That was all that was known to the diclonius when the soldiers opened fire on her...That, and the pain of having a chunk of her horn blown off. As soon as the bullets made contact, she staggered back. Her eyes closed. She didn't even notice as she fell over the bridge and into the ocean. There was a splash as she hit the water.

The armed men looked down into the vast sea.

"Is it over?" One of them asked.

"Oh yeah. There's no possible way she could've survived that." Another replied.

"I didn't see any blood when we shot her..." One man said, unsure.

"The bullets may not have killed her...here's hoping the fall did." A different man replied.

"Well...there's nothing more we can do here. We're returning."

The waves splashed against the sandy shores, leaving behind various souvenirs on the beach. Sticks, seaweed, even some sea life, such as starfish. However, one of them contained something a little out of the ordinary... The unconscious form of a young woman with shortly cut pink hair, wearing a torn outfit consisting of a black dress, a pink undershirt, and black and grey striped stockings. Her most defining feature, however, were the pair of horns on her head, one of which had a large chunk missing. It was the dangerous diclonius that went by the name of Lucy.

After a while, her eyes slowly opened, and she became aware of her surroundings. She blinked in confusion, then pulled herself into a sitting position. She took in her surroundings and adopted a shocked expression on her face.

"I...I survived..." She breathed. "How..." She realized she had subconsciously shielded herself with her vectors. Lucy sighed and hugged her knees. She had been hoping the soldiers would have killed her...Still, a part of her was glad she survived the encounter...Maybe she could find Kouta, and...


Lucy shook her head and pulled herself to her feet.

"Kouta deserves better..." She thought. She had killed his entire family...While he had forgiven her...She still felt she didn't deserve him.

He was better off without her.

Lucy let a few tears flow down her face and onto the soft sand below her feet. Then she thought about what she would do next... Her tormentors of many years would more than likely be looking for her eventually. It would likely be in her best interest to get as far away from the city as she could...

She remembered seeing a harbour when she was living with Kouta. She quickly hatched an idea that would at the very least get some distance between her and her inevitable pursuers...

It was rather easy for Lucy to sneak aboard the large ship. All she had to do was knock a few crates over with her vectors [aside from the one she was hiding behind, of course] to get the crew members attention, and then she quickly, yet silently, climbed aboard the ship and hid in the cargo area.

Lucy watched out the window forlornly as the city she had met her childhood friend once more in grew further and further away. She was leaving behind her tormentors...

And Kouta...

Lucy gritted her teeth and closed her eyes as she let her tear drops fly.


Number 4 Privet Drive was a small, average looking house. It had a normal looking garden filled with various types of flowers, a few lawn gnomes here and there, a car parked in the driveway...It was an average house in every way, just like its neighbours.

But this house contained a dark secret. The inhabitants, the Dursleys, liked to think of themselves as a perfectly average, everyday family. But if there's one thing that average, everyday families don't do, it's violently and psychologically abuse children for being different.

Case in point? A young five year old child named Harry James Potter, silently sitting in his cupboard, a deep pit of dread in his stomach as he waited for his uncle to come home. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad this time...Maybe he'd only get a few bruises... Harry hugged his knees and whimpered. He felt tears threatening to come out of his eyes, but he blinked them away.

If there's one thing Vernon wouldn't tolerate from him, it's crying...

So...Yeah, I know it's not very good...I've never been very good at setting up for the actual story, as I'm sure you can tell...I try my best, but...eh. I hope my nonexistant readers will stick with me, as I intend to improve. So, expect daily updates for this fic...until next Saturday, in which I will release a new story for this new series my friend and I came up with. Hope you enjoy.