He took in a deep breath.

All he knew was the sound around him, the pressure on his body. He tried to think, but there was only a jumble in his mind. He didn't know what was happening.

Then the sound around him sorted out.

Voices. He heard voices. Then he began to think.

"Is he alive," a female voice asked worriedly.

"His hearts' beating," a low, male voice replied.

"But he isn't moving," the woman said, then she gently poked him.

He moved his arm away so she wouldn't touch him again. She made a little surprised noise.

"He seems to be okay now," the man said.

The woman sighed in relief.

He blinked his eyes open, then shielded them from the light.

"Welcome to the world," the man said, an old guy with a gray mustache, lab coat, glasses, and a fatherly smile,"Welcome, Shadow."