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Inuyasha x Sesshoumaru x Kagome x InuPapa x SessMom 0_0


If she had to be honest, doing something like this was the last thing Higurashi Kagome thought she would be doing after her Feudal Fairy Tale had ended.

Then again, she had never really planned on what to do other than to finish high school.

"You have gone rather quiet, my dear sweet daughter," The deep voice chuckled against her ear and she shuddered in return, "Is there something on your mind?" His large hands gripped her thighs, forcing them to wrap tighter around his waist.

"A-are..." Kagome panted, letting out a noise when she felt fangs nibble on the sensitive skin of her throat, "Are you ever going to tell me how you are even alive?"

"Are you that surprised?" Touga smirked as the spicy scent of her intoxicating arousal spiked and his golden eyes briefly flashed red, "I am, after all, one of the most powerful beings of this world."

"B-but to escape from death?" Kagome felt far too warm, but had to resist the urge to start stripping her high school uniform off, "How did your family feel seeing you alive?"

"I should punish you for thinking of my sons when you are with me, dearest daughter." Touga said smoothly, chuckling once more as the young girl shivered against him.

"Sorry, InuPapa." Kagome muttered, letting out a shaky breath when he stiffened against her. She almost smiled, knowing that the Taiyoukai possessed some sort of strange father/daughter complex for her.

It was probably wrong, but demons had such different values from humans and she found herself adopting more demon traits since she almost exclusively hung around them.

Touga leaned back against his chair, closing his eyes and trying to cool himself off before he simply threw the Miko onto his desk and had his way with her, "I suppose you don't want to be late for school," He murmured and stroked her heated cheek, "We shall finish this at a later time."

Kagome sighed, knowing she looked flustered as she moved from Touga's lap and avoided looking at his smug face, "You're so mean, Inupapa," She smoothed down her skirt, "Maybe I will get Onii-san to pick me up from school instead."

"Two can play at this game, dearest daughter," Touga seemed amused by her weak threat, "Or perhaps you want to be punished?" He raised a brow at her.

Kagome huffed at his arrogant smirk and quickly turned around, "I can dish out punishment too," She claimed, "Don't get too cocky, InuPapa." And with that, she was out of his office in a second, ignoring the heated eyes that followed her form.

"Cocky indeed, dearest daughter."