Greetings fellow fan fiction readers, authors, and other viewers, I am writing this message to all of you to announce the I have finally began to start laying the ground work for the third installment of what I hope to make a five part series, beginning with Rainy Day Lover, and following up with Lover's Revealed.

If you've read the author's notes following Rainy Day Lover, then you know what I hope to accomplish with my remaining installments, more specifically what I wish to do with this next part of this series.

What I'm inquiring of you the readers, is what YOU would perhaps like to see in this next installment, ranging from events leading up to the proposal, ideas for when, when and how the proposal itself takes place, and so on. If I use any of your ideas I'll make sure to acknowledge you with due credit. Please present any and all ideas with a review of sorts and how you feel my previous stories have been presented.

I can't guarantee anything in terms of how it will turn out, but I'll do my best to live up to my former stories credibility and provide you with quality literature equal to or exceeding my previous accomplishments.

Until next time, this is S. S. Shadow, signing off.