towards the clearing the youth stood in. They spread out in a half circle around him, clearly intending to surround him as they stalked around him, keeping a careful distance.

He stood there, waiting for the beasts to make a move, their anomalous nature only making them easier to sense. Some might have been too unnerved by the voids in the force the beasts were, but for someone like him who had been forced to serve a dark lord of the Sith as his apprentice they only caused a slight sense of discomfort, he was used to things that should not be.

A beast charged at his seemingly undefended side. He flicked a switch on the object in his left hand and a blade of pure dark crimson energy formed. Just as the beast was about to swipe at him he jumped, somersaulting above its head and cleaving it in two. He landed in a low stance as two more of the beast came head on, apparently unfazed by the fate of their pack mate. He dashed forward at inhuman speed, cleaving the beast in the middle before it could react before stabbing the other through its head with a swift lunge as it turned towards him. Now all seven remaining came at him at the same time. He grinned.

A swift pirouette lopped of one beasts arm and as he stopped a swift slash beheaded another. As the beast whose arm he had cut off turned to snap its jaws at him he spun the saber, cutting of the foolish beast's snout. To his surprise it still tried to kill him forcing him to use the force to push it away. It, and two others just behind it flew of, impacting heavily against some trees. He jumped as one tried to tackle him clearing the beast entirely and landing in front of another. Its attempt to swing at him was interrupted as two quick slashes cut of its arms while a finishing thrust through its chest killed it. A quick spin 180 degrees brought him to face with another beast and an upward slash split its skull. Letting his slash retain its momentum he turned on the place and cut down another with a fierce chop.

At this point two of those that had been pushed away returned charging at him. A quick flick of his wrist sent the lightsaber spinning cutting right through one while he extended his arm towards the other, reaching into the force, channelling the dark side as lightning shot forth electrocuting the other and sending it flying back into another tree. A quick look at the third of them confirmed that it had died, presumably from the wounds he inflicted on it earlier.

Now only one remained. As he got a better look at it he saw that it was larger than the others, presumably the alpha and leader of the pack. It charged towards him, his lightsaber was still flying and would not return before the beast could reach him. It mattered not, he turned his left arm towards it, once again reaching into the dark side. But this time no lightning shot forth. Instead the beast suddenly halted as it was lifted up, its claws reaching for its throat, trying desperately to undo the grip that was choking it. Obviously it was futile, there was nothing to try and pull away, it could not touch the force. His hand tightened, increasing the pressure on its throat, slowly crushing its windpipe, suffocating it. He held out his right hand in the direction of his lightsaber and it came back to it. He deactivated it and put it back in his belt as he considered the carnage and the beast before him.

The youth felt no other presences as the beast in his grip finally died. He felt some elation, and tried to suppress it, without his master he might just get off of this damned path. At the same time he admitted to having garnered a taste for the freedom offered by the dark side. But he also knew that he didn't need the dark side to be free. Both sides offered freedom, it was the orders that imposed rules and restrictions. He shrugged and set off towards the settlement he had sensed before the ambush, pausing with a bit of interest as he noticed the bodies scatter and disappear before moving on. He needed information, and there were only one way to find it that he knew of for now. And that was amongst the civilization on this planet.

Authors Notes: Hello. This is my first ever attempt at writing fanfiction and as such would just love to see some feedback. Something I have been thinking about and just not really being able to decide is when in the RWBY timeline to dump the poor dastard. I was mainly considering just before the beginning of volume one or at the beginning of volume two and have his first day at beacon see him get caught up in the food fight between team RWBY and team JNPR. Do feel free to point out mistakes and tell me what you think. And do tell me when you think I should start it and while you're at it maybe give me some suggestions on how I should shoehorn our poor unnamed friend into the plot.