First of all Dash went to Pinkie piys partee and was liek oh hae pinkeh how you do and she was like "STFU Dash you poop sponge ill turn u into cupkaeks" ven dash killed pinkah and nopony cared bekoz everybody hates pinkeh then one pony pulled out a paper bag and dash woz like SWIGGITY SWAG WOTS IN TEH BAG? and they were liek drugs and they all took to much and almost died then Jessie dankman came in and was liek YO YO YO MOTHER BUKER LETS KOOK UP IN THIZ BEEYYYATCH and then breaking bad came in and was like wtf poneys and pinkies house was transformed into a meth lab then celestia got in a plaen and firebomed pony vill but what if they were not kill? please review and ask to find owt!