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I was curious to see how Maggie and some others in the group might react to Beth and Daryl been together. (I just love that kind of fics by the way, share it if you know any good ones). I wanted to try something different than my main fic. Also I've always been thinking about what Gimple said in The Talking Dead, about the mortuary being safe and the owner dying somewhere outside. "It actually was a lovely place." He said. Why couldn't they be happy damn it!

I wasn't sure how to bring the Greene sisters back together. And I didn't want too many characters because I find it hard to balance. This is a Beth and Daryl story after all. I first tried to introduce the new members of the group, Eugene, Abraham and Rosita, but I had a very hard time writing Eugene… I'm not very good at writing funny stuff.

So very Canon Divergent after Alone.

Warnings: Smut, very explicit sex scenes (very). Lots of swearing. And well not that much violence.

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Okay I talk too much, so let's play "What if?"

What if the walkers never attacked the funeral home that night?

What if Beth and Daryl had stayed there for good?

What if Glenn and Maggie had been reunited but never met the trio?

Chapter 1


His look was travelling quickly between her lips and her eyes. Beth didn't know what to make of his statement. Or more accurately lack of a statement. But his gaze. It was burning. It was heating every inch of her body.

Daryl blinked rapidly a couple of time and averted his eyes. They were now resting on the jar between his hands. He cleared his throat and shifted awkwardly on his chair. She knew right this second that he was going to leave and run away, avoiding this whole talk. But which talk actually? He hasn't said anything, not really, not clearly stated what Beth had interpreted in his gaze.

And well she was right, Daryl stood up and mumbled "Gonna check outside." before she could say anything. He left her alone, sitting in the kitchen, her pen still in her hands, looking at the empty sheet of paper on the table.

When the door closed loudly Beth jumped on her chair. She needed to know. She was determined to know. She had never thought about Daryl that way. Well… not really. She had noticed him. Even at the prison. She had often caught herself staring at him when he was working on the car engines or helping reinforcing the fences. Muscles stretching and sweat running on his tanned skin. Other than that, it wasn't like she had really interacted with him back then.

She never had imagined he could have noticed her. She wondered since when his mind had changed. Not about good people, but about her. And she had to know.

Beth couldn't say how long she had stayed at the kitchen table by herself, lost in her thoughts. She walked outside slowly, still limping from her injury and she stayed on the porch, leaning her head to look on both side of the house trying to locate him. He was nowhere in sight so she called, keeping it down as much as she could. "Daryl? Daryl?"

On the side of the house, some bushes made a ruffling noise and she saw the archer almost running to her.

"What's wrong? You okay?"

"Yes. I- I was just wondering where you went."

"You can't be outside like that, calling out on me, girl. You're walker food with that injury."

Beth shrugged and sat down clumsily on the steps laying down her leg. The moonlight was shining on her golden hair and Daryl found himself staring again. Just like he had in the kitchen. It was stupid. It was dangerous. He knew that much. Because Beth was young, too young for him and he shouldn't be thinking about her that way. But over the past weeks all he had in mind was protecting her, being close to her. Some kind of strange force was keeping him at arm's length but still close enough to feel her presence. Something he had never experienced before.

However after that semi-confession in the kitchen, he left her side, he ran away. He had no idea what to tell her. Because he didn't know. Really. He couldn't tell what he was feeling, he was both so attracted and so terrified of her, he couldn't quite make up his mind yet. But anyway, no need to even think about it, there was no way in hell anything would happen with Beth. He was determined to burry his goddamn feelings inside as he has done his whole life and never tell whatever there is to tell.

Except, she was not ready to give up so easily.

"You didn't answer."

Daryl looked down at his shoes. He just couldn't meet her eyes, not now, not ever. Eyes are way too transparent. He liked to believe he was tough and unafraid, after all he was a Dixon, but his eyes had always been a problem, he was aware of it. They usually gave him up too quickly.

"Daryl… Look at me."

And she knew. Oh she knew how to read those eyes by now.

Beth tried to stand up as much as she could and Daryl instinctively got closer to offer his hand. She took it and forced her eyes into his. And here we go again, she was in there, in his head, scanning through his eyes to get her answer.

Her small hand was firmly holding onto his.

"You don't have to be afraid. You can talk to me."

But he stood still, incapable of moving, still like a gravestone.

"I-." She hesitated and a small, low voice came out from deep in her throat. "I feel it too."

Daryl blinked a couple of times, watching her through the long strands of hair falling on his forehead. She jumped a little on her good feet and almost stumbled on him. Both her hands were fisting on the fabric of his shirt. He reached her waist to help her steady and his hands didn't move, they stayed there, stupid piece of flesh against her, incapable of following his brain's order to move away.

He looked down at her fingers griping on his shirt and when he lifted his gaze she was coming closer, eyes focused on his lips, he kind of flinched a little. It made her stop and burry her eyes in his. After what felt a very long minute, she leaned forward again and finally closed the gap between them. Her lips pressed on his, gently, softly but firmly and that's when his mind went blank. For the very first time in weeks, maybe months, he could think. He could only focus on one thing, her lips, her warm breath, the smell of her skin so close to him.

She pulled back and chuckle lightly letting out a breath.

"It's cold. We should go in."

She led him inside in a slow pace and he closed the door behind them. She was standing in the middle of the hall, shifting on her good feet and he went to put his hand on her hip to help her steady.

"What now?"

"I dunno." He just mumbled while chewing at his lower lip that still tasted like her.

Her fingers interlocked with the ones of his free hands and she started walking towards the stairs. Daryl stood by her side, holding her waist to help her climb the stairs. He was just following, blindly, almost like a ghost. Because the only thing occupying the whole space of his brain now was her and her lips.

Once they were inside the only bedroom of the funeral home, she turned and asked him "Would you stay here with me tonight?"

"S'not a good idea Beth."

"I'm not suggesting anything." She lowered her head to look at the floor, feeling a little shy. "Just stay. I never liked it when we're not sleeping in the same room."

She went to sit on the bed and Daryl turned around it to the other side. Beth thought that he would lie down next to her but he reached for the pillow and dropped it on the floor.

"I'll take the floor."

"Don't be silly, there's room for both of us."

He looked at her, his brain and reason engaged in a flight with what his body wanted. It's not a good idea. It's a fucking dangerous idea. Beth couldn't figure out what Daryl was thinking and the moment stretched out where he seemed to evaluate her answer. She decided he was taking too long and she removed her boots, carefully taking out the one on her bad ankle. She pulled out the cover and slid inside fully clothed.

"Do as you want, but you're missing out a good night sleep in a comfy bed. It's not something we have the luxury to pass on nowadays."

She turned her back to him and settled herself on her side, moving her head on the pillow until she was comfortable. Several seconds passed before she sensed him removing his boots and putting them quietly on the floor. She felt him lay down next to her on the bed. He moved a little and finally stayed still, very still, his arm lightly brushing at her back.

"G'night Daryl." And she closed her eyes, only hearing the sound of his soft grunt in response.


Oddly it was Beth who woke up first. She had shifted during the night, while Daryl was still lying flat on his back. She had turned to face him and moved closer, her face huddled against the side of his shoulder, her leg half way on top of his. She noticed a heavy weight on her thigh where Daryl's hand was resting motionless.

She took a deep breath and smelled his shirt, a mix of sweat and moss, so familiar and yet it seemed it was the first time she really smelled it.

He flinched lightly and she moved back her head enough to look at his face. She didn't change her leg's position, it was kept still by his hand.

His eyes opened and once he was used to the glimmer of the morning bleeding in the room her turned his head, just a few inches from hers.

"Hi." She just said.

"Hi." His voice was incredibly deep and throaty and it made Beth stomach flutter lightly.

His hand was still on her thigh and he started rubbing his thumb in circle at the fabric of her jeans.

She leaned forward and pressed a kiss on the corner of his lips. When he didn't move away nor removed his hand, she felt her courage overwhelming her sleepy body and she pushed herself closer to press her lips on his fully. He kissed her back lazily at first, still hazy with sleep.

The kiss hardened and become more demanding. Her full body pressed against his, her knee burying itself between his legs, as she drifting even closer.

Daryl's hands went to her hair, closing his fingers around her strands and her braid. His mouth opened and let his tongue out to brush at hers, lightly at first and quickly growing more confident and pressing. The kiss was almost desperate, exulting with all the desire and wait he wasn't aware he even collected after spending so much time by her side. He didn't want to think about anything else, no consequences, no remorse. Everything he had wanted the most in his life without knowing was here, touching and kissing him, nipping at his lower lip and fingers fisting at his shirt.

Beth couldn't recall how long they had been kissing and caressing through their clothes, but her body decided it had been too long and she wanted more, needed more. She straddled him without removing her mouth from his and once she was on top she stopped to look at his eyes. He was focusing on her in disbelief, almost like he didn't understand what was happening in that moment, maybe still cloudy with sleep and kisses.

She leaned forward and kept kissing, moving to his neck. She let out a timid tip of tongue to lick at the space between his jawline and his earlobe and she heard him moan, low and deep. She sat up straight and started unbuttoning her shirt, eyes fixed on him. She removed layer, after layer, finishing with her yellow polo shirt until she was just wearing her bra. Daryl's hand went on her side and moved closer to her stomach, making her flinch a little at the tinkling sensation.

"You sure?" He just whispered.

She gave him a smile and a light nod.

"I don't wanna hurt you."

"Why would you hurt me?"

Beth's timid smile hovered on her face for a short moment and she leaned to resume kissing him. Her small hands went to unbutton his shirt and she made her way inside to touch his bare skin, sliding from her pecs to his shoulders. He straightened up enough for her to slide all the layers over his shoulders. Broad, tight shoulders she had been fantasizing about so many times.

She blinked a couple of times when she noticed his tattoo and the dark few scars across his chest, one of them on the side of his stomach that had been cause by her horse, Nelly, so long ago it seemed another life. Her fingertips brushed the most recent scar and she leaned to kiss his tattoo and the skin around it.

Both Daryl's hands were on her back, brushing at the fabric of her bra and he finally undid the clasp, throwing aside the piece of underwear.

She was standing on top of him, like a dream, like a damn miracle. Her porcelain skin glowing and it was the most incredible thing he ever touched. Her hips were starting to rock imperceptibly above him, but it was enough, enough to make feel harder under her. He pushed himself back up to sit, both hands firmly holding her back so he could burry his face in the hollow of her neck, nipping at the skin of her collarbone. He slowly lowered his attention to face her small breasts, pink hard nipples raised at him. And he kissed and licked and bit, her blond hair coming in the way, the taste of her sweat mixed with the sweet flavor of her skin.

She was making quiet whimpers, her hands fisting on his hair. His name escaped from her lips. A whisper so light, he might have dreamed it. He looked up in her eyes, they were darker, pupils fully dilated and she was giving him a gaze clouded with desire. She was now entirely awake and aware of what was happening.

He made her roll on the side to lay on her back, hands strong on her back and waist when he was moving her. He hovered on top of her, between her tights and one of his hand reached for her belt. His gaze was fixed on hers, he stayed still for a short moment, his eyes asking again. She understood immediately and nodded, mouth open and panting. Her breasts were moving up and down in rhythm with her shaky breath.

He unzipping her jeans and his hand slid inside, on top of the fabric of her underwear. He still had his eyes fixed on her and he could see the change in her eyes when he started caressing gently her sweet spot.

He wasn't sure how to do this with her. I wasn't sure I knew how to make her feel the way he wanted her to feel. He had known girls, women, before the world went to shit, but he had never really paid attention to them, never really tried to please them. It was just a moment, just a release and he was gone.

But with Beth, with this incredible girl, he wanted to do it right, to make her feel special. Because she was more than special to him.

His fingers moved inside her underwear and tasted her wetness. It was warm and incredibly soft under his fingertips. He slid inside her gently, almost too carefully and his thumb hovered on her clit, applying a soft pressure, moving in circle. Daryl's eyes were still lingering on her face, observing her reaction, watching her mouth open and gasping like she needed to catch her breath. He was making sure he was doing it right, studying her, how she flinched, how she breathed. Every time he applied more pressure, he could see her chest rising up. He slid another finger and started a steady pace, a regular rhythm.

She moaned, louder and louder and she let out a small high-pitched cry when he felt her muscles tighten around his fingers. Her hand reached out his wrist to stop him, to keep him still inside her when the wave of pleasure hit her whole body.

They stayed still a moment, Beth trying to catch her breath and Daryl looking at her beautiful face, her cheek flushed in ecstasy.

He finally started to move again to remove her jeans completely. She was lying in front of him, naked, exposed and she didn't feel any uneasiness, no shame. The way he looked at her, the way his eyes were travelling on every corner of her skin, she had never felt more desired in her life.

He unzipped his own pants, his hard member finally free of the tightness. Beth couldn't stop staring at him, she felt herself throb again with undeniable desire of wanting him inside her.

He settled himself silently on top of her, careful not to drop his whole weight on her. He knew in that moment that they didn't have any protection. But it was too late now, too late to think about that, he knew she wanted this just as much as he did.

His own hand reached his hard member and stroked it slowly a couple of time before helping himself slid inside her warm opening. Beth moaned loudly, her eyes fluttering at the back of her head before shutting completely. He stayed still a moment, his breath getting faster. She felt good, she felt thigh around him. He wasn't sure he would be able to stay like that for long and when she reopened her eyes to look at him with determination, he pulled out and thrust back in, gently, slowly. The slick way they were perfectly fitting in one another felt like a delicious agony.

Her hips started rocking with his and she moaned breathily. The heat was reaching every muscles of Daryl's body and he knew he was close, too close. He shut his eyes firmly, trying to put the pleasure at ease, to push away the moment. He groaned "Fuck, Beth… M'sorry."

She whimpered in his ears in response and he pulled out of her quickly, just in time before he felt himself coming on the warm of her thigh.

His muscles were shaking and he barely was able to hold himself on his elbows. She wrapped her hands around his shoulders, pushing him to the hollow of her neck and he let his whole weight drop on her. Their skins were ripping in sweat and strands of hair sticking in their forehead.

"M'sorry." He repeated in he breath. Even with the overwhelming orgasm clouding his mind, he still was feeling guilty and disappointed in himself for not lasting long enough for her.

"Stop. Stop now." She whispered stroking his hair.

They stayed still a few moments; Beth let him catch his breath while her fingers ran on his hair, his shoulders and finally his back. That was when she noticed the uneven skin patches under her fingertips. She had seen the scars on the front and while she wasn't actually looking at the one on his back, she knew there was even more of them. He flinched a little and turned to rest on his back.

The sun was now fully up and the room was filled with light. Daryl grabbed his t-shirt on the ground and he leaned on her to gently clean her thigh and then his own. He threw the cloth across the room. He turned to look at her and she was smiling.

"Beth, am…"

She didn't let him finish and kissed his lips softly.

"Will you shut up?"

"It's been a long time and…"

"Just stop. I loved it. Every minute. Every touch." She leaned closer to him, her bare skin brushing at his rough self. Her warm body against his was the best feeling he had ever known.

"Have you ever done that before?" His voice was low.

"No. Not really. I've been with boys but not… completely."

It was somehow strange how she was still shy with her words after what they just did. Intimacy was not only physical and they both still felt timid about sharing some things with each other.

"Did it hurt?"

"No. A bit at first maybe, but I think I've already forgot." She chuckled.

He nodded and remained silence.

"It was good Daryl. It was real, real good." She kissed him again and he kissed her back lazily.

She nested comfortably on him and she could feel herself drift away.

"Am sleepy."

"Oh so you're a sleeper." He had regained his confident and deep voice. The uncertainty and concern in which he asked his questions before were gone.

"A what?"

"People tent to be different after. Want to do different stuff. Smoke a cigarette. Take a shower. Some like to fall asleep. Like you."

"Yeah… I wouldn't mind falling asleep like that every night." She said with a teasing sound in her voice.

"Beth. It's not safe. The way we've done it." And the concern was back in his ton.

"What do you mean?"

"Me pulling out. It's... Well it ain't really safe. We need rubber."

She nodded against his shoulder.

"We need other stuff too, more food, clothes for winter. Tomorrow I'll go on a run to try and find supplies and I'll keep an eye for condoms."

"I wanna come with you."

"No, not with that ankle."

"I can't be alone here."

"You'll be safe. Place is nailed up tight. I'll be quick. I promise you'll be safe. I wouldn't let anything happen to you."

"I know."

He kissed to top of her head and tightened his hold around her bare shoulders.

"Can we stay here like that for a little while?"

He nodded and mumbled a quiet "Mhm".

She sighted and could feel sleep creeping in on her, filling her senses with the warmth of Daryl's body holding her tightly. She felt safe, like she never had before, even when the world was right, even when she was in the safety of her farm and her family. He was everything now, he was all she had and she realized in that moment, for the first in weeks, that everything was going to be okay.

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