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I stood in surprise, absolutely frozen as I looked up at the human in utter horror and terrifying realization - we were discovered. I heard RJ from beside me turn to the others in shock, "What are you doing?" When Lou explained about what he said earlier, RJ quickly cut him off, "Fix that! Run!" I heard their feet patter away, but I was still frozen to the spot, my tail and fur frizzed.

"Sweetheart! What are you doing?" I felt something grab my paw and begin to drag me away. I relaxed when I realized it was RJ. Gaining my courage again, I ran ahead of him and back through the hedge where everyone else was, whom were panting and holding their hearts.

"Is everyone okay?" I asked worriedly, trying to tend to them if they were hurt. Then I turned to RJ angrily, my ears fallen back to my head in my own fury. "Was that not enough for you to understand? They are humans! We are animals! We are not meant to encounter to the inferior part of us gets killed!" I grabbed at the tufts of my own fur. "You almost got us killed!"

"Relax, sweetheart! So she overreacted! No biggie!" RJ smiled lazily down at me, paws on his hips proudly. I stood there, gape mouthed. Was he serious? "Didn't you see the food? The food is definitely worth it, right? To die for?" I heard a moan and a fall to the ground, meaning Ozzie had let wind. "Er...let me rephrase that!"

"Oh, no! To die for! You nailed that part! Now, if you excuse us, we're going to bed. You lost your part of the bet. You do not get a place to sleep and I will not accept the invitation to a dinner date. Goodnight to you, RJ." I spun around, making sure my tail hit him in the face again, before making my way to lead the others to the log.

"Oh, c'mon!" RJ moaned miserably. "You guys haven't even tried doughnuts yet!" He sighed irritably as we walked away. I smirked proudly. I knew it was just a flook all along. I was the true leader of this group and nobody could take that authority away from me. With a cocky tone, I made sure he could hear as I wished everyone goodnight.

Finding my usual spot, I let out a soft sigh as I laid over it, cuddling into my tail happily, yet a bit of guilt and loneliness edging into my subconsciousness. I was waiting for a snide comment to come my way with the voice of RJ for some reason... I finally sat up. Nope, I needed to get that out of my system.

Edging my way out of the log after I was sure everyone was fast asleep, I made my way to the pond we bathed from. I splashed it onto my face, getting my fur damp as I sighed. RJ was truly a menace if he was getting me to actually miss his presence. I wonder where he was now...

I looked back to stare at my reflection in the water, raising a confused brow when I realized there was two of me looking back. Since when did I have blue eyes, too? Looking up, I squealed and fell into the water, seeing RJ stand over me, his paws behind his back.

"Agh...shouldn't you be stealing food from other humans? I thought you'd have left by now!" I shook the water from my fur as I got out.

"Couldn't sleep, either?" RJ asked, avoiding my confrontation as to why he was still around.

"Somewhat. Why can't you sleep?"

"Unrelated reason," RJ shook his head. "Now, to come to the task at hand. As said before, I promised to give you guys the food of a lifetime-"

"Which resulted in us almost being hit by a human and possibly killed," I interrupted.

"But...you can't lie it was all great at first! I just misinterpreted the house that we should have actually started at!" He smiled down at me. "Look, sweetheart, I may seem like I'm a bit hard headed, but I know exactly what I'm doing! Just trust me."

"No, you don't!" I said defiantly. "And stop calling me sweetheart! My name is Vita! Nothing else."

"Vita doesn't have that ring to it... How about doll face?"



"No, way!"


"Stop," I glared. "You're impossible. Why do I even bother with you!"

"Because of the chemistry we have, sweetheart," he smirked. "I'll leave if that's what you want. I'll leave you be with your foragers."


"Same thing!"

I placed a paw up. "Leave it at that. Just leave, okay?"


Glaring at his smug expression, I knocked shoulders with him and returned to the log, curling up. I thought for a moment. Did I really want RJ to leave? ARRRGH! Stop it, mind!

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