Ruto burst into Mido's room and jumped on his bed making a few of the pillows fall off. She dragged the blankets away from him and threw some pillows at him.

"Wakey wakey! Come on! The final battles are today and you don't want to miss them do you?" Mido groaned and rolled out of the bed. Ruto had tired him out the day before by dragging him nearly everywhere in the castle and doing every single thing possible. He threw a pillow at her then went to get changed.

Link made his way to Saria's room and let himself in. The forest Sage was laying upside down on the end of her bed with her head hanging over the edge of it.

"So what's this? Your pre-battle exercises?" Link grinned "Anyway, I came in to ask which magic you wanted." Saria pushed herself up and gave Link a puzzled look. Link took out his three most powerful magic spells and laid them on the bed.

"Since we both have battles the same time we'll have to split them, so which do you want?" Just as Link had asked this there was a knock on the door and a guard walked in.

"Sorry to bother you but there has been a change in the rules, for the final battles weapons are now allowed to be used as well as magic." The guard then closed the door and moved onto the next room. Link looked surprised at this new rule but it made things a lot easier for him. He got up and went to get his weapons. "I'll be right back, you can use the fairy bow if you like Sar, you seem pretty good with it." At that he left the room.

Saria got up and went over to the mirror, suddenly she felt a very unusual presence all around her. The locket which had been laying on the desk near the mirror began to glow and a small whispering voice filled her head.

"Use the locket, use its power, it is all that you need." Saria jumped and looked around the room searching for the source of that voice. "Was I imagining that?" She said out loud as Link came back into the room carrying some of his weapons.

"Imagining what?" Link asked as he put the weapons on the bed and walked over to the mirror.

"Huh? Oh nothing." Saria sighed as she slipped the locket around her neck then picked up the bow along with some arrows. "Let's get this tournament over with." She smiled and made her way down to the battle hall. Link quickly grabbed his sword and followed her.

The battle hall was fuller than it had ever been. Hundreds of spectators had come to see the end of the tournament. The sun peeked through the brightly coloured windows creating shadows that danced along the hall floor. Ruto ran up to Saria as she saw her entering. "Good luck Saria, take that freak down!" Saria was shocked at the unexpected comment from Ruto but was grateful for it. "Thanks Ruto." Saria smiled and went to sit on the challenger bench. Link came through the doors shortly after Saria and pushed his way through to the bench where Saria and now Zelda were waiting.

Soon the hall went quiet and a few guards stood at the front ready to begin the final battles. Saria looked down the bench trying to see if Alfos had turned up but so far there was no sign of him. One of the guards began to read out the first names for the first two battles. After about an hour it was time for the final battles. Zelda leapt up as her name was called and walked into the battle square, Link was shortly after, he stood up and followed Zelda. There was a pause in calling the next names as the guards went into a huddle to discuss weather to wait for Mr. Red or not. Saria watched them intently while fiddling with the locket. The guards decided to call the names anyway maybe Alfos would show up when he heard his name. Saria headed into the battle square looking towards the door as she did so.

"And lastly Mr Alfos Red!" One of the guards shouted. Just as the name was called there was a bright purple flash and there in the battle square appeared Alfos Red. The crowd let out a gasp as they saw the cloaked figure appear out of nowhere. Alfos motioned to the guards that he was ready for the battle to begin.

A horn was blown and the final battle began. Alfos let out a loud cackle as he rose his hands up above his head and mumbled something under his breath. Suddenly the windows blacked out and a massive crash of thunder shook the hall as lightning joined it, lighting up the windows.

"My dream! It's all coming true!" Saria said startled. Alfos chuckled and turned to face Saria.

"So you remembered that dream?" He hissed advancing towards her. Saria began to back away being careful not to go falling over the edge of the square.

"Hey leave her alone!" Link yelled from the other square as he started to run over to where Alfos was. Alfos slowly turned and waved one hand in the air. Link felt his body being pulled down to the floor stopping him from moving. Alfos then turned his hand to Zelda and enclosed her in a bubble sending her up to the ceiling. Zelda banged and banged on the bubble trying to bust it but it was no use.

Ruto who had been sitting in the crowd quietly got up and sneakily left the room. "Time for me to get some action." Ruto giggled as she skipped along the passages.

Many people in the crowd were beginning to rush to the door. Alfos snickered, held up his hand and sent a black orb swirling towards the nearest person to the door. Instantly the person let out an ear piercing scream, fell to the floor and turned into a pile of dust. Alfos did this to a few more people laughing hysterically each time he hit someone. The wizard stopped as he heard a screaming coming from one of the large windows.

"Yeeehhaaaaaaa! I've always wanted to do this!" Screamed Ruto as she crashed through the window sending glass shooting everywhere. The Zora princess brushed herself off, she was wearing army trousers, big black boots and a bandana. Her fins were sticking out of her trousers and looked really odd.

"Bring it on wizard boy!" She yelled as she looked in Alfos's direction. Alfos snorted and began to shoot purple and black orbs at the water Sage. Ruto laughed and moved to the right then to the left, leapt over the third and finally ducked as another flew her way. She pushed herself back up and poked her tongue out at Alfos.

"That the best ya got? Did a three year old teach you those moves?" Alfos's anger was swiftly building, he lunged towards Ruto who easily side stepped the attack.

"Hey don't come any closer!" She shouted. "I know karate you know? So stay back unless you want that tatty old cloak to be the thing you die in!" Ruto did some high kicks and punched the air putting on a pretty good display.

While this was going on Saria ran over to where Zelda's bubble was and started blasting it with green orbs. Impa saw what Saria was doing and ran over to help try and free Zelda. Ruaru also joined the two and eventually the bubble burst sending Zelda flying through the air landing neatly on the ground. Aflso noticed this and growled but since he had dropped his guard Ruto slammed a foot into his head. Alfos stumbled over which gave Ruto the chance to jump on top of him. She jumped up and down on his back as he struggled to get up. He gave himself a big shove and sent Ruto flying into a wall, as she hit the wall he sent a freeze spell at her.

"Nooo you'll never keep me down!" Ruto moaned as she wriggled about trying to get free.

Alfos floated over to where Saria and the others were. Impa stood in front of them.

"You'll have to take on me before you get to them." She said looking Alfos directly in the hood (since they can't see his face). Impa darted towards Alfos spinning around on one foot while sending the other with great force into his head. She then back flipped over him and sent another foot into his backcausing himhim lose his balance. Impa stood up straight and powered up a shadow orb which she sent hurling into Alfos's back. Alfos slowly got up and turned to Impa.

"Not bad for a Nanny." He laughed and ran at Impa grabbing her sleeve, with immense strength he span her around throwing her into the same wall as Ruto.

"Now join your fishy friend." Alfos said as he let out another freeze spell.

"Who's next?" Alfos spat looking at the remaining members of the group. Rauru stepped forward and began to power up a light orb. Alfos deflected the orb as it zoomed towards him with ease.

"I think it's time for retirement old man." Alfos laughed as he levitated the light Sage and threw him into the stands. Zelda gasped as she watched some of the most powerful Sages being defeated so easily. Zelda looked over to Saria and spotted the locket chain around her neck. "That locket, there's something about it, something powerful." The princess thought, she stepped in front of Saria ready to face her destiny. Alfos knew how powerful Zelda could be so he summoned his purple wall of magic and shot it straight for her. Zelda held up her hand as the Triforce of wisdom began to glow, the light shone brightly on the magic wall and evaporated it. Alfos stumbled back as he saw this but wasn't giving in he leapt towards Zelda, she quickly cast Naryu's love and Alfos bounced off the shield falling to the floor with a thud. This fight was moving too slowly for him now, he needed to speed things up a bit.

The wizard raised himself off the floor and began to float in mid air, a light breeze began to blow through the hall. The ground started to shake causing both Zelda and Saria to tumble to the floor. Cracks formed all around them as the floor split open revealing a bottomless pit of darkness. Link who was still stuck on the floor tried to pull himself up but it was no good.

"If I can just free myself." He mumbled pushing himself with all his strength against the floor.

Alfos hovered in the air looming over the two girls, he raised a hand and with one swift action sent a terrified Zelda over to the other side of the room. A cloud of flames engulfed Alfos as he screamed in pain.

"Now you will see the true me, the true king of the redead flaming stalfos!" The flames cleared to reveal a tall bony flaming skeleton but the face was the most horrifying, the eyes were deep black with flames for pupils, and the teeth were sharp as a ware wolf's ready to tear at its victim. Saria had never seen such a disgusting creature in her entire life and this could be the last thing she ever saw. Alfos circled the platform she was standing on.

"This is what you get for killing one of my followers." He shrieked as he powered up a massive ball of fire and without a second thought send it flying towards Saria.

"Saria!" Link yelled as he threw himself off the floor and ran across the platform he was on.

The fire collided with the platform and let off a loud rumble as flames covered it. Seconds later they disappeared and Alfos laughed with excitement but suddenly stopped at the sight he saw.

"No! How did you survive that?" He asked as he saw Saria clinging onto the edge of the platform with one hand, however she wouldn't be able to hold on much longer. Alfos let out a deafening roar and prepared to use another attack.

"Well I guess this is the end. I love you Link." Saria whispered as she saw Alfos ready with another fireball.

"Don't give up Sar!" Link shouted even though he knew it was hopeless.

Ruto looked over at the scene and so did Zelda, they both were thinking the exact same thing.

"Use the locket! Saria! Don't let him win! Use the locket!" Both of them shouted in unison.

"The locket?" Saria asked taking the golden locket in her free hand and remembering the whispering voice she had heard.

Ruto dragged herself up and ran to the side of the cliff waving her arms madly.

"Quick just use it!" She screamed. Saria had no idea what she was doing but when she touched that locket she could feel amazing powers surging in it. She held the locket in front of her and aimed it at Alfos. All of a sudden a bright gold beam shot out of the locket, it shone so bright it blinded anyone who came into its path. Alfos lost his fireball as the beam entered his sight and made him lose his sight and balance. He fell and landed on the same platform that Saria was holding onto. Link didn't hesitate any more, he took a long run and dived across to the same platform. He dived at Alfos with his sword then jumped back and focused all of his energy into the sword. The blade began to glow a light blue then changed to a deep orange. Link let the sword take him around and around as he span with it moving towards Alfos. Not even seconds later the sword cut into Alfos getting a loud shriek from him as the blade cut deep into his body causing him to black out and crumple into a pile of dust. A purple cloak drifted down from the ceiling, the only remains of Alfos Red. Link dropped his sword and ran to the edge of the platform, he reached a hand down and pulled Saria up and pulled her into a hug. The floor began to move back together and everyone was free of the freeze spell. All the crowd reappeared in the stands as if by magic like nothing had even happened.

The king stepped onto the main platform and hushed the crowds.

"Ahem well due to that little interruption I think it's safe to say this tournament is over." Ruto still dressed in her kicking butt clothes walked up to the king.

"But who gets to win then?" She asked. Link put his hand on Ruto's shoulder.

"Ruto I'd say we all wan, we all survived which is much better than winning any tournament." Ruto mumbled something then agreed he was right and stomped off ready to go home.

All the guests were getting ready to leave the castle as the sun was setting once again. Saria stood in the main entrance hall staring at her locket, her life saving locket. Rauru came up to her.

"That's one special locket Saria, take good care of it." Saria nodded but still wanted to find out why it was so powerful. "You'll find out one day." The light Sage added before he left the castle and headed back to the Temple of Time. Saria watched Rauru leave wondering how he'd known she was thinking that. Link finally came down the stairs and found Saria waiting by the door.

"Hey Sar, ready to go?" He smiled putting his arm around her.

The pair made their way to the drawbridge where Link took out his ocarina.

"So where do you wanna go? There's so much I've got to show you in Hyrule. We could go to the Lake, Kakoriko village, Death mountain, Lon Lon Ranch.." Saria stopped him before he went any further.

"All those places sound great Link but you know where I really want to go? I just want to go home." Link smiled and was glad she had said that.

" Yeah all those places do sound good but nothing compares to home even if it does have a few annoyances there. Saria started to laugh as she linked her arm through Link's and they walked back to the forest.

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