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They arrived at the doorstep of Sasuke's home in little to no time. Naruto was familiar with the scene, but it never failed to give him a case of the chills. The wrought iron fences were tall, and imposing, as usual. Naruto had the distinct memory of trying to jump them and getting caught on the piked tips. The birds lining the fence were extra loud that morning, or at least it felt like it. All the grass up to the entrance of the compound was dead. The two guards at the doors of the compound stood stiff like statues, wearing all black, they were the only signs of life around. The trees were all dead, there were no flowers, no playing children, just the deserted air of the compound. They shuffled past the guard with no problem, Sasuke giving them a once over with cool eyes.

As they walked inside, Sakura took in her surroundings. The homes inside the compound were all basically the same, tall, narrow homes. Not unlike her own, some with porches, some without. There were some children playing by a tree, that looked mostly dead but had ropes dangling from it, which they were swinging from. It was a creepy scene.

Sakura edged closer to Sasuke, "Do all Uchiha's live here?" She asked. She tucked a piece of frizzy pink hair behind her ear. After her shower she had just brushed it out and let it lay, too lazy to do anything else with it. So it had frizzed out over her shoulders. She had shrugged on a pair of tights and green dress over it. She had put on her sandals, and off they went. They first went to Naruto's where they gathered clothes for him and they were now going to Sasuke's.

"No." He answered. His eyes bounced from home to home, and then to the pinkette who had pulled her arms close to her chest.

"Only the main to third branch members live here. Which is a smaller amount than you would think. The rest of them live around the village. Most people with more than two children move closer to the city, its just convenient. Council members, staff, and most of the Uchiha officers live within the compound walls."

She took note that up further were another set of gates, these tall and black, but made of something close to wood. Tall, dark and impossible to see through. Sasuke must have lived there.

As they edged closer she noticed people staring, an older woman sweeping the steps of a home, staring wide eyed. She went to raise a hand to wave, when her hand was slapped down.

"Don't wave. Don't even acknowledge them." She took noticed that her rambunctious blonde haired friend was usually silent. She crept closer to Sasuke still.

As they approached the wooden gates, the house became sparser until there were none at all. And in a few more feet they were there. Sasuke pushed open the gate easily and they were led in. It was different than she thought it would be, greener. There were flowers and trees and bushes. There were butterflies and it even seemed like the air was clearer there. But it was also empty, and silent.

They went up a couple steps, through a sliding glass door, and they were in Sasuke's house. More specifically in Sasuke's kitchen. There was a lean, tall ebony haired woman at the counter, vigorously stirring something in a metal bowl. As the door slid shut she looked up, her eyes bounced from Sasuke, who was shrugging out of his shirt and dropping it on the floor. To Naruto who was kicking his shoes off, to Sakura, who was standing there, twisting the front of her dress. She immediately stopped her actions with the bowl and rushed over. One moment she was by the stove, the next she was directly in front of Sakura, who was still observing her surroundings.

"Well, Good morning, I didn't expect company this morning or I would have spruced up. I'm Mikoto Uchiha, it's an honor to meet you Haruno-Sama." She gave a short bow. Sakura blushed from the roots of her hair down her chest. She absentmindedly played with the thick straps of her dress.

"It's great to meet you, you can call me Sakura, though." The room was encased in silence after that, so Sasuke gave a grunt.

"Okay, we're going now." He gripped Sakura's shoulder and edged her around Mikoto and out of the kitchen.

"Wait! Are you guys hungry!" She shouted after Sasuke.

"Sure." He murmured back, but he knew that she heard him.




Mikoto scoot out of the kitchen, edged around the living room and up the stairs silently. Her husbands office was the farthest room on the left and she crept her way there, bypassing all the family portraits and the random pair of shoes that were tumbled of the rug.

She pushed the door open without knocking and shut it solid. Fugaku looked up at her, with a quirked brow. His hand, which had a pen in it, was still over a piece of parchment. She danced closer to him, setting her nose on his nose. She could see the impatience in his eyes.

"Sakura Haruno is here. In the compound. With Sasuke." She said. She could see the words process, first agitation, then confusion, then rapid understanding.

He pushed from his chair.

"With Sasuke?" He whispered.

"Yes. They're friends. That's Sasuke's new friend." She murmured.

Fukagu, who was standing, hunched over his desk, eyes darting back and forth, spoke quietly to Mikoto.

"Whatever you do, keep Itachi away."

She scurried to do just that.




Itachi knew the moment she entered the compound. He didn't even have to open his eyes. He was laying on his back on his bed, eyes closed, in the guise of rest. But the crows were talking, babbling really, in the back of his head. They had informed him of every movement she had made. And of the decision his parents had made.

Itachi would always say that he loved his mother, she was everything gentle in the world. She had raised him, and had been his only saving grace when he was nearly forced to go to academy before he could even talk. She was pure, untouchable in his eyes. But she was also foolish. In her security in his father, she had been walking blindly for some time. Fugaku had played it smart, given her some leeway and now she was prepared to do whatever it is that he asked her to do. Including try to stand in his way.

He didn't quite know what to think about his father most of the time. He couldn't stand the man for the most part, he was cowardly in his fight for his way. As clan leader he was mostly sloppy, people knew him as being somewhat of a snake. And while Itachi had inherited much of that, he knew that was not really the way of things. Fugaku had a lot of blood on other people's hands. But there was also a sense of respect there. He had garnered a lot of respect in the community, and was a savage business man.

He could hear his mother making way towards his wing, and closed his eyes. Taking a deep breath before she came in, inching toward his bed, where his faux sleep lay uninterrupted. He decided, with an internal smirk, to play a little game on his family, after all, he always won those.

And without much thought or movement, he vanished, with nothing but a hint of wind.




Sakura bounced lightly on Sasuke's bed as he was buried torso first in his closet, rifling around. Naruto was leaned out the window, peering down at the gardens below. The two were bickering but not much was new there, they spent a lot of time doing that. If there was one thing that Sakura had learned about Shinobi, it was that they could bicker like no one else. There was more arguing about how they ended up sleeping in such awkward positioning last night.

She didn't know why she thought she could go to the Uchiha house and have nothing weird happen. She should have seen it coming, she should have seen this happening. Of all her suitors, Itachi was the most curious. She had spent less time with him than anyone, and exchanged many less words. She should have seen it coming.

She gave another bounce and this time a little higher. Head flying toward the ceiling. There really was no warning, she bounced up high again, intent to flop down onto her back on the bed, and then there was nothing. For a few moments she was nowhere. And then she was on the ground, outside.

It really did take the breath out of her, hitting the grass as hard as she did. Her legs in a fray. She didn't even have to open her eyes to know that the shadow that was Itachi was standing nearby. But she did anyway.

He was in long black pants and a white sleeved top. Hair swept back, looking as regal as ever. She noted from her position in the grass that he was barefoot.

"This is unpleasant." The words blurted from her mouth.

"Is it?" He drew. She pushed herself up on her elbows and stared at him, he was leaning casually against a tree, looking at the sky as if he planned to stay there forever.

"It is. Don't you have nicer ways of getting people to talk to you?" She asked.

"You assume I brought you here to talk. Maybe I brought you here so you could observe the sky with me." He said. He had a look on his face, that was hard to explain. A peace.

She laid back down in the grass and observed the sky. The clouds were shifting slowly but surely and the sun was in and out.

"So you really brought me out here to sit in silence." She was agitated. She jumped up, having no clue where she was but content to make her way back.

"Why do you like about your abilities?" He asked. She paused mid step, turning to stare at him. His face clear, expressionless.

"Not everyone wants to live under a microscope." She said. She crossed her arms over her chest, and gave him a stern look.

"And you believe that is what will happen to you?" He said. Though it wasn't really a question, it was poised more like a statement.

"It's what happened to all of you." His brow arched. "All of you bent prodigy's you lived under someone's thumb so when something exiting happens you all act like rebelling 13 year olds. Full of angst. Look, I'm not stupid." She stomped her foot into the ground. "I realize what I am is special, but why should anyone else have a say in what I do with that? I don't want to be a doctor. I want to be a nurse. If anyone were to find out about what I could do I would be forced to do all sorts of things I don't want to do. Therefore I keep my mouth shut." She said.

He seemed to be taking this all in, regal head not even moving.

"Is that all?" She asked. "Because if it is would you kindly poof me back into Sasuke's room?"

"No. I'd like to play a game."

That's when she began to sweat.

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