Part thirteen:

Salazar lay slouched on the coach in Sev's rooms, smiling lazily. Not at all surprised when a blond whirlwind came bursting into the room laughing hysterically.

"Sal you should have seen the old coots face. Priceless. Absolutely priceless."

"I wonder if he knows just how close he is to defeat." Sal wondered aloud. Draco raised a questioning eyebrow. "Something is different about this Dumbledore. He is more complacent, less of a threat than the Dumbledore in my world. I think we have a real chance."

"A real chance of what? We always had the chance to defeat him." "To get the orb of Merlin of course. Then we will not only defeat him we will be destroy him mind, body and soul."

"Mind, body and soul you say." Interrupted a new voice. "I could be up for some of that." Sal turned towards the new voice and smiled broadly.

"Mother." He greeted.

"Now why don't you describe to the others just what the orb of Merlin really is?" At the mention of others Sal's head snapped up and saw Sev disentangle himself from the shadows behind Isabelle.

"As you say." He smiled again. "You might want to take a seat." They spread themselves throughout the room. Isabelle lay down in front of the fire her head resting on a cushion. Sal had yet to relinquish his position lounged on the couch. Sev curled himself up in the large armchair beside the fire while Draco sat on the other legs thrown over one of the arms.

"Well the orb of Merlin can be described as many things. A tool for divining, a magical 'battery', and a stealer of souls but most importantly it is the residing place of what is left of Merlin's magical essence. With it my father would be truly immortal and Dumbledore wouldn't have a hope in hell of defeating him, nobody would for that matter."

Draco grinned like a Cheshire cat. Well if a Cheshire cat could look so devilish while doing it.

"So how do you plan on obtaining it?" Draco inquired. Before Sal could reply Ginny spoke up.

"I have an idea." She announced. "We all know that Dumbledore would never allow any of you into his office for any length of time. He doesn't trust you enough. And I can't steal it because if I am caught that will take away all spies that my Husband has. So." Ginny looked positively Devilish at the thought of whatever she was planning. "What we really need is to have someone that Dumbledore trusts on our side. What we need is Harry Potter."

"Interesting idea." Sev started, clearly mocking her. "But you seem to have forgotten that Harry is as good as dead."

"Shadow, do not mock me." Her voice ringing with authority. "I told you I had a plan now you will listen to it. I will convince the mudblood that can be turned back to the way he was. She will easily believe me, I am sweet innocent Ginny Weasely after all. Plus they are desperate to have their golden boy back. I will 'find' a fake spell that promises to turn Sal back into the muggle loving fool. It will be a very pretty light show but will have no real power. And in comes Sal acting like the Harry they know and love. The Griffins are happy thinking their spell worked, Dumbledore being the trusting fool he is will accept Sal back with open arms. Sal pockets the orb, we give it to my husband, and then we rule the world." Ginny smiled broadly. She knew that her plan would work.

Sal was looking at his mother with disgust. It was a reasonable enough plan. It might actually work; presuming that the Dumbledore of this would was really as much of an idiot as Sal thought he was. But. it meant that he had to act like the Gryffindor golden boy. He had to be 'good', something that Sal had no practise in.

Isabelle's eyes snapped towards her son, a delicate sneer graved her face.

"Harold Salazar Potter you will wipe that look of disgust off your face this instant. My plan will be carried out and it will work." Her face softened slightly. "Just imagine how crushed they will be when they learn the truth." Sal smiled, "you have a couple of months before the plan will come into action. During that time you can live it up as the Slytherin prince, be as bad as you want to be. Then you suffer a couple of weeks in Gryffindor we get the orb and you can go back to being yourself." Sal nodded in agreement. It was for the greater good after all.

Sev glanced down at his watch and sprang to his feet.

"Well as touching as this mother and son bonding session is I am afraid that we must be going to class."


"Ginny." Ron called, "Where did you go after breakfast?" Isabelle smiled timidly at him while mentally she was running through the million and one ways that she could kill him only using a spoon.

"Hi Ron. I had to run up and get something from my dorm room. My potions book. You know what Snape would do to me if I turned up to class without it." Ron winced in sympathy.

"Yeh." He muttered. The fact that she had been going down stairs not up, never crossing his mind. "Well good luck dealing with the greasy git." She smiled; he didn't know the half of it.