A Rise of the Guardians / Guardians of Childhood Fanfic

By Sakura Martinez

Author's Notes:

Hello, everyone! I'm back to writing again fanfics again. I know, it's been quite a long break. Readers of the Rise of the Fright Knights are probably anticipating the sequel (and it is on its way, but first, let me finish releasing the three-volume ebook version of said fanfic). Anyways, the idea for this particular fanfic came to me while I was fixing the RotFK for the ebook version (first volume is, by the way, already up. Just check my blog to get the link). I wanted to write something that allows a glimpse on how Jack Frost interacts with the other spirits. I am thinking of writing these one-shots and compiling them all here, if you guys are interested (and if you have any requests, don't hesitate to voice them out).

Also, I have placed this within the same universe as I have created in the Rise of the Fright Knights.

With that said, I hope you all enjoy reading and don't forget to review!

Disclaimer: I do not own Rise of the Guardians or the Guardians of Childhood series. It would have been awesome if I did, but I don't. Those belong to William Joyce and Dreamworks Animation.

Summary: The annual Flower Festival is underway and Jack Frost wants to give something special to Toothiana. But with his powers, he is reminded of his inability to do just that. Thankfully, Valentina Lovecraft—the Spirit of Pure Love—is there to help.

Jack Frost and the Eternal Flower

Jack Frost, Guardian of Fun and Mischief, had always been proud of what he could do. While some spirits might not think much of his powers and what he could give to children—some even wondering what good snow could do—the Winter Spirit wouldn't trade it for anything. He was perfectly happy being able to provide children an opportunity to play and enjoy their childhood. After all, who doesn't like a snow day?

It took one particular incident to make Jack infuriated with his powers, however. And it so happens to also be one of the first celebrations he had with the entire spirit community.

The spirit community has a lot of events and activities, parties they celebrate with everyone. Back when Jack had a notoriety that came along with him, he had always wondered what it would feel like to be a part of those celebrations for he was never invited. And so, when he accepted to become a member of the Guardians of Childhood, the Guardian of Fun and Mischief made sure to accept every invitation that made its way to him. Of course, there were some spirits who thought he only did so because it provided him with a perfect venue and opportunity to instigate pranks and allowed him to be mischievous. They never knew that Jack didn't need to do anything and that these events themselves were plenty of fun.

Amongst the many aforementioned celebrations was the Flower Festival that the spirits enjoy during the entire month of May. It is a festival where the earth and flower spirits are in charge of. During this festival, spirits exchange gifts—preferably flowers or something made from it—to other female spirits that they like, appreciate, and care about.

When Jack Frost first heard about the Flower Festival, he realized that it would be the perfect opportunity to get Toothiana something; to show her how thankful he was to have someone like her by his side.

Since then Jack had tried very hard to find the prettiest and rarest flower of all for the Queen of the Toothfairies. Being his stubborn self, Jack believed that nothing short of that would do. He wanted to make her special, after all.

And so, months even before the Flower Festival begins, Jack would search high and low, far and wide, for that one, special flower. He would climb the highest mountains, traverse dangerous expanses of hidden caverns, delve into the deepest caverns, and brave even the dangerously warm temperatures and climates just for the sake of that one flower.

Yet, Jack soon learned—or was reminded—of the fact that he is unable to touch nature without sending them frozen; that one touch on them would make them lose their wonderful and vibrant color and pleasant aroma. It didn't even matter if it was a flowering shrub, a bush, a tree, a bouquet, a vast expanse of verdant pasture, or even the ugliest of weeds. Even getting anywhere near them was enough to wilt any kind of vegetation.

Several times he had found what he believed was the perfect blossom, only for it to freeze, wilt, and die before his very eyes. It was enough to drive the Guardian of Fun and Mischief crazy. It didn't help that his mood swings affected the weather around him, which would often result in a snowstorm, a blizzard, or a flurry. That, of course, only made matters worse.

Jack Frost kept trying, however. But as the days turned into months, and despite how much he tried, no flower could withstand the cold temperature he brings. Before the Winter Spirit knew it, the month-long Flower Festival had begun.

One could imagine what Jack Frost might have felt. May was already here and he still didn't have anything to give to Toothiana. He was certain her admirers—for the Queen of the Toothfairies, being one of the fairy-folks, certainly had a lot of them—were already lining up to give her their gift. That thought alone made Jack work even harder, staying away for long periods of time. Still, he returned empty-handed.

On one such occasion when Jack was unable to retrieve a flower, he caught sight of Toothiana being mobbed by several spirits who were eagerly giving her their Flower Festival offerings.

Seeing the Guardian of Memories with such a large crowd, Jack quickly hid himself. He didn't want any of them to see him. He was certain these spirits were expecting him to give something to Her Majesty, just as he was certain Tooth was also expecting of him.

The more he watched them offer their gifts to her, the more jealous of them he felt. They didn't have the same problems that he was having. All of the things they had given Tooth looked and smelt beautiful and wonderful. Even Groun D. Hog had whipped up a fantastic bouquet, the colors of which matched Toothiana's feathers perfectly and one could tell it was made especially for her. There was still a lot of spirits who were handing her gifts when Jack could bear it no longer and decided to fly away from there as stealthily as he could.

The Guardian of Fun and Mischief didn't have a particular destination in mind when he fled, all he could think of—the only instruction he gave The Wind—was for it to take him away.

The Wind has many facades. The one that always accompanies and aids Jack Frost was named, Boreas of the Northern Wind. Boreas is the only one amongst his brethren to be able to stand—or rather, fly—side-by-side with the Winter Spirit as they both provide the icy chill in the air. And although the Northern Wind is often viewed by its fellows as frightening and frigid, Boreas was a loyal friend and one who had always taken it upon himself to look after Jack Frost. He understood the Winter Spirit and could often tell what Jack needed even before the Winter Spirit, himself, does. That time was no different. Giving such an instruction to his long-time companion and friend enabled The Wind just enough freedom to what it thought was best at that moment.

Jack, who had been so deep in thought, didn't realize where he was headed. If he had been attentive during his flight, he would have willed The Wind to take him anywhere but at that location at that very moment.

As it was, it was already too late when he realized and he had already caught the attention of the spirit who resides in that part of the globe.

Valentina Lovecraft was one of the gentlest of spirits Jack Frost had ever come across with. She was the Spirit of Pure Love—the love often found between family and friends. Love, at its purest and unconditional form. Valentina was also the spirit who protects the blossoming of first love. And though she was the least threatening in all of the spirit realm, Jack always found it hard to converse with her. It wasn't just because, like the Sandman, she didn't have an audible voice, but because whenever she speaks, it was as though she could read what was in the deepest recesses of his mind. It unnerved him.

Having said that, however, Jack Frost didn't have anything against the Spirit of Pure Love. In all honesty, he liked her enough. It's just, it wasn't a good time for him to be in the presence of one such as her.

'Jack Frost, what a surprise.' Valentina greeted him with simple images to depict what she wanted to convey. 'To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?'

"N-No particular reason," Jack replied, clearing his throat. He willed his mind to be clear of any troubling thoughts that may tip Valentina off about his worries. Knowing her, once she finds out, she would be sure to try to help. Although he may need help, Jack didn't want her to meddle and turn the whole thing into something big that the other spirits might get wind of. After all, he didn't want everyone to think that the Flower Festival was giving him so much trouble. He wanted everyone to think he was cool and aloof about it.

Valentina looked at him, scrutinizing him. She could tell that the Guardian was hiding something. For a short moment, she closed her eyes and listened to what The Wind had to say.

Don't you dare tell her anything! The Winter Spirit thought. It was embarrassing enough that The Wind even brought him there, he didn't want any additional reason to add to that embarrassment.

When Valentina opened her eyes, however, Jack knew that his silent plea was not heard.

'The Wind tells me something is troubling you,' she said. When Jack didn't confirm—nor deny—it, she asked, 'He says it has been going on for a while now. Are you alright, Jack Frost?'

Jack tried very hard not to groan in frustration. He didn't want to tell her, but he didn't want to sound rude in telling her off either. For someone who was not used to speaking with other spirits without making it sound like he was mocking them, Jack didn't know what to do. And so he opted to just nod and say nothing, which only further invited the Spirit of Pure Love to speak candidly, albeit not before asking Jack if it would be alright for her to do so.

Not knowing what else to say, Jack nodded once more.

'It seems to me that you are trying too hard and overthinking things,' Valentina said in that knowing way of hers. 'You're trying to do things the way most would, which is very much unlike you, Jack Frost. And you are searching for something that someone has already succeeded in finding before you.'

"What are you—?" Jack shook his head, he wasn't going to say something embarrassing. So, instead, he asked, "What would you suggest, then?"

Valentina Lovecraft smiled. 'Stop searching. You will not make it in time if you keep this up, Jack Frost. And I have a feeling you do not want to miss the opportunity.'

"You want me to just give up?" Jack was incredulous. "Are you crazy? That's even worse than not making it in time!"

'You misunderstood me.' Valentina said, not the least bit offended. 'I would not suggest such a thing, especially on something that is obviously important to you. I am merely saying that, if you keep with the same method you have employed for the past few months in search of your flower, you will not succeed. A wilted flower does not impress anyone, Jack Frost.'

"What happened to the whole 'it's the thought that counts' thing?" Jack raised an eyebrow as he asked. He was certain Valentina was one of those spirits who believe in such a thing.

'Would you really be content in hearing just that, though?' Valentina asked right back, she looked thoughtful as she uttered that question to him.

"I suppose not." Jack admitted, chuckling to himself. He then sat, cross-legged, on the ground and began to think. Before he knew it, he had admitted what was troubling him and had allowed Valentina to help. "If I'm going to stop searching for the rarest and most beautiful flower, then what am I supposed to give Tooth?"

'Perhaps something that can only come from you?' Valentina suggested. 'Wouldn't something like that be rare in its own right?'

"Something that can only come from me, huh…?" Jack began thinking long and hard about that. He wondered what he could give the Queen of the Toothfairies for the festival that would instantly tell her it was from him. Something that she wouldn't mistake came from anyone else.

After a while, Jack Frost grinned. Valentina didn't need to ask him if he had found his answer. That look alone was proof.

Jumping to his feet, the Guardian of Fun and Mischief turned to the Spirit of Pure Love and said, "I know what I have to do now."

'That's good to hear,' Valentina returned his smile. 'I wish you luck, Jack Frost.'

Jack nodded. He was about to call for The Wind to take him to North's workshop at the pole when he remembered something else that he needed to do.

Turning to face Valentina again, the Winter Spirit scratched the back of his head and stuttering, said, "Uh…I…Thank you, Valentina. If…If there's anything you need—anything at all—I'll be glad to help you out in the future."

'There is no need for thanks,' Valentina replied. 'I only did what any good friend would do. Now go. You mustn't dilly-dally. You have a lot of work to do.'

Jack grinned. He did have a lot of work to do. With one, final farewell—and with a promise to tell her the fruits of his labor—Jack Frost whistled for The Wind to carry him on his way.

Several days after that, while Valentina Lovecraft was inside her small hut in the middle of the forest, instructing her Cupids, and giving them their work for the day, she felt a cold wind blow, followed by a knock on her door.

When she went to open it, expecting to see Jack Frost, all she found was a bright pink, rose-like flower made entirely of ice, emitting a cool breeze. It shone and sparkled like a crystal whenever the light touched it. Along with the crystalized flower was a note, and it read:


Thank you for your help. I wouldn't have figured out what to do if you hadn't suggested what you did. Tooth loved the flower. And since I've been told that the Flower Festival is for sharing gifts to those we appreciate in our lives, I thought it would be fitting to give you one as well.

This is an Eternal Flower. It's the rarest flower in the entire universe…considering there are only two in existence (and I'm pretty sure at that, after all, I was the one who made it). As long as I am around, this flower will never wilt, and it doesn't need to be watered or bathed in sunlight. It will also constantly give off a cool breeze, which is pretty useful if it's hot and humid, and although it looks fragile, it's really not. I hope you like it.

Jack Frost

Valentina smiled and looked fondly at the Eternal Flower.

The Spirit of Love received many gifts from the Flower Festival, but that particular one had to be her favorite.