A Rise of the Guardians / Guardians of Childhood Fanfic

By Sakura Martinez


Eros Sureshot is fed up with Jack Frost messing things up for some of his ongoing projects. So, Cupid decides that it was high time for some payback. And he had the perfect revenge in mind.

Cupid's Revenge

Eros Sureshot felt giddy.

He had been working for months to get two humans to fall madly in-love with each other. The guy was a baker's son. The girl, an heiress of a large multi-national corporation. It was a challenge, one Eros was willing to tackle. Eros swore that he wouldn't rest until he had accomplished that task. The two humans, after all, just looked great together.

Cupid intended to help the baker's son every step of the way. There was just something about him that tugged at the Cupid's heart. That was why he did everything he could to make the heiress fall in love with the baker's son.

Finally, the day came when one final arrow would do the trick.

Eros had notched the arrow to his bow. This particular arrow had a more potent "love magic" on it, as was always the case. He had begun taking careful aim. A smirk played across his lips as he recited his mantra in his head: 'Cupid never misses'.

His target—the heiress—was walking briskly, talking animatedly to her best friend's brother. Eros knew they were discussing about the surprise party the heiress was planning to give her best friend; a party which the baker's son was going to be baking a cake for.

Eros was timing his shot. He wanted to release his arrow the same moment that the two passed by the bakeshop while the baker's son was fixing the day's display.

And when the time finally came, he let the love arrow lose, his mind focused on making whomever the arrow hits to fall madly in love with the baker's son. Had Cupid known what was going to happen next, however, he would not have wished for that. He probably would have changed his MO about the final arrow as well.

But as they say, hindsight is twenty-twenty.

Eros's arrow flew straight, but not towards its intended target. It sailed towards the heiress' best friend's brother! As it had happened, the heiress had slipped. Her best friend's brother had, of course, grabbed her by the wrist. But he was unsteady on his feet and the heiress managed to pull him so much so that he stood where she had.

Cupid could only watch in horror as his arrow's magic worked on the blond-haired young man. He couldn't understand what had happened. He wasn't against a guy falling for another guy, but he had plans for the best friend's brother to fall in love with someone else. And although that plan wasn't entirely ruined—Eros could make him fall in love with someone else—it would take time. Time that he didn't have.

Eros berated himself for not checking if there were any hazards. He was about to chuck it up as one of his rare mistakes when he heard laughter and felt a cold and freezing wind blow. And then, Eros mind clicked! He put two and two together!

Eros Sureshot never misses his target. His arrows always fly right and true. But that didn't mean that it was infallible to outside forces. Outside forces like Jack Frost and his damn winter magic which can freeze puddles, making his target get out of balanced.

Cupid gritted his teeth. Jack had made him miss his mark.

But as Eros was a busy spirit, he just shook his head and quickly retreated to his den while the heiress' best friend's brother had started eyeing the baker's son, blushing as he did so. Cupid needed to fix this big blunder. He would deal with Jack Frost some other time.

Eros Sureshot had found another pair of future lovers whom he couldn't wait to put together. It wasn't even going to be a hard job this time around. After the whole fiasco with the baker's son, the heiress, and the heiress' best friend, Eros didn't mind an easy undertaking. Fixing that mess had made him tired and he merely wanted something that would get his spirits up.

And so, he sought the clichéd premise of two best friends to help fall in love with each other. And he found them in the form of a recently-dumped guy and his childhood friend who was trying to comfort him. Christmas was just a few days away and the two of them were sitting on a bench at the local park.

Snow had fallen the night before, blanketing everything the eye could see in white. It was the perfect setting. As much as Eros was currently annoyed with Jack Frost, Cupid couldn't help but admit that the Winter Spirit and Guardian of Fun and Mischief had often provided him the best backdrop and situations to work with. This was one of them.

And since he's already done with this place, there's no way Jack Frost would mess this one up. Eros also thought to himself as he readied his bow and arrow and took aim.

Once again, he played his mantra in his head, Cupid never misses.

Swoosh! The arrow went, released from the bow. But then the guy flopped over, falling from the bench. So instead of hitting the recently-dumped guy, the arrow sailed pass him, ricocheted on a sign, and hit the childhood friend square on the forehead.

Eros' jaw dropped as the childhood friend went from being overly fussy and caring of her recently-dumped friend, to a narcissistic bi—

Cupid shook his head, "What the heck just happened?!"

The answer came in the form of a laughter from the guy asking, "Alright, who threw that snowball?"

It was then followed by a familiar voice that said, "No one's allowed to mope when there's a snow day and Christmas is just right around the corner!"

"Frost…" growled Eros. The Winter Spirit had once again foiled his plans.

Eros Sureshot was tired. And that was saying something. In his long years of existence, not once did Cupid feel as weary as he did. And in truth, he wasn't even supposed to feel tired. Ever. He couldn't even remember botching so many jobs in such a short time.

First there was that mishap with the baker's son. Then the shot that caused a selfless girl to turn into a narcissist. Then there was that love-triangle blunder, the whole fiasco with the girl falling in love with a group of guys (he didn't even want to think about that), the embarrassing moment when he accidentally fired a shot at one of the Siren Sisters who ended up falling in love with a human (he had never made a mistake such as that before)…Eros could practically go on and on, and all of his problems stemmed from one spirit who, recently, seemed to be at exactly the same place as he was.

Jack Frost. Eros groaned, slumping to the chair in his study and burying his face in his hands. He is going to be the death of me. If he's trying to tick me of, he had succeeded in that.

The spirit couldn't help but wonder if Jack was doing it on purpose. The Winter Spirit, after all, need no other motivation other than having fun or causing mischief. Eros would've chucked some of those incidents as an accident, but when he thought about all of them combined, the sharpshooter couldn't help but think otherwise. And the more Eros thought about it, the more he wanted to pay Jack Frost back for what he has done.

His mind began to formulate a plan. It wasn't anything dangerous. Spirit knows how bad an idea it was if his revenge ends up actually hurting the Guardian of Fun and Mischief. All he wanted to do was teach the meddling spirit a lesson. And so he set about preparing what he needed, snickering as he did so.

This is going to be awesome, Eros thought to himself. And I have the perfect time and place for it too.

The Yuletide Ball.

It was the annual event that Nicholas St. North, along with the other winter and holiday spirits, prepare for all of Spirit Kind. It wasn't just a Christmas-thing either, although the date for the event always falls on the 25th.

Every spirit known—and unknown—to mankind was there. Well, not every spirit. Those who were against the Guardians and the Man in the Moon, and those who were—by their very nature—loners, were, of course, not there. The former were not invited, while the latter merely opted out on the festivities.

As such, it was easy to imagine how rowdy North's Workshop was. It wasn't just a gathering of friends and allies, but of rivals as well. Already an argument had started between E. Aster Bunnymund and Groun D. Hog. Bunnymund was warning the Groundhog not to prolong winter, and announce spring as early as possible. The Groundhog, of course, colorfully told the Easter Bunny that he was not the boss of him.

There were also some of his kinsmen who had taken into challenging each other to race. Most of them were spirits of flight, able to ask the Wind for assistance. As such, their races involved flying speedily, dodging obstacles, timing themselves to know who was fastest.

As always, Quicksilver—the party-crashing poltergeist—was up to his tricks again. Flipping the skirts of the Naiads and Dryads that were present, causing shrieks followed by loud crashing noises as the Naiads and Dryads tried to attack the incorporeal form of the poltergeist. They were doing more harm on North's Workshop than on Quicksilver.

Eros held the small pouch tightly. He didn't want to accidently pour its contents on some other unsuspecting spirit. Its contents, after all, were special.

Cupid's gaze was searching. The sooner he puts his plan to motion, the better.

After a few minutes, Eros' eyes landed on his intended mark. He smirked. It was time to get the show on the road.

Instead of flying—and finding himself in danger of being caught up with the spirits of flight's race—Eros decided to simply walk towards Jack Frost.

Just like he planned, Eros bumped into Jack, letting the Winter Spirit be doused by the contents of the pouch which were invisible to anyone but to Cupid's eyes.

"Oh, Frost, didn't see you there," Eros feigned ignorance, not wanting to look suspicious. "Sorry about that."

"No worries," the Guardian of Fun and Mischief grinned, and then walked away none the wiser.

Eros also walked a few paces forward, before moving letting his wings carry him off to the rafters—which had a much better vantage point. He began to countdown the minutes for the spell to take effect.

A minute and thirty-seconds later, it did.

Jack Frost had never attended any of North's parties before, partly because he didn't want to and partly because he knew he wouldn't be welcomed. Well, at least, that was how it was before he took on the role of a Guardian of Childhood. He had heard stories about them—stories from those spirits who wanted to make him feel more left out than he usually was—but those stories did not do the actual party any justice.

It was so colorful, so lively, so fun.

As one of the spirits of winter, he was supposed to have a hand on the party. But Nicholas St. North had decided to give Jack a free pass that year.

"I want you to see what party is like," North had told the younger Guardian, clapping him on the shoulder. "Then, next year, you can help come up with something to make it better. For now, you have fun."

It was an instruction Jack intended to take to heart. He saw many spirits—most of whom had never took notice of him before—wave at him in greeting. There were even those who actually went to talk to him. Some of them asked what he had been up to, others asked how he had been. Jack wasn't sure if it was them being polite, or if they really were curious and eager to hear him tell his tale. Regardless of what their reason might be, Jack found it nice.

Soon however, things became strange…

It started when Jack was challenged by Kaichi and Kartikeya. Both spirits believed they were faster than the Winter Spirit. Word spread of this challenge, and even before Jack had accepted, people were already gathering around the makeshift race track.

While Jack was preparing himself for the race, he felt someone looking intently at him. Searching around, he met the raven gaze of Himiko, an Asian spirit with long, jet-black hair, donning a priestess' garb.

As far as Jack Frost knew, Himiko didn't particularly like him. Whenever they saw each other, the priestess would merely huff in annoyance. Not once had they seen eye-to-eye. In fact, the Winter Spirit could vividly recall Himiko rallying spirits from her region against him saying that they already have a respectable, snow-bearing spirit and they didn't need him. The way she looked at him now, however, was enough to throw the Guardian of Fun and Mischief for a loop.

Himiko was shyly smiling. At him.

And is she…batting her eyelashes. At me? Jack gulped. He didn't know what to make of it. And then she did that little wave with her fingers. Again, at him. Jack frowned. Okay…now that's weird.

Weirder still was what happened after the race—which Jack had won, but only with a small margin. Himiko actually went to him. He didn't think much about it, believing that perhaps she was just going to be polite and congratulate him. But, no. She did more than that. She actually gushed about how amazing he was. And as she spoke, Himiko drew closer and closer to Jack Frost that the Winter Spirit could actually feel her breath on his skin.

Of course, Jack took a step back. He didn't want for any misunderstandings to occur. And not wanting be near the strangely-acting woman, he decided to excuse himself. As he was leaving, he heard a sigh escape Himiko's lips, followed by her swooning and fanning her already blushing face, and the words that he never thought would ever grace the priestess' mouth: 'Isn't he amazing?'.

He rushed even faster away as soon as he heard that.

He was hurrying so much that he didn't have time to keep himself from colliding with one of the Dryad Sisters, Ebony.

Ebony had dense black skin, rough looking—just like what you would expect from a personification of a tree (which were, basically, what Dryads are)—though her face was smooth and unblemished. Like all Dryads, she had big, wide eyes that were dark pools that seemed to suck you in when you look at them. She wore a long, flowing dress made of vines and leaves—another thing she had in common with her sisters.

The impact caused the Dryad to fall on her butt.

"Ow!" she grunted. Angrily, she added, "Watch where you going you stupid, little—"

When she looked at who had bumped into her, she stopped mid-sentence. Her face went as pale as a ghost's, her eyes widened more than Jack thought was possible, before she erupted into fierce blush.

"J-J-Jack, I'm sorry. I…I didn't see you. I thought you were…well, it doesn't matter what I thought…are you alright?" she stuttered, tucking a lose piece of her dark, wavy, hair out of her eyes.

Jack laughed as he held his hand out, "I should be the one asking you that. And apologizing. I was in a hurry."

Ebony took his hand, though tentatively. Jack, at first, chucked it to him being cold and the Dryad not wanting to suddenly find herself frosting over. When her touch lingered a bit longer than was necessary, and when she kept looking at him with half-lidded eyes, face still blushing madly as she stated how strong his arms were, however, Jack decided to throw that explanation far out the window and made a quick escape when he was presented with the chance saying that North was looking for him.

His "problems"—for lack of a better word—with the Dryad Sisters didn't end there, however. When he bumped into Willow, Olive, and Ivy, he didn't think he would inadvertently start a fight between the three and all because they each wanted to latch onto his arm. It was very strange, to say the least, and Jack wondered if there was something in the food and drinks that were causing the Dryad Sisters to act that way to him and no one else.

Then he found himself, on several occasions, having to push away a suddenly perverse Succubus, Lilith, and the Pixies who had all tried to kiss and make out with him at one point or another during the course of the party.

Before he knew it, Jack Frost was carefully traversing North's Workshop, hiding from any female's view. All the while he wondered what the heck was wrong with the entire female spirit community. Were they trying to pull a prank on him? It was an amusing thought, though he wondered what they would benefit from getting all those women to act absurdly. He felt more embarrassed for them than he did for himself.

After a while, Jack finally decided to ditch the crazy party, opting instead to hide away in the room that North had lent him. Thankfully, he didn't run into any maniacal female spirits on his way up. Once he was in his room, he firmly bolted the door—adding a bit of winter magic to make sure no one gets in—before slumping, face-first, on his bed.

"This has got to be the worst party I've ever been to…" Jack groaned. Well, it's the only one I've actually been invited to, but still… "I'm never going to accept a challenge for a race ever again—and winning—if this is the result of that."

Jack felt so deflated. He was looking forward to the celebration. To mingling, having fun, eating all those delicious food he had seen. He had a lot of expectations about the party, not one of which involved locking himself in his own room.

"This is stupid," Jack said as he rolled himself so that he was lying flat on his back. "I'm Jack Frost. I don't run away and hide from anything…I should go out there and get those women to stop."

The Winter Spirit nodded, his eyes resolute. That was, until he heard from outside his room a cacophony of voices—female voices—all of whom were looking for him and arguing amongst themselves because of him. Whatever confidence he had seconds before vanished. His heart thudded loudly in his chest as the voices got louder and louder. He was certain they were going to realize where he was and, quite possibly, tear down his door to get to him.

"Are you freaking kidding me?" Jack hissed between clenched teeth as he hopped from his bed and began backing away from the door. The voices growing louder still. He searched around for an escape. "I've got to get out of here."

The Guardian of Fun and Mischief's eyes wandered around the room, looking for an escape other than the windows which were far too obvious to anyone who was chasing him. He could make a new way out himself—freezing the walls so much that they crumble—but he didn't think North would appreciate that.

Just as he was contemplating on going through the cliché route of flying out the window, he heard a familiar voice questioning the mob that was just right outside his room. It was a voice he had longed to hear; a voice that belonged to the person who was amongst his reason for accepting the invitation.

"What are you all doing up here?" Toothiana asked the question tentatively. "The party is downstairs."

"I'm looking for Jack Frost, have you seen him?" came a female voice Jack couldn't quite place who.

"So am I," another one said.

"I'm also looking for him." Came another.

"Me too."

And on and on all the women who had been chasing him and was looking for him said.

"Um, okay…" Tooth obviously failed to come up with anything to say at what Jack could imagine her thinking was a strange gathering.

If it wasn't horrifying enough that all those women were looking for him, it became increasingly so when—without prompting—they began to give their reason for their search for him. Each was cringe-worthy and growing more and more so with each passing second. At one point, one of the female spirits outside his door even confidently blurted out that she was looking for him so that she could sleep with him.

Spirits…Can this get any worse? This cannot be happening…

"Uh…right," there was a long pause before Toothiana spoke again, no doubt she didn't want to hear that as well.

"So, where is he?" the one who had declared she was going to sleep with him said. "You know where he is don't you, Toothiana?"

"N-No. Not really." Tooth replied as Jack resumed his search for a way out. He had a strong feeling the mob won't stay outside his room for long, especially when they finally figured out it was his room. "I haven't seen him since the party started."

"Hmmm?" A high pitched voice, one Jack hadn't heard before asked. "You're not lying are you? You're not hiding him are you?"

"No. Why would I—?"

Jack's eyes landed on the giant wardrobe North had placed in his room but had never used as he heard Tooth got cut off by a chorus of voices who told her they didn't believe her. The wardrobe wasn't large enough to hide him, well, not unless he crouched low enough.

And it would be stupid to hide there. That would be the first place they would look. It's too obvious.

"That's right. You might be hiding him to keep him for yourself. Well, we're not letting you take him away from us, Toothiana."

But maybe it's too obvious that they wouldn't think I would hide there. An idea began to form itself in Jack's mind. Hmm…maybe a little bit of misdirection can get them all off my back.

"T-That's an absurd accusation!" Jack could have sworn Tooth's voice rose an octave.

"Prove it then," a different voice spoke. Again, Jack wondered just how many female spirits were outside his room suddenly wanting him. "What's behind that door?"

"That's Jack's…"

"It's his room!" everyone—well, Jack guessed it was everyone outside—suddenly squealed.

No time to dilly-dally. Jack thought to himself, he was pretty sure he only had seconds to spare before they all break his door down, even when his ice magic was helping block it.

Quickly Jack worked on making it seem he had left the room through the window, opening it so wide and dusting the sill and its surrounding areas with snow and frost that would prove—without a doubt—that he had rushed through it. As soon as he was done with that, he squeezed himself inside the wardrobe, making sure not to leave any signs that he had touched it—which was a lot harder than Jack thought.

As he closed the wardrobe shut and added a little bit of ice magic to keep it that way, he heard the mob beating the door down.

Holy crap! Seriously, what is wrong with them?

"P-Please," muffled as it was, he heard Toothiana plead. "North won't be happy that you're tearing apart that door."

But her pleas fell on deaf ears. Whatever it was those spirits had eaten…or drunk…made them throw caution to the wind, and made Jack sick to his stomach, feeling queasy about the whole ordeal. It didn't take long after that before he heard his bedroom door break into pieces.

If Jack could sweat, he would have been doing so in buckets. His heart was beating so loudly that he was certain any one of the spirits with a heightened sense of hearing would be able to see past the illusion he had set up and find him hiding pathetically in the wardrobe.

Seconds passed that felt like forever before the mob of women voiced their disappointment that Jack was not in the room and another one pointed out the escape route he had taken. There was a lot of disgruntled mumbling, followed by planning a stake out and a trap for him, before one by one they left his room.

Jack, for his part, stayed hidden in the wardrobe a bit longer. He didn't want to risk going out and stumbling into some remnant of the women that were chasing him. He counted the seconds that passed by, and when he was absolutely certain no one was around anymore, he allowed himself a sigh of relief.

"Well, that was…interesting," Jack stiffened. He wasn't as alone as he thought. For a moment, Jack couldn't place the voice, but when it spoke again, he let himself relax. "They're gone now, Jack. You can come out."

Jack waved his magic off of the wardrobe before he opened it and stepped out, trying not to look too embarrassed about the whole escapade.

"Hey, Tooth," Jack tried to be as cheerful as possible (though he was certain it was impossible for anyone not to notice the blush that was on his face) as he greeted her, finding her sitting with an amused look on her face, near the desk where he usually set about making ice sculptures.

"It seems you have garnered quite a lot of…fans," she teased, yet Jack couldn't get himself to lighten up around her. He was afraid that she would act as weirdly as the other women he had met throughout the night had.

"I…wouldn't call them that," Jack backed himself up near the open window. I swear if Tooth decides to jump on me, I am out here. His eyes flicked to the remnants of the door. "I actually am drawing a blank as to what to call them other than 'crazy'."

"Should I ask what that was all about?" The Queen of the Toothfairies raised an eyebrow.

"I was hoping someone else would enlighten me on that," Jack admitted. Then he looked at Toothiana, scrutinizing her. This, of course, made the Guardian of Memories feel self-conscious. "More importantly, uh…I have to know if you feel…um, I dunno, weird around me?"

"Why would I…?" Tooth looked utterly perplexed by the question. "Should I be?"

"No, no. Please, no." Another sigh escaped his lips. "It's just, every single female spirit I had come across ended up…well, breaking in to my room and forcing me to hide inside a wardrobe. Are North's parties always like this?"

"No. This is actually the first time. I have to admit, you're quite the charmer, getting so many respectable spirits to act like that. I've never heard Himiko or even Lilim to say speak so…crudely."

At Tooth's words, Jack blanched. She then couldn't help giggling at how Jack looked. She was so used to seeing him so confident, sometimes even obnoxious and cocky, it was strange to see him look just about ready to bolt.

"Let's pretend neither of us heard that. Better yet, I am going to pretend that none of that just happened." Jack said. A crooked smile then appeared on his face, the most genuine one he had given all night long. "I'm glad you're not acting like they are, Tooth. I actually have no idea what I would do if you suddenly started flirting with me like that…or giving some other…err, suggestions."

"Maybe I'm just acting that way to lower your defenses and I am actually planning on pouncing on you when your guard is down?" The Guardian of Memories' eyes glittered with concealed mischief that made Jack gulp.

"Uh…" was all he could say, as he backed up nearer to the window for an easy getaway.

Seeing him acting the way he did made Tooth laugh so hard she had tears forming in her eyes.

"Relax," she said in between fits of laughter. "I'm just kidding, Jack."

Author's Notes:

Ahaha, is it bad that I actually enjoyed writing this? Well, not that I didn't enjoy writing anything that had to do with Rise of the Guardians before.

Now, to explain a bit. In Cupid's Arrow, Eros had a certain respect for Jack Frost. While that respect still stands in this fanfic, I figured that there are times when Jack Frost grates another spirit's nerve without meaning to. His snowdays and blizzards, and his antics, I believe, can get in the way of the other spirits' job (like how it did with Eros).

I planned to write this a bit longer, but I decided to leave it at this point (maybe I'll continue it someday...maybe the next update, who knows?) but there is a reason why Toothiana seems immune to Eros' Love Dust. I've left a few hints here and there as to why those who had been affected, were affected.

Anyways, the spirits I used here are spirits that will make appearance on my "The Lost Spirits" fanfic (which I promise to update before the week ends). So, yeah...y'all will be hearing more about Eros, as well as the Dryad Sisters, Succubus, Lilith, and everyone else mentioned here. I may also have to change the title of this series since I am planning on making this an archive for all the short stories I will write for Rise of the Guardians. I just don't know what to call it at the moment, so I'll leave the title as is (if anyone has an idea on that, please do share).

Also, I already have a one-shot I'm working on (based on a request I got) about Jack and Bunnymund...so there's that.

Well, that's all for now. I do hope y'all enjoyed this. Please don't forget to review~!

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