He could be so irritating! "Okay, so I'll tell you something new! You kissed me, you touched me, you wanted to and I wanted you to." I said as I took a tiny step closer and put my arms on each of his shoulders. I ducked a little to whisper in his ear. "And it was exciting."

At last he looked up at me.

"And I want it to happen again," I managed to say, though my voice was a little shaky.

Daryl considered me with his head tilted to one side, he scowled a little, then said calmly. "Well, you kiss me then."

He was challenging me now, glaring up at me from his seat, his stance rigid, back straight with his hands on his separated knees. I knew if I didn't kiss him, then he'd think he had won and he'd proved to himself that he wasn't good enough for me.

I felt my face burn, initiating a kiss wasn't easy for me, I never been in a relationship where I'd had to, but I was determined not to back away. Although I was going to start slow.

It seemed strange because I kept my eyes open to see his reaction, and he kept his eye on me too as I kissed his cheek, for a second it seemed like he sneered at my hesitation.

Another kiss, carefully placed at the side of his mouth. Another kiss, gently in the centre of his lips. And another. This time his eye lids fluttered and closed, I allowed a little more pressure. I had never imagined how soft his lips would be, he opened them a little and I let my tongue brush against them, then he let me inside his warm mouth.

I heard myself moan as his warm hands slipped beneath my scrubs to my bare back. His hands were rough, but his touch was gentle.

I let one hand move to linger on his throat and neck, the other with the awkward bandage rested on his upper arm, I was thrilled to be touching him at last. As he was sitting, I was leaning into him, the inside of his thighs were against the outside of mine, the front of my legs pressed against his increasing erection, which was a whole new experience for me.

Curiosity got the better of me, I slipped my hand down to touch him. It was like feeling hard muscle through rough cloth, my touch made Daryl moan into my mouth. Quickly he moved back from me, saying my name in a surprised gasp.

I must have blushed scarlet, my face was burning as I stepped back from him.

"We gotta stop this, before we go to far," he said as he stood and stepped way from me. He glanced down, probably following my gaze and saw his obvious excitement. He cursed under his breath and sat on the deep sofa, leaning forward in an attempt to hide his body.

"Why shouldn't we go too far? If we both want to."

"There's a million reasons," he muttered. "You gettin' pregnant to start with."

I smiled a little and went to my newly claimed rucksack. I pulled out the box of condoms, not able to say anything, I put them on the coffee table in front of him.

"Jesus Christ!" He hissed and glared at them as I sat with him. "I probably sound ridiculous, but don't you think we're rushing into this?"

"It's not ridiculous," I tried to reassure him. "Everything would have been different if we hadn't been separated. If we had stayed in that house, we would have been together eventually and maybe taken things slower. But we lost those weeks. I don't want to waste more time."

"You know that wasn't why I wanted to stay in that funeral home? I didn't mean to keep you with me just for this!" He gestured to the condoms.

"Of course not, but I think you like me. I know I like you and I think we would have been happy together."

Finally he brought his eyes up to meet mine. "So what's the rush? I want you to be sure."

"I am sure... and tomorrow we'll be back with everyone, which will be great, but it won't be private. I'd like to take advantage of the comfort for our first time." I squeezed the edge of the sofa as if to prove my point.

"Not exactly romantic though," he pointed out.

"And now I'm even more convinced this is right, because you want to make it 'romantic'. Thank you!" I covered his hands with mine. "At least we have candles and privacy, and we're not in a tent." I smiled and he almost did, then he scanned the room. I was sure he was trying to think of another excuse, so I waited to hear he could come up with.

Daryl brought his gaze back to me, he looked as if he was trying to read my mind. "You really sure?"

I nodded, feeling a flash of nerves run through me. "Are you?" I asked, sounding quite squeaky. He nodded in reply and gave me a genuine smile, which made my stomach loop. I think I grinned back at him for quite a while, until he leaned forward and kissed me, very gently. We took a moment to rearrange ourselves and move a little closer.

It was exciting and nerve racking, I wasn't sure if Daryl realised it wasn't just our first time, but it was my first time ever. As I tugged at the buttons of his shirt, I decided now wasn't the time to tell him.

His sleeveless shirt was easy to remove, although he winced when I saw the scars on his chest and ran my hand over those on his back. "Sorry, I'm a mess," he mumbled.

"It's not you that should be sorry for these..." I traced my fingers over what seemed to be cigarette burns near his collar bone and kept my eyes on his face. I was relieved when he moved forward to kiss me again, his hands tugged at my scrubs then slipped beneath them. His hands on my body made my skin tingle, I had never felt so alive.

"No bra?" He said in surprise as his hand settled on the middle of my back.

"It disintegrated months ago, sorry."

"Not complaining," he mumbled, then asked, "Can I?" as he held the bottom of my blue scrubs top. I nodded eagerly and held my breath as he pulled the top over my head. I watched his face as he concentrated on my naked chest. His eyes had darkened and widened as he looked at me. It seemed like a long moment before he touched me again, but when he did it was very gentle brush of his finger tips across my stomach. His touch moved slowly higher, the rough skin of his fingers grazed at my breasts. I was amazed at how sensitive they were and how they ached to be touched more.

Daryl ducked his head and tentatively kissed an eager nipple, I made some sort of noise and he must have realised I was more than happy for him to continue. I could feel his lips, teeth and whiskers claiming me. I wound my arms around his neck, not wanting him to stop and I probably hit him on the back of his head with the stupid pot I was wearing, but neither of us worried. I was arching my body upto him, amazed at the noises I was making, but I became quieter as his hands began to travel.

A big hand grabbed my ass, tugging me to a safer spot on the sofa, at the same time as he caressed down my thigh.

I was surprised at my own impatience, as I tugged at the ties of the nasty scrubs. Daryl lifted his mouth from my breast, his eyes looked at mine as if he was asking a question. I answered by helping him pull down my scrubs and lay at his side in only my panties.

They were black, the only colour that didn't turn grey after hand-washing and lacy, because lace dried faster than cloth. I remembered finding them when Maggie and I were looking for warm clothes when we'd first been driven off the farm. They were new, still in the plastic packet that I would have once found cheap and tacky, but back then I was still squeamish about wearing other people's clothes so they were a triumphant find. Why I was thinking about that? I had no idea, more importantly, Daryl seemed to like them.

His hand was brushing my side, down to my thigh, then up again. His gaze held mine for a while, I didn't expect to see trepidation in his eyes, but it was clear. I was nervous too, but I made myself sigh and smile, hoping to encourage him. His finger tips brushed the front of my panties, I gasped, surprised at how much the sensation affected me.

"Okay?" He whispered.

I nodded vigorously.

"More?" He asked. I nodded again and he smiled, looking more confident as his fingers slipped beneath the lace. He was gentle and slow and teasing, smiling down at me, as I gave a contented sigh.

I looked down at his hand, clear through the lace, but I decided reach down to push the panties lower. "I want to see," I murmured. Daryl gave a little push with the back of his hand to my inner thigh and I realised he wanted me to drop my leg off the sofa, I was open to him now. His fingers slipped inside me, in and out, creating a rhythm that made me feel more than I could imagine.

My memories were fuzzy, all thoughts incoherent as all that existed was his touch. There was one spot, that spot I'd heard talk about, when he brushed past it sparks began to fly. He was still smiling down at me, concentrating on my reactions as I breathed out his name.

Suddenly everything was urgent. I was close to panic. Even Daryl seemed serious now, his moves fast and deliberate. I grabbed at his forearm, terrified that he might stop, that this feeling might end, that I might not reach the feeling that felt so very close.

And then I understood everything as my first Orgasm hit, wave after wave of pleasure flooded through me. I might have whispered his name, I might have screamed it. The feeling could have lasted a moment or an hour, all I really remembered was the bliss once the wave was over and the happiness and... was that relief on Daryl's face?


Daryl sat hunched over at the far end of the sofa to put the condom on. I did want to touch him, but wasn't sure if I should, because he seemed to be concentrating. I noticed his hands shook a little. It was strange being naked with him, when he wasn't touching me. I could see his cock, although not clearly due to his position, and I could feel my nerves beginning to jangle at the thought of what was about to happen.

I made myself sit up and move closer to him, and ran my one healthy hand along his thigh. His cock looked huge, I couldn't imagine how it would fit inside me, of course it could. If it couldn't then there wouldn't be sex and there wouldn't be people and I needed to stop panicking.

"Um, you need to lay back," Daryl nodded back to the top of the sofa, and I took my position. As he moved above me our bodies were touching, despite the awkward situation, I still felt safe with him. He was holding himself above me with one arm, and his other hand was between us as he pressed his cock against me. I shuffled my legs apart a little further as his fingers teased me. Again he pushed the tip of his cock against my wet lips and I saw a slight frown cross his face.

"Okay?" I asked in a whisper, I was worried now.

"Yeah, okay," he murmured. "It's been a long time for me, you seem real tight."

For a second I felt as if my face had caught fire as a blush overtook me. "It's me," I whispered. "I never..." I couldn't quite finish my explanation, I shrugged as best as I could from my position beneath him and admitted, "It's my first time."

Daryl's whole body froze awkwardly, he sounded confused. "Now is?"

I couldn't do anything but nod.

"You're a virgin! Fuck! We can't do this... I'm gonna hurt you!"

I grabbed at his arms as he began to move away from me. "We can't stop, Daryl, we can't. I've waited and waited to be with you, please don't stop."

He still looked concerned and undecided for a long moment, but then his fingers were teasing me again, I could feel a stretching sensation.

"Feels so good, please don't stop," I murmured and again his hard cock pressed against me. Daryl held his breath as he moved inside me, I let out an audible gasp and probably gripped his shoulder too hard. He was inside me, filling me. Any feelings of pain were overlapped by excitement as he began to move his body and slipped further into me.

"You okay?" His voice was hoarse.

"Yeah. Yes, yes. You?" I gasped in reply.

"You're so tight?"


"No, no, it's good. Beautiful. Just lift your legs a little."

We repositioned a little, he moved one of my legs up around him, while my other foot stayed on the floor. His body was away from mine and I could see his cock driving into me. My excitement was mounting, I thought he was more relaxed too. I kept my eyes on his face, watching the pleasure and lust change his expression.

We moved again, both my legs were hitched up around him and he was closer to me now. His body against mine, his lips against mine, his hand hard on my breast as his movements became faster and less controlled. I felt that nothing else in this world existed, only Daryl, his cock, his hands and his tongue invading my mouth.

The change was very sudden. Daryl gave two or three harder thrusts that took my breath away, he gave a harsh shout that seemed filled with anger, more than passion. His body froze, except for his head which he buried into my shoulder. Not understanding what had happened, I stayed still and quiet too.

Awkwardly Daryl edged back, with one hand holding onto the condom, he eased out of me. It was a strange feeling, I felt empty immediately. Daryl looked utterly shocked. I whispered his name as he moved off the sofa and deposited the used condom in the waste paper bin at the other side of the room. I sat up, feeling naked and exposed, even though he wasn't looking at me. I grabbed a blanket as Daryl pulled on his pants.


"Doesn't matter. Shouldn't have done it," he muttered, glancing at me and looking away quickly as he moved to the door.

"What's wrong? Where are you going?"

"Bathroom," he snapped. "I'll be back. Then we'll sleep and tomorrow I'll take you to your sis. We should forget this happened. A couple of minutes of shitty sex ain't worth remembering anyways."


By the time Daryl returned I had gotten myself wrapped up in one of the blankets and gathered my clothes. In the past I had been able to talk to him when he was angry, but back then I hadn't been to blame, as I was now. His scornful comment, 'shitty sex' was repeating through my head. I must have been terrible, which was made even worse because I had thought everything was going well.

"Don't cry, don't cry," I murmured to myself. How had it all gone so wrong? After so long spent longing to see him and be with him, everything had gone wrong. The pain was almost physical.

Daryl returned with his shirt and jeans fully fastened, he didn't speak but sat in the armchair. As I went to the door, he asked where I was going. "Bathroom," I replied, repeating our last conversation as I scuttled out.

I couldn't face putting the vile scrubs back on, so I tried on one of the boys t-shirts I had taken from upstairs. My panties were embarrassingly damp, so I washed them and left them to drip dry.

I wasn't surprised that Daryl didn't speak as I returned. He had blown out some of the candles leaving only a couple reflecting in front of the TV screen. He was sitting in the armchair with a blanket over his knees so I assumed it was time to sleep, I didn't expect that to be easy. I made myself a rough bed on the over-used sofa, then said 'good night' so quietly that maybe he didn't hear. He certainly didn't reply.

It had been an eventful day, certainly physical enough for me to drift off to sleep, just as I was convinced I wouldn't.


When I woke it was difficult to tell how much time had past, it certainly wasn't morning yet. I peeped at the candles and guessed a couple of hours.

Daryl was quiet, too quiet to be sleeping. I rolled over to see him and he looked away from me quickly. "Have you slept?" I asked.

"A bit," he muttered.

"Can I ask you something, seeing as you're awake?"

"Not really," he mumbled.

It seemed easier to ignore his rudeness. "It's not fair not to tell me what I did wrong, Daryl. How am I supposed to know what was so 'shitty' if you don't tell me?"

"What you talkin' about?"

My voice got a little high pitched as I repeated his words. "'Shitty sex' you said! What did I do that was so wrong?"

Daryl sat forward, shaking his head. "It weren't you. It were me that made a mess of everything."

"But it didn't feel like a mess to me!" I said as earnestly as I could. I was beginning to understand, although relived I hadn't done anything too wrong, I was worried that Daryl thought he had. I was determined that he wouldn't think that for long. I scrambled out of my makeshift bed and knelt by his chair.

"Daryl, when you touched me... I never felt anything like that before."

"Sure you have, you gonna tell me good girls don't do that?"

I tried not to get upset at his dismissal of my confession. "Well, they don't in my Father's house, with it's paper thin walls, or in a cell block full of echoes. I tried on occasion but didn't get that far." I said with as much dignity as I could while admitting such a thing, then I glared at him, daring him to make fun of me, but he looked a little stunned. I decided to continue. "It was my first orgasm, I'm glad it was with you, someone I care about. I enjoyed it and I'm sorry that you didn't."

"I did enjoy it," he admitted. "I just, sorta, well it was all over a bit too quick. My fault."

Now I understood. "Forgive me for asking, but has it been a long time since...?"

Daryl looked at me from the side of his eyes, his lips pressed together.

"I'll take that as a yes," I said. "So it's been a long time and you were excited! Is that why it was quicker than you wanted?"

"I suppose..."

"I don't think it's supposed to be perfect all the time. I still enjoyed being with you." I said as openly as I could. His eyes caught mine, he was looking at me that way again, it was difficult to keep breathing. "Were you excited? Daryl? Did you like being with me?" I know a girl's not supposed to ask for compliments but I had to know.

He nodded slightly and kept his eyes on mine. I felt as if I was being hypnotised by his gaze, he even looked as if I was hypnotising him. At some point we had linked hands, although I was still on the floor beside his chair.

"Still feels like I'm doing wrong, but it's good," he mumbled.

I managed a small smile of relief and sat back on my heels. I was amazed to get so many words out of him and waited patiently in case he had more to say.

"You shouldn't be sitting down there," he grumbled, tugging at my hand. I was glad to clamber onto his knee, conscious of his warm hands moving to my bare legs, and content just to sit and be happy.

"I think if we can work together, we can work this out." I said after a few minutes of companionable silence.

"I suppose if anyone can cope with me, then it's you," he spoke into my hair as my head had dropped to his shoulder.

"Yes, I've seen you at your worst... your best too," I added quickly, just in case he didn't realise I was teasing. His reply was to kiss the top of my head.

I smiled at his actions. "I think we can make this work, I'd like to try." I said quietly into his chest.

After a pause he murmured into my hair, "Me too."

I looked at him carefully, wondering if I had miss heard, but he was smiling and looking a little embarrassed. This time his kiss was different, gentle and careful. He broke away to look at me and must have seen me grinning like a fool!

"I like seeing you happy." Daryl almost stumbled over his words.

"Kisses from you make me happy."

"Good, cos I don't want to stop. Got to kiss you all over." I think it was relief that made me giggle as he kissed my nose then my hand, he even moved enough to kiss my shoulder before moving back to my lips. His arms moved around me to hold me tight to him. My thigh was pressed against his hardening cock. I wanted to touch him, but I was sure I had made the first move enough tonight, so I let his decide our next moments.

Daryl's hands were moving over me with more urgency, his kisses deepening. I was sure he knew I was wearing nothing beneath the t-shirt, I was certainly regretting that he was fully dressed again.

"I mean what I say," Daryl murmured as he kissed my ear. "I do want to kiss you everywhere." His fingers brushed at the sensitive skin on my inner thigh, although I already understood his meaning.

I couldn't reply, but he seemed to accept my nod. He helped me off his knee and we stood awkwardly by the sofa. I was nervous and Daryl seemed edgy again, "I'm not saying I'm an expert at this, just want to do it and hope you'll like it."

He ran his hand through his hair and still we stood facing each other. I wondered if his bravado was fading, he had made a move so I should. "This might help," I said and pulled my borrowed t-shirt over my head.

Daryl took a deep breath, his eyes drinking me in. His words rushed out. "You're a fucking angel." I had to giggle at the phrase and the emphatic way he said it. "I mean, you're a beautiful angel, sorry. I ain't that good at this."

"Yes you are, I know every word is true when you speak like that." I said as I took a step closer and began unbuttoning his shirt.


Again I sat back on the sofa, but instead of Daryl moving over me, he knelt by my feet. His big hands stroke my calves, he found a tender spot at the back of my knees that made me gasp, then me moved upwards caressing my thighs as I tried to keep breathing. As he began to kiss the inside of my thighs, my nerves became excitement which was mounting as his lips moved closer to my centre.

I gasped as his fingertips touched me first, just a gentle brush against my sensitive lips. I think his fingers edged inside me a little, he might have murmured about how wet I was but I couldn't hear because the noise of my blood pounding through my body. I realised my fingers were entwined in his dark hair, my hands shaking with anticipation.

The lick of his tongue was a wholly different sensation, wet against wet, cold and hard, yet soft and warm. Kissing and sucking, even biting as I squirmed beneath him. I glanced down and saw Daryl looking up at me, there was a gleam in his eye and his cheeks were raised as if he were smiling while he took me to paradise.

"You taste like an angel too," he said as he gasped for air, then returned to his task. His arm moved across my stomach to hold me in place as Daryl concentrated his efforts. His tongue, lips and fingers were unrelenting. That feeling was back, an unmistakable pressure mounting inside me, that moment of satisfaction almost within reach.

As I came, I gasped his name as pleasure overwhelmed me. My head was in a spin, breathing normally was difficult, I could feel tears trickling down the side of my face. Daryl moved quickly and pulled me to him. "I'm sorry, did I hurt you? You okay?" He wiped away my tears.

"Am okay, I'm good." I managed to say. I managed to catch a full breath and smiled to ease his worry. "That was wonderful." I kissed him, realising I was tasting myself and him combined. I could have kissed him for hours, but there was something more pressing. His cock was hard, he'd left on his black boxers and I ran my hand over him. "Can we?"

Daryl nodded urgently, but moved away from me to tug off his underwear and grab a condom from the coffee table. I remembered this is where things hadn't gone so smoothly last time.

"Could I touch?" I asked, quietly as I moved to his end of the sofa.

"Sure!" Daryl seemed surprised to be asked. I kept my hand with the pot on out of the way and tentatively ran my fingers over the soft skin, feeling the hardness beneath. I enjoyed touching him, holding him and enjoyed the noises he made as I concentrated on him. It wasn't long before he tore at the condom packet and he told me how to help put it on. Three hands were better than two.

I was about to move to my spot on my back but Daryl had a different idea. He shuffled along the sofa. "Sit astride me. You be in control, if it hurts you can move away."

"But this is for you too. What do you want?"

"Oh, I really want this." He said very convincingly.

It felt a little strange climbing across him, but once I was facing him with my knees either side, he began caressing my waist and hips and ass, everything felt better. He gave me whispered instructions, I giggled a bit and he was ginning, but together we worked it out. His cock slipped inside me, that wonderful feeling returned. We were together. I held on tight to him as he ran his hands over me, encouraging me to move against him.

I concentrated on him, watching his face, seeing his excitement. He slipped his hand between us, I felt his thumb against me, a strong steady pressure, then concentration became impossible. All I could do was react to him, it seemed all he did was react to me.

It was easy, so easy. Just like I'd always hoped. We were together. The momentum building. We reached that moment together. All the awkwardness and tension was released in his eager shout and a high gasp from me.

I collapsed against him, but Daryl held me even closer. "Don't move, don't move yet," he murmured. We stayed where we were until our hearts stopped racing so fast and our breathing settled.

We had to separate eventually. I had a horrible de ja vu as Daryl stood to put the used condom in the waste bin. This time he didn't storm out, he sat next to me on the sofa. "It's a dumb cliché," he admitted. "But I'm gonna be asleep in, like, a minute."

"That's okay, so long as you sleep here." I patted the sofa. "You got to be awake to drive us back to everyone tomorrow."

"Shit, we gotta tell your sister tomorrow..."

He sounded a little panicked at that thought. "It's fine, I'll just tell her your my boyfriend. She'll deal..."

"You can't tell her I'm your 'boyfriend'," he interrupted. "I'm long past being a boyfriend."

"What am I supposed to call you then?" I tried to suppress my grin.

"I dunno..." He struggled for a second, looking at the floor. "Just tell her I'm your old man."

"I can't call you my old man!"

"Sure you can. You're my old lady." Daryl shrugged.

I'd heard him use those names for his parents, but for plenty of other couples too. Old man and old lady were husband and wife as far as Daryl was concerned. The names felt permanent. That was fine by me. "Well, I feel like an old lady now, so we really should sleep."

Daryl gave a huff of laughter and pulled blankets from the floor. He pulled me close, I lay with my back to his chest and we straightened the covers over us. It wasn't long before his yawning stopped and he really did fall asleep after moments of being relaxed.

It wasn't quite so easy for me, my thoughts were full of him as well as everyone I'd be seeing soon. Maggie might find the two of us a little strange, but she'd get used to it. I'd see Judith again, I'd hold her... but this wasn't helping me sleep. Chances were I'd fall asleep and fall off the back of his bike tomorrow.

I moved a little and felt his arm tighten around me. After so long without him it was amazing to be so close. At last I felt my eyelids droop, one last thought crept into my mind before sleep. Daryl and I had a life to live in this world of the dead. We would be just fine.




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