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Title: Forbidden Desires

Summary: Johnny & Elizabeth meet and instantly sparks begin to fly. Between the dangers of his mob life & her safe life, will they throw caution to the wind & give it a go? Rated M for violence/sex/language. AH.

Chapter 8

(At Sonny's warehouse, Sonny is overseeing a few projects that his employees are working on. His mind went back to the other day when he was at Johnny Zacchara's place. He sighs deeply and folds his arms as he remembers the intense meeting. He couldn't help but wonder if Johnny was going to move forward with his plans and retaliate against the shady negotiations on the contract Anthony approved. Sonny couldn't believe how easy it was to fool the elder Zacchara. He chuckled thinking that the damn idiot was eager to try helping his son. Oh, he helped his son, alright. Anthony dug his son into a deep hole. Sonny was curious on how Johnny was going to get himself out of it)

(Technically, there was a way. Sonny wondered if Johnny would figure it out. Obviously, Sonny knew Anthony wouldn't have a clue on how to fix his mistake. As for Johnny, though, Sonny told himself if the younger Zacchara had a brain, he would think of the way. Yes, the contract was legal, so Sonny didn't have to worry about that. Obviously Sonny wasn't going to tell Johnny. He wanted to know if the younger man did, in fact, have a brain where the legalities of the contract was concerned)

(Sonny's thoughts on the topic were dashed when he heard Johnny O'Brien's voice)

Johnny: "What's going on, boss?"

Sonny: "Overseeing the new shipments." (nods) "So far, so good."

Johnny: "I wanted to thank you for letting me off early so I could spend time with my girl."

Sonny: (nods) "You work hard, O'Brien. I always reward my employees when they do well. Besides, it was a slow night, so I thought 'what the hell?'"

Johnny: "Very true." (shakes his head) "We don't have too many of those...slow nights."

Sonny: (shakes his head) "No, we don't." (smiles) "Did you have a good night with your girl?"

Johnny: "Kelly and I had a great time." (smirks) "She wanted me to thank you, as well."

Sonny: (laughs) "Well, I'm glad you two had a good night. A person can never have too many date nights with the person they love."

Johnny: "You're right."

(Johnny debates whether to bring up another topic. He knew he could talk to his boss about anything, but technically, this didn't concern O'Brien. Sonny must've picked up on Johnny's hesitancy because he spoke)

Sonny: "Something you need to talk about?"

Johnny: (confused) "Huh?"

(Sonny looks at O'Brien out of the corner of his eye)

Sonny: "I can tell when you need to say something, O'Brien. You get all you're being now."

Johnny: (weirdly) "When do I get all fidgety?"

Sonny: (chuckles) "You mean besides now?"

Johnny: (rolls his eyes) "Are you done?"

Sonny: "You've been doing that every time a serious subject comes up. Especially when you're not sure if it concerns you."

Johnny: (sighs) "You can read me that well, huh?"

Sonny: "When it's employees I care about, I make it my job to know them as well as possible. Nothing to be ashamed about. While I value everyone in my organization, there are only certain people I consider friends and that I truly trust." (seriously) "You're one of them. But don't let that go to your head."

Johnny: "Don't worry. I won't."

Sonny: "What's your question?"

(Johnny sighs deeply as he looks at his boss)

Johnny: "How are things on the Zacchara front? There are rumors going around that you screwed over Johnny Zacchara and Anthony was caught in the middle."

(Sonny folds his arms and grunts softly as he prepares to answer his friends' question)

Sonny: "The rumors are true. I offered Anthony a contract as his son was unavailable at the time. The offer was a lot of money for a few warehouses." (smirks) "I admit I did a little dirty work with this deal. You see, Johnny, I knew the younger Zacchara wouldn't be at home when I went there. I spoke to Anthony, who was only too happy to help his son. While Johnny is technically the head of the family, Anthony was the leader not too long ago." (chuckles) "I knew Anthony had problems negotiating things properly. He has for awhile. That's why he let his son take control. The families were getting tired of dealing with him. What Johnny doesn't realize is that, at least until now, that Anthony went behind his back a few times. This contract deal was one of those times."

Johnny: (curiously) "And just how did you screw over the Zacchara's?"

Sonny: (raises his eyebrows) "Are you ready for this?"

(Johnny can tell Sonny is all giddy about the contract deal)

Johnny: (laughs) "Okay, this I got to hear!"

Sonny: (smiles wide) "I offered ten million to Anthony and Johnny for two warehouses. Anthony thought that was a good deal, so he signed."

Johnny: "Okay, I don't see what's so great about it."

Sonny: "I'm getting there."

Johnny: (nods) "Okay."

Sonny: "If Anthony had read the fine print, he would've known it wasn't a great deal."

Johnny: "This should be interesting."

Sonny: "In the contract, I offered five million for the two warehouses instead of ten million."

(Johnny's eyes grow big in shock)

Johnny: "Are you shitting me?"

Sonny: (laughs) "I assure you, O'Brien, I'm not shitting you. I knew Anthony had problems for awhile, that he was often distracted in meetings. Apparently, so did Johnny. That's why Anthony agreed to let Johnny lead. Unfortunately, Anthony still likes to be involved from time to time."

Johnny: (laughs hard) "Wow! That is fucking unbelievable! You'd think Anthony would know to read the fine print. It's like the first rule of business. He had to know that there was a chance that he was being screwed over! I know the man was old, was I didn't know that senility was part of it!"

Sonny: (laughs) "I know, right? I knew Johnny would catch on sooner or later and he was pissed!"

Johnny: "You would think Johnny had more control over his father's company. But apparently, not if Anthony is doing this."

Sonny: "Even though Anthony gave the company to his son, I know Anthony never truly wanted to give it up."

Johnny: "Now, when you say there is a way for Johnny to break the contract, what'd you mean by that?"

Sonny: "Let me put it this way: the contract isn't as ironclad as Johnny thinks it is. We will see if Zacchara figures it out."

(At the Zacchara mansion, Johnny is in the study. He knows he shouldn't get so excited about his upcoming date with Elizabeth as it is only their first official date. He simply couldn't help it, though. The more he discovered about the beautiful and enchanting Elizabeth, the more he wanted to know. He felt bad for her that her ex, Jason Morgan, didn't treat her right. He made a vow, that if he ever met the guy, he would make it his mission to tell Jason he was an idiot for letting Elizabeth go)

(Johnny couldn't understand what Jason's problem was. For someone has charming and thoughtful as Elizabeth was, why would Jason choose work over her? Johnny would never understand that. If he and Elizabeth made it past the first date, and he hoped they would, he would make sure she was always cherished. He would always put her first. Treat her like the queen she was)

(Johnny loved Elizabeth's sassiness and the way she goes after what she believes in. He chuckles at the way she spoke her mind. He was relieved when she said she fights for what she wants. Johnny sighs somewhat sadly as he wished Georgie had been more like that. He knew Georgie had loved him. What he didn't like was the fact that she never stood up for their relationship. She never fought for them like he did. Johnny and Anthony never agreed on a thing where Georgie was concerned. In Anthony's opinion, Georgie never truly cared for his son. Sure, Anthony wasn't always the sweetest or the best father. In Anthony's defense, though, he wanted to know how tough Georgie was and how much she actually loved his son)

(While he admitted Georgie did genuinely love Johnny, the 'innocent' choice words he said to Miss Jones didn't sit well with the young woman. Georgie always told Johnny she felt Anthony never respected her, never truly approved of their relationship. One thing she admitted to, though, was that she wasn't sure if she could handle his business)

(What Johnny doesn't know is that even though Georgie thought she could handle the business, Anthony made it clear his son would never leave it. Johnny told his girlfriend he was willing to leave it to be with her and Georgie was relieved. Then Anthony went behind his son's back and told Georgie that Johnny may say he'd leave the business, but that his heart would never truly be out of it. Georgie thought about talking to Johnny about her concerns, but in the end, she believed Anthony. Plus, she didn't want to put Johnny in the middle and making him choose: the business or her)

(Georgie couldn't handle Anthony's antics, so she decided to leave Port Charles. She knew she would probably regret it someday, but for now, she had to make the right choice for her. It was too hard for her to possibly have contact with her ex, so she chose to sever all ties with him. She admitted to herself she wasn't very strong when it came to their relationship. She vowed that someday, she would return to Port Charles and face everything again)

(Johnny switched his thoughts from his ex to his new girl and was sitting at his desk wearing a huge grin. The last time he and Elizabeth were at Jake's, they exchanged numbers so Johnny could set up their first date. He wanted it to be perfect. He wasn't completely sure what to plan. When he asked her if she had any likes or dislikes, he was pleasantly surprised that they had similar interests. They both loved ribs from Jakes, BLT's from Kelly's, and when he asked her if she's ever eaten at The Metro Court, he was surprised she said no. So, he thought of the perfect date: dinner at The Metro Court)

(Johnny dials Elizabeth's number and after it rings a few times, she picks up)

Liz: "Hello, Johnny."

Johnny: (chuckles) "Hello, Elizabeth. How are you on this fine day?"

Liz: "Better now that I'm chatting with you."

Johnny: (laughs) "I like the sound of that." (tenderly) "For the record, though, the highlight of my day is when I see you or talk to you."

Liz: (teasingly) "Even when you're at work?"

Johnny: (smiles) "Nothing beats the pleasure of your company or your voice."

Liz: "Ooh, aren't you a charmer?"

Johnny: "I try to be."

Liz: (chuckles) "Well, to me, you always are. I love that about you."

Johnny: (chuckles) "I love your sassiness. You're a real firecracker. You know that?"

Liz: (confidently) "Damn straight, I am."

Johnny: (laughs) "Ooh, you're hot when you get like this, too!"

Liz: "I'm glad you noticed."

Johnny: "I notice everything about you and I love it so far."

Liz: (giggles) "I'm glad."

Johnny: "Are you looking forward to our date?"

Liz: "Oh, yes." (curiously) "Where are you taking me?"

Johnny: "Uh-uh, miss, It's a surprise. Are you ready for tomorrow night?"

Liz: (giggles) "I can't wait. Can you at least tell me if I need to dress casual or fancy?"

Johnny: (nods & smiles) "You can dress fancy."

Liz: (chuckles) "Sounds good."

Johnny: "So, what are you up to?"

Liz: "I'm at work."

Johnny: (apologetically) "Oh, Elizabeth, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bother you."

Liz: "It's okay, Johnny. Really. I'm on my break. It's been a little slow today, anyway."

Johnny: "Do you prefer it when it's busy or slow?"

Liz: "Usually I prefer it to be busy. But there are times where I like it a little slow. I guess it just depends on my mood, if that makes sense."

Johnny: "Have you spoken to your two friends lately? You know, the ones that I saw you with when I taught you pool that one time."

Liz: (chuckles) "Oh, yes. In fact, they think that you're easy on the eyes."

Johnny: (laughs) "Oh, really?"

Liz: (nods) "Uh-huh. But don't worry. Both of them are taken."

Johnny: (shakes his head) "I'm not worried because I only have eyes for one woman and I'm talking to her right now."

(Elizabeth can't help the blush at his confession. She was becoming more and more attracted to him by the minute)

Johnny: "Well, I will let you go. I don't want to take up your entire break."

Liz: (assures him) "You're fine."

Johnny: "Text me your address tonight so I know where to pick you up."

Liz: (smiles) "No problem."

Johnny: "Until then."

Liz: "Until then."

(They both end the call. Johnny sets his phone on the desk and continues smiles widely with excitement about their upcoming date. He then continues his paperwork that he had on his desk. Meanwhile, in the hallway, Anthony keeps himself hidden. It was clear he had been listening to the entire conversation from the way he was smiling)

Anthony: (barely audible) "I'm so glad that you found happiness again, son. I promise you that this Elizabeth woman will make you so much happier than Georgie ever could."

Chapter 8 Done

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