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has left the room


Jade stared at her laptop screen while the text "has left the room" went up. She closed TamaTalk, turned the power off of her computer, fell on her bed, and closed her eyes. Her body fell on the mattress, engulfing her body. She grabbed a pillow to cover her eyes. The light was too bright. She attempted to stand.

"Will I turn off the light? No, it's too far..."

She lied down once again on the mattress, falling like a carcass. She covered her eyes once again with a pillow. She started mumbling to herself. She mumbled to herself to sleep.

"What am I feeling? Is it... No. I'm too young anyway. Its late, I better sleep."

And so she did.

She woke up at around 5:20AM. She went downstairs and went to the comfort room, she peed and washed her face. She went to the kitchen and grabbed the box of Cookie Crisp and a carton of milk from the fridge, grabbing a bowl and a spoon while on the way to the dining room, balancing everything with her short arms.

"Good morning, Jade."

"Good morning, mom."

Her dad was still sleeping. She went ahead and ate the cereal in a quickie. She went to the bath room and started to take a shower. She stepped out and dried her body with her favorite towel. After stepping out of the bath room, she checked the clock. 5:48 AM.

"Oh its kinda early. I can use the computer for a second, I guess.: Jade mumbled to herself.

She went to her bedroom, booting up the PC. She opened Google Chrome and typed "tam" and pressed down, highlighting and pressed the enter button. She was surprised on what she saw. A message. From who though? She clicked the message icon, making a list of messages appear. JADE U GOTTA READ DIS PLS. It was from Hayden. She almost jumped out of joy. She clicked the title, making the website go to a new page.

"Holy crap..."

first part also first fanfic i know i suck yay. first part = theres other parts yay. jade, this ones for u gurl.