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Author's Note: This story contains SLASH so if it offends don't read. It also contains a threesome. Once again if this freaks out or disgusts don't read. It is kinda AU as well.

Part one.

Three of the most feared Death eaters stood in front of their lord. One wore black leather pants and an emerald green t-shirt. His black hair was gelled into spikes. Piercing's climbed his ears. His body covered in scars and tattoos. He was the Snake. The Lords Parseltongue, his personal favourite. The second wore black leather pants and a silver t-shirt. His silvery blond hair was tied back into a ponytail. He only had one mark on his otherwise perfect body, the dark mark. He was the Dragon, The Dark Lords most vicious follower; there is nothing he would not do. The Third was slightly older than the other two but he didn't look it. He wore black leather pants with a black t-shirt. His midnight black hair fell in glorious waves around his face. His black eyes reflected nothing of what he felt. They were pits of darkness. He was the Lord's Darkness. He was the most cunning, sly and devious of the three. The trio were not made to wear wizard robes, they were the Dark Lords most valuable recourses they could almost do as they pleased as long as they followed him.

"I have mission for you." The cold voice of lord Voldemort rasped out. They nodded in unison. "I need you to find a way to get me the orb of Merlin." The orb of Merlin, it contained all off his knowledge. With it Voldemort would be unstoppable, Harry almost laughed at the thought. Voldemort was already unstoppable. He had managed that with the defeat of Dumbledore.

"My Lord. It will be done." Harry intoned his voice void of emotion. The Dark Lord smiled.

"I have no doubt that you will succeed, my Snake." Harry smiled coldly in return.


The Trio had left Voldemort's meeting room. And sat in their own chamber.

"So, all we have to do is lay our hands on something that had been destroyed for well over a year." Draco said snidely, his silver eyes flashing. Sev laughed.

"Little Dragon, have you learned nothing. All we need to do is use a summoning charm through a time twister. A piece of cake."

"Have you forgotten whose possession the orb was in? Dumbledore had it; it was Dumbledore who destroyed it to stop us getting it." Draco replied. Sev's eyes darkened. He clenched his teeth.

"I have not forgotten. In case you forgot it was I who had to spend the better part of 12 years with him, gaining information for our lord. I know all about what Dumbledore has and what he is capable of." Sev snarled. Harry smirked at them.

"Children, Children. This is not worth arguing over." Harry stood up and moved towards Sev playing with his hair. "We will try the Time turner and if that doesn't work we will just have to be a little more inventive." He added huskily. Sev turned his head towards his lover and smirked.

"Inventive is good." Draco was watching them, he pouted playfully.

"I'm feeling left out over here."

"Now we can't have that." Harry purred. He stalked over to his other lover and kissed him hard on the mouth. After a minute he pulled away grabbing Draco's hand. They walked slowly towards their bedroom, picking up Sev along the way.


Harry blinked sleepily. He lover's lay on either side of him. He was perfectly content. This was the way he wanted to spend the rest of eternity. He was second only to Lord Voldemort and he had two incredible lovers. To think that muggle loving fool had actually tried to recruit him, the idea was laughable. To think that the pride of Slytherin would work with a Gryffindor. To have the tenacity to believe that Harry would join with the person that had killed his mother, killed his father and tried to kill him. Dumbledore had learned of Lily's involvement with the Death Eaters and in particular her relations with the Dark Lord. Dumbledore had decided that he could not let the Heir of Slytherin reach maturity so he had killed Lily and just as he was about to kill Harry Voldemort himself appeared. He gave his life for his son. So Harry survived when James, Dumbledore partner, tried to kill the heir of the snake he was annihilated instead. Dumbledore saw that he would not be able to do anything t this child so he escaped before any of the Death Eaters came to investigate what had happened to their lord. If they could not kill the boy they would have to turn him, Dumbledore sent one of his most trusted servants a half giant by the name of Hagrid to pick up the boy and claim that it had been all Voldemort's fault. But before Hagrid arrived a Death Eater by the name of Cameron Lestrange appeared, he took it upon himself to care for his masters son.

"Harry," The soft voice of Draco murmured. Harry turned to see the silvery haired angel looking at him. "We really should be getting up soon. Our lord doesn't like to be kept waiting." Harry Grunted and rolled out of bed, well at least tried to all he succeeded doing was pushing Sev out.

"Fuck." The black haired man snarled. Harry smirked.

"Sorry Sev but it time to get up after all." All he got in return was a glare.


Peter Pettigrew was pacing in his room. He was having an internal debate. Everyday he saw his friend's son getting stronger and stronger. But Harry was turning out to be more like his father. Cold, ruthless and utterly Slytherin. Well of course that did make sense he was the heir after all. Peter had been praying that the rumour that Voldemort was Harry's father had been that, a rumour. But everyday Peter saw more of the Dark Lord in Harry. He really did look a lot like his father, just nobody noticed because of the Lords metamorphosis.

"I can't let there be two of him in the world. Two Heirs working together would be the very end. Peter had no qualms with the muggle killings; the mudblood slaying's of even the betrayal of friends but this he could not let go on. Harry needed to be dealt with before he reached maturity then he really would be unstoppable.


The three stood in one of the Mansions many labs. The time turner sat on the table in front of them. Harry aimed his wand at the device, preparing to perform the summoning charm. The words had just about left his mouth when the door burst open and Peter Pettigrew burst through.

"Avada Kedavra." The stout man screamed. The curse hit Harry squarely in the chest. And all he could see was blackness.