Say Something

A Sabrina and Patrick short story. Should be 5 chapters max with potential for a sequel or prequel (or both). Feedback please! It's the only way to know if I'm on the right track.

Chapter 1

February 2015

"Don't say yes!"

His breath was ragged; his pulse thrummed wildly in his veins, and his heart beat so loudly that he swore that everyone in the chapel could hear it. He skidded to a stop halfway down the aisle, imploring her with his eyes to see how he still desired her; how horrible he felt for pushing her away the way he had, when she was everything to him.

"Please, Sabrina," he said hoarsely.

Sabrina turned to stare at him in shock. Her eyes immediately flooded with tears as she felt her hand quake in Nathan's grip. "Patrick?" Of course it was him, but she didn't quite comprehend the implications of what he was saying right then. It all felt so surreal.

Nathan stared between them in shock but it was as if, suddenly, Patrick and Sabrina were the only two people in the whole room – in the whole world. Everything else melted away under his heated gaze, just as it always had.

"Don't marry Nathan. I know he's a good guy but he's not the one for you. I am," Patrick said, taking two strong steps forward.

Sabrina didn't know how to reply. This was all she had ever hoped for but it was too late. It was too late, wasn't it? She was two seconds away from becoming Mrs. Nathan West and that's what she wanted. Wasn't it?

Sabrina felt a tear drip down her cheek. She no longer trusted herself to speak. She just stared at Patrick in surprise and wonder. She felt Nathan's strong and steady hand come to squeeze her shoulder and she was jolted back to the present and not the past full of equally wonderful and heartbreaking memories – moments she had spent with Patrick, his daughter and their son, all too briefly.

"Sabrina?" Nathan said quietly. "Sabrina, do you want a moment – a moment to figure things out?"

Did she? She had promised to marry Nathan. He was the perfect man – handsome, loyal, strong and he had never left her side – ever - once their slow dance began. She would be crazy to walk away from this kind of security; from such a steady, sure affection.

"Sabrina, I need you," Patrick said. "I love you and I know you love me too. Or you can again, at least. We belong together. I am sorry to just burst in one your wedding day like this. Believe me, I know the timing sucks but I had to take the chance. I had to put my heart on the line and tell you how I feel."

The eyes of everyone gathered in the church were locked on the drama playing out before them. It was like a soap opera moment, really, but it was all so confusing for Sabrina. She loved Nathan so much but a part of her ached so terribly much to be in Patrick's arms again. It had been well over a year since they had hugged – other than as friends –and much longer since they'd shared a simple, yet always explosive kiss. So long since she'd made love to him…

Wait, was she seriously thinking about making love to Patrick on her wedding day to another man? And not just any man, but a really good one man cherished her, who didn't push her away every time things got tough.

Nathan, bless him, didn't look ready to pulverize Patrick; though he had every right to do so. He just looked confused and sad. Sabrina looked at him and touched his freshly-shaven face. "Can I – can I just have a moment to myself? This is – is a lot to take in," Sabrina said hoarsely.

"Of course," Nathan said and he watched her start to hurry towards the back entrance. Sabrina heard Felix and Patrick frantically calling after her through the haze in her brain, but right then all she could do was run. Run as fast as her lean legs could carry her.

Tears streamed down her face as she ran down the front lawn at St. Luke's. Just then the heavens opened and released a torrent of rainfall. She was drenched in no time as she ran through the slushy ice left over from last night's snowfall. Her beautiful white gown was stained and muddy by the time she reached the road.

She heard voices calling to her but she couldn't slow down. She searched frantically for an escape and finally spotted a car approaching quickly down the street, it's lights blazing before her eyes. She frantically waved to the driver who she couldn't make out through the rain and her own burning vision.

The driver, to her relief, pulled over to the curb. She looked back once to see Patrick just a mere six feet away. He was calling her name over the wind as he ran after her but she couldn't turn back. She needed space; she needed time. She just needed clarity and to stop hurting constantly.

She yanked open the passenger door and hopped inside. The engine was gunned and she was spirited off. She finally turned to look at her rescuer… She couldn't believe who she saw staring back at her.


Patrick slammed to a stop on the street as he watched Sabrina spirited off in a black sedan-like car. His heart was slamming painfully against his rib cage as he watched the woman he loved; the woman he had never stopped loving, zoom off without him.

Tears burned his eyes and he covered his face with his hands for a long moment as rain pelted down on him. He soon felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Felix standing there. "What the hell was that, man?" Felix asked, not in a completely unsympathetic tone. "Of all the times to suddenly realize that you love Sabrina, it's on her wedding day to the hottie detective."

"I know. I'm horrible," Patrick said. "But I couldn't – I couldn't not speak up. If there was a chance …" He sighed. "Do you know who was driving that car?"

"No clue," Felix said.

"I hope she will be alright," Patrick murmured.

"Not right now she won't be. You just walked into the church and shook her whole world to its core. She's going to need some time to process things… Why the heck did you wait so long?"

"I was stupid and I was stubborn. She's so good and kind and beautiful. I knew I didn't deserve her after all I put her through, but I'm a selfish man. I can't imagine my life without her in it."

"That's actually pretty romantic," Felix admitted.

Patrick saw Nathan approaching. He expected a punch to the nose and would have accepted it but Nathan just looked resigned, almost like he had expected this. Come to think of it, no one in that church had looked terribly surprised by this turn of events. Maybe they all knew… Maybe they all knew what Patrick had been afraid to embrace out of a sense of crippling guilt and cowardliness. That Sabrina Santiago was the woman for him. The only woman for him.

"Nathan, I'm sorry," Patrick said. "I shouldn't have busted up your wedding like that. I know better than anyone how upsetting that can be. I just-"

"You just love her."

"Yes, with everything in me. But you love her too. I should have respected that."

"Yeah, you should have, but what's done is done. Sabrina is gone for now."

"I know," Patrick said. He ran his hands through his shaggy hair. "I just really need her to be okay. I really do. I don't want to cause her another moment of hurt, another moment of indecision. But damned if that's not what I just did."