Then finally, we all graduated. I felt more at peace with everything. Axel's not exactly the asshole I tried so hard to think of him as. He's actually a really cool guy.

Saïx is no threat to Naminé because he has a little man crush on her.

Am I mad? Yup. Will I say anything? Hell fucking no!

Saïx and Luxord helped Axel actually pass this year. Shockingly, Axel wants to go into the medical field.

That shock on your face? I had the same look.

If that's what he wants, all I can do- as a member of the Organization -is support him.

Vanitas and Sora want to enlist in the military. Sora wants to be a Marine while Vanitas wants to go into the air force. Naminé is scared to death that they won't come back, but I know they will.

Xion's moving back as a makeshift replacement for Sora. I just hope she can stop being so hyper.

Riku is following her here because for some reason, he likes her. I'm not knocking his preferences...

But damn, Riku, why downgrade?

Don't get me wrong, Xion is beautiful. She's just so damn annoying that it cancels out the pretty.

Hayner, Olette, and Kairi...they never told me what they were gonna do. I only know that they're going to college to major in...

I forgot. Oops.

As for the rest of us...?

"Oh God, Xigbar, I'm sorry!" I yelled.

He forced a smile, holding his hand over his bloody arm. "It's f-fine! It didn't even hurt! Dear Jesus..."

I accidentally shot Xigbar.

"I'll go get Saïx-!"

"No, it's fine. Just bring me a couple towels, three lighters, two knives, bandages, a shit load of disinfectant, and an Axel," he strained.

"Um, okay. I'm just gonna put this down." I barely even touched the trigger and it shot the grass. I dropped it, backing away slowly.

I got him everything, then went to go check on Naminé.

"Hey pregnant lady," I grinned, easing into her room.

"I'll kill you," she glared.

"Chill, dude, I'm joking."

She started to rant about how I'm always telling her what to do. I ignored it because for one, I'm used to it, and two, she doesn't mean it.

"Are you yelling just to yell right now or are you legit mad?" I asked.

"I'm legit mad!"



"I brought ice cream."

"Oh my God, thank you..."

She has had this freaking insatiable craving for vanilla ice cream lately. Chocolate is her favorite, but she can't eat it for some reason. It makes her throw up now.

I sat next to her as she got her 'special spoon' and sat the gallon in her lap. "You're so freaking good to me. Why are you so good to me? God, you're amazing," she mumbled, mouth full of ice cream.

"Aren't I, though? We gotta make sure the little one is happy too."

"He's very happy," she laughed.

The first thing I noticed was that she said he and not she. Most people would want a girl. "That's funny...I always wanted a boy first."

"Me too. That way, our girl can have an older brother."

"Yeah I...wait, we're having another one!?"

"That's if you want another one. You don't have to put up with the late night kicking, so your opinion would be less biased."

I smiled. "Okay, then. A boy and a girl."

There was a brief moment of silence before she started snickering. "What if I have twins?"


"It'll be cute-!"


"Or triple-"

"HELL no!"

She laughed, putting the top back on the ice cream. "You know, I don't really want ice cream anymore. Could you stay with me tonight?"

Despite our relationship, Saïx insisted we have separate rooms. It would be less stress on the baby, he said.

(Psst, hey! Saïx pulled a knife on me and said 'get out or else.' He said the stress bullshit for Naminé.)

"Sure. Let me put this up." I carefully put the gallon in the mini-fridge and laid beside her. She must be really tired, seeing as how Saïx had her and Larxene walk to keep a healthy pregnancy. They must have walked for six hours, getting breaks every now and then.

"Hey Roxas?"


"Are you still gonna love me when I'm fat?"

I laughed, rolling my eyes. "Yes, Doll. I'm gonna love you no matter what, you got that?"

"Got it," she smiled.


The next day, Axel and I had another talk. I actually like how we can sit down and have serious conversations with each other without insulting one another now. I have got to stop labeling people and actually get to know them. Axel's really smart and a very reserved person.


Ignore that...






"Fine, then. We're Googling this shit. Just to show you that Maine, is in fact, in Canada!"

"Maine is on the east coast of America! Not in Canada! Didn't you ever study the thirteen colonies in school!? It's somewhere near Rhode Island!"

Axel put his phone down, narrowing his eyes in concentration. "New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, North and South Carolina, Delaware, Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maryland...another one, then there's something at the top, but it's not a colony."


"I did read it! Missouri was a slave state and Maine was a free- oh!"

"Yeah, oh!"

"Whoops. Sorry, Roxas. You were right."

"Duh. I actually paid attention in U.S. History, thank you!"

"I hate History, so of course I'll forget things. By the way, how's Naminé?"

"Pregnant as always. I think she and Larxene are walking to help the pregnancy right now."

"Larxene's pregnant!?" he panicked.

"No, just helping her."

"Thank God. I'm not ready for kids."

I raised an eyebrow and he noticed, eyes going wide. "I mean it's not mine! Or at least it wouldn't have been! I didn't forget the condom!"


"I mean I didn't sleep with her!" he rushed.

"Axel, everyone in this entire building knows you sleep with her on multiple occasions. Despite way you may think, you two aren't quiet at all."

He facepalmed. " 'Just be louder', she said. 'They can't actually hear us', she said!"

"Oh, we heard you last week, that's for sure. All five times."

"Seven, actually. Two in the shower."

"I hope you mean in your own shower and not the public one."

He looked away.


"Yeah...I used my own...as far as you know."

"Gross, Axel..."

Demyx came in the room, heading for the vending machine. "You guys, Nami is just adorable!" he smiled.

"She's mine," I spat defensively.

"I know that, stupid. I meant the things she does. Xigbar wouldn't leave her alone so she chased him with an iron pipe. For someone who's pregars, she runs fast."

"Is she still chasing him?" Axel asked.


There was a loud crack, followed by a thud, a loud grunt, and then footsteps. "I'M SORRY! SAÏX, ROXAS, GET HER!"

Demyx laughed, putting his money in the machine. "That's adorable!"

It is, actually. Then again, everything she does is cute to me. It just annoys me that this whole building is infatuated with my girlfriend.

"So what are you gonna do this while we're gone, Roxas?" Axel asked.

"The only thing I can do; take care of Naminé and the baby. I can take my college classes online and get my degree in Journalism."

"Journalism? Nice! I thought you would go just to go."

"I was at first, but I changed my mind. I want the skills to be able to write an amazing paper and impress or inspire people. And all of that came from learning the real meaning behind Naminé's songs."

"Well, I'm glad you found good use for it. You and Naminé will be just fine," he smiled.

"Come on, man, don't get all sappy on me," I groaned.

"No, I'm being for real. I have faith in you both. I honestly do."

I nodded, looking out the window. "You're gonna be a great coroner, you know."

"He's scared," Demyx called.

"Shut up!" Axel growled.

Scared? What was he scared for? He's extremely smart, just lacks the appropriate attention span. That's why Saïx and Luxord are helping him.

"Axel, you shouldn't be scared. Just like you have faith in me, I have faith in you. You're gonna do just fine."


Luxord poked his head in the room. "Come on, Axel. You're late. Roxas, you'll be in Marluxia's department today."

I love going to Marluxia's department. He teaches peace and patience, which is the quietest department here. His is the only one that doesn't give me a headache or make me want to kill a pyro redhead for torching my shirt.

"I'll head there now. Later, Demyx."

"Later, Roxy."

"Don't call me that!"


As I walked into Marluxia's greenhouse, I noticed him pulling up a flower. He never pulls them up!

"Marluxia, what are you doing!?"

"I'm putting this plant in a pot for Naminé. Apparently, if I put this plant on her windowsill, she'll have an easier time sleeping through the kicking. It's an old wives tale, but it couldn't hurt to try."

I kneeled beside him, watching as he carefully removed the small plant from the dirt and move it into the pot. "She told me he goes crazy in there whenever you're around."

"He kinda does. He's gonna learn Karate just like Nami."

"Or kick boxing."

The two of us laughed as he stood, brushing off his pants. "Have you started thinking of names yet?"

"Not yet. We'll think of something, though."

"There's nothing to be afraid of, Roxas."

"I am not sca-"

"Yes you are. You just got proper for no reason. What's bugging you?"

I sighed, leaning against the glass wall. "The other day...she made me promise her that if anything happened, I'd save the baby over her. But I also promised to protect her no matter what. Which promise do I keep? What if I can't keep either?"

Marluxia nodded. "Roxas, you worry too much. You're doing fine right now. You made a promise to protect her, and you're doing that. Naminé's just speaking out of fear. Should it actually come to that, you'll know in your heart what to do. These things come naturally for fathers."

"I hope you're right."

"I am right, Roxas. Don't worry about it. If Axel has the guts to wanna be a...coroner...then you can be a great father. Life is whatever you wanna make it."

That's just great. Fuck my li-

Actually...I love my life just the way it is.


At about three in the morning, I felt Naminé shake me gently. "Roxas?"

"Oh my gondola, do you ever sleep!?" I groaned.

"Sorry. Nevermind..."

"No, ignore that." I rubbed my eyes and yawned. "I'm sorry, what is it?"

"I..." She was already sitting up, looking out the window. "Something doesn't feel right. What if we lose him?"

I sat up, confused. "Don't say that. We won't lose him. I can't promise it, but I have a gut feeling. Fathers know these things."

She laughed. "I guess it's just me and my nerves, then. I-"

She gasped, covering her mouth. "Roxas...?"


"My...m-my water...broke."

"What do you mean your water-? OH MY GOD, WHY!?"

It's too early! She's only seven months pregnant!

"B-But you...I...I can't! You can't! Why!? SAÏX!"

We rushed her to the hospital. I had to stop myself from panicking. It caught me off guard and I wasn't prepared.

"She'll be okay. I know she will. It's just childbirth," Axel said.

I sat there a couple hours, trying to convince myself that she was okay. It was at that moment that my mind decided to relive everything we've ever been through. Happiness, rage, depression, jealousy, emptiness, disappointment, all the emotions tied to her.

I felt them all over again. But all of that leads up to now, one of the best moments in my life.

"Mr. Luent, you can go in now."

With a deep breath, I followed him to the room. My hand rested on the doorknob. I don't know what I expected to see on the other side, but I was afraid.

What would I see on the other side?

No. I don't need to worry about that. We'll be fine. Naminé and I will be fine with our new baby.

I opened the door and immediately saw Naminé holding a bundle of blankets. The face of the baby inside of it was hard to tell the gender. Naminé smiled up at me, sniffling.

"It's a girl..."


DOOONE! Thank you guys for reading this! I know I initially said I would post a story called Legal but...

Now there are two options.

Legal is a RokuNami fic about statutory rape. They're together, but she's sixteen and he's twenty-one. He gets drunk and accidentally sleeps with her on her seventeenth birthday.

Then there's October. Every year, for the entire month of October, Naminé gets a visit from this thing and she doesn't know what it is. Coincidentally, an old friend (Roxas) comes back this year. It has a sequel.

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