This was originally Forestspirt of Thunderclan witch I adopted from her and I hop to make this as amazing as she did so if you have tips and remarks tell me so lets go !~

chapter 1

Vemon eyes looked at his target with great care , he was lucky enough to sneak into the nations home, well almost he did have to kill a gray skin funny looking man on his way up to the bed room, which if he must say was quiet fun to do all the blood splattering on the walls and on himself and the knife (witch he stabbed the things chest and into the heart three times for good measure), it would actually be fun to make a cup cake out of the man . But he wasn't at that time to match in loved to kill the man, he was only in the way from his goal, the 1p version of his sweet Allen, Alfred F. Jones, which so much looked like his little Allen, before the incident. he smiled wickedly at the man his glasses on the bed table with a photo of him and of his danm 1p self, Author Kirkland they were at an amusement park and the 1 p was smiling a fake smile that should be me not him, oh well he and I will have all the fun in the world he thought as he go out of his coat pocket a small little bottle with a reddish color liquid, he popped opened the crock bottle lid and pleased the bottle to the 1p open mouth and saw the liquid drip from his mouth a little, once he saw that the bottle was empty he grabbed the 1p and lifted him up learning that he was a featherweight person, but he also realized he was much taller than he was so this caused his head and legs to hanged and dangle.

Luckily for him, he left all the doors open all the way to his car, witch he shut all the doors and lights were out and the body rotting in the lonesome home, he still was so pleased that he parked so close to the apartment as well. As he opened the side door he heard Alfred moan in his smiled at this and if he opened his eyes he would see the red liquid tint his eyes. He smiled a smile that scared would look as though it was insane, teeth as sharp as though it was the mouth of a monster, but it was only the smile of 2p England, the demon of cupcakes, Oliver Kirkland. And now he had his prize, the one he was searching for since the accident.

1p America, Alfred F. Jones

Okay this is short as hell and it's way to late but here it is the rewrite from forests spirit of Thunderclane story and there will be more so bye~