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DESCRIPTION: A goddess and a Titan meet and fall in love, against her father's wishes, and must fight for the love that they know is forever.

INSPIRATION: MEET THE TITANS episode on Supernatural (With my own revisions, naturally.)

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Their love was forbidden, like many others, but they found a way, even when it seemed impossible. Even when they were separated, they still found a way.

She was a Goddess and he was a Titan.

It seemed sensible for the two to meet and fall in love, but it wasn't enough, at least not when her father disapproved of him in many ways.

This tale begins at the beginning.

Her name was Caroline, Goddess of the hunt.

He was Niklaus, a Titan. A very special one, in fact, for he had gifted the humans the ability to create fire, and to heal themselves.

Unfortunately, that did not bode so well with Zeus, Caroline's father.

But that's skipping ahead of the tale.

We begin one sunny day in the forests of Greece, where a certain huntress was waiting for her prey of the day…


Caroline pulled back the string of her bow, and inhaled deeply as her prey came into sight. She felt her heart pound in her chest as she caught sight of him, and blinking a few times, she released the bow, but the arrow didn't nick him, instead it landed in the trunk of the tree.

He stopped, and turned his head, looking for the hunter who had, perhaps accidently, fired at him. "Who's there?" He called out, looking around.

She closed her eyes. Don't engage him, my daughter. She heard her father's voice say in her mind, but she couldn't help it.

Standing up, she stepped out of the bush.

In that instant, she felt her world still around her, as her blue-green eyes met his ocean blues. She saw him inhale deeply, and in that moment, she knew this was mistake. "I'm sorry." She whispered, shaking her head, before turning to leave.

He lifted his hand, and called out to her, causing her to stop for a moment. "Zeus sent you, didn't he?' He asked, dropping his hand to his side.

She bowed her head. "Like I said, I'm sorry." She remarked, about to leave, when a hand touched her arm.

"Look at me." He whispered, causing her to close her eyes for a brief moment, and then slowly turned her head to look at him.

"It's alright." He whispered, nodding his head, gazing into her eyes.

She swallowed, and shook her head. "No, it's not." She returned, turning to face him. "My father sent me here to kill you." She stated, hating the words from her lips. "And for some reason I can't do it." She added in a low tone.

He smiled a sad smile, and let go of her arm, lowering his gaze to take in her brown leather hunter's dress. "Might I know the name of my huntress?" He asked, changing the subject.

She rolled her eyes, and shook her head. "Every god knows me." She answered, in a semi-cocky tone.

He smirked, and she felt her heart skip at the sight of dimples appearing on his face. "I'm not a god, love." He returned, as she stilled her movements. "I'm a Titan."

Her face fell, and slowly she stepped back. She had heard of the Titans, and from the tales, they were to be feared.

He sighed, and reached forward to grasp her arm. "Please, don't be frightened." He said, with tenderness. "I'm Niklaus." He introduced himself, as if that would help the situation.

She stilled her movements, and lifted her eyes to his. "The protector of humans…" She whispered, watching him smile. "You gave them fire, and the ability to heal themselves." She continued, lowering her gaze to his tan tunic and brown pants.

He nodded, and dropped his hand from her arm. "I did." He returned, folding his arms over his chest. "And you are?" He asked, still waiting on her name.

She dipped her head, and chuckled. "Caroline," She finally said, lifting her head to watch his face brighten at her name.

"Caroline…" He whispered, shaking his head. "The huntress and from what I can see the most beautiful of all goddesses." He added, watching her blush.

"Obviously, you haven't met my sister." She returned, pushing a strand of golden blonde hair behind her ear.

He extended his right hand, and cupped her chin. "I have met them, Caroline, and they do not compare to you." He complimented with honesty.

She smiled, and in that moment, everything her father told her about her prey turned to dust as she realized that the man standing in front of her was her destiny.


Klaus stood in the small clearing with his hands behind his back as he listened for any sign of her. Two weeks had passed since she had almost killed him, and though he knew her father would not give up, he realized that she wouldn't kill him.

She couldn't, and he didn't blame her. He had fallen in love with her, and he knew she felt something for him, but she never said, only that her father would be furious if he found out.


He smiled, and slowly turned around to find her dressed in her hunter's outfit, and a smile gracing her features. "Caroline," He choked out; still unsure if this beauty was real.

She smiled, and took off her bow and arrows, and dropped them to the ground, before rushing to him. "I've missed you." She whispered, in his ear.

He smiled, and held her close. "So have I." He whispered, as they pulled back.

In a moment as slow as time, they brushed their lips tentatively across each other, and in a moment they knew what had become of their simple friendship.

"Niklaus," She whispered, as they finally broke for air.

He smiled, and the sun seemed to shine brighter as he brushed his right hand over her face. "I love you." He whispered, gazing into her eyes.

She smiled, and his lips crushed into hers, showing her that his love was real. His hands moved over her back, bringing her closer to his body.

She felt her skin burn with the touch of his hands, and his hot breath sent her blood racing like never before.

Pulling back, she lifted her joyful eyes to gaze into his. Her joy faded, as she placed her left hand on his chest, and pushed away.

"Caroline?" He asked, unsure of what had just happened.

She inhaled deeply, and folded her arms over her chest. "I wish this felt as wrong as it is." She remarked to no one in particular.

He shook his head, and gently turned her around to face him. "How can this be wrong, Caroline?" He asked, shaking his head at her.

She lifted her eyes to his, and he could see the tears welling up in her eyes. "Because I'm supposed to kill you, Niklaus," She answered, tearfully. "But I can't do it." She added, placing her hands on his chest.

He dipped his head, and caught her eyes once again. "Why can't you?" He asked, though the joy he had seen in her eyes earlier, told him what he already suspected.

She shook her head, and held his eyes. Her heart pounded in her chest as she weighed his reaction and her father's in the balance. "Because I love you," She whispered, finally.

His face shone brighter than ever, as her admission sank into his soul. "Oh, Caroline," He whispered, pulling her closer to him in an embrace that began to shake them deep into their souls.

She held him, and the fear of what her father would do to them, especially him, faded for a moment. For a moment, she was happy, in love, and he loved her.

"My father…" She began, holding onto him; afraid her father would appear and tear them apart.

He sighed, and pulled back, brushing his right hand over her face, wiping away her tears. "Your father can't hurt me, love." He whispered, though that was not entirely true.

She shook her head, and her nails bit through his tunic into his chest as her fear shone in her eyes. "Yes, he can, Klaus." She returned, nodding her head.

He smiled, and shook his head. "No, love, he can't." He returned, smiling once more. "He can hurt me, physically, but he can never take away my love for you." He stated, watching her smile, as she leaned forward and placed her lips on his in a searing kiss.

"He can't take mine either." She whispered, against his lips.

Chuckling, he lifted her in his arms, and carried her to a bed of grass, and laid her down. Lifting his head, he smiled down at her, and watched her smile in return with all the love she felt in her soul.

Brushing his lips over hers, his hands unfastened her dress, and bared her all to his loving eyes. "Oh, my Caroline," He whispered, choking as he took in her beauty.

She felt her cheeks warm, and moved her hands over his shoulders, and slowly pushed the tunic off. "My Niklaus," She whispered, moving her hands over his chiseled abs, arching as his hand moved over her skin to her stomach.

He smiled, and dipped his head to brush his lips over her breasts, relishing the sound of her moans. He lifted his head, and gazed into her eyes. "I've wanted to do this ever since I first laid eyes on you." He whispered, watching her smile.

"Show me." She whispered, spreading her legs open, and arched her hips against his.

He moaned, and felt his shaft harden inside his leather pants. He needed to get out of them, now. "Caroline…" He moaned, aching in places he never thought of before.

She smiled, and rubbed her left leg over his leather clad hips. "Niklaus…" She moaned, feeling his fingers move down her stomach to the apex between her legs. She jerked, and cried out in pleasure as he began to massage her down there. "By the gods…" She moaned out, breathlessly.

He smiled, and watched her reaction like a starved man staring at his next meal. "So beautiful…" He whispered, feeling her hands dig into his shoulders from the pleasure she was receiving.

"Please, Klaus…ah…um…" She began, biting her bottom lip.

She truly was a goddess, and he was starved for her. Watching her come apart beneath him, gave him all the incentive he needed, sitting up, just a fraction, he pushed his pants down, finally freeing himself, and settled down between her legs, smiling when she pushed the pants the rest of the way.

"Love me, Niklaus," She whispered, framing his face.

He smiled, and brushed his lips over hers as they began to join together. "For eternity, Caroline," He whispered, softly, and full of passion.

She smiled, and arched her hips, aching in places she never dreamed. She let out a cry as he filled her up, and began to thrust with complete accuracy inside her, making sure that she was sent of waves and waves of pleasure. "By…the…gods…so…good…" She moaned, panting as the thrusts began to become frenzied, but she didn't care.

She could still feel his love surrounding her with each pound.

He smiled, and captured her lips with his, loving the feel of her surrounding him, and squeezing him. She was all around him, and it made all the difference in the world.

"Caroline…my love…" He moaned, thrusting faster, harder, making their joining rock the earth around them.

She smiled, and wrapped her legs around his, as she captured his lips with hers, and pulled back to cry out his name like it was the sweetest name ever told, and he did the same, before collapsing on top of her.

They laid together for what seemed like eternity, until Klaus rolled off her, and she nestled against his chest, letting her left hand draw circles on his chest.

"That was…" Klaus whispered, shaking his head against the ground.

She smiled, and dipped her head against his chest. "Earth shattering?" She finished, lifting her head to look at him.

He smiled, and chuckled, as he brushed a strand of blonde hair from her face. "Exactly…" He remarked, pulling her head down to kiss her lips.

"Don't leave me, Niklaus," She whispered, as they pulled back.

He smiled, sadly, and shook his head. "I never will." He whispered, watching her smile, and place her head back on his shoulder, as they settled in for a lovers embrace.

Neither realizing, their happiness was going to be ripped apart, in a month's time.


Caroline watched from a heartbreaking distance as Klaus was bound and dragged up on the mountain. Tears stained her cheeks, as he caught her eyes from a distance. She wanted to run to him, hold him, take him away somewhere far from her father's reach.

She watched him smile in understanding and sympathy, as his eyes moved down her body to her stomach, where they both knew what was going to happen in a few months.

She shook her head, and tried to move, but her father's spell wouldn't allow her to move, at least not yet.

"Father, please, don't do this!" She shouted, shaking her head, her heart breaking with her words.

Zeus turned to face his daughter, and growled lowly in his chest. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't string you along with him." He stated, moving towards her.

She shook her head, and moved her eyes to Klaus' as they laid him down on top of the mountain. "I love him, father." She whispered, shaking her head. "Please…" She cried, tear falling faster down her face.

Zeus' shoulders dropped at the sight of his beloved daughter crying in front of him, but he couldn't change his mind. He wouldn't.

Niklaus had betrayed the gods by siding with the humans, and taking their love away from the Olympian gods. He deserved to be punished, and this was the only solution.

At first, he had sent his daughter to destroy Niklaus, but she had spared his life, and he never understood why.

Then one day, he followed her, and watched as his daughter and the traitor came together as lovers, and profess their undying love.

He had seen love that pure before, but still, he couldn't change his mind.

"He deserves to be punished, Caroline." He stated, firmly, stepping back as the last shackle was clasped on Niklaus' wrist. "I'll allow you to say your goodbyes." He added, with a soft tone, shocking his daughter, as he released her from the spell.

With a cry, she ran towards Klaus, and placed her hands on his face. "My love, I'm sorry." She whispered, shaking her head.

Klaus gazed into her eyes, and shook his head. "There is nothing to be sorry for, Caroline." He whispered, watching her eyes build more tears. "I'm glad to have known you, and loved you before this." He added, watching her smile.

"So am I." She whispered, shaking her head. "I promise, I'll find a way to get you out of here." She added, forcibly.

He shook his head, and shifted his gaze to her stomach. "Caroline, you can't, not with…" He began, but she silenced him with her lips on his.

"I'll come back soon, my love." She whispered, kissing him once more, before back away, and allowed her father to lead her away from her love.

Klaus roared as she disappeared from his sight, and the earth shook around him as the sky darkened above him.

His love was taken from him, and his heart was breaking in two.


Caroline searched for weeks to find a way to undo her father's order on her love, but found nothing that would break the chains that her cousin, Hephaestus, had made.

She shook her head, and slammed the books on the table, tears filling her eyes, as her right hand went to her stomach.

In a few months, she would be blessed by her mother, but it would not be a joyful event. Not as it should be.

"Oh, mother, what am I to do?" She whispered, shaking her head.

"What do you want, my daughter?" Hera asked, watching her daughter turn to face her.

"I want Klaus to be free of father's hold." She began, stepping closer to the regal woman with piercing green eyes. "I want our child to know his father." She continued, placing a protective hand over her stomach. "I want…" She began, shaking with heartache and love.

Hera smiled, sadly, and approached her daughter. "Caroline, I can't undo what your father has done, but I know of a way to help." She began, leading her daughter to the bed.

Caroline looked at her mother, questionably, and shook her head. "Why would you go against father?" She asked, as Hera smiled, sweetly.

"Because, your father doesn't seem to understand the consequences of his actions," She answered, firmly. "Binding Klaus to that mountain, forcing him to die every day, is destroying mankind." She continued, shaking her head. "As Klaus dies, every day, mankind dies a little with him." She remarked, bowing her head.

Caroline sniffed, and bowed her head. "Why doesn't father release him?" She asked, fiddling with her fingers.

Hera sighed, and pushed her daughter's hair from her shoulders. "Because your father is a stubborn man, who doesn't want to admit he made a mistake." She answered, grasping her daughter's hand in hers. "Go to Klaus as the sun sets in the east, and use this," She began, after a moment, handing Caroline a hammer. "This will break the chains, and Klaus will be free." She added, smiling.

Caroline took the hammer gingerly in her hands, and lifted her gaze to her mother. "What about the curse?" She asked, her heart aching at the thought that she would see him die every day.

Hera smiled, "As soon as the chains are off of him, the curse will be lifted, daughter." She answered, gently.

Caroline smiled at her mother, and hugged her one last time. "Thank you, mother." She whispered, pulling back.

Hera smiled, and cupped her daughter's cheek. "Just promise me to be happy, my daughter, and to take care of my grandchild." She added, softly.

Caroline nodded, and placed her left hand on her stomach. "I will." She returned, as her mother disappeared from the room. "We will." She added, bowing her head to her stomach, before lifting her face as her eyes darkened.

She was going to get her love back.


Klaus turned his head as a figure stepped out of the shadows, and he swallowed as his fear played in his mind. "Come to finish the job, Zeus." He stated, lifting his eyes to the sky.

The figure came closer, but Klaus refused to gaze at the face. A hand touched his face, and it sent shivers through his body.

Jerking his head to the side, he gasped as the hood fell down, and the beautiful face of his beloved, shown through. "Caroline…" He whispered, shaking his head.

She smiled, and bent her head. "My love," She whispered, kissing his lips, tenderly.

"What are you doing here, if Zeus…" He began, as she silenced him once more with a kiss.

"You don't have to worry, my love." She whispered, taking out the hammer Hera had given her a few hours before. "I'm here to set you free." She stated, lifting the hammer, and banged it against the shackle of his left hand.

He gasped as the shackle fell off, and lifted his eyes to hers. "How…" He began in disbelief.

She shook her head, and smiled. "Mother sends her best, as does Hephaestus." She answered, lifted the hammer to bring it down over the shackles around his ankles.

She moved to the last shackle, and lifted the hammer one last time, and sighed as Klaus was freed from the shackles.

He stood up, and reached for her, relieved that he had the chance to hold her in his arms once more. "Oh, my Caroline," He whispered, pulling back to capture her lips with his.

She smiled, and she could taste the mixture of their tears in the kiss, and sighed as they pulled back. "We better hurry before father finds out." She whispered, watching him nod.

"Too late,"

They stiffened at the voice behind them, and slowly Klaus turned around, pushing Caroline behind him.

"Zeus," he uttered in malice.

Zeus smiled, softly, and stepped into the light of the torches, and shook his head. "I should have you severely punished for betraying me, daughter." He stated, walking around the altar, towards the lovers. "But…" He began, pausing as he lifted his eyes to the sky. "Your mother, in her great wisdom, and with the help of your sisters, has petitioned on your behalf." He continued after a moment.

Caroline swallowed, and clung to Klaus' shoulders, fear of what her father was going to say pumped through her veins.

Zeus smiled, lightly, and bowed his head. "I grant you a reprieve, Klaus." He stated, after a moment. "As long as my daughter is happy, you will be spared the punished I have bestowed on you." He remarked, watching Caroline's face light up with joy, and in his heart, he knew he had done the right thing, even though he still disapproved.

Caroline mouthed a thank you as tears of joy fell down her face, and Klaus turned to face her.

With a cry from her lips, the lovers embraced, and Zeus disappeared from the mountain.

Klaus pulled back, and searched his love's face with a smile. "We're free, love." He whispered, watching her smile.

"Yes, my love." She whispered, holding onto to him with all the love she felt in her soul, content that they would never again be separated.

Now, you may be wondering why Zeus was so lenient in the end, well the answer was simple. In the far off distance, Hera stayed her hand on the woman Zeus had fallen in love with, proving to him that love is more important than revenge.

Months later, Zeus learned another lesson. It didn't matter who the father was, a grandchild would always melt the walls of anger.

As Caroline lifted her eyes to the sky, she smiled. Turning her head to her husband, she let the tears of joy fall down her cheeks.

Klaus rocked his newborn son in his arms, and lifted his eyes to his tired, but beautiful wife. "My Caroline," He whispered, kissing her lips, as she leaned against an oak tree.

She smiled, and caressed his scruffy cheek with love pouring out of her eyes. "I love you, my Titan." She whispered, watching him smile, brightly.

He returned her kiss, and placed his forehead on hers. "I love you, my goddess." He whispered, just as the baby began to whimper.

They chuckled, and gazed at their son, who drifted back to sleep in Klaus' arms.

Caroline smiled, and kissed her son's head, gently. "My little Orion," She whispered, lifting her eyes to Klaus. "He will be a great hunter and protector." She remarked, softy.

He smiled, and nodded. "Just like his mother," He whispered, tenderly.

She smiled. "Just like his father," She returned, kissing his lips with mild passion.

And he was.

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