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Kidnapped Weekend

Chapter 1: Getaway

Percy POV

Okay so it's not like I planned for our weekend to go horribly wrong and end up in a dark, damp, dirty, smelly, cell. Why would I ever want that? All I wanted was to enjoy a weekend away from Camp with Annabeth. I mean, after the fight with Gaea and her giants with a bunch of other demigods and then defending Camp Half-Blood I would be surprised if I didn't want a getaway. Seriously. Any way the day started like this;

First, after telling Chiron where we were going and reassuring him we'd be fine, we headed to the cabin where me and my mom always stayed and dropped our stuff off. Well at least I did. Annabeth left her sleeping bag and pillow but keep her backpack.

"Annabeth we're just going on a boat, my home terrain. We won't need emergency things." I told her.

"You can never be too careful Seaweed Brain. Plus I'd feel safer if we keep a little ambrosia and nectar and maybe some first aid." Annabeth explained. "I'm not a child of Poseidon like you."

I grumbled but agreed and we went to find the boat that my mom said might be around the cabin somewhere. Annabeth found it and I had to get it out since it was covered in spiders and their webs (you know, the Athena fear). Try carrying a boat out to the beach from a shed that's far away. Yeah, that's how it was only Annabeth cheered me on so it wasn't completely bad.

"So… You are going to steer?" Annabeth asked when I got it to the water. I smirked.

"Nope, you are. Have fun!" I said pushing her into the boat. While she was stunned I pushed the boat into the water leaving her stranded in a small boat surround by shallow waters.

"Percy! Get over here before I, ahh!" Annabeth screamed as a small speck (maybe a really small spider?) crawled on the boat.

I laughed and waded in. I finally managed to get Annabeth to stop screaming and yelling at me, about how my brain is just plain water and kelp and I was a fish and so on, by killing the baby spider.

"That thing was just a speck Annabeth. Nothing to freak out about." I said, getting into the boat. Annabeth slapped my arm.

"Don't you dare ever try that again Seaweed Brain or you might hear some more embarrassing insults." Annabeth threatened her face red with embarrassment and anger. I put my hands up in surrender.

"You win. Now, my lady, where to?" I joked as I calmed the sea so we could go out farther.

Annabeth was in deep thought when I stopped. So I snuck up behind her and pushed her towards the water. Annabeth let out of a shriek of surprise but with my luck it, my prank turned against me and Annabeth grabbed my arm before she fell in. When our head emerged from the water we laughed uncontrollably.

"Seaweed... Brain..." Annabeth managed to get out through her laughter. I smiled and tried to climb into the boat. Key word; tried. When I grabbed the edge to pull myself up and out instead it tipped with the added weight on one side. Then it flipped on top of me. I could hear Annabeth laughing before I went underwater to grab her backpack and the paddles. Reemerging under the flipped boat I heard Annabeth calling for me.

"Annabeth, help me turn this thing upright again." I asked, my voice echoing off the sides of the boat. Thankfully Annabeth heard my wish and we pushed the boat right-side-up.

"Our stuff!" Annabeth realized when we finished. I smirked.

"Here." I threw her backpack, dry and all, at her. Annabeth gave me an annoyed glare but thanked me. Oh, I guess I forgot that she was soaked.

"Now Seaweed Brain, take us to land." Annabeth told me, her teeth starting to chatter.

"Nah, I have something I wanna show you." I replied and pulled her into the water again. I felt her hold her breath until she realized I had made an air bubble around us.

"What is it that you wanted to show me?" She asked, testing out her voice. It sounded funny underwater but I ignored it and answered.

"Something only I can show you. Unless you watch animal planet with Grover of course." I took her deeper until I stopped.

Annabeth looked at me until I pointed at a fish. Sorry, a school of fish which circled us. I turned my head to see Annabeth watching the fish deeply like she was trying to figure out what mathematical pattern that fish might have. When the fish cleared the view of the ocean was amazing. The endless blue depths and glittering figures of sea creatures and plants. Annabeth tapped my shoulder and I saw her smiling. She motioned up and I propelled us to the surface. Annabeth took a breath before saying,

"Thanks Percy. You have no idea how pretty that was. Thank you."

I smiled sheepishly. "Your welcome Wise Girl. Lets get back to land and dry off before you decide to head back to camp."

Annabeth laughed slightly then got into the boat. I followed her and as I sat down in the boat Annabeth kissed me.

"A thank you kiss?" I questioned.

"Don't get full of yourself Percy." Annabeth scolded me playfully.

I then guided our boat back to the beach. Dragging the boat up to high ground then hiding it so we wouldn't have to carry it all the way back to the shed until tomorrow and so it wouldn't get stolen. We walked along the beach, the sea breeze lightly blowing our hair.

"You better not disappear on me this winter." Annabeth said.

"Why would I do that? Hera took me last winter. It wasn't my choice to forget my whole life. Sheesh." I mumbled. I turned to face her, so I was walking backwards.

"Just don't get killed out there. You know since your aura is so powerful and all..." Annabeth trailed off. I nodded, understanding completely. My mother says the same thing every time I would go to camp or anywhere that's not school.

"Same goes for you Wise Girl. With you being on Olympus and helping to defeat Gaea and all that good stuff. You are bound to have a pretty strong aura by now." I told her.

"Deal" she agreed.

"Now I wonder why the gods made you the architect of Olympus, since on your first quest you almost got me killed just so you could stop to look at some arch." I teased.

"And I wonder how you can be a hero of Olympus with your brain full of kelp." Annabeth tease back. I stuck my tongue out and we cracked up.

"Remember when Grover was in a wedding dress and going to marry a cyclops?" Annabeth asked me. I nodded.

"Do you remember when we found that poodle in a baby carriage?" I reminded her.

"Or when you turned into a guinea pig?"

"Hey! I'm still sensitive about that!"

"What about when you flooded the camp bathrooms on Clarisse?"

"And you being too prideful to answer the Sphinx's riddles?"

"Those were too easy for a child of Athena!"

I was about to say something when a shock vibrated through my body. The last thing I heard was Annabeth's cries of worry before everything went black and soundless.

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