A/N- Welcome to the sequel of No Going Back? If you're coming across this story for the first time, go back and read No Going Back first (and the Spoils Of War, if you're into happier stuff and want to see what the characters have been up too) anyway I hope you enjoy this sequel to my first work and without further ado I will begin this story...

"In A Cavern, In A Canyon

Excavatin' for a mine..."

Clementine's head felt heavy, the black tendrils of her growing curly jet black hair were drenched in something she couldn't identify, a resounding pounding noise seemed to seep it's way back into her being, as she scrunched her hazel eyes shut once again and tried to remember something...

"Dwelt A Miner, forty Niner

And his daughter Clementine..."

"Ugh..." she groaned, she could feel the dry vomit seemingly caked at the back of her throat, as she opened her eyes once again. Everything was a blur too her, but things were starting to come into focus, she could see a faint orange tinge along with dancing shadows across her line of vision.

"Oh My Darling

Oh My Darling

Oh My Darling Clementine..."

A noise, somebody was making a noise. Singing? Was it singing? Could she hear her name in the song? Who was singing? She couldn't remember... her head still hurt, yet things above her seemed to sharpen... the orange tinge dulled slightly to reveal a canvas of black and caramel brown above her. Were they rocks?

"You were lost and gone forever"

She blinked rapidly, the white noise that had previously filled her ears was ebbing away, she began to become much more aware of her senses now. She was somewhere damp. As well as dried vomit, a copper like substance coated her cheeks, a small droplets of cold sweat ran lines down her face. Leaving clear pathways in the crusty dried blood that had resided in every crease on her skin and clothes.

"Dreadful sorry Clementine"

She inhaled sharply, pain ringing through her body and shaking her bones, as she moaned in agony. She couldn't move, she was aching from every bodily pore and there was so much blood. But she wiped the blood onto her cheeks. Why did she do that? Why couldn't she remember anything else? She wiped the blood on her face? And what? And then what...?

"Soft she was, just like a fairy

And her shoes were number nine"

She was panicking now, somebody was singing. Their war like tone echoed throughout wherever the hell she was. Clementine knew she was in danger. She knew she had to run. Using every inch of her strength she propelled herself to sit upwards, her hand rested on uneven ground, as chips of jutting creamy coloured rocks embedded themselves into her palms.

"Herring Boxes without Topses

Were the shoes for Clementine"

Her name echoed throughout the space she was in once again. With this in mind, she made a desperate leap to lunge upwards, she managed to stand for a few seconds on her very shaky knees. Her drooping eyelids quickly caught glance of a small amber light that wavered... a fire. A fire! A camp-fire! A quick glance around her... jutting rocks... a low celling, dancing shadows from behind these rocks... a... a... Cave! She was in a cave!

"Oh My Darling

Oh My Darling

Oh My Darling Clementine"

That damn song again! Some completely black silhouette was singing it. Their voice seemed demonic as it floated through the small cave, causing Clementine to shiver on the spot. But not for long... she felt her knees give way below her, as she hit the ground. Hard. She felt more dizzy as the world bobbed in front of her... but she was remembering now... remembering...!

"No, No, No!" Clementine began to scream, her voice croaky, as she heard the soles of shoes scrape across the rocky floor of the cave. She had to get away! She had to move! She tried crawling... but every breath was like swallowing a thousand knives, pure and utter agony. Tears welled in her eyes as sweat and blood leaked through her rags for clothes... the world was going dizzy again...

No! She couldn't die! Not now, but it was too late. Dark silhouettes were surrounding her on every side. She couldn't make out any faces, or any details. But Clementine felt the first tear fall, when one dark hand grabbed her and pulled her back into the depths of the cave.

"Please don't hurt me" she begged futilely to the figures above her. It was no good, she was dead and she knew it.

Before the world went black for the last time, she heard one, last, inhuman reply that chilled her too the bone.

"wERe fRIenDs RIgHt?"

and in the background, the demon continued to sing, and they uttered the final lines to the song

"You are lost and gone forever

Awful Sorry Clementine"

The world went black.

Before Clementine yelped and woke up in her bed at Howe's Hardware.