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Small waves gently crashed against a busy wharf, where the docked ships ranged from fishing ships, marine battleships, traveling merchant ships or even simple traveling ships. In fact if one were to look hard enough, one would be able to find the odd pirate ship floating about.

There had been a steady increase in the amount of pirate crews recently. This had all been due to stories of a certain pirate captain who went by the name Gol D. Roger, or Gold Roger as the world media had named him, but he was quickly gaining a reputation for sailing though the Grand Line at a very impressive pace. He was also a gifted fighter apparently, said to be a devastating force in battle.

The coincidental thing though, is that he was born on the very same island that the busy wharfs are located, the Polestar Islands. The island name itself isn't very well known, however the name of the town located on the island was, Loguetown.

At the end of one of these wharfs, there sat a small boy, who looked to be about five years old.

A rather skinny boy, who wore simple tattered and torn pants with an equally tattered and torn shirt to match and old worn out sandals on his feet. He could be recognised by his ocean blue eyes and the three strange whisker marks that adorned each cheek. He also had a head of messy and, somewhat dirty, spiky golden blond hair that came down to his shoulders at the back and had two long bangs that came down to his chin and framed his face.

This young boy's name was Naruto. A boy who never knew his mother and whose father died not too long ago leaving him an orphan. He couldn't remember his last name, hell, he wasn't even sure he ever had a last name, but just Naruto was good enough for him.

Young Naruto had been sitting at those docks for a good two hours, with his trusty fishing…..stick in hand, but he had yet to catch his dinner.

The blond youth let out a small sigh, 'Well looks like I won't be getting anything today', he thought.

He stood up discarded his fishing stick and decided to head home. Naruto decided that he would "borrow" some food from one of the many vendors that did business in Loguetown's large markets.


Naruto made his way back home through Loguetown's busy markets. Markets that sold fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, fish, chicken and just about any other food you could think of, that Naruto couldn't obtain due a lack of money.

Naruto had picked up a few thievery tricks in order to keep from starvation, and chose to employ them on a small bag of apples. He easily weaved in and out of the huge crowds and lifted the bag without so much as slowing down or pausing. There had more than a few times when he'd been caught, but luckily this wasn't one of those times.

He came to an alleyway, that he could go down to get home in half the time, and paused. Normally he didn't go down this alleyway because a bunch of annoying wannabe pirates usually hung around there. Naruto wasn't at all scared to fight them, but they were just a meaningless hassle. Today however, Naruto decided that he was going to confront them and started down the alleyway, but not before spying a long metal pipe, about as tall as he was and picking it up with the intention of using it was a weapon.


The gang was currently hanging out in their favourite spot, when they heard small footsteps coming their way.

One the gang members looked to see a small kid walking towards them casually with metal pole in one hand and holding a bag full of something in the other.

"Oh, what's this?" he grinned turning to the others.

"Oi look, this kid's here for an ass kicking", he said, causing the others to take notice

"Heh, is this he stupid or something?"

"I wonder what he's got in that bag"

The biggest of them walked over to Naruto. He was obviously the leader of the group. He looked down smirking at the small blond.

"Listen kid, I don't know what possessed you to come down this alleyway, but I'm willing to forget it if you hand over the bag and get the hell out of here quick." he offered with a false sense of smugness.

Naruto looked up at the much larger man "By going through this alleyway I can get home much faster, now please let me pass or I'll be forced to report you to the Marines". Naruto decided to try and take the civilized route knowing that it wouldn't work.

The gang leader frowned, he didn't like the way this kid spoke to him. "The Marines are too busy with pirate crews, they don't care about us" he started as he raised his fist in preparation to smash the kid's face in, "now give us the bag or I'll kil-uck" he was violently cut off by a metal pole being smashed into his stomach before the other end of it was brought around and slammed into the side of his head rendering him unconscious.

The gang watched in surprise as a kid took out their boss but rushed him when they regained their senses. The first one attacked with a sword, but Naruto was able to avoid it and take down the thug with his metal staff. He jumped and kicked the second one in the face before flinging his staff at the third but froze when he heard the sound of a gun click. Naruto looked at the last gang member calmly as he grinned sadistically, he was about to pull the trigger when a surprise chop to the back of the neck knocked him out cold. He fell unceremoniously to reveal his attacker to Naruto.

It was a boy no older than Naruto, wearing simple black sandals, shorts and a white tee-shirt, all tattered like the blonds in front of him. He had a stern face for a five year old, onyx eyes and black hair.

He gave Naruto a light glare, "What the hell are you doing you idiot?"

"Hey Sasuke, thanks for the save, I thought he was going to get me" Naruto said nonchalantly

Sasuke's frown deepened, "Do you want to die Dobe?"

"Huh, what was that Teme?" Naruto fired back now annoyed as he and his best/only friend made their way back home

"Because if you keep picking fights with people stronger that you then one day I won't be around to save you"

"These guys weren't stronger than me, besides I didn't even come down here with the intention of fighting. Oh by the way, look way I got" Naruto smiled as he showed his friend the apples he stole.

Sasuke actually smiled at the thought of eating when he saw the fruits, but frowned again when he realized something, "Naruto where did you get the money for those?"

"I didn't have any money, I had to make like a fox and steal the things" Naruto explained

"Foxes don't steal anything" Sasuke deadpanned as they reached their home

"Sure they do, besides we need these apples to live, are you really going to make me return them?" Naruto asked. Sasuke relented but he wasn't happy about it as he hated when anyone broke the law.

Naruto and Sasuke entered their home, which could only been described as four walls and a roof. A shack that was hardly big enough for the both of them with two sleeping mats, a table, bathroom and small kitchen area. After eating the first meal they'd had in at least a day, they sat at their table thinking when Naruto broke the silence.

"Sasuke, we need to get out of here"


"This can't be all there is for us. Do you ever think about going out to sea?"


"Alright then it's settled" Naruto exclaimed standing up, "You and I will form our own pirate crew and-"

"Did you just say Pirate Crew?" Sasuke snapped causing Naruto to look at him in surprise.

"I would never become a pirate" Sasuke looked up at Naruto with such malice and hatred that it was scary. Naruto could tell that it wasn't just distain, Sasuke genuinely hated pirates with a passion, "If I ever leave this place it'll be to join the Marines"

Now it was Naruto's turn look at Sasuke with a similar look of hate, "WHAT, the World Government is the worst thing ever, how could you stomach being one of their dogs" he yelled

Naruto and Sasuke glared at each other dangerously, but before it could go any further they were interrupted by a man barging into their home in a panic. "Oi, you two have got to hide me please, he's coming" this man, obviously a pirate by his attire, was utterly terrified. He was shaking, sweating and crying in fear.

"Hey what's wrong, who is after you?" Naruto started

"There's no time to explain, PLEASE HIDE ME" the pirate cried

"Alright just come this way" Naruto began to lead the man to the back door when Sasuke spoke up

"Wait Naruto, I won't let you help him. I'm going to hand this…scum over to the Marines and let them deal with him.

"Sasuke they'll probably execute him" Naruto argued

Sasuke met Naruto's eyes with the same hatred he showed earlier, "All the better" he said darkly

Naruto was shocked, beyond shocked, he thought he knew Sasuke. For a time he saw Sasuke as his brother in all but blood, but not anymore. Naruto wanted to become a pirate and know he knew how his friend viewed them.

The pirate started panicking again as he ran for the front door, "IT'S TOO LATE, HE'S ALREADY HERE" just as he ran outside a huge fist of molten hot magma came crashing through the wall and passed between Naruto and Sasuke separating them by a wall of fire as their wooden home burst into flames from the intense heat.

The fire spread quickly and before long Naruto and Sasuke were struggling to breathe though the smoke as they went for the back and front door respectively. They both stopped and turned to look at each other through the flames. As their eyes met, they each knew that their friendship was destroyed. The roof suddenly gave way and collapsed forcing the two boys to dive outside their own end of the shack.

Naruto quickly took off through the back alleyways of Loguetown as Sasuke got up and staggered for a bit before he came across the pirate that was just in his house cowering before a very tall man wearing a red outfit and a white coat with a hood that covered most of his stern face. His right arm and hand was dripping with magma as he looked at the snivelling pirate without compassion, pity or remorse.

"Oi, are you a marine?" Sasuke all but demanded

The man pulled his hood down to look at the kid. Strange, this kid reminded him of himself very much but right now he had a job to do, "Go home kid" he said in a gruff voice as he turn his attention back to the pirate.

"You just destroyed my home" Sasuke yelled, the Marine ignored him and Sasuke felt another pulse of rage. He looked around and saw a cutlass that must have belonged to the pirate lying on the ground. He walked up to it and picked it up before moving behind the pirate and thrusting it into his back without mercy or hesitation running him straight though.

The Marine watched as the pirate's face went from surprised too scared too lifeless and watched as he slumped over dead with the sword still sticking out of him. He once again turned his attention to the kid in front of him.

"I want to join the Marines" Sasuke said confidently

The tall Marine's arm returned to its normal state as he turned on his heel and began to walk away leaving Sasuke to watch him go, until… "Are you coming or not?" he said not turning back as he continued to walk. Sasuke waited for a second before smirking and following his new mentor.


Naruto ran from the burning building through back streets and alleyways. He didn't know what he was running from, only that he didn't want to stop. Was he just running from the fire or was he running from his street urchin life and a former friend that now hated him because of what he wanted to become. He kept running, not really pay attention to where he was going until he ran into someone, and as fate would have it, it was the leader of the same gang he had just fought earlier that day.

He turned and grinned evilly when he saw what hit him, "Well well, look who it is. I was hoping I'd run into you again kid" he drew his rusted sword, "now I can pay you back for the humiliation"

Before he could do anything though, Naruto stamped on his foot before punching him in his gut knocking the wind out of him, causing the guy, three times his size, to take a knee to try and regain his breath.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY YOU IDIOTS" Naruto yelled as he struck the side of his opponent's oversized head with his foot….hard, hard enough to once again knock out the leader.

"Dammit, you're gonna pay for that", one of the thugs threatened


There were four more and Naruto wasn't going to lose no matter what.

The first one brought his foot down on Naruto, who in turn jumped out of the way only to be met with a punch to the face by the second one, and then to be picked up and slammed into ground by the third one.

Naruto ignored the pain and forced himself up before charging at the fourth one, who attempted to stab Naruto. Naruto in response, skilfully weaved past the knife and the man's defence, he then gathered as much strength as he could and buried his fist into the fourth one's stomach, then drove an uppercut to his chin, leaving him dazed. It was then Naruto noticed the second and third ones running up to him from behind. Thinking quickly, Naruto grabbed the fourth's arm and threw him and the incoming two, this was followed up by him running and jumping off the fourth's back and delivering the strongest kick he could muster across both faces of the second and third, rendering them unconscious too.

By this point Naruto was panting and exhausted, he hadn't eaten much today, or yesterday for that matter, not to mention also that he'd inhaled a good amount of smoke from his burning home. His legs didn't have the strength to hold him up anymore so he was forced to take a knee.

"Shit, this isn't good, I'm at my limit". Naruto tried desperately to get up, but his legs weren't responding.

The fourth thug had recovered by now and was moving towards him knife in hand

"Hehehe, looks like you're out of steam brat"

He picked Naruto up by his shirt and held the knife to his neck. As he felt the cold steel touch his exposed neck, Naruto began to accept what he thought was his fate. It wasn't like there was a family waiting for his return.

"I think I'm gonna enjoy killing—"

Before he could finish his sentence, he had gained a lifeless look in his eyes. Naruto felt the grip around his shirt fade as the thug felt to the ground, dead to the world. Naruto was at a loss for words he didn't know what had happened, one second he's about to get his throat cut, the next he feels a weird wave of power wash over him as he watches his enemy collapse. Naruto however was completely fine, as if the strange force wasn't meant for him.

Naruto stood up and looked around in utter confusion and bewilderment.

"Umm… hello, is anyone there?"

Naruto got no response to his question, causing him to get frustrated.

"Look I know someone's there, now come out before I kick your ass".

It was then that Naruto heard massive footsteps slowly coming towards him. The young boy was frozen in place. He felt it was becoming harder to breath with every footstep that came towards him. As the loud footsteps stopped, Naruto knew that the person he had threatened was right behind him. He turned around slowly to see the largest man he had ever seen in his short life.

The young boy could only look up in awe at this man, who was at least 3 times the size of any normal grown up. The huge hulking figure wore light loose fitting pants, tucked into large black boots at the bottom and a dark coloured sash around his waist. He wore no shirt, showing off his enormous muscular chest and stomach, but he did wear a huge pirate captain's cloak resting on his shoulders. On his head he wore a light blue and yellow pirate hat on top of a red and black bandana, both of which rested on top of a head of flowing, long blond hair that was fairer than Naruto's own.

The giant's face showed years of experience and wisdom, but by far the most noticeable thing about the man was the large white, crescent-shaped moustache.

It was because of this moustache that even a five year old would be able to realise exactly who this man was.

A man who was already a living legend.

The great pirate lord, Edward Newgate

Better known to the world as Whitebeard.

Whitebeard looked down at the small boy in front of him with a grin on his face, that made Naruto feel a little uneasy, and spoke in a deep booming voice befitting of his size.

"Gurararara, who ass did you say you were going to kick, little brat"

"Uh, w-well I, umm"

"You've got some nerve, starting fights with random people and threatening strangers, little brat"

Despite being a little brat, Naruto hated to be called one, which is why he started to get angry.

"I didn't start this fight, they did, and my name is not brat, old man"

"Oh, and why should I call you anything else?"

"Because my name is Naruto, not little brat"

"I think little brat suits you better"

Before he could calm himself Naruto jumped up to try and hit the huge man, but he wasn't prepared for Whitebeard to simply extent his arm and flick the small boy in the forehead. Naruto certainly wasn't expecting the flick to send him crashing to ground and hurt so much.

Naruto sat up holding his forehead.

"Ahh, i-it hurts, what the hell did you do"

Whitebeard's grin never left his face. He could tell the kid didn't have parents and from the fight he had been watching he could see the kid had an enormous amount of potential. It would be a shame to waste it.

"Gurarara, you're a funny kid, but you're wasting your life here. If you want a life of adventure and a chance to become a powerful pirate, then come with me and accept my mark on your back"

Naruto looked from his seated position shocked as Whitebeard bent down on his knee and offered a huge hand to him.

"Become my son"


AN, this is a rewrite of Raikiri no Naruto. Some of it will be that same but will be different in many other ways.

I know I said I wasn't going to do this, but I was thinking and I realised that it's what I want to do and if you don't like it then I'm sorry.

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