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24 Months Later

Wellington High School, grand opening! The headline screamed, Clementine smiled to herself before turning the page and reading the next chunk of text below.

Students and parents express joy at return of the education in this apocalyptic society, approximately 5 and a half years since corpses started rising in July of 2003. It is on the 5th of December 2008 that Wellington High has reopened it's doors after years of repair works and organisation of students and families.

"It will be revolutionary, it will be the first step towards educating the next generation of professor's, lawyers, sport stars, Journalists, Retail Workers, Cashiers, any job that wasn't needed out there" said head of the department of Education Alan Reed.

"These jobs and education are essential in re-introducing the younger populace back into a civilised society that we have spent years building here in Wellington" Reed continued "We are happy to announce we have plans for over 500 students between the ages of 11 and 21 to have mandatory full time education in the new high school".

The breakthrough comes from the success of Wellington Junior School which was opened in October which has seen around 100 children between the ages of 2 to 11 educated successfully, with glowing reviews from parents and staff alike.

"It's like it's an actual town once again, it is just what my little boy needs" Mother of one Rebecca Warren, 38, told the Wellington Weekly.

"We have several children with learning difficulties and problems in literacy, numeracy and science, many are also traumatized by previous events that have occurred to them. But with our counselling support and help we worked night and day to help these children and the rewards of our work have been outstanding so far" teacher Hattie Davis, 34 said.

President Schulz was unavailable for comment, however officials state that he is "pleased" of the news of the continuing success of the educational system within Wellington.

The school opens full time for students on the 7th of December, where students will work from 9AM to 3PM.

Dropping the Wellington Weekly onto the wooden floor next to her, a 14 year old Clementine Marsh readjusted the old cap on her head and smiled. So, Sarah was right then the school was opening once again. After slaving away in the fields for years now she was heartened to hear a piece of her old life and society was finally coming back. They had come a long way since they had first joined Wellington's society.

After their intense questioning ended, they were released and headed on back to their humble tent in the shadow of a large house. Rebecca reassured them all that they would have a house soon. The construction workers were building as fast as they could and were always making expansions on the wall. They were soon assigned to their jobs too.

Clementine and Sarah (being younger without any job experience) were naturally sent off to help in the fields, since Luke was a previous farm hand he went with the two girls as well. The trio of them had to earn their own food while also having to harvest a certain amount of corn crops (or whatever other crops) for the society in general. The fields and farms in Wellington were huge and had only gotten bigger over the years, meaning their was always work to do. Always crops to harvest or animals to tend too. Sarah loved this part of the job.

"Ow, look Clem! Look! A cow!" Sarah exclaimed in joy gazing at the black and white creature that merely mooed in response to the excited teenager.

"D' Ya git excited lass, y'all scare her" an older farmhand grumbled from next to her in an accent that was completely alien to Clementine's ears. As the old farmhand went to go back to his own business. Luke stroked the cow muttering "Here girl, ain't you a pretty one, hey?" before he crouched below the farm animal and grabbed it's udders "Here Clem, Sarah help me squeeze the udders, we need to get the milk out" Luke instructed of them. Although Sarah was hesitant she eventually gripped one of the udders and squeezed.

"So gross..." she moaned.

"It's kinda cool" Clementine muttered to Luke. He smiled down at her as he continued to fill the silver buckets below the cow with the fresh milk. Luke certainly looked as if he was in his element doing these exhausting and somewhat mundane tasks. However he seemed to be enjoying the work, or maybe it gave him a distraction from all that happened before.

Luke kept his promise to Clem as well, at the edge of the fields lay a big forest within the walls of Wellington. Sarah never came with them, as she couldn't stand the thought of killing cute animals (her reaction when Nick told her what happened to the pigs in the farm, was enough to put her off the sausages provided in Wellington for a while). Never the less, when there was a bad day in the fields or their large group lacked in food. Clem and Luke would set off to the forest. It was a damn long walk but the meat was worth it.

Clementine watched Luke use his machete to carve weapons such as bow and arrows, traps, snares, and spears out of the wood of the trees, he taught Clementine to do the same. At first her fingers bled at the troublesome task, "I... I can't!" she yelled in frustration, dropping a crudely cut spear she had made on the floor. Luke made her pick up and try again until she finally got it right. Within 6 months of these forest treks Clementine had become an efficient hunter in her own right.

So her, Luke and Sarah provided their little group with the food it needed. While the others were assigned to different jobs, Nick (although previously a farmhand) was treated somewhat differently by the "officials" those who surrounded the president of Wellington (the leader). These officials observed everyone and thoroughly checked records of said people with the information they had been provided. So under their instructions Nick was assigned to be a policeman. Yes, an upholder of the law in Wellington, the police were the only one's within Wellington who were allowed to carry guns with them.

Why on earth they allowed trigger-happy Nick (the only one out of all of their group) to be the one that carried a gun, no one knew. Stephanie was adamant he had lied during his questioning which he furiously denied (leading to another argument between the pair). However with his now raised confidence and his duty to protect people, it seemed like Nick's job (with seemed mismatched at first) suited him perfectly. He did look intimidating in his black police uniform. "and you look sexy" Stephanie purred to him. Their previous argument forgotten, as her fetish with seeing Nick in uniform, soothed her temper.

Nick was tasked with upholding the law "More like walking around, staring at people. We don't do all that much" he tell Stephanie grumpily. Although Luke was assured that he was gloating to them in a very undermine way. He always seemed to bring up his lack of work, whenever the sweating, sore and panting forms of Clementine, Luke and Sarah would enter the tent.

Stephanie was tasked as a lookout guard of Wellington. Her job was similar to Nick's, other than she had to sit at the top of the wall each day with a loudspeaker. Informing the guards and policemen below if any walker had managed to somehow get across the moat. Or if their were new survivors on the horizon, they had 10 lookouts stationed around the massive wall that encircled Wellington. Stephanie and Nick worked to protect the community although in the first 12 months or so they didn't do much. Preferring to use up their energy at night instead, in private places where the group couldn't overhear or see them.

Rebecca was simply let off any sort of work to look after the kids, but she grew bored of this quickly and was soon sweeping up the streets to Wellington or tasked with cleaning buildings "What next, do I have to make the president his sandwiches?" she would muse in light humour. Looking after the kids, cleaning up... yep she felt like a right feminist doing these jobs.

Eddie meanwhile was tasked with working with the construction team, Eddie wasn't the strongest man in Wellington but he certainly got the tasks done without much error and was helping pave down the roads and build more houses.

While Molly was sent out on a "scouting team" a group of individuals who would leave the safety of Wellington's walls, to bring back supplies, records, or even other survivors in some rare occasions. Wellington was very self sufficient, but that little bit of extra help from outside, was always a plus point. Clementine would notice how tense Luke seemed to get when Molly was out on these "trips" she'd usually be gone a few weeks before returning always safe and sound and ready to sit down with the group and discuss her tales from the outside.

When she wasn't scouting, or when Eddie wasn't building they (along with Luke sometimes) would be tasked with cleaning some of the bodies from the moat, they would have to load make sure the walkers were dead. Before loading them into the back of garbage truck that disposed of the bodies in a site far off from Wellington. The landfill in Wellington also went with the bodies, Luke, Molly and Eddie would return stinking of things that made Clementine's eyes water.

"Well at least my walker killin' skills ain't growin' rusty" Luke would muse to lighten the mood. But Clementine knew the only reason he could bear the stench was because it probably some of the only times he got to talk with Molly, as time went on he seemed to grow more and more fond of her presence. Molly was much slower before she finally started warming up to him, laughing at his jokes and generally admitting she was enjoying his company.

No matter how many times the pair of them would say "We don't need romance, not after what we've been through" Clementine always wondered maybe... just one more shot. They both wanted it but wouldn't admit it, they were so cautious about it and all Clementine wanted was to see the pair of them happy. Both they were both as strong and stubborn as each other and during that first year, as it became more and more apparent Wellington was growing and becoming a safe haven. They did grow closer.

"This was a triumph

I'm making a note here


Then, everything started going downhill.

"It's hard to overstate my satisfaction"

A satisfied Luke and Clementine walked through the woods one winter night, approximately 12 months after they had first joined Wellington. Luke with around 5 squirrels and Clementine with two raccoons. It had been a good day hunting and Clementine was improving her aim with the bow and arrow by the day. She was telling Luke about how she hoped Sarah would come with them into the woods one day.

"I know it's safe back there, but I want her to learn too Luke, I..." Clementine paused there as she stepped onto something crunchy. After seeing what it was she yelped and scrambled backwards in horror. Luke yelping and bellowing "Shit!" at the site of the man. Lying dead in the foliage with half of his brains blown out, clearly this was caused by a gunshot.

"Amateur Science"

The woods... it was a quiet place. Others usually hunted alongside Luke and Clementine. Strangers who they didn't know by name, but by face. Clementine had seen this middle aged man before, he was a quiet man. Who generally hunted alone seeing him in Wellington he didn't appear to have any family or friends with him and everyone was so busy working almost all the time. That if people wanted to interact they would do so with their own group, everyone kept to their group's here. Well near enough everyone.

This lonely man had certainly interacted within someone else tonight.

"We do what we must, because, we can"

"This blood's still warm Clem, this was a recent kill. With a gun as well, probably a twelve gauge at close range. Blew half this guy's head off..." Luke muttered in horror. Dipping his fingers in the blood to test how warm it was, wiping the blood on a nearby leaf he turned to Clementine.

"Luke, I thought... I thought only policemen were allowed guns in here" Clementine squeaked in horror.

"Me too Clem, but this is a murder. Fuck Clem, we gotta go alert everyone" Luke instructed and so they ran out of the forest and straight to where the new police centre had been recently built, but they weren't the only one's there. Two other men were stood babbling to a police officer as he calmly took notes, barging up to the desk Luke managed to splutter out to the woman there what they had seen. At which point the two men babbling to the police officer turned to face them.

"Y-you saw a body too?" one of them asked Luke. Clementine knew these two slightly chubby men they were part of a large group like her's who they would see quite often while hunting.

"Yeah, one guy with his brains blown out" Luke informed them.

"We fucking came across three! Three! And another guy has just been taken in for questioning, he saw another body too. Five murders! Fuckin' Five! Can you believe it!? All with gun wounds, all the victims were people who weren't part of a group, this is going to make the Wellington Weekly tomorrow, that's for damn sure..."

He was right, the Wellington Weekly was a newspaper set up by some Journalistic minds in Wellington to keep everyone across this vast community up to date on the latest news.



"FIRST MURDERS IN 12 MONTHS!" The headlines screamed.

"For the good of all of us

Except the one's who are dead"

It went on, another body was found in the gutter of a woman who was without a group. The pattern was obvious, wounds from a gun were always present on their bodies when they were found and they were always people who were alone. Lone wolves put to death.

When the death toll reached 10 that's when panic seeped in, distrust spread like wildfire across Wellington. Especially amongst the police and guards the one's who were allowed access to guns. Clementine's group kept to themselves anyway but after the 10 murders, nobody wanted to be associated with them. Especially because they had a policeman in their group.

"But there's no sense crying over every mistake"

"Someone could have fucking stolen the gun! I don't know why the fuck we're getting so much hate!" Nick would spit to the group.

"Stealing a gun ten times though? I'm surprised no one heard a gunshot go off or anything" Rebecca said letting her thoughts be known.

If construction workers had worked fast beforehand, it was nothing to how fast they worked now. and the group were thankful to finally leave their tent behind and enter a newly built house for them. With six bedrooms, two bathrooms a kitchen and living area and they even got a little garden (which was more a piece of grass than anything else, but it was still nice). Clementine and Sarah shared one room, Nick and Stephanie shared a double bed in the second room. Luke and Eddie would share single beds in the third bedroom, Rebecca would take the fourth. AJ and Lilly the fifth and Molly the sixth. It was a cosy little arrangement, they were all happy with.

But with so many people now moving out of tents and into houses, they all grew more isolated. Only coming out to work and not socialise any sense of community seemingly died in those few quiet months. The murders stopped, which was one plus point.

"You just keep on trying, till you run out of cake"

"and the science gets done"

"and you make a neat gun"

16 months after joining Wellington is when Clementine started to notice her body changing, she had her first period shortly after they arrived at Wellington (in which Rebecca guided her through) but looking in the mirror one morning she noticed her body changing. The breasts were starting to develop and she also noticed how thin her face was becoming. The chubby cheeks of childhood were disappearing, being slowly replaced with the face of a woman, she also very aware of how her clothes clung to her. Revealing curves she hadn't had beforehand.

"It's what happens to everyone Clem. Maybe you'll start liking boys soon" Sarah teased her with, she giggled as Clementine whacked her with a pillow. "I'll never be into boys, that's just gross Sarah. They get grumpy, They smell, they're hairy and they have bad breath"

"That's just Nick. Most boys are really nice" Sarah mused, as Clementine rolled her eyes.

"Whatever" she said, ironically echoing Nick in those moments.

Yet whenever Sarah would read a romantic book to her about a couple who got together "Oooh isn't it so cute!" Sarah would squeal, Clementine would feel her heart flutter slightly as well. Although this would never show on her seemingly bored face, and sometimes when Sarah would collect posters of boys in bands that were long gone Clementine face would flush slightly. As she started to dream about a handsome boy that would one day love her and repeat the tales she heard in Sarah's collection of novels. (Novels and posters were available treats from newly set up shops).

Currency was brought back into the system, so "money" was back in business. Except they didn't use dollars anymore, no. Some bright spark decided that simple silver screws accounted as currency. You earned screws by how many hours you worked, 1 screw was usually enough to buy general food or spare gifts such as worn out posters and books. Clementine was always amazed at how the system worked yet it was very simple, everyone's currency was screws. Nothing else. There was no golden screws that were worth 100 screws or anything like that. No it was a very basic system to understand.

The richer you were, the more screws you had to carry.

Shops and Currency was reintroduced at the 17 month point, meaning Clem and Luke didn't hunt in the forest, or work as much in the fields anymore. But there was always some job to do.

Then, somebody set up a bar. A bar that sold alcohol, the men rejoiced. Luke, Nick and Eddie were present at the grand opening at first it seemed like a jolly event. Until that was Nick returned home with black eye and bleeding lip "S...mbody... acc... acc...used me! of being the murderer!" he drunkenly slurred to Stephanie who helped him upstairs. Luke had been supporting him, as soon as Stephanie took Nick of his hands. He collapsed on the nearest sofa.

"Where's Eddie?" Rebecca asked him (she was the only one awake at the time. As Nick's loud entrance had awoken the children as they cried she tended to them).

"B-back... back at the b-bar..." Luke slurred, almost as drunk as Nick himself before he simply collapsed on the sofa and starting snoring.

Rebecca marched off to the place and found Eddie in the intimate embrace of a woman who must have been about 60, who was peeling off her clothes, grabbing a startled Eddie by the ear. Rebecca dragged him through the jeering crowds and back home where he drunkly ranted "I WAS GONNA GET LAID REBECCA! I WANTED IT! YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT'S BEEN SINCE I LAST GOT LUCKY WITH A WOMAN!?"

"Eddie honey, believe me when I say you can do much better than that piece of trash you were with" Was Rebecca's stern argument.


"But nothing, I've heard things about that woman. Seen her around a few times as well and believe you me I did you a favour". Rebecca stated.

So she had, that 60 year old woman turned out to be HIV positive and she had gotten with another young man at the end of the night. All the details were splashed on the Wellington weekly the next day. Because her, the man she was with and two others were found murdered in that drunken ramble of the night.

More murders. More panic.

"For the people who are still alive"



It wasn't humane and it was especially hard for Stephanie to watch, having managed to control her own kleptomania watching another thief who was caught stealing bread to feed his sick daughter, was being executed. It wasn't humane but it was justifiable considering the man had stolen the piece of bread from another starving, sickly 4 year old boy.

"FIRST PUNISHMENT IN WELLINGTON!" The headlines imploded with pictures of the man hanging from the noose.

It was on the crowd that day, that Clementine noticed him.

He was gazing at the man on the noose, a look of pure hatred in his single brown eye, his other eye was gone. A massive scar shone on his face down from his forehead and across to the bridge of his nose. Like Sarah he was also missing an arm, but he was missing his right arm yet he held himself as those he still had both. He had shaven head prickled with black hairs and looked Mexican in ethnicity. He had to be about Sarah's age or slightly older. Something about this boy and the new group (Clementine noticed) splashed around him. Caught her attention.

Without any warning the boy's eye rolled towards her, for a second they store at each other before Clementine looked away.

"Go ahead and leave me"

"I prefer, to stay, inside"

The new group however soon became the least of Clementine's concerns, executions soon became daily. And what was worse was that it because it was justified, people starting doing horrendous things. Injuring, stealing, robbing, some corrupt officials starting paying attractive young women extra screws (money) in return for other services. Prostitution sprang up and then somehow drugs came into the mix. Nick had busted a house where they grew cannabis plants in the attic. What was worse was that the culprit was a fellow police officer, who was apprehended and executed.

But he used his gun to shoot Nick in the shoulder beforehand, Nick laughed it off, but spent two weeks in the Wellington's hospital recovering with Stephanie nursing over him. Usually bringing Lilly who had learned to walk by this point and babble a few words, Nick and Stephanie sort of adopted Lilly as their daughter.

Whoever the original "Wellington Wolf" was (the name for the original killer), he or she had brought about the downfall of Wellington and not been caught. Not even to this day.

"Ma-ma... Ed...die!" Eddie clapped and swung a 3 year old Alvin around in his arms as he bellowed "That's my little man! Say it again!"

"Eddie!" AJ said clearly, laughing himself as he got the name right. Rebecca was "aww"-ing at the scene. While AJ was telling Eddie and Rebecca "I have a good first day at school mummy, I like the teacher, she is... nice" he babbled sticking his finger in his mouth as he spoke.

The junior school had opened yesterday, AJ had been sent off for his first day with his little green backpack and blue coat, AJ may have had his father's eyes but he certainly took his after his mother in terms of how sassy he could be "another boy try to steal my sandwich, I say NO! BAD!" AJ shouted slamming his fist down on the table causing most of the household to burst into laughter.

"Mummy... mummy I... I want to go to skwool" Lilly drooled, at nearly two she was very knowledgeable in her words, she was sat on Stephanie's lap. With her biological father's old cap still on her head. She never let it out of her sight and generally had a Kenny sized tantrum when it did.

"You have to wait until your second birthday Lilly, okay? Then you can go to school" Stephanie told her adopted daughter.

"But I want to be two now!" Lilly demanded, as she turned to where Nick was still sat on the sofa "Daddy when do I turn two?"

"In a few weeks Lilly, don't worry then you'll be able to go school, okay?" Nick told her, as he leant back at rubbed his still aching shoulder. Lilly may have been a full on diva at times. But Sarita's maternal instinct passed on to her daughter as she gripped crawled onto Nick's chest and muttered "Are you okay Daddy?"

"I'm fine honey" Nick responded, yet alone he laughed when Lilly kissed his shoulder before lying down again "There, I kissed it better now!" she mused in excitement as Nick muttered "Oh yes, feeling much better now..."

Even in these dark times, some happiness could be found.


It happened far too quickly, Clementine was by the shops. Buying a new book that Sarah wanted, she was walking down the alley between two houses (it was short-cut to get back to her house) from the main road she saw a pregnant woman in front of her get grabbed by three burly men. She screamed for help as Clementine ran forward, ready to help...

Until an arm held her back.

"NO! LET ME GO!" Clementine roared.

The figure didn't release her as Clementine struggled against him, she watched as the one of the men stabbed the pregnant woman until she lay dead on the pavement. With their work swiftly done they hurried back on out of sight, it was only then that the man holding her released her as she ran next to the pregnant woman.

"Oh God..." she whimpered looking down at the gory sight. The men who killed her had long fled, Clementine angrily turned to the figure in the alley, it was the boy with the one eye she saw at the execution. She knew it would be him. She had a gut feeling.

"Why did you hold me back! I could have saved her! and the baby!" Clementine roared, being reminded vividly of the haunting sight of Stephanie's dead foetus back at Howe's.

"You would have run in and gotten yourself killed. That woman was dead no matter what. She was already tangled up in some sort of mess" the boy replied calmly, his voice a very low grumble. Something Clementine wasn't expecting, she always imagined him to sound like Carlos for some strange reason.

"You could have saved her! You simply gave up!" Clementine snapped at him.

"No. She was dead. Pregnant with a baby somebody didn't want. Some rich guy probably had enough screws on him to pay for some hit-men. I hear it's a job that's becoming popular lately" the boy explained, as Clementine sadly shook her head and snarled "They won't get away with it!"

"They will, they get away with it everyday. This place tried, it's failing. The rich and prestigious will prosper"

"How do you know so much!?" Clementine snapped at the mysterious boy, she was fed up of him sounding like a know it all.

"I just do, it's obvious" was his reply, before he coughed and continued "My advice to you girl, is to keep your head down, keep to yourself. If you do that you'll be fine. Try to and play the hero, try to function in this place, like a good little member of the community will get you killed eventually. You wanna live, you better wisen up" he muttered turning on his heel. Clementine was reminded of the stranger and his words about humanity, this boy was just an asshole plain and simple who'd given up hope far too easily.

"You're wrong!" she yelled after him.

"We'll see" he replied, before he walked off back into the darkness of the alley.

"Maybe you'll find someone else, to help you"

Back in present day

Clementine stood there, at the entrance to Wellington high, still shaken up about the murder that occurred right before her eyes a few weeks ago. Hours of police interviews and being comforted by Luke had helped put the problem behind her. But it still lingered in her memory. Despite the increase in crime and foul play in Wellington the school was opening, maybe this would be a step in the right direction, Her first day of school in nearly five years.

"Come on Clem! Let's go in!" Sarah yelled, as Clementine hung back. Luke had said goodbye to them 5 minutes ago before he had gone off to work. (He managed to buy a car with money he saved up, yep cars now drove through the streets. But fuel was damn expensive and in short supply) As Sarah rushed in, Clementine caught sight of the one eyed boy as well.

His group was around him, a plump woman in her fifties who was fussing over him, with his eyes and nose. That must have been his mother or an aunt. Next to them stood African american twins both of these men had to be in their 40's, a bored looking African american woman in her mid twenties, a thin lanky man in his 20's with messy black hair and glasses along with a few facial piercings. Two teenagers stood next to the boy, a handsome boy with stuck up black hairs and a blonde girl next to him, both with the same coloured eyes and similar faces. "Brother and sister" Clementine thought, observing them closely.

Finally there was an older man, wearing overalls and straw height, fussing over a smiling boy with messy blonde hair, a mullet and a small goatee who looked slightly older than Clementine. That was this boy's group then? They didn't look all to intimidating, the ten of them. According to Stephanie they arrived at Wellington four months ago, although she didn't pick up their names she certainly remembered their being ten of them.

That was their group, Clementine walked on into the school trying to shake off the boy's words.

"We'll see"

He, the siblings and the boy with the mullet were walking into the school behind her, Clementine ignored them and proceeded towards wherever the hell her class was meant to be. Finding Sarah once again, she mused "Were being called to an assembly, the teachers are going to hand us stuff and books and..."

"Yeah, let's go" Clementine cut short her best friend, as she noticed the other four entering the hallway. Before she could move however a merry voice rang out "HEEEY!" It drawled in most southern accent Clementine had ever heard in her life.

The boy with the mullet had seemingly skipped up to them, before Clementine or Sarah could say a word, he spoke "Hey y'all know where the rootin' hell were meant to be?"

"Were in assembly. They're gathering everyone around, I know where assembly is. You can follow me and Clem if you like" Sarah offered him, with a nod of his head he gasped "Yeah, let's go" he seemed as excited as Sarah was as they walked along the hallway towards the assembly.

The brother and sister hung back, but the boy with the one eye was trailing close to Clementine. Mullet-boy and Sarah had rushed on ahead, leaving Clementine with him. Finally when she couldn't handle it anymore she muttered "I didn't catch your name" to the boy.

"You didn't tell the police I was there on the day" was his reply, avoiding the original question "You kept me out of it. I want to thank you for that, when this place falls I'll be sure to help you in whatever way possible..."

"This place isn't going to fall" Clementine snapped, annoyed at his attitude.

"Just remember whether you want me too or not. I have your back. If you were so confident about this place not falling, you'd have told the police everything. But you didn't, you can see this place failing just as much as I can, I'm trying to help you" his words seemed distant as he puffed them out.

"I don't need your help" Clementine snapped.

"and believe me I am still alive"

The boy simply shrugged and repeated his earlier phrase "We'll see"

Clementine had gotten her group this damn far, Wellington was their home, stuff was getting worse but her group would pull through.

Wouldn't they?

Wellington would remain standing,

Wouldn't it?

But a tiny part of Clementine knew what was happening, this community of Wellington, just like so many communities before it.

Slowly but surely, it was...

Going to Ruin.