"Are we ever going to tell each other our names?" Rochester asked Tallahassee as they rode up Route 89 in a black Cadillac Escalde. Tallahassee didn't answer, he just frowned in her general direction. "Somebody's cranky today. I'm hopping in the backseat to take a nap. Wake me when you want me to drive," Rochester stated as she leaned over, kissed him on the cheek and moved herself to the backseat. Before she had fallen completely asleep, she felt the truck stop, "What is Tallahassee?" she asked. "A boy," he replied gruffly as he got out of the truck, looking very intimidating with his leather jacket, cowboy hat and sunglasses. Rochester watched through the window as a young boy, maybe early 20's, got up from behind an motorcycle and held his thumb in the air. She couldn't help but smile, glad to see another person. She loved Tallahassee and they had really grown to be an almost functioning couple but she did miss people. Tallahassee must have agreed because the boy came running around to the passenger side while Tallahassee kicked down the motorcycle. The boy climbed in and immediately looked in the back seat to find Rochester there, she smiled. "What are you checking for?" Tallahassee asked. "I just have these rules for surviving and one is to always check the backseat," the boy explained. "There ain't nothin back there but my girl and my duffle bag," Tallahassee responded, his tone short, as he went to put his knife back in the console. "Watch out. You almost knocked over your alcohol with your knife," the boy said causing Rochester to laugh from the back seat. "So, what are your names?" the boy asked. Rochester was about to tell him her real name when Tallahassee jumped in, "Nope. We're not gonna do that thing where we get all familiar with each other. We just go by the names of our hometowns. I'm Tallahassee and the girl is Rochester," he finished sending a playful wink at Rochester because he'd stopped her. The kid smiled awkwardly, "Well, then I'm Columbus. Where are you two headed?" Rochester answered this time, "North East. We heard there's a refugee center up near Maine. We'll get you as close to Columbus as we can," she explained with a smile. Tallahassee grumbled as he stepped on the gas and they continued up the road.

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