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'Thinking, Flashbacks'


(Loguetown, two years later)

Today was a sunny day in Loguetown. Far too cheerful, considering the grim event that was scheduled in the town's plaza today. It was in this town, the very same one he was born in, that the infamous 'Pirate King' Gol D. Roger was to be executed.

It was an execution that demanded the attention of everyone in the world. It was an execution intended to strike fear into the hearts of all pirates and wannabe pirates. A message from the World Government and the Marines that piracy would not be tolerated under any circumstance. This is what the World Government intended the execution represent.

The citizens of Loguetown made way throughout the streets, as the Pirate King marched towards the plaza at the centre of the town. He marched with his head held high. No regret or fear, as if he was looking forward to it.

As Roger walked towards the execution platform, the crowd all started to move into the plaza until it was completely full. All faces with the plaza directed at the Pirate King climbing the stairs of the platform. As he got to the top, Roger turned to face the enormous crowd gathered to see his death. He dropped to his knees, his hands were chained to the platform he was kneeling on and he stared down, just in front of his hands, with his hair over shadowing his eyes.

One curious citizen in the crowd turned to his friend beside him.

"Oi, so are they just gonna kill him without even asking him anything?" he whispered

"How should I know? Besides what would they ask him anyway?" his friend whispered back

Well there was one thing he was wondering, "OI, PIRATE KING" he shouted, making everyone in the plaza to shift their focus from Roger to him. Roger inclined his head a fraction to show that he was listening


This was a good question, one that everybody else wanted answered now to. Roger's grin once again made its way onto his face.

"My treasures?" his voice was calm, yet was heard by all in the plaza, "If you want them, you can have them" his voice and smile grew with every word, "LOOK FOR THEM. I LEFT IT ALL AT THAT PLACE"

Those were Roger's very last words, as the next second two executioner's blades pierced his body, robbing him of his life. Roger however, could hardly call his life robbed at that point. He was still happy enough to die with a smile on his face. His grin never faltered, not even for a second. The crowd was silent for a moment, as they allowed the Pirate King's last words sink in, before erupting into cheers and laughter. The chance to for adventure, the chance to conquer the Grand Line, the chance to find the greatest treasure in the world and become the next Pirate King was before them.

Less than a week later, the seas were swarmed with hundred, if not thousands, of new pirate crews. Crews all searching for the now legendary treasure.


(A few weeks later, Naruto age 8)

Naruto was sitting on the railing of the Moby Dick, reading the newspaper he had subscribed to a little while ago. It wasn't today's paper, no he had read that earlier in the morning. This paper was from a few weeks ago, from the day of Gold Roger's execution. It was an article telling about Roger's bold claim of leaving an amazing treasure somewhere on the Grand Line and the starting of something the world government had dubbed 'The Great Age of Pirates'.

Naruto laughed as he read the article for the fifth time. He just couldn't get over how funny he found the whole situation. The World Government hoped to snuff out piracy for good with the death of the 'Pirate King', instead Roger goes ahead and pulls this, starting a new pirate era and causing countless pirate crews to be formed. The exact opposite of what, Naruto imagined, the Word Government wanted. It seemed that the Marines would really have their work cut out for them now.

Naruto looked at it once more before letting the wind catch the article and take it out to sea. He jumped off the railing and went to join the rest of his nakama, who were doing what they normally did. Eat, drink and do pretty much whatever they wanted. Naruto walked over the Old Man sitting in his chair, drinking his usual enormous amount of alcohol.

"So Oyaji, why are we going to Fishman Island?" he asked

"You mean apart from being the only way for us to get into the New World"

"uuhhh-" replied Naruto, having honestly forgotten about that

Whitebeard sighed, "The king, Neptune, is an old friend of mine and I haven't seen him in a while". The old man paused to gulp down the rest of his drink, "Plus, lately I've heard some rumours about the island that are making me feel uneasy"

"Oh, like what?"

"Apparently with all the new pirate crews trying to enter the New World, they've been causing mayhem in Fishman Island, raiding houses and selling mermaids and fishmen into slavery".

"What, that sucks." Whitebeard raised an eyebrow at his son's view on the matter.

"Plus I don't like that it happens after Roger died, it almost makes it seem like it's his fault".

"And why would you care what anyone would think of Roger?" Whitebeard smiled

"Uummm… Well… I dunno. Even though he was an enemy he was able to fight on the same level as you and even managed to scar you. He was strong and loyal to his nakama and never backed down from a fight, even when the odds were stacked way against him. I respect him, almost as much as I do you. Even though he was an enemy… I liked that guy." Whitebeard couldn't help but laugh at that and think that, to a point, he felt the same way.


(2 days later, Fishman Island)

Naruto and the rest of the Whitebeard pirates were feasting in the Ryugu Palace, having their hunger and thirst satisfied by the many servants around the palace, while Whitebeard sat with King Neptune, drinking and talking about something that Naruto couldn't hear. He tried to get closer to listen in on the conversation but was having a hard time trying to get past the mermaids, who found the young pirate irresistibly cute and wouldn't leave him alone.

Whitebeard and Neptune were sipping from their equally enormous jugs of sake and noticing the blond's struggles with amused smiles.

King Neptune was a massive coelacanth merman that was even bigger than Whitebeard himself. He had a red nose, small beady eyes, very thick and long orange curly hair with a very thick and curly orange beard to match. He was bare chested and had on a gold crown, golden bracelets and carried a large, elaborate, golden trident.

"Hoh Hoh Hoh" He laughed as he watched Naruto give up trying to eavesdrop on them to attend to his meal and the pretty mermaids doting on him. "It seems that you have a very curious crew member, jamon"

"Huh, I'd call him nosy" replied Whitebeard.

"He's new. When did you recruit him? jamon"

"He's been one of my sons for a few years now and already he is showing a lot of promise"

"How so?"

"He's very skilled in battle. He absorbs information like a sponge and can outsmart tougher opponents. He is only eight and already has a lot of experience as a pirate and is a hell of a lot tougher than any other eight year old"

Neptune looked over to the young pirate, who looked to be on his ninth bowl of ramen and smiled. "I suppose it doesn't hurt when your mentor is the world's strongest man either, but it seems that the next generation will always surpass the last, jamon"

Whitebeard looked up from his drink, "What the hell are you talking about? It'll take a hundred years for him to reach my level. However his name will become famous I have no doubt about that".

The feast was interrupted when two of Neptune's royal soldiers came running into the hall in panicked and tired states.

"Naptune-Sama, there's some pirate crews in the fishman district and mermaid cove. They're kidnapping fishman children and mermaids to be sold off"

"WHAT?" Neptune yelled. Whitebeard brought his sake up and started drink the rest as his friend started to give orders.

"Quickly, send our forces down there to combat the pirates, jamon. We can't let them take even a single one. I will go down there myself to stop this if I have to, jamon. Quickly get Hoe ready-" he was cut off by the sound of Whitebeard slamming his now empty jug on the floor. "No, don't worry about it I'll take care of them" Whitebeard rose and grabbed his bisento that was beside him before turning to his crew, "Let's go"

The Whitebeard Pirates were already brandishing their own weapons, having finished their food and drink as well and made for the giant doors of the Ryugu Palace. This kidnapping and slavery bullshit needed to end and the Whitebeard Pirates were going to make sure that it did, at least in Fishman Island.


All throughout the fishman district and mermaid cove was chaos. Numerous pirates crews were sweeping through, taking mermaids, fishmen and merfolk children alike while the parents who tried to stop them were beaten or killed. Fishmen were naturally stronger than the human pirates but they were outnumbered and outgunned, as they were civilians.

"Hurry up, get those fishmen in the bags before the royal army gets here and remember to always make room for more mermaids. They go for B70, 000,000 on the slave market"

These were very stereotypical pirates. They were what sprang to the minds of most people when they thought of the very word. Foul, evil, mean, greedy, selfish and murderous. These 'pirates' were what the Whitebeard Pirates found themselves looking at when they arrived.

Naruto actually started to feel sick with rage when he saw the fishmen and merfolk crying and the pirates laughing as they destroyed families and lives just to make a quick buck. He wasn't the only one, he looked towards his nakama to see that they looked to be just as disgusted, if not more, than him. Whitebeard however had on a blank look as he calmly walked towards the crowd of amateurish, cowardly weaklings.

A pirate who was trying to force and crying mermaid into a large bag, suddenly heard huge sounding footsteps approaching from behind him. When they stopped he turned around slowly to see who, or what, could have made such heavy footsteps. As he turned, he grew paler with every second he spent looking up at the huge figure of Whitebeard, the Strongest Man in the World.

"Y-you're W-Whitebeard" he stammered in fear

Whitebeard looked down at the cowering fool with disgust and contempt. "What do you think you're doing with these fishmen?" his voice calm yet laced with a very dangerous tone

"I-I-I d-don't" 'shit, what do I do, he's going to kill me anyway… but… wait if I bet him I'll become a legend, the only problem is how to bet him, h-he's huge and he was able to fight Gold Roger' "SHIT"

He drew his sword and prepared to attack the pirate lord out of either stupidity or pure desperation to stay alive. However he wasn't able to take more than two steps towards Whitebeard, before his face met Naruto's fist, who in the blink of an eye had covered the distance between them. The pirate captain went flying backwards and hit a stone wall with enough force demolish it. Naruto cracked his knuckles and glared at the rest of the amateurish pirate crew, ready to pummel anyone else who tried to start something.

Whitebeard smirked at Naruto's display of speed and strength, it was impressive for an eight year old. Naruto stepped forward, intent on making those pirates experience as much pain as they were willing to inflict onto others. He was stopped however when Whitebeard stepped forward himself and slammed the bottom of his bisento into the ground, causing the earth around him and Naruto to crack and shake and some of the pirates to fall over.

Whitebeard stood before a large group of terrified pirates. He lifted his bisento over his head and formed a quake bubble around the blade before bringing it down on the pirates.

"GET OUT OF HERE YOU IDIOTS, YOUR NOT WELCOME IN MY FRIEND'S KINGDOM" he bellowed as the entire group was swept up, in the ground shaking explosion caused by the quake bubble. Whitebeard slammed his bisento into the ground again.


Whitebeard stood there and let his words sink in. soon the pirate crews dropped all of the fishmen and mermaids they had captured before they ran to their ships, fearing for their lives.

One sentence.

That was all it took to secure safety from pirates looking to kidnap fishmen. Naruto couldn't help but smile at the irony, thanks to the action of a pirate, Fishman Island would from now on be safe from pirates. All of the fishmen and merfolk who had heard Whitebeard's claim, and had seen the pirates run, started to cheer for the great pirate who had just saved their loved ones and ensured the protection of their home. From then on, Whitebeard and his crew had become even more legendary. The news that Fishman Island was under the protection of the strongest man in the world had spread all over both halves of the Grand Line, North South East and West Blue seas, the Marine Headquarters at Marineford and the holy land of Mariejois. Fishman Island was off-limits to anybody who wanted to start trouble.


(2 years later, Naruto age 10)

Naruto sat in the main mast's crow's nest reading the newspaper, with a very angry look on his face. He was wearing a mesh short sleeve shirt under a white open jacket, with light brown cargo shorts and his trademark black sandals. His hair had grown a bit wild over the last two years, the bangs that framed his face had grown down to his chin and his hair reached his shoulders at the back.

The past two years had seen Naruto's strength improve immensely as well. Using Kenbunshoku Haki he could easily sense most incoming attacks if they weren't moving ridiculously fast and would be able to sense roughly the amount of people in one place. His Busoshoku Haki had improved by leaps and bounds. For any person, who did not use Busoshoku Haki themselves, to actually hurt him they would need to put a lot more force than normal in the strike and Naruto would be confident in fighting logia devil fruit user. At least he thought he would, he had yet to actually fight one. However even though his Haki had improved a lot, there was still definitely room for improvement. Naruto's weapon of choice was a cheap katana with a black handle, guard and sheath, it wasn't anything spectacular, he got it in some random town for about B5,000, so he expected it to break at any moment. He made the switch from sabre to katana because a katana felt better in his hand and his swordsmanship improved with one.

Another noticeable trait of Naruto's, was his intelligence. Whitebeard had noticed it the day he met him. Naruto downplayed it a lot and acted like a fool sometimes but in reality he was very bright. He could quickly come up the winning strategies in a fight and could usually outsmart an opponent that was physically stronger than him.

The newspaper told a story about the 'might of the invincible marines'. Recently an island in the West Blue Sea had been destroyed by a Buster Call. A Buster Call was the World Government's ultimate display of force to ensure that Absolute Justice prevails. It entails ten marine battleships, led by at least five Vice-Admirals, bombarding a target nonstop until it has been completely annihilated. The name of the island that was destroyed was Ohara. Ohara wasn't a secret pirate base, nor was it planning to attack the World Government, it was simply an island mainly consisting of archaeologists and scholars.

Apparently the reason why the World Government found it necessary to destroy Ohara, was because the archaeologists were researching the forbidden Poneglyphs and (according to the media) were planning to use its knowledge to somehow create an ancient and powerful weapon in order to destroy the Word Government and conquer the world. Naruto didn't know the real reason why Ohara was destroyed, but he did know that the reason given by the media was total crap. He just didn't buy it.

Naruto continued reading as he noticed Thatch climb up to the crow's nest and hopped in to see what Naruto had been doing all evening.

"Hey Naruto, what are you doing?"

"Reading" he replied simply without looking up

"Oh really, what are you reading"

"Newspaper… listen to this" he said before reading the text of the article "The only survivor of the demon land Ohara was eight year old Nico Robin, who not only defied the World Government by surviving the Buster Call but by also destroying six marine battleships receiving a bounty in the process". Sure enough when Naruto turned the page a sheet of paper fell out and caught his attention.

It was a standard wanted poster with a picture of a sad looking girl with shoulder length black hair and blue eyes.





Naruto was furious as he looked at the wanted poster. How could the World Government call this 'Justice'? How could they give an eight year old girl that kind of bounty? It just solidified Naruto's belief that practically everyone in the marines and World Government was just some scumbag who would gladly destroy people's homes and lives just so they can gain a higher rank or get some shiny piece of metal that they could staple to their chests. And they called pirates evil. It just pissed Naruto off.

Naruto looked at the poster sadly, "She'll be hunted for the rest of her life, poor girl"

Thatch didn't know what to say, so he opted to say nothing and stare out at the ocean. At first Thatch was just looking at nothing really, his eyes just wondered aimlessly without a focal point, until he was given one in the form of black smoke just managing to make itself visible on the not-to-distant horizon.

Thatch squinted his eyes in an effort to focus better. "Hey Naruto, what does that look like to you?"

Naruto stood up and turned to look in the same direction as his nakama, "Mmmmm… smoke, I think"

"I thought as much", said Thatch before yelling down towards the deck, "OYAJI, LOOK OVER THERE. I THINK THERE IS AN ISLAND WHERE THAT SMOKE IS COMING FROM"

Whitebeard rose from his giant chair and walked to the portside railing. Looking past the vast blanket of blue that lay before him, he did notice the smoke and remembered that there was in fact an island near there. He also remembered that particular island was part of Kaido's territory. Whitebeard had never planned to even get close to that island because he would really prefer not to have to fight that guy. Whitebeard was of course in no way scared or intimidated by him, it's just that he was no rookie pirate and would be capable of holding his own against the Whitebeard Pirates.

Yet despite of all this.

"HEAD TOWARDS THAT ISLAND, I WANT TO SEE WHAT IS GOING ON THERE" he shouted as his crew set about following his orders. Naruto didn't know why the Old Man had decided to go check it out, he had been part of the Whitebeard Pirates long enough to know that the Old Man didn't do anything without reason, that's where he differed with Gold Roger. Maybe he was curious, maybe he was generally concerned about the inhabitants of the island or maybe he was just bored. Naruto didn't know and he didn't really care, because truth be told he was bored to.


The Whitebeard Pirates stepped onto the shore of the island and Naruto could already taste the disgusting ash in his mouth, there was obviously a village on this island. A village that was burning. Whitebeard began to walk in the direction of the fire, with his bisento at the ready, followed closely by his sons.

As they advanced towards the village they started to hear screaming and they noticed that the sky was now black with all the ash in the air, as well as there being reddish hue not too far off, most likely from the now confirmed fire.

When they finally reached the village they found all of the wooden houses and buildings ablaze with pirates, most likely belong to Kaido's pirate crew, running amuck. Quickly raiding burning shops and houses for any valuables, feeding the fires with precious belongings of the villagers and making sport of the villagers themselves. Who could kill the most, who could kill one the quickest or the most painful way.

Naruto hated pirates like them, they were the very image of 'pirate' the World Government put forward to the public and because of pirates like them, decent pirates like them would always be initially feared and hated.

It was when Naruto saw a pirate shot a fleeing villager in the back, and seeing the villager's wife and child look on in horror as the pirate laughed, that Naruto's rage exploded. He raced towards the pirate like a bullet and before the pirate even saw him coming, his heart had been pierced by Naruto's katana. The pirate's brain didn't even have time to register what had happened before he was dead. He fell to the ground as Naruto calmly withdrew his sword from the body. Two other pirates, who accompanied the first, stared at Naruto with a mixture of shock, confusion and anger.

"Hey kid, what the hell did you do" one demanded

"What does it look like" replied Naruto facing away from them

"You little piece of shit, I'll fucking kill-"

He was cut off from his threat as a streak of blue flames flew towards him. When the flames were less than a foot away from him, a leg materialized out from them and delivered a devastating kick to the side of the pirates head. The kick was enough to send the pirate crashing through a brick wall twenty feet away, most likely killing him.

The last terrified pirate drew his sword shakily and was so distracted by the two blonds that he didn't notice the diamond covered forearm behind him.

"Brilliant Punk"

Jozu's diamond body smashed into the prate sending him crashing into the same wall as his nakama in the same state. Despite his size, Jozu could move very fast when he needed to. Marco turned to Naruto with a slightly annoyed look on his face.

"Oi Naruto, don't go running off like that."

"Don't worry about that Marco, Naruto can easily handle guys like them", the three turned to see Whitebeard walking up to them. He took a moment to think before, "Alright this is a large town so there is probably a lot of them, split up and take them out, but if you see Kaido don't fight him. I'll be looking for him myself. ALRIGHT GO"

The crew yelled in understanding before splitting up. Before too long, Naruto found himself in the village's markets, currently on fire, where there were a large number of pirates fighting with an equally large number of marines. This surprized Naruto. 'Marines, what the hell are they doing here. If they know that Kaido might be here, then they are most likely being led by an Admiral or at least a Vice-Admiral'.

Naruto was pulled from his thoughts when he sensed an incoming blade to the neck, which he skilfully dodged, and countered, drawing his own blade and driving it into his enemy's stomach. As the pirate fell to the ground, dead, Naruto's actions had drawn the attention of two nearby marines. They looked at Naruto curiously.

"Is he one of Kaido's men?" one asked the other

"I don't think so, he just killed one of them, but he also doesn't look like a local" the other replied before yelling to Naruto, "OI KID, WHO ARE YOU, YOU SHOULDN'T BE HERE. ARE YOU A LOCAL?"

"No" replied Naruto simply, "I'm a Whitebeard Pirate" he finished with a hint of pride

"What, you mean to say that W-Whitebeard is here too" yelled the marine, to which Naruto nodded.

"What are we going to do n- urck"

The unfortunate marine's sentence was cut short when a medium sized red curved blade erupted from his chest. He looked shocked for a split second as blood poured from the wound. Mercifully he was spared any more pain as he was dead a second later. He felt forwards onto the ground revealing the weapon sticking out of his back. It was a red three bladed scythe, with the three blades being smaller from top to bottom. It had quite a long handle that had tape around most of it for a better grip and had a thick black cable attached to the bottom of it, leading off somewhere.

Both Naruto and the remaining marine were shocked when they saw the large scythe. Naruto had not seen the attack coming, probably because it wasn't intended for him. Before the marine could do anything, the mystery assailant leaped in front of him and delivered a powerful left haymaker to the marines left temple, leaving the marine dazed. The assailant took the opportunity to rip his scythe out of the dead marine and drive all three blades into the remaining marine. The assailant finished the grim spectacle by ripping his scythe out of the now very dead marine, shredding the poor bastard's body in the process.

As the mystery assailant straightened up Naruto got a good view of his face. He looked to be about nineteen or twenty. He had medium length silver hair that was slicked back and very distinctive purple eyes. He wore dark blue pants with a red and black vest and closed shoes. He also had two large spools attached to his left hip, these held the thick black cable, that was attached to his scythe, around them. He looked down at the mangled corpses that use to be marines with a wicked, borderline insane, smile.

"YAAHOO. I got those fucking stupid marines" he exclaimed with glee before turn his attention to Naruto. "Huh? Who the hell are you?"

Naruto said nothing as he glared at the silver haired man. Naruto may not like marines, but that didn't mean he though that they deserved to die like that.

"Hey brat, I asked you a question, hurry up and answer before I kill you" the man said impatiently

Naruto took a deep breath, he already decided that he didn't like this guy. "I'm Naruto, I would ask you what your name is but since I'm going to kill you now, I don't really care" he stated calmly, drawing his sword.

"Huh? What was that? Don't you know who I am, I'm 'Grim Ripper' Hidan. I've got a bounty of B130,000,000, and you're just some weak fucking kid, you can't beat me" he finished with a sick grin.

"If I couldn't beat some psychopath like you, I wouldn't be able to call myself a Whitebeard Pirate" Naruto replied

Hidan didn't show even the least bit of surprise when he heard that Naruto was a Whitebeard Pirate. "Well then if you really think that you can kill me… THEN LETS SEE YOU DO IT" he yelled before he grabbed his scythe's cable and swung it in a vertical ark towards Naruto.

Naruto quickly ducked under the scythe. Good thing too. That scythe would have cut him clean in half if it hit. Naruto wasn't ready for the speed of it, and he certainly wasn't ready Hidan's speed to match. In what seemed like a heartbeat, Hidan had closed the gap and drove his knee into Naruto's chin, sending him flying back. Hidan quickly followed this up with another ark, this time a high horizontal one, set on cleaving him in two lengthways.

Naruto managed to recover from the knee in the chin and just managed to get out of the scythe's way. Hidan charged at Naruto again with his fist cocked back. Naruto however was ready for him this time and brought up his free left hand to guard against the punch. Naruto followed up by thrusting his katana at Hidan's neck. Hidan swiftly moved his head to the side causing Naruto to just cut the side of his neck a little. Hidan then quickly rapped the scythe's cable around the blade before driving his foot into Naruto's side sending him flying back again and lose the grip on his sword in the process.

Naruto skidded back and took a knee. He gingerly touched where he had been kicked. He winced slightly at the sting he felt, indicating one or two broken ribs. Naruto looked back a Hidan who was bleeding from the side of his neck. Hidan freed Naruto's sword from the cable before tossing it away without a second thought and once again charged at Naruto. However when he got about halfway he was forced to avoid a sneak attack from a new member of the party.

"Rankyaku Gaicho" (Storm Leg: Victorious Bird)

The calm voice echoed throughout the battlefield as both Hidan and Naruto both narrowly avoided being bisected by a blade of compressed air in the shape of a soaring bird.

"What the fuck" Hidan looked towards the dark alleyway from where the kick came from and was eventually able to see a figure emerge from it. It was another kid, probably the same age as the one he was fighting but this one had dark spikey hair, onyx eyes and was wearing a Marine uniform, a white short sleeved shirt with a black neckerchief, black trousers, black shoes and a white coat over his shoulders with the kanji for 'Justice' on the back. Hidan was at a lost as to whom this was but Naruto wasn't.

"It's been awhile, teme" he grinned as he stood up shakily

Sasuke the 'Prodigy of the Navy' stood before two pirates from the crews of two different infamously powerful pirates without fear, "Huh, so you're still alive dobe?"

By now Hidan lost his patience, "What's going on, who the hell is this guy?" he yelled angrily at Naruto

"Lieutenant Junior Grade Sasuke" the young Marine answered

Hidan calmed down and looked at Sasuke, "I see now, the 'Prodigy of the Navy'. Heh, this is a real treat, not only do I get to kill a Whitebeard Pirate by now I can make the Navy look like complete idiots and crucify their prized golden boy" he exclaimed in glee before charging at Sasuke.

Sasuke didn't even flinch as he let the crazy pirate get closer before vanishing in a burst of speed and reappearing right in front of Hidan, "Shigan Oren" (Finger Gun: Yellow Lotus). Sasuke's arm and hand blurred over Hidan's chest for a brief moment as he stabbed Hidan with nothing an extended index finger dozens of times before stopping as Hidan fell to his knees, "You're in my way, move it" he said coldly as he kicked Hidan into a wall. Sasuke turned to Naruto and stared at him blankly, "You actually became a pirate"

"Yeah, I thought that much would be obvious"

"I though you died, but now that I know that you're a pirate I'll have to kill you myself. If it's any consolation I would have preferred if you stayed in Loguetown in peace your whole life" Sasuke stared at Naruto for a second, "SORU" He appeared in front of Naruto and unleashed a barrage of kicks, punches and Shigans

Naruto knew all he could do without a weapon was dodge. He managed to roll, flip, jump and scramble out of the way of all of Sasuke's attacks, though the use of Kenbunshoku Haki made it much easier. Sasuke tried another Rankyaku at Naruto, to which he jumped out of the way again and jumped backwards still until there was some distance between them. Naruto ignored his pained ribs, there would be time to worry about pain later.

'Shit, he's really fast, and if his reputation is anything to go by then he hasn't even gotten serious yet' Naruto looked around and spotted his katana by a grocery store window, 'If I can get to it I can properly defend myself'

Sasuke smirked, "I have to say Naruto, you're much quicker than any other pirate I've killed. I can tell by how you dodged my attacks that you know how to use Kenbunshoku Haki, but you're not the only one who has been taught Haki"

Naruto's eyes widened as once again Sasuke blurred right in front of him, he barely managed to get his arms up to block Sasuke's punch that sent him crashing conveniently into the grocery store where his katana was located. Naruto sat up and frowned as he rubbed his now sore arm, there was definitely Busoshoku no Haki behind that punch but it wasn't the worst he'd ever felt. He picked himself up and grabbed his katana.

"Hehe, not bad Sasuke but your Haki could use some work, let me show you what I mean" Naruto narrowed his eyes in concentration as his entire right hand and katana glowed for a second before turn jet black, but before he could do anything he felt Hidan's presence behind him.

"Stay out of this kid I'm going to kill him first then you" Hidan gripped Naruto's shoulder and threw the younger pirate behind him. Naruto was sent flying into the burning shop behind him, in the same sort of way that a cannonball is sent flying from a cannon. He crashed through walls and shelves before he hit a huge container of fruit in the back store room.

Hidan watched as a support beam in the store's roof fell down, blocking his entry. As he felt the heat from the flames he thought 'Damn, I guess I over did it. I wanted to finish him myself, then again what better way for that little shit to suffer than to be burned alive.'

Hidan smirked at the thought, before remembering the other kid he was planning on killing. He turned to see Sasuke looking at him impassively "Aren't you upset, that kid is going to die. It seemed like you two knew each other"

Sasuke watched the burning grocery store start to collapse gradually and looked back at Hidan, "Why would I be upset? He was a pirate and I'm a marine. However I have no interest in you, I've already beaten you once"

"Heh, I'll admit that I did underestimate you but that won't happen again. So then are you ready for round two?" Hidan asked as he raised his scythe. Sasuke said nothing and charged at Hidan.


Naruto lay on the ground in a slightly delirious state in the back store room. It wasn't until he felt the heat around him that he remembered he was in a burning building and forced himself into a sitting position. He looked around and noticed that he was surrounded by fruit.

'Huh, it's a shame all of this fruit is going to go to waste….wait what, who cares?. Dammit Naruto get a grip I need to find a way to get out here and…. What is that?'

Naruto picked up a misshapen fruit that he noticed. It was light blue and covered in white markings that sort of looked like swirling lightning bolts and was almost twice the size of a regular fruit, with a curly red stem to complete the look.

'What kind of fruit is this' Naruto spent a couple of seconds staring at it. It was hard to explain but the fruit seemed to be calling to him and Naruto could feel the power radiating from it. 'It's a devil fruit, w-what are the chances I would find one here and now'

Naruto pondered whether or not he should eat it. If he did eat it then he wouldn't be able to swim ever, but that fact never really bothered him as he never could really swim very well to begin with. The real question was, 'what power will this grant me'. If it was something cool and powerful then no problem but if it was something stupid then it didn't seem worth it. Although Naruto doubted that this fruit's power was useless as he could feel the power coming from the fruit getting stronger.

The hungry and impatient flames started to creep around him so with his mind made up he took a bite of the fruit.