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Finger tapping

Summary: While waiting for his boyfriend to get off the plane, Ryoma remember the first moment they meet and the finger tapping that driven him almost crazy.

Staring at the board seeing which planes came, a messy black-green hair man with cat gold eyes bites his bottom lip. Anticipation goes through him looking forward of seeing his boyfriend of already six years. It seems strange how fast the time gone after meeting Dark Mousy in freshmen year for high school. Of all ways for them to meet is when he had the nerve to tape his fingers which driven him crazy.

Ryoma snorts as a tiny smile touches his lips. He looks around finding a café figuring to see if they have any Ponta there. Walking over his smile grows a little bigger thinking of the soft purple hair and sly smirk which has the purple eyes glow with mischief. He shakes his head to get the image out but his heart beats faster as anticipation to see Dark grows even more.

"Hn," He hums thinking sadly, 'I miss you Dark."

He let the memory of their first meeting comes to mind to help sooth him.


Dashing through the halls trying to make it to homeroom and peeve his old man forgotten to wake him up, Ryoma Echizen is cursing ever deity he can think of. He growls under his breath sliding in front of the classroom walking in glad to see his teacher isn't paying much attention to him and goes to his seat near the window where he can watch the tennis court. Placing his head on his palm he settles into a daze. He frown hearing something tapping. He shakes it off.

Tap, tap, and tap.

Tap, tap, tapping, tap.

Ryoma looks beside him finding the cutest boy he ever seen. His throat dries up watching the bored purple eyes meet his own. The mischievous smirk on the other's lips irks him.

"Yo," The other greets.

"Hn," Ryoma grunts looking away.

"I'm Dark Mousy. You are darling?"

"Echizen, Ryoma Echizen." He grinds out as the fingers starts their tapping once more. "Mada Mada Dane"

"Cute phrase," Dark teases making Ryoma's cheeks burn as he glares at the other.

Due to a staring contest they both end up in detention which lead to a friendship before end of sophomore year Dark ask Ryoma out and the rest is history.

***End of Flashback***

"Mada Mada Dane," Ryoma sighs only to jump feeling a hand on his shoulder.

He looks up finding Dark in front of him. He gives a small smile only to blink when Dark kisses him and murmuring nonsense to him. He flushes a little enjoying the hug that Dark has around him.

"I missed you Ryoma."


"Will you marry me?" Dark ask smirking as Ryoma blanches nodding quickly. "Good."

"Mada Mada Dane," Ryoma sighs rolling his eyes at his now Fiancé's laughing but lets his smile grow bigger.

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