Disclaimer: I do not own Gilmore Girls or their characters.

Summary: Lorelai and Luke spend a snowy night together

Rating: PG for a few swears.

Pairing: L/L

The Snow Storm

Lorelai bounced into Luke's Diner only to find it empty. " Hey slow business tonight huh?

"Yea, everyone must be home, because of that big snow storm we have coming." Luke said glancing up from the newspaper spread out in front of him.

"I know, Rory is stuck at my mother's tonight. She had to stop there after school, and got snowed in."

"Oh god, that means it will be even worse here were we only have volunteers to snow ploy, half of them probably don't even realize it's snowing." Lorelai laughed lightly and sat at the counter.

"Well, coffee please?" Lorelai asked hopefully.

"I suppose you want it to go." Luke said as he reached for a to go cup.

" No, I'd like to have it here if you don't mind. I know you probably want to close and everything so"

"It's ok, you can have it here." Luke said cutting off her rambling. He took a regular mug out and poured her some coffee. "Here you go." Luke said as he passed her the cup.

"Thanks Luke." Lorelai took a sip then asked "So do you still have those cards?"

"Yea why?" Luke asked.

"Well, do you wanna play poker?" Lorelai asked.

"Are you sure? It's getting late and look outside, you can barley see." Luke said, pointing outside.

" Yea, I'm sure." Lorelai said smiling at him. "I don't feel like being alone tonight. But if you want me to go, I will." Lorelai said looking sad.

" No it's ok. I just don't want you to. Never mind" Luke said as he reached under the counter and pulled out the deck of cards.

" Deal me in burger boy" Lorelai said smiling.

" Prepare to loose." Luke said as he dealt the cards.

" Not on your life!" Lorelai said. She looked down at her cards and her smile faded. " Give me four please." Lorelai said still frowning.

" Well since you asked so nicely." Luke said passing her four new cards, then took two more for himself.

" Ha ok, now you can prepare to loose!" Lorelai said smiling again.

" Um, I fold." Luke said putting his cards down.

"Ha ha. I win!" Lorelai said throwing her cards on the table for emphasis.

" Yea, yea. Ok lets play again, and this time I will win." Luke said as he shuffled the cards and passed again.

" Whatever you say Lucas" Lorelai said smiling.

" I thought I told you not to call me that." Luke said trying to hide the grin that was forming at the corners of his mouth.

" Aw you know you love it! Just admit it!" Lorelai said smiling.

Luke looked out side and was startled at the sight. "Holy crap! Look outside. Damn that's a lot of snow." Lorelai looked outside and was just as startled.

" You're not kidding. Wow. Looks like I'm staying the night."

" And where, do you expect to sleep? I don't have a couch and there is no way in hell your sharing my bed tonight."

"Why? We're both adults. Plus, didn't you get a nice big double bed when you expanded your apartment?" Lorelai asked looking at him strangely.

" Yes, I did get a new bed, but still" Luke was suddenly cut off by Lorelai.

" Then it's settled. Come on I'm really really tired, and could never make it home this late with this much snow. Please?"

"Ok, number one, it's your fault you're snowed in, as you didn't want to go home, and god knows nobody can make you do what you don't want to do. So there was no point in me trying to make you, so don't even try to turn this around and blame it on me." Luke said, as he was taking a breath Lorelai cut in.

" Wow I think that's the most you've ever said at once!"

Luke chooses to ignore her and continues on. "And two, how could you possibly be tired, you just, in the last half hour downed two and a half pots of very strong coffee!"

Lorelai giggled. " I thought you knew me better Luke, you know I could drink ten million pots of coffee and still be tired at the same time every night. Right now, it's that time. So come on bed time." Lorelai said as she picked up the cards. " Where's Jess, I haven't seen him around tonight?"

" Oh he's probably upstairs. Sleeping, reading and eating all my food. I swear that's all that kid does. I'm not surprised he doesn't have too many friends around here. I guess he had a lot in New York, but people are strange in this town, plus he's not exactly Mr. Open and sharing."

" Yea, Rory said something about him having a friend staying this summer or something."

" If he behaves, I might let him have a friend stay for a few weeks during the summer. But that's only if he doesn't cause too much trouble, and he has to start being responsible."

" Those are good standards. And I think that bribing trick will help a little. My mother used it on me numerous times when I was little. It worked almost every time."

"Well glad to know you're behind me on this." Luke said smiling at her. "Ok come on if your really that tired I guess I can find somewhere for you to stay." Luke said as he brought Lorelai's mug out to the kitchen. While he was doing that Lorelai put the cards away and shut off the lights. When Luke came back out, they went upstairs.


"Lorelai, Lorelai, come on stay awake just ten more minutes." Luke said as he came out of Jess' room. Ok, the music is off, now we can sleep." Luke said as he led an almost life less Lorelai into his bedroom.

"Need nightshirt. Please?" Lorelai asked as she was falling asleep. Luke chuckled at her tired state. He had no clue Lorelai could be almost normal, all she had to be was half-asleep.

"Yea here you go" Luke said as he produced an overly large shirt from one of his dresser draws.

"Thanks Luke" Lorelai said. As she turned to go to the bathroom and change Luke smiled, and shook his head. He turned and pulled the covers on the bed back, knowing Lorelai would probably fall onto it when she came back. He then put his own pajamas on and waited until Lorelai came back before heading to the bathroom. Sure enough, when Lorelai straggled into Luke's bedroom she fell onto the bed.

" God Lorelai if only all of stars Hollow could see you now." Luke whispered as he pulled the covers around her. He then proceeded to finish getting ready for bed. When he climbed into bed next to Lorelai, he remembered the slight argument they'd had. She had threatened him, that if they both weren't in the bed the next morning she'd tell the whole town he really served kitty meat instead of burgers. Of course he knew even if she did this, no one would believe her, but he gave in any way. He had no idea why he always did that. Well, yes he did, but he didn't like to admit it.

"Oh god" he moaned as he felt Lorelai cuddle up to him. This was going to be one long night.