Hello, so I've been reading Doctor Who fanfics on where someone gets trapped in the Doctor's dimension and there are only a few so i though why not make my own. now if there are any mistakes tell me because that would be helpful and this is the first multi chapter story that I am going to write so it might be only weekly or anytime I have free time to write or well type the next chapter, and if you want like a specific episode then tell me and maybe I will do it, I was think on throwing the 12th doctor in here too tell me what you think, so anyway i'm rambling so hope you enjoy.


"Next time, never listen to Dylan, when he says that he will be right back, then again maybe I shouldn't have wondered off and find a glowing door" I muttered to myself while wandering around a hallway. "Or I shouldn't have even tried to get into the glowing door, look where it got me, even more lost, I hope I don't miss the panel Dylan will kill me if I'm late"

Let's just say this stared in a hallway at Comic Con.


"Please, please, please, come on Harmony I don't want to miss this event," My best friend Dylan said. "This is a one-time thing, and I must not miss it like AT ALL!"

"Okay, okay just let me get my bag," I told him as I went into my room to grab my bag. "Okay ready, so what do you think?" I asked Matt as I walked back out into the sitting room.

"hmm, oh yea you look nice, now let's go we are going to be late and I'm not going to miss this panel!" he responded as he grabbed my arm and pulled me out the door.

"You didn't even look at me," I muttered to him as I got into the car.

"Sorry, but really this is the best thing and I know that you want to meet the cast as well as I do so quite complaining." He said as we started driving.

"I know but you do realize that this is Comic Con and there will be a lot of people there right so our chances may be small." I said

"Yeah I know, but you never know we could get to meet him and I want to be prepared." he said.

"Right, let's just get there as soon as we can." I said.

"Right" Dylan said as he turned on the radio while we drove to Comic Con.


"Thank goodness we are here, I don't think I could stand sitting in the car any longer" I said to Dylan as we got out and walked over to registration to check in and get our passes.

"You're not the one who was driving, and it wasn't that long only like 30 minutes or so…" Dylan trailed off.

"Yup only 30 minutes, felt longer than that." I said

"Oh shush you," Dylan sassed.

"I'll shush when you shush," I sassed back at him.


After we got our passes we had about 30 minutes before the panel started and Dylan had to go to the bathroom.

"Look it's over there" I said as I pointed to a sign that said where the bathrooms were. "Just go and I'll be looking around so come and find me after, then we can go to the panel."

"Right, cool hold my sonic screwdriver for me okay, don't want to lose it, that would be bad." Dylan said.

"Okay, okay I'll hold your sonic screwdriver, just go and hurry up we don't want to miss it." I replied as I took his toy sonic screwdriver from him.

"Wish they made purple ones of these, that would be cool." I muttered to myself as I started to wander around.

I eventually found a hallway that no one was in and decided 'Hey why not explore an empty hallway in a huge convention center where it shouldn't be empty'

While wandering down it I got lost. "Wait did I just pass this way or is this a different way then I came. Great just what I needed to do get myself lost, maybe if I go this way" I said to myself as I continued walking then came across a door that seemed like it was glowing from the inside.

"Wonder where this goes" I said as I touched the door and walked in, but as soon as I did the door behind me shut and disappeared.

"Well that's not good, maybe it's just a trick or something" I said to myself. "Hello? Hello!? Is anyone there?"


It seemed like I had been wondering for an hour or so, but I lost track. "Oh, come on this is not funny anymore can't someone at least direct me to where I should go" I said to the ceiling thinking to myself 'Like it would actully help me'

As soon as I thought that a lighted path came on so I decided to follow it. It lead me to what I think was, or well it looked like the TARDIS, but it couldn't be, it must have been a replica.

"Okay, this is not funny, I don't like this prank, where is everyone, this has got to be a set, there is no way that this could be real" I said out loud hesitantly touching a part of the console, only to jump back as I felt a hum. "Nope, absolutely not, can't be real, not possible, nope, nope, nope" I said to myself backing up and shaking my head. "Cannot be real, under no possible way can this be real..."

"HARMONY! You're back already and so soon, I thought you and the Doctor were angry with each other?" I heard a female voice ring out as I looked around.

As soon as I turned around there she was Jenna Coleman in all her glory, I quickly backed away from her and ran my back into something else which caused me to freeze up. Then I felt arms snake around my waist.

"There you are, I was wondering where you got off too, we need to talk…now" I heard behind me causing me to stiffen even more.

Instantly I pushed myself away from whoever was holding my waste and came face to face with Matt Smith "Y…you're…you're Matt Smith" I breathed out and pointed at him, "and you're Jenna Coleman" I said and pointed at Jenna. "B…but does that mean this is a prank?" I questioned myself.

"Wait, I'm who?" Jenna said and looked to Matt with confusion on her face.

Matt shook his head and his eye grew a little less happy then they were a second ago. " I knew this was coming, but I thought it would be later not this soon, Harmony this," he gesture to the room, "Is all real, not a dream, and I'm not Matt Smith, she's not Jenna Coleman either, you know who I am, just like you know who she is, but you won't admit it to yourself, so I'm the Doctor, and that is our impossible girl Clara Oswald. " Matt…no the Doctor said.

"But…but, it's not real, it's a show on the TV, it can't possibly be real, unless, oh stupid, stupid, " I said hitting my forehead.

"What? No, don't do that you are far from stupid, you are brilliant and amazing, don't call yourself stupid" the Doctor said taking my hand . "I know you don't want to believe it, but it is true all really true, here I will prove it." He took my other hand and put them on his chest causing me to freeze.

"What, but there is a…" I started

"Double heartbeat, I know two hearts." he said. "Believe me now?" he questioned.

"Not fully, but a little, you got to see it from my point of view, this shouldn't be possible, I really shouldn't have gone through that door, should have just stayed put and waited for Dylan to get back from the bathroom so we could go to the Doctor Who panel at Comic Com, not end up in like another dimension where the Doctor is real, wait you know me, how do you know me?" I rambled then asked.

"Dylan is that your friend? and your future is my past, it's all wibbly wobbly…." he started

"Timey wimey stuff and yeah he is my friend, and he is probably wondering where I got to" I said finishing his sentence. "So our timelines are so messed up, like River Song's time line?" I asked him.

He nods, "You always knew what I was going to say and what was going to happen. Also I'm sorry about Dylan and anyone else, you know there is no way to say goodbye to them I'm sorry. But this is your first time, let do something fun!" he yelled.

"Wait, wait, wait, we just got back from doing things at Trenzalore I am not doing anything until tomorrow, okay," Clara yells at the Doctor making me jump and turn around to face her forgetting that she was there.

"Fine, fine, we will do something tomorrow" the Doctor says.

"Wait you said Trenzalore right? So that means you went back into his timeline right?" I ask pointing to the Doctor.

"Not just his timeline, our timeline " the Doctor says.

"Wait What!? What do you mean 'our' timeline, how long have you known me Doctor?" I turned to him with an eyebrow raised.

"I can't tell you that, but you will know eventually," he says looking at me then pulling me into a hug and placing he chin on the top of my head.

"That's what I was afraid of, you won't be telling me anything even if I ask you, just because I'm 'young' or 'early' and not the Harmony you know. I'm right aren't I?" I said pulling away from him and looking into his eyes.

"Yes, but you will understand, and I promise you that anything and everything we do is fun or will be fun, I hate tenses" he said frowning.

"Oi, don't frown it doesn't suit your handsome face" I told him.

He just raised his eyebrow causing my eyes to widen and my cheeks to turn red.

"I, I mean that it just doesn't suit you at all like you shouldn't frown it makes you look wrong…and that this regeneration is handsome." I said rambling causing him to smirk.

"Ha! so I knew you liked this face, with the bow tie and all" he said smirking to himself.

"well, I mean all your regenerations are handsome in their own way, just all different" I said blushing even harder.

"Oh please stop flirting your making me sick with all your cute flirting, I get that she is still early but even now you can see she likes you okay?" Clara said looking at us amusedly.

"You're just jealous that she likes me more than you." the Doctor stated as he stuck his lounge out at her.

"Doctor, don't be rude, that's your tenth regeneration leaking through" I said to him not noticing that a golden light was starting to come around me.

"Clara, Harmony's making poke at my last regeneration. make her stop." the Doctor pouts at Clara then turns to me and his eyes widen. "I guess that trip will have to wait until next time" he states.

I look at him confused, "What do you mean?"

"You're going to another me, see that glow, that means you're leaving" he said pointing to my hands that were glowing.

"Wait, what do you mean, why does this look like the glowing from the door? Doctor!?" I yelled as everything got blurry, then turned black as I passed out.