Hey guys I hope you like the first chapter, this idea came to me in a dream and I had a lot of inspiration from other fic writers! :)

Ps everyone is 19, except Sokka he's turning 20 later on. Oh and aang only has arrow tattoos going down his back and a black dragon on his left arm.

It was Aangs first day at Four Elements College. He was going to try and make it a good one considering what happened last time.


"Aangs the avatar? but he cant be hes a little wimp" A boy with a scar said as he punched aang in the stomach. "oof" was all aang could say. He fell to the ground clutching his stomach. Everyone started laughing as a bunch of guys started to kick him and bunch him. aang saw blood on the floor and his body all bruised and cut up.

"Well I hope that doesn't happen again" aang muttered to himself quietly. He looked down at his key to double check the room number. "Room 137". Aang put the key onto the hole and twisted to the right to unlock the door. He walked in and saw a man that looked a little older then he was.

"Oh hi" Aang began "I'm Aang your new roommate". the man got up and extended his hand. Aang took it generously

"Hey man, what's up? I'm Sokka" Sokka explained "What's with your beanie, jumper and track pants it summer there is no need to rug up"

"Well the thing is I uhh..."

"You what? have tattoos aha" Sokka said sarcastically. Aang just looked down at his feet looking awkward "You cant be serious?" Sokka said while his jaw dropped.

"Well yeah I do actually, wanna see?" aang asked. Sokka instantly shook his head up and down. Aang laughed as he took his beanie and jumper off. He pulled up his left arm sleeve to reveal a black dragon on his bicep. "and I have this one" Aang said puling his shirt up to reveal a big blue arrow going down his back.

"Dude they are epic, I have one too" Sokka pulled his collar down to show a small tattoo on his neck saying "尊敬、愛と平和" (Roughly translated to- Respect, love and peace)

"That's a cool tat Sokka" smiled aang

"haha thanks man, but its not as epic as yours!" Sokka said excitedly. Aang just smiled. "So Aang do you wanna meet My sister Katara, she is just around the corridor"

"Yeah I would love to Sokka" Aang said smiling at his new friend.

"Okay cool man" Sokka said putting his shoes on.

"Hey Sokka do you mind If I go to the bathroom and quickly change into some jeans and a top, I don't really wanna look like a dag if im going out our room to meet people"

"Na man that's fine just be quick" Sokka said as he put his shoes on. Aang opened his suitcase and pulled out a pair of black jeans, a white tank top and a orange pair of Vans. He walked into the bathroom and changed into his clothes and looked into the mirror. He saw how scruffy his hair was and put some hair wax into his hair and spiked the top up. It was spiked on a slight angle but he looked more handsome then ever. Aang had a incredibly great taste in style and really knew how to make himself look good. He does care about how he looks but he doesn't act stuck up. (His hair is longer on the top and shorter on the sides) Aang walked out the bathroom and put his sunglasses on. Sokka turned around and saw Aang.

"Aang why the sun glasses bro?" Sokka asked

"Well if we are going outside I don't want the sun in my eyes" Aang explained.

"Fair enough" Sokka said nodding "lets go"

Sokka put his sun glasses on and walked out the door with Aang.

By the time Sokka and Aang made it to room 203, Sokka knocked on the door and a girl answered. Aang looked at her and mentally drooled over her. Her skin was bronze, Her hair was dark brown and her eyes were as blue as the ocean when it was most reflecting. She was holding the door open when Sokka looked back and fourth the two.

"Katara this is my room mate Aang, Aang this is my sister Katara" Sokka said still looking between the two.

"Hi Aang" Katara said nicely. She was surprised as to how good looking he was. His body was ripped, his biceps were huge, his hair was immaculate, he was very good looking and his tattoos were amazing. She thought he was the most attractive man she has ever seen. She started blushing at the sight of him. She looked away hoping he wouldn't notice, and of course he didn't notice a single thing. All three of them walked into her room. Sokka ran straight up to a red headed girl and kissed her lightly on the lips. He pulled away and gazed at her in the eyes.

"Hey Suki" Sokka said still looking at her eyes

"Hey" Suki said smiling.

"Suki I want you to meet Aang, Aang this is m girlfriend Suki" Sokka explained looking at Aang.

"Its a pleasure Aang" Suki said kindly,

"So Aang we were going to watch some movies tonight, would you like to join us?" Katara asked with a big smile 'Please say yes Aang, please say yes!' Katara thought.

"Sure I would love to, thankyou Katara" Aang thanked. He smiled at her, this made her heart melt. 'Why am I thinking about him this way we only just met... Oh who wouldn't, look at him!"

"Anytime Aang" Katara replied nicely "We will watch the movie in a few hours, so you can stay here and hang out if you want?"

"Yeah okay, I wouldn't have it any other way" Aang answered.

A few hours later (8:23pm)


In Kataras Room

"Haha, we should probably go to the others, they must be waiting for us" Aang said

"Yeah probably but can I talk to you for a second first?" Katara asked'

"Of course" Aang began "whats up?"

"Well horror movies really spook me and I know we only met a few hours ago but is it okay if I sit next to you and hug you every now and then just so I can hide my eyes" Katara asked with the biggest blush coming across her face.

"Haha yeah sure Katara that's completely fine"

"Oh okay thanks Aang" Katara smiled

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