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Chapter 5 The Morning After

Edeline woke up feeling warm, sated, comfortable and safe. She didn't open her eyes yet, choosing instead to revel in that perfect combination of feelings for as long as possible. So with a content sigh she snuggled up closer to the main source of this comfort, feeling the secure embrace around her tighten. Wait. Embrace?

Sure enough, two strong arms held her close, her own arms right above them to keep them in place and show she appreciated them. The owner of these arms was lying behind her and her body moulded perfectly into his, even more so since she had purposefully snuggled even closer. Well, that was another first for her, though not one she had expected to happen. She was lying spoon. With Roy Mustang. And she was the little spoon. Damn.

Though otherwise she couldn't say she disliked it. Actually she liked waking up being held like this very much. She just couldn't explain how she had ended up like this with Mustang. Sure, the decision to cuddle like this had probably been something subconscious in his sleep on his part so she had no problem with the explanation for the position. The thing that confused her was that she was still in his bed. She had expected to go home afterwards or maybe, only maybe, sleep on the couch. But never did she think she'd be allowed to stay in his bed, even if she fell asleep there. Mustang wasn't known for staying overnight after having fun with his dates though since this was his house and it was logical that he stayed there she had expected him to wake her up and if that didn't work (Ed was a stubbornly heavy sleeper and with the way she more or less passed out yesterday it would have been a lot of work to rouse her again) sleep on the couch himself and lecture her in the morning.

Though obviously the man had decided to ignore her presence and sleep in his own bed with her there. Why? Well, maybe he had just been tired himself and was too lazy to get her to go sleep somewhere else. Though he hadn't seemed that done in when she had grinned at him before falling asleep.

Edeline decided to ask him once he woke up. Though should she wait until he woke up on his own or should she wake him now? Carefully so as not to wake him just yet she turned around a bit so she could see his face. Black hair was tousled in a very sexy post-coital way she had to admit, his dark lashes fanned against his cheeks as he slept, looking peaceful and content. She had never seen that look on his face before. She dimly questioned herself if anyone had ever seen that look before. Mustang didn't usually stay overnight with his dates, she didn't know if he ever had a committed relationship, when he fell asleep on his paperwork he just looked tired, in military academy she imagined he had only looked tired as well if his room mates had bothered to look and weren't too tired from training themselves and as far as she knew he had lost his parents young and grew up with an aunt who worked at night.

So Ed felt strangely warm and honoured that she got to see this almost childish expression on the brigadier-general's face. She hadn't realised she had reached out until she brushed her fingers over the side of his face, tucking a strand of hair behind his ear. And startling him awake.

The next thing she knew she was lying on her stomach, both arms bend on her back, Mustang straddling her back to keep her down. Instinctively she struggled but she didn't have to fight hard because after only a few seconds he let go of her and climbed off. Sitting cross legged on the mattress, he watched her sit up too while sheepishly scratching at his neck. "Sorry, not used to waking up with company..." he apologised.

"Then why did you choose to sleep with me?" she grumbled, sitting up as well and snatching a blanket to keep the cool morning air away from her still sleep warm body.

He looked confused. "Uh, because you asked me to?"

"What? No, no I didn't meanthat! I mean really sleep, no action, just lying around while the body collects energy, just napping, sharing a bed without doing anything, just-"

"Okay, I get it, I get it!" he interrupted her red faced rambling.

Unlike her he was wearing underwear again so if he had been conscious enough to pull on a pair of boxers then he couldn't have just dropped off with her. "So why didn't you just kick me out or deposed one of us on the couch?"

Roy shrugged, distantly embarrassed. "I just figured I'd be an asshole to let you wake up alone after your first night."

"Oh." Ed blinked, surprised. Waking up sated but alone and without the additional warmth of someone else would have indeed ruined a bit of the post-coital feeling, though she had expected it. She felt a small smile and a bit of pink adorn her face. "Thanks. You didn't have to do that."

"Don't worry about it, it wasn't that bad," he answered, looking away and trying to comb his hair with his fingers.

And Edeline couldn't help but smirk. "So the great Roy Mustang likes to cuddle, eh?"

"Cuddle?!" He blinked at her.

"We were lying spoon when I woke up."

Now it was him who uttered a surprised, "Oh." Stopping the futile attempt to tame his hair he continued with a sheepish, "I kind of didn't get that when I woke up and was... rather startled."

She laughed and he glared for a while. Then Roy asked, "So... how do you feel?"

Edeline stopped chuckling and contemplated that. How did she feel? "Uhm a bit... sticky and sore but... I guess you... full filled all expectations so... very good actually." She blushed hard and contemplated hiding underneath the blanket. Only sheer Elric-stubbornness and pride stopped her from doing so.

She expected him to smirk at the compliment but he only nodded, content. "Uhm, I don't really know what to do about the... soreness but for the stickiness you can use my shower. I don't have any women's stuff but you can use my shampoo if you can take smelling like it until you get home, otherwise there should be some soap that works for every one..." he offered

Edeline nodded, grateful. "Thanks. Uhm where..."

"That door." He pointed at it. "There are towels in the cabinet underneath the sink."

"Okay, thanks..."

Damn this was ridiculous. He had been all over her, inside her, last night, she had cuddled with him naked only five minutes ago and now she was afraid to drop the blanket and walk over to the bathroom adjoined to the bedroom. Well, maybe that was a good thing, they weren't supposed to be at ease after all, they were supposed to go back to their normal relationship after this but it came really unhandy now. Luckily he yawned and said, "I'll go make some coffee then," before getting up and leaving the room.

Ed quickly slipped into the bathroom. Even though she had been at more dorm rooms, hotel rooms and other strange places than she had been at an actual home she still felt strange to snatch one of her commanding officer's towels, place it in reachable distance and then hop into his shower. Though the strangeness vanished when she washed herself with his soap and shampoo, the smell and the water running down her body reminding her of all the touches she had received last night and a pleasant, tingling and very content feeling settled in her chest. She had done it. She had lost her virginity. And to the right person, because she didn't regret a single moment of the night.

So she smiled when she climbed out of the tub and dried off, finding her clothes neatly folded next to the door. Grinning she wondered where he had found the bra he had thrown god knows where again, while she dressed and then walked happily into the kitchen.

He smirked at her content post-coital beam and excused himself to go take a shower as well, leaving her with a coffee for now. Maybe that should have been her clue to leave but she waited until he was back, fully dressed now. Only then did she stand to leave but turned one last time.

"Thank you," she said sincerely. "For doing this like you did."

And Mustang smiled. "You're Welcome." He nudged her with the report she had almost forgotten, smile turning smirk. "Don't forget to look all pissed until you're home, you didn't scream my name very loudly but people might still get suspicious if you leave here beaming like you just found out you finally grew a bit taller."

After that comment he really didn't need to worry about her looking pissed.


And that was how Edeline Elric could be seen stomping away from her commanding officers house, this time purposefully not caring about the volume of her steps and ranting to herself about insufferable brigadier-generals who shouldn't be so picky about reports. And everyone who saw and heard Mustang laughing simply believed the man congratulated himself to making his subordinate's plan of annoying him backfire by having her work on her papers longer than she could take. After all the only physical contact Fullmetal and Flame would ever indulge in was a punch to the face, right?

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