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So here you go, my new story, On The Contrary.

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"Sakura, when will you realize, this isn't a love story. Naruto's not in love with me, not after what I did to him." Hinata looked over at him. "On the contrary, Sasuke. Naruto loves you. It's just a love story where YOU have to go after him."

Sasuke sighed as he pushed open the doors to Konoha High School, Monday morning. It was the first day of school of his junior year, and he was already sick of it.

Ever since he came out last year as gay to his fanclub, he felt like they were swarming him even more, much to his surprise, and disappointment. Now, the girls were either more persistent to try and be the girl that can turn him straight or they were trying to hook him up with guys that he had no interest in.

The only guy he had his mind set on was a beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed boy named…

"Sasuke!" A voice shouted throwing Sasuke out of his thoughts about the gorgeous body he was picturing in his mind.

Sasuke blinked rapidly before growling and sneering at the pink haired girl standing in front of him. "Sakura."

Sakura placed her hands on her hips and glared back at him. "Watch where you're going, dumbass."

Sasuke rolled his eyes and pushed her gently out of the way of his locker. "Hn."

Sakura was the first girl to ever pursue him, back in middle school, but she quickly got over her crush on him after the terrible thing he did in high school. Instead, she chose to forgave him, after some time of course, and became one of his closest friends.

"And learn to use proper english, we're not cavemen anymore." Sakura lectured, leaning against the locker next to him.

Sasuke closed his locker and gave her another glare.

Sakura smiled widely at him and looped her arm through his. "Now, let's get to homeroom and start our day, shall we?"

Before Sasuke could answer her question, a loud commotion came from around the corner.

"Kiba! Wait up!" A loud voice called out.

A boy with shaggy brown hair, came running around the corner and past Sasuke and Sakura, laughing loudly.

"Wonder what he's up to now." Sakura said curiously, watching Kiba turn another corner, disappearing out of sight.

Sasuke sighed and took a step toward the opposite direction Sakura was looking. "Whatever it is, it's got to be stupid. As always."

Sasuke turned around, only to have the wind knocked out of him. He closed his eyes as he fell towards the ground. He landed with an 'oomph' and a weight on his chest. When he opened his eyes, all he saw was blonde hair.

"Look dude, I'm sorry, I-" The boy lifted his head and Sasuke was staring into the blue eyes of his affection, Naruto.

"Naruto." Sasuke whispered, staring intensely into those cerulean eyes.

Naruto quickly pushed against Sasuke's chest, knocking the wind out of Sasuke once more, before quickly clambering off of him and running after Kiba, not saying another word.

Sasuke threw his arm over his eyes and groaned out loud.

"Here." Sakura held out her hand in front of Sasuke, waiting impatiently for him to take it.

Sasuke slowly uncovered his eyes and grasped onto her hand, pulling himself up with her help. He turned to face the direction Naruto ran off too.

"He's never going to forgive you until you apologize to him. He's been waiting almost two years for it, you know." Sakura said, watching Sasuke.

Sasuke sighed before turning and beginning the walk towards his class.

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