'Curses- A poem by Buttercup Utonium'

By Icekings2000

What could be worse than being cursed with being Blossom's sister?
Of always being overlooked when you have something of value to offer
Besides your 'attitude' and 'toughness'
And your award-winning knuckle sandwich recipe
Of knowing that even if you have your best day
You can never be half as good
Or smart, or pretty, or all of those other words
That stick to her like glue
Of knowing that all of it is true

When there is a song in your heart that no one wants to hear
So it comes out as something else
And you use it to mask your fear
Of someday learning just how worthless you really are

And it's not just me that feels this hurt
Bubbles has to eat her share of dirt, too
'Baby' follows every move she makes
And when she shows she's got what it takes nobody notices.
And I'm the worst offender

So she makes her own sunshine to dry up the rain inside
And gives to the world what's left over
Her song comes out all nice and dry
The world has no choice but to listen to it
And smiles when it does

I stand here in the shadows of that sun, and that brilliant, shining star
Hoping to absorb some of the best of both
But the star, like all of them are, is out there by itself
Burning with a brilliance it can't sustain
And didn't ask for
I see the doubt behind the confidence
Knowing what the slightest misstep could mean
But mistakes aren't permitted when you're perfect

I see the ballerina wanting to mambo
The great chef dying for a Big Mac
The bride dressed in white itching to slide on her belly in the mud
I see my sister wanting to be 'bad' like me.
But the sentinel in her heart says "I can't let you out, you might not come back"
Her song is locked in there with them
I'm afraid the star will burn itself out
And I don't know what to do

So, what could be worse than being cursed with being Blossom's sister?
If you don't already know, I'll tell you
It's living with the curse
Of being Blossom

I want my blankie