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Kidnapped Weekend

Chapter 6; Escape

Annabeth's POV

"Leo!" I said, struggling against the ropes around my wrists. "Get us out of here and then we'll tell you"

Leo grinned. "On it. Calypso, you have-"

Calypso handed him something from her hair.

"Thank you!" Leo replied, sliding the hairpiece into the key slot. There was a click and the door swung open. Calypso rushed in, surprisingly coming over to me first, wrapped pieces of cloth around my arm above the rope then slid those down and did the same thing to Percy. Then Leo and Calypso traded places, Leo coming over to us and Calypso watching for enemies.

"What are you going to do Leo?" Percy called as Leo went behind me, fire in hand.

"Getting… You … out of these… ropes!" Leo answered. I felt the heat from the fire, which somehow didn't burn me.

Leo went to Percy next who took longer. Which I imagine was because he had chains around his wrists. I walked over to the entrance of the cell, checking for enemies then searching for my backpack. I found it and hurried over to it, slinging it over a shoulder. I turned around ready to go.

"Leo, we need to get out of here. Hurry up with Percy's chains!" Calypso called into the cell. I stood besides her, waiting.

"Yes! Free!" Percy celebrated, jumping into the air then rubbing his wrists. "Let's get out of this stupid, dirty cell."

I nodded and walked into the hallway, the others following close behind. I slowed, letting the boys take the lead, and walked along with Calypso.

"So…" I started awkwardly.

"If you're wondering if I still like Percy or not then your mind can be at ease." Calypso said.

"Thanks." We walked in silence for a few moments before she spoke up.

"Leo talks about you and the other people from Camp Half-Blood quite a lot. He's told me about all his adventures there but…" Calypso trailed off.

"If you're wondering if he likes being at camp more than being around you, then your mind can be at ease." I told her.

Calypso smiled. "I can see why Percy likes you. He's lucky."

"Thank you. Same goes for you and Leo."

"Thank you." Calypso seemed a little bit brighter than before and I felt happy for her now, not jealous.

The two of us caught up to the boys, who were exchanging jokes and stories. Right before we got to the Arch we had come through when we got here, footsteps sounded behind us. We turned around to see Marcus and Evan with weapons in hand.

"Going somewhere?" Marcus growled.

"Um… Yeah." Was Percy's remark.

Marcus growled and Evan readied his weapon. They charged at us, dodging the fireballs Leo threw at them. Percy uncapped riptide and met them in battle. I dug through my backpack, knowing my captors tried to hide it in there, and found the drakon bone dagger from Damasen. I took it out and followed Percy into battle. He took on Marcus and I battled Evan. Weapons clashed, fire flew by, reminding me of the battle at Camp.

"Annabeth, look out!" I heard Calypso call. I ducked right before a needle whizzed by, piercing Evan in the shoulder.

Evan yelled in pain then charged again but his time somehow managed to knock me off my feet. I got up and block his next move but for most of the fight I was blocking the harder hits and dodging the others, maybe getting a strike in or two. Then what happened next surprised me the most.

"Percy, Annabeth, get out of here! Leo and I can distract them!" Calypso called.

I dodged one last hit before turning and running looking back only to see a fireball prevent Evan from getting closer. I looked at Percy once I got under the Arch with Leo and Calypso. He slashed at Marcus's chest and ran to the arch.

"Where to now?" He asked, grinning.

"Keep going forward until you meet Festus. Leo go help them. I'll hold these monsters off." Calypso ordered.

"You sure Sunshine?" Leo said.

"Go!" Calypso told him. He nodded then herded both Percy and I forward.

A gust of wind, like the one I came in with lifted us up. Percy and I stumbled forward into the sunlight then fell as Leo toppled onto us. Or onto Percy. I dodged then tripped over a branch.

"Ow… Man you've gotten heavier since we've seen you." Percy groaned from under Leo.

Leo smiled sheepishly and got up. He held out his hand for Percy to grab, which he did. Percy dusted himself off before grinning at me.

"So, have you enjoyed your weekend so far?" He asked.

"Seaweed Brain." I said, punching his arm lightly.

"Okay I'm going to take a risk here and ask something." Leo said.

"About what?" I questioned.

"How in the world did you guys get stuck in a cell?" Leo answered.

"We were spending a weekend together at Montauk-" Percy started

"Alone? How'd you convince Chiron to let you do that?" Leo asked in amazement.

"When those people captured us, tried to torture us with our fears, then you came along and helped us escape. Happy?" Percy finished, sounding a little annoyed with Leo who was still asking questions.

"But how'd could they capture two of the strongest demigods and chain you up?" Leo questioned.

Noticing Percy's discomfort, I asked Leo a question.

"So Leo, in the 10 months that we haven't seen you, what have you been doing?"

Leo looked like he was contemplating what to say, which was new. "Well, since we didn't have enough money and people wouldn't accept drachmas, I decided to show Calypso around America."

"What would you need the money for?" Percy asked.

Leo grinned. "Leo and Calypso's Garage: Auto Repairs and Mechanical Monsters. Fresh fruits and veggies with cider, stew, and singing included."

"That's great Leo!" I said, noticing the sparkle in his eyes when he talked about it.

"I would be growing the fruits and vegetables and singing though. Valdez can't touch a plant without killing it." I turned to see Calypso walking over to us. She was scrapped up, dirty, and grimy. "We ready for takeoff Valdez?"

"Ready as always." Leo gestured for us to follow then he disappeared into the forest. Calypso followed. Percy and I glanced at each other then glanced at where we'd come from. We followed Calypso and Leo.

When we found them Calypso was rubbing a bronze dragon's snout while Leo was working with wires and talking to his self.

"We're here?" I called waving to get their attention. Calypso noticed and gestured for us to come closer. Then she said something to Leo and he nodded, putting the wires back in Festus's head.

"Will the dragon be able to fit all of us?" Percy asked catiously.

"Sure! It's carried three people, venti, and a satyr one time so I see no reason to object to four people. Hop on and buckle up!" Leo reassured him.

Percy got on after Leo and Calypso found their seats on the dragon. He offered me a hand and I took it. He hoisted me up and in front of him on the dragon.

"Ready?" Then without waiting for an answer, Leo told Festus to go.

We soared above the forest, into the clouds, then above the clouds. I looked around at the beauty of the sky thinking of how Olympus might like features like these and how to make these features.

"Head for Camp Half-Blood, Leo!" Calypso yelled over the wind.

"Got it! Festus, auto directions to Camp." Leo said then looked back towards us. "Be sure to hold on!"

Then we dove through the sky, clouds, and wind. Festus didn't even stop when Camp became a dot in the distance.

When I first thought of this while Percy and Annabeth were in their fears, I had included a small piece of Camp Half-Blood freaking out when they got the letter from the captors. But I realized it wouldn't really work so it became abandoned. As I finished this chapter I thought of an idea. If you all want, I could make bonus scenes of Camp Half-Blood during this story. Please tell me in reviews and please tell me how I did on this story. Thanks! Hope you enjoyed!