Gaz leads me to my next class which is Art. When we enter the class it's empty and easels line the room, along with various paintings one the wall. Gaz leads me to the back near the window and we sit down next to each other. Gaz opens her bag and begins pulling out her supplies; I quickly do the same. She watches me pull out my paints and pastels with a bored stare. "Glad, you're not like the rest of the idiots." I stumble with my movements, almost dropping my pencils, because her voice seems loud in the quite room.

"Um, What?" I ask a little flustered from my clumsiness. She points to my supplies.

"The others in this class just use the lousy chalks and pencils the school so graciously supplies them with. They're all messy, ugly, and worn out."

"The supplies or the students?" Gaz snorts with a laugh at my obvious joke.

"Both." She answers with a grin, "Glad, you seem serious about this though. You any good?" I shrug as an answer. "Well let's have a competition. The teacher always gives some kind of theme for us to draw over. Whoever's looks better wins."

"Wins what?" I ask nervously, "And why?"

"Cause I just want to see how you draw. Don't you wanna see mine?" She has me there, I do. "And if you win I'll…. I'll let you sit with me at lunch." It's not that good of a prize, but it'll save me the trouble of finding a seat.

"What do you get?"

"Bragging rights?" She shrugs, "I don't really care." Before I can say anything Gaz turns around and finishes getting her things out. I look around and realize people have been entering the class while I and Gaz spoke. It's not very full; hopefully it's a small class.

I'm not sure I explained it the first time, but these will be sort snippets because I'm writing these in a single class whenever I have time. I hope you all enjoy it. R&R because it will please me.