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Castiel woke up the next morning, his alarm not going off again but it didn't matter too much because it was his day off. Gabriel was opening up shop this morning and would later be joined by Alfred, or Alfie as he liked to be called, so Castiel knew the coffee shop was in safe hands.

He had a quick shower and headed downstairs, where he saw Meg reading the newspaper. She glanced up at him and then looked back down at the newspaper.

If she stares more at that newspaper with that continued intensity, she may burn through the paper.

"Good morning, Meg," Castiel said, while he started making coffee.

There was no reply so Cas turned around to see if Meg had heard him. She hadn't moved an inch. He cocked his head to the side slightly and furrowed his brow.

"I said, Good morning Meg"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Clarence. I didn't realise I was allowed to speak to you today."

"Meg, I apologise for my behaviour last night. It was unacceptable. It was not your fault, I just felt that I needed someone other than myself to blame, which was both horrible and immature of me."

"Alright, Clarence. What was up last night? You know you can talk to me."

"I- I saw an old friend yesterday…"

"Like an angelic old friend?"

"No, a human old friend."

"Who? Do I know them?"

"No, uh… no you don't know them."

Castiel looked away from Meg and wouldn't look her in the eyes for the next two minutes. Meg knew that Cas was lying. He was never a good at lying to Meg and he knew it. But she didn't push him. She knew that he would open up when he was good and ready.

"Right. I'm off to the hospital. I'll see you later. Ring me if you need me. Enjoy your day off."

"Goodbye Meg. I'll get the shopping done today."

"Okay, bye Clarence."

Castiel grabbed his coat and a hat and headed off to the store after he had finished his coffee. He was about 10 minutes away from it when he noticed his car was slowing down, but he hadn't moved his foot from the accelerator. Cas pulled over to the side of the road. He put on his hazard warning lights, hopped out and walked around to the front of his car, shivering against the bite of the cold wintery air. He opened up the bonnet after some difficulty and had a look inside.

After about two minutes he stepped back and threw his hands up in the air in frustration.

"What was I thinking? I know nothing about cars," he said to himself.

He pulled out his phone and called his garage.

"Hello. Smith's garage. Jason speaking. How may I help you," rattled off voice in a monotone.

"Hello, Jason. It is Castiel Novak."

"Oh, heya Castiel," Jason's voice got lighter and you could hear him smile. "What can I do for you, bro?"

"My car broke down on Richmond Avenue. Can you send a tow-truck out?"

"Sorry, bro. No can do. Mike crashed the tow-truck and we're up to eyeballs in here."

"Okay. What should I do?"

"Listen. There's another garage that I know not too far from there. I'll text you the number."

"Okay. Thank you…. Bro."

"No problem, man."

Two minutes later, Castiel's phone pinged, alerting him that he had a text. He opened the text and saw the address that Jason had promised.





Castiel gulped audibly, making the family connection between the garage owners and an old friend of his, in his head.

"It has to be a coincidence. It's the only explanation. But the universe is rarely so lazy."

He called the garage, hoping someone would pick up.

"What?" said a gruff voice that sounded as though Castiel had just ruined his day."

"Hello. Is this, uh… Campbell's Garage?"

"Yes, it is. What do you want?" the voice snapped and Cas was surprised by the rudeness of the man.

"Eh, sorry to disturb you but my car has broken down on Park Steet and my regular garage can't take me.

"Alright. What do you drive?"

"I drive a 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V, licence plate IA B2676."

"Right. Be there in five."

"Than-" Castiel was cut off by the other man hanging up.

Cas took his phone away from his head and looked at it with disgust.

"I do not think I will ever fully understand why humans take the blame for something out on others who have done nothing wrong…." Castiel thought while shaking his head. He put his phone back in his pocket and pulled his trench coat tighter around his body, trying to keep the cold out.

"Well there goes my day of shopping"

About 15 minutes later, a tow-truck pulled up beside his car, almost running Cas down, but he didn't saying anything in fear of being punched by the huge being who had stepped out of the truck.

He was at least 6"6' and had short, black, buzz-cut hair. His muscles were massive and were clearly shown by the tight sleeve of his overalls. He looked like a soldier.

Castiel then saw his eyes which were a stormy grey. He got side-tracked looking in them because he kept expecting to see lightening flash across them. While Castiel thought they were really nice eyes, his mind couldn't help but wander to a pair of green eyes that would always be his favourite.

"Dude, did you hear me? What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Excuse me?" Castiel said cocking his head to the side with a frown on his face.

"Yeah, you're excused."

Cas felt as though he had just been slapped. Before he could even reply the man turned on his heel and left a horrified looking Cas to get into his truck. Castiel looked around to see that his car had been attached to the tow-truck already. He heard an engine start and realised that it was the tow-truck. He hurried over and, still shivering, opened the door before climbing in.

Once they arrived at Campbell's garage, we hurried out of the truck and into the garage itself for two main reasons; one; to get out of the awkward situation; and two; because he was freezing. Jerk-face didn't turn on the heat and he had left his window open for the whole drive, turning Cas into a cas-ickle.

He practically ran into the garage, but obviously this wasn't a good plan because he ran straight into someone, causing to both fall on the floor with Cas on top of the other person

Castiel looked down and started to get up, but he froze when he saw who he had fallen on. He mentally slapped himself as started to blush.

"God, man. What's your prob- oh hey Cas!" Dean said with his face turning from a scowl to a grin.

"Hello Dean. I'm terribly sorry I just- woah"

Castiel had been trying to push himself up with his hand on either side of Dean's head but his hand slipped on a wet patch, causing him to crash full force onto Dean again. Their faces were only an inch apart now. Cas could feel Dean's breath on his face as he looked into Dean's eyes.

Dean's eyes flickered from Cas' eyes to his lips and back again.

"'78 Lincoln Continental, get your ass off Winchester and come and fill in these goddamn forms!" Castiel heard the ignorant man shout and he looked up to see him walking away.

Cas looked back down at Dean with a questioning look.

"Don't worry about Bruce. He has anger management problems is all. He fine to work with once you get past the anger, the rudeness, and most of his personality," Dean anwered.

Castiel nodded, smiling slightly at Dean, who returned the smile and moved a bit hinting to him that it was time to get up. Castiel did so blushing even more.

"I truly am sorry about that Dean. Are you okay?"

"It's fine Cas. Don't worry about and, as for me, I'm mortally wounded," Dean said with a smile on his face as he playfully nudged Cas.

"I had better hurry before Bruce comes back again. Goodbye Dean."

"See ya"

Once Castiel had finished with the paper work, Bruce told him that his car would be ready in a few hours so he could get it then. While Castiel was walking out into the freezing December air, he heard someone shout his name so he turned around.

"Cas, wait up a sec."

"Yes, Dean?"

"Do you want to go for a drink sometime?"

"Dean, are you asking me on a date?"

"Me? Asking-… yeah in so many words I guess you could call it that. Why not, with Christmas so close."

"Then yes, I would love to," Castiel said with a huge smile on his face. "Wait, Dean. You said it's almost Christmas? What date is it?" Castiel asked, genuinely confused as to how the time could have flown so fast.

"It's Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve, Eve. The 21st of December."

"Oh lord. Here is my number. I must get stuff for Christmas celebrations" Castiel said, grabbing a pen off the reception counter and writing it on Dean's hand. "Telephone me with the details." Castiel said with a smile.

"Sure Cas. Talk to ya later."

"Goodbye Dean."

When Castiel was walking down the street, he took his phone out of his pocket to see if he had missed anything over the last few hours. He saw that he had 7 texts and 15 missed calls. He quickly opened the messages and was reading through them when his phone started ringing. He answered straight away without looking at the collar ID thinking it was Alfie.


"Okay so I was thinking, what about tonight. Are you free tonight? Its still Christmas without being in the "family, close friends and partner zone", so we're safe."


"Yes, it's me. So what do you say?"

"Yes, okay. I can do tonight. What time for and where will I meet you?"

"Okay so we'll say 8pm and I can pick you up. You're car is getting fixed and I already have a fixed one. Text me your address."

"Okay. Thank you Dean. I will send it on now. See you at 8," Castiel said before hanging up. He quickly sent Dean his address and put his phone back in his pocket with a smile on his face.

But he was forgetting something. He was forgetting the panicked texts he had received from Alfie. The ones asking him to ring him ASAP. He was forgetting because he hadn't read them all and hadn't seen the source of Alfie's stress and anxiety. He had gotten side tracked and so Alfie was left without help. All because he didn't read what Gabriel had done.