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Chapter 22

The Chamber was enormous, tall beyond vision and lined with tall pillars. The floor was filled with a loose gathering of humans and a few digimon, milling around before the dais.

The doors swung open.

The whispered conversations were hushed, the muted rumble of noise replaced by perfect silence.

The tall figure walked slowly into the room. He was so small against the majesty of this chamber, but he nevertheless seemed to fill it with a quiet majesty of his own. As he moved forward, the crowd parted to let him pass. Some bowed, some knelt, others made fluttering gestures of deference.

Delegates from every nation, every people, every creed. All bowed before this one man as he ascended marble steps. As he reached the top and turned, they called out in one voice.

"Hail Magnus! Imperator Rex!"

He sat upon the throne, letting the noise roll over him. The Emperor of Humanity was in council.

"Is it just me or is it cold in here?" Taichi remarked. He, Ken, Daisuke, Yamato and their digimon were standing in one corner of the throne room, watching the situation play out before their eyes.

"This is his fantasy?" Daisuke was staring in amazement. "It's like something out of…well…some kind of story!"

"Believe me, this is his fantasy," Ken replied grimly. "Ruling the world and changing it for the better."

"Yeah right," Yamato snorted. "Listen to all this. Terraforming the Sahara Desert? Eliminating poverty? Cure for Cancer? Nuclear disarmament? This is ridiculous."

"What's wrong with all that?" Daisuke was surprised by Yamato's scorn.

"Nothing's wrong with any of this in itself," Yamato replied. "But just look at those delegates. Everyone's got something to show him. They're like a bunch of little kids wanting to show daddy their gold stars. And they're all delighted with one another. Genuinely!" He looked up as the delegates hurrahed at a proclamation that 70% of all nuclear weapons had been safely decommissioned and that the rest would be done within three months.


"So, it's crazy. These aren't real politicians at all. No backstabbing, no jealousy, no secret agendas, everybody working together for a better future. It's like some kid's fantasy."

"Uh Yamato, this is some kid's fantasy," Taichi pointed out. "Can we just get Magnus and get back to reality okay?"

"You guys stay here," Ken said. "Let me do this."

"You? Alone?" Yamato was incredulous.

"Uh Ken, I know you and Magnus have got, like, a history and all," Daisuke said cautiously. "But do you think you can pull him out alone?"

"You pulled me out Daisuke," Ken replied with a grin. "And I know Magnus better than anyone here. Perhaps better than he knows himself."

"Well, good luck!"

Magnus had just been listening to a report on the new recycling measures when the delegate froze in mid speech. Everything went still as though in a freeze frame. He was not surprised.

"Yes Ken, I know it's you. And I know that this is a fantasy created by MaloMyotismon's aura as a means of keeping us out of the fight. Rather effective too. At present, the only thing that stands between him and World Domination is his rivalry with Daemon. And so, you come to see me."

"Magnus, we need your help," Ken pleaded, stepping between the statuesque delegates. "The only way to stop those two is with Gennai-san's plan, and we need you for that."

"Do you really," Magnus said sarcastically. He stood up and walked down the steps towards Ken. In his adult form he towered over his former master and self-proclaimed redeemer.

"There's only one way in which they can be stopped now Ken. It's all written in an ancient prophecy found by Gennai only recently. I believe it reads:

Courage, Friendship, Kindness

The foursome trinity,

Nobility and Hope and Light

Shall set the saviour free.

Like all the others. Utterly incomprehensible and ending with some gobbledegook begging the reader to recycle and threatening suicide for non co-operation."

"But would you prefer this, Magnus?" Ken was desperate now. "A little world inside your own mind? Would you prefer to wallow in your fantasies while real people suffer?" Magnus looked Ken in the eyes, and the familiar forlorn expression was visible.

"No Ken, I would not. I just…" he hesitated. "I just wish that some day it could be like this. A perfect world, with no more squabbling and no more meaningless suffering."

"I know, Magnus," Ken reached out and touched his hand. "It was hard to give up a chance to be with Osamu again."

"I see. Lupumon, are you ready?" The blue digimon materialised beside him.

"I'm ready Magnus."

"Then I think it's time we went."


As they emerged, Gennai came running up to them.

"You did it Daisuke! Excellent!"

"Thanks! Now what was that plan you were telling us about?" They all listened as Gennai recited the same prophecy as Magnus had before.

"A foursome trinity?" Yamato was incredulous. "A trinity is of three. It can't be four and three."

"We know that Courage, Friendship and Kindness are crest powers, as are Hope and Light. But what about Nobility?" Taichi queried.

"Nobility is also a crest," Gennai reached into his robes. He brought out his hand and opened it. A crest sat in the palm of his hand.

"But whose is it?" Daisuke asked. The crest glowed, lifting slowly into the air…

…and flew straight to Magnus, whose eyes widened with shock.

"But…no! It can't…it can't be mine!"

"Nobility?" Taichi stared at the glowing crest floating between Magnus' outstretched hands. "This time, Gennai-san, I think you have made a mistake."

"There is no mistake, Taichi-kun. Magnus is the child of Nobility. Strange though it may seem." As Magnus sunk to his knees, Gennai walked over to Takeru and Hikari, who were both staring into space.

"I don't have much power left. I have to return to Digiworld and replenish myself. But first, I must release these two." His eyes glowed, and Hikari and Takeru snapped out of their trances.

"What?" Takeru was bewildered. "Where am I? Why does Magnus have a crest? What was that?"

"I must go now. Good luck Chosen children. For all our sakes, you must not fail." Gennai began to dematerialise.

"No!" Taichi yelled. "You can't leave now! We haven't figured this out yet!" But it was no use. Gennai was gone, returned to the world from whence he came. Taichi slumped to the ground.

"Typical! This is just…typical!"

"Come on Onnichan," Hikari patted him on the shoulder. "Don't give up yet."

"Yeah," Agumon added. "We believe in you!"

"I'd believe in me too," Taichi retorted, getting up, "if I could figure out this prophecy!"

"Maybe the trinity is the three Crest powers," Takeru mused, after hearing the prophecy from his brother."

"It could be," Yamato agreed. "But then where does the four come from?"

"Well You and I have Courage and Friendship," Taichi replied, "and Ken has Kindness. We've got Hope, Light and Nobility. But…"

Then he walked over to a nearby lamppost and started head banging.

"How…could…I…have…been…such…an …idiot?"

"Stop that Onnichan!" Hikari pulled him away. "You're denting your brain and it doesn't need any more damage!"

"What do you mean?" Ken asked. "Have you figured it out?"

"It's Daisuke! He has Courage and Friendship! The trinity of four! Three Crests! Four Chosen!"

"But now we need the Miraculous Digimentals," Hikari spoke up. "How do we get those?"

"I know how," Magnus stood up. "The Crest of Hope and Light are needed to activate the Digimentals, but it is the Crest of Nobility which must provide them. If the Crest is even mine."

"It is yours Magnus," Lupumon appeared beside him. "I can feel its power glowing in your heart." Magnus stood silent for a few moments then raised his right hand on which he wore the Digi-gauntlet.

"Well at least I know what this is for." He slotted the crest into a slot on the back of his hand."

"That's a pretty neat gadget," Taichi commented. "Maybe Koushiro will make me one."

"What are you planning?" Ken asked Magnus.

"I will attempt to channel positive energy through my body and use it to release the Miraculous Digimentals."

"Can you handle that much energy?"

"I'm not sure, but I have to try. I must atone for what I've done, and this is the least I can do."

"You'll do no such thing!" They all spun around to see a bedraggled figure stumbling towards them, a gun pointed at Ken's head. The digimon dropped into combat stances, snarling.


"You're not going anywhere." There was a mad look in his eyes. "Not until I get some answers!"

"You scumbag!" Taichi was enraged by his unwanted intrusion. "Can't you see we're trying to save the world here!?"

"Yeah," Oikawa replied, grinning. "I overheard everything, and you can't save the world if little Ichijouji Ken has a BULLET IN THE BRAIN!" He cocked the gun for effect. Ken showed no fear.

"What do you want Oikawa-san?" he asked calmly.

"What do I want? I'll tell you what I want! I want my memories back! You did something to me and now I can't remember!"

"That's quite enough of that Oikawa," Magnus stepped in front of Ken. "It was I who took your memories. If you want them back, then here they are." Magnus stared intently at Oikawa.

Energy beams shot from his eyes and struck Oikawa's own. He writhed and shuddered, Magnus' mind penetrating his own, moulding its form into old and familiar shapes. Oikawa screamed as every detail of his life flashed before his eyes, sometimes stopping, reversing, then continuing. Ken and the others stared in horror at Magnus, whose faced was twisted into a snarl of hate.

The eye beams disappeared, and Oikawa slumped forward, clutching his head and shaking.

"There," Magnus said quietly. "I have given you what you want." Taichi stared at Magnus, then at Oikawa. He didn't like the look of what Magnus had done but it was also very hard for him to feel any sympathy for the man in front of him.

Then he realised that Oikawa was sobbing.

"No…no! …NO! THIS CAN'T BE! HOW CAN THIS HAVE…?" He babbled incoherently, shuddering and clutching his head, the gun dropping from his hand. "What have I done?"

To Daisuke this was all very familiar. It was just like when they had defeated the Digimon Emperor. Oikawa looked up again, straight at Magnus.

"I…I didn't mean to…I should never have done it." Ken stared at Oikawa, the anger in his heart wrestling with a growing pity for this wretched, tortured man. Then he looked at Magnus, and saw the look in his eyes.

"What is he talking about Magnus?" Then with a sudden flash of insight, "what did he do to you?"

"Another day," Magnus replied emotionlessly, "if we survive this one."

Oikawa did not hear any of this. All he could see was their eyes. The eyes of the children he'd promised glory, the men he'd offered power, all to achieve a single purpose.

Oh what a selfish, cruel and meaningless purpose! To try and go where he could not, to the place that was born in the hearts of children. To drown his pain in childish innocence.

And the fruit of his labour was plain to see. It was obvious that he could never achieve his dream. For one such as himself to enter the Digital World would be to pollute it, to corrupt it, to replace innocence with experience.

Lo, a shadow of horror is risen

In Eternity! Unknown, unprolific,

Self-clos'd, all-repelling: what demon

Hath formed this abominable void,

This soul-shudd'ring vacuum? *

Desperate to escape the black morass that surrounded him, he focused on Ken, the one he'd used so perversely.

Then he noticed that they were all looking at something behind him. He shifted his knees to turn and look…

…and the bottom fell out of his heart.

There they were. All of them. Standing there, like some horror-movie nightmare, staring at him.

"What do you want!?" Even his voice was fearful.

"You said you'd make us geniuses," the foremost child said accusingly.

"You promised us," the others said in unison.

Ken remembered the children without difficulty. They had been in the van, waiting for Oikawa to grant them what they most desired…

…and in so doing sully their innocence and poison their souls. Like all such bargains, the Dark Seed comes with a price.

"What are you kids all doing here?" Hikari asked in a concerned tone. "It's dangerous. You should be with your parents where it's safe."

"We came," said the foremost child, "to see him," they all pointed at the cringing Oikawa.

"Okay, this is getting creepy," Taichi commented, glancing nervously at the children.

"But I thought they couldn't remember," said Daisuke.

"Their memories must have been restored along with Oikawa's," Magnus replied in a low voice. "I did not foresee this."

"Listen to me," Ken stepped between the children and Oikawa. "You don't want the Dark Seeds. You don't want to be what I was."

"But we'll be great."

"Greatness is not worth forgetting who you are. That sort of thing can destroy you."

"What's the point in being who I am!?" one boy said angrily. "I can't do anything! I keep getting C's. Not like him!" He pointed at Ken, who blushed slightly. "None of us are worth anything without the Seeds!"

"STOP THAT!" Daisuke yelled. "Never say that! Never! If you believe that, they all you'll ever be is a bunch of grunts!"

"That's all we'll ever be anyway!" a girl wailed. "He broke his promise, and now those big things over there are gonna wipe out the world! We'll all end up working on chain-gangs and stuff!"

"Oh yeah," Daisuke was thinking fast, faster than ever before in his life. "Well, if that's your attitude…then you will all end up on chain gangs. If you don't believe in yourselves and your dreams, then there's no point in living. And there's no way we can stop them," he gestured at the grappling megas "if you act all down. You know what my dream is?"

"What is it?" the boy asked, intrigued. There was a moment's tense silence.

"I wonder what it is?" Hikari thought. "Maybe it's something exciting."

"To own my very own noodle cart!" There was a crash as everyone except Daisuke fell over with one leg in the air.

"That's your dream?" Takeru was incredulous.

"Yeah!" Daisuke replied defensively. "You got a problem with that?"

"It's cool Daisuke," Ken said, getting up. "It's just a surprise, that's all."

"Yeah well…what's so funny?" Daisuke looked down at the boy whom he'd yelled at earlier.

"You guys…" he said, between chortles, "are funny."

"You think so?"

"Yeah! I kinda want to be a comedian, and my mom says I've got to have a good sense of humour to be a comedian."

"Er…" Daisuke paused. Destiny held its breath.

"Er…you see! You can fulfil your dreams!" Daisuke said quickly. "You've a great sense of humour!"

"Well if he can be a comedian," another child spoke up. "Then I want to be an astronaut!"

"Cool! I'll see you on Mars!" Daisuke retorted.

"I want to be a movie star!"

"Say hi to Jet Li for me okay!"

"I want to be a Race driver!"

"Always check your mirrors!"

"I want to be a basketball star!"

"TJ will give you some pointers!"

The others watched as the scene unfolded.

"It's strange," Gatomon commented. "But Daisuke is actually quite charismatic sometimes."

"I never would have thought it," Patamon replied.

"Well they certainly seem a lot happier," said Hikari.

Then everyone stared as the Crests of Hope and Light began to glow.

When he was certain that attention was focused on the Crests, Magnus lifted silently into the air. He knew what to do now. The Crest of Nobility would shine also.

But something else had to be done first.

Within seconds, he was above the buildings. He could see Daemon and MaloMyotismon, still duking it out and wrecking everything around them. He stopped and floated in mid air. He spread wide his arms and reached out with his mind.

He reached out to the very ends of the Earth. He reached to every heart and mind, to every elderly man and woman, to every little child. He reached out to the Chosen children, tired after their battles with the Homonculimon. He found the Primarchs, and the Black Hands, dispersed and returned to their homes, their wounded hearts healed.

And he knew that it was hopeless.

He could feel the energy out there, the energy that he needed. But he could never have it.

"I am no hero. I am not worthy of their help. I cannot ask the race that I would subjugate to help me. Not after I enslaved the Chosen children and made them my Reborn. Not after I corrupted those who needed love with promises of power. I am unfit."

Then, to his surprise, he felt a trickle of energy. He searched around, focusing his consciousness as best he could, and then found the source.

A little child, looking up at him from far away.

A tear rolling down her cheek.

"I forgive you."

He could feel more energy coming in. He could see more faces, more tears. He was astounded by their generosity.

And humbled too.

Their hearts flowed into his. Their joy, their happiness, their dreams.

And their sorrow.

"Why sorrow?"

The tears of the children flowed freely, mourning something he could not fathom. Their light reached across the world to him. He could feel those familiar to him. Logan and Impmon, Tanya and Kirinmon, Conrad and Psymon, Sami and Kulamon. And many, many more. A billion points of light shone on him like stars.

The trickle had become a flood. The energy filled every facet of his being, rejuvenating him, strengthening him, boosting his very being to unimaginable heights.

Then he remembered his purpose. He siphoned the energy through his body, focusing it on a single point, or rather on two single points.

As the flow of energy reached it's zenith, as he felt as though he could take no more, they were ready.

Down on the ground, the children and digimon stared in wonder as two droplets of light fell slowly towards them. They shone like gold, and Daisuke recognised them immediately.

"The Miraculous Digimentals!" he exclaimed. "Magnus did it!"

Then the glow above faded, and something shot away from it, towards Daemon and MaloMyotismon. It raced towards them at great speed.

Ken knew what it was.

Magnus could see them clearly. The two megas fighting, and a single point of light flitting about, trying to keep them from crushing any more buildings by blasting them with beams of white energy.



"I don't understand. Why sorrow?"

"Because they felt your pain."

"Stand back Casimir. This is not going to be pretty!"


He drowned out the voice in his mind. He thought only of the thing hovering nonchalantly in front of him, waiting to be claimed.

The Relic.

He could hear its siren call in his mind. For a moment he wanted it again, he wanted the thrill of its power.

Then the memory of all those voices, all those hearts, drove the urge away. As he flew closer and closer, faster and faster, he reached to his waist and drew the Black Sword. He could still hear the White Lord in his mind, screaming, pleading.

He knew what would happen. And so did Magnus.

The explosion flung Daemon and MaloMyotismon to the ground as the Miraculous Digimentals dropped into the hands of Daisuke and Taichi.

The Relic was destroyed.

But of Magnus, there was no sign.

Ken stared at the point where the explosion had occurred, not wanting to believe it. He didn't want to believe what was plain to see.


And there was only golden light. It flowed over Ken, Daisuke, Taichi, Yamato and their digimon. It stretched into the sky, turning night into day. The Chosen snapped awake as the light broke them from their fantasies. They stared in amazement as something emerged from the light.

Silver wings stretched a mile wide. Golden skin, long silver hair and a sword of fire. It looked like Angemon on steriods.

MaloMyotismon looked up and trembled.

"It can't be…not…YOU'RE DEAD!"

"I was, oh Undead King, but I have returned. Quinlongmon was right, the humans have great power within them."

"Who is it?" Miyako began to wonder where Ken was.

"It's Elohimon!" Hikari exclaimed. "I remember him! From the picture in the tomb!" She looked up, startled, as MaloMyotismon gave a roar of fury.

"Curse you Chosen Children! Once again you foil my plans! I don't care what happens now, so long as I can hurt you!" He reared up, and gave a scream that seemed like it would set the air on fire.

"KAMIKAZE INFERNO!" Before Elohimon could react, he let loose a blast of red fire, straight at the Chosen children.

There was no chance to escape, no means of getting out of the way. MaloMyotismon had used the entirety of his power to create a single attack, one that would kill them all in a blood bath of hatred.

As the fireball was about to hit, three shapes leapt in front of it. One black, two white. The ball exploded.

One white shape was deleted instantly. The others were flung down to crash-land by the Chosen.

"FALCO! BLACKWARGREYMON!" Alicia screamed. The Chosen, along with Oikawa and the children, ran to them, even as the White Lord struggled to BlackWarGreymon's side.

"Hold on my friend," he said, his voice hoarse.

"My Lord…did we stop it?"

"Yes, we did. But Gallantmon was killed."

"NO!" MaloMyotismon screamed. "I will not be denied!"

"Fool!" yelled Daemon from behind him. "Your madness has doomed us both!"

"Now you die," proclaimed Elohimon. He stretched out his hand and the pair lifted into the sky. They struggled, but could not break free of the invisible bonds holding them. With a shout of judgement, Elohimon brought his sword around, striking them both.

For a second, they floated there. Then both shattered into glittering motes.

It was over.

"Chosen Children." As Elohimon spoke, they all looked up. "The evil ones are destroyed, and these worlds are saved…at a terrible cost."

"Please," Iori stared up at him, pleading in his voice. "Please save BlackWarGreymon. He doesn't deserve to die."

"Even I cannot stop death. But I can give him the next best thing." Elohimon stretched out his hand, and white light surrounded BlackWarGreymon. Slowly his body faded away, becoming one with the light.

"What have you done?" Iori was horrified.

"I have transformed his spirit into energy, and transferred it to the Digital World. There it can be reborn in the Primary Village."

"But I thought clone digimon couldn't be reborn," Takeru was incredulous.

"A digimon is a digimon, as a human is a human. It does not matter where they come from, but rather what they choose to do with life that matters." He turned to Oikawa, who cringed at being singled out. "As for you, Oikawa…"

"Yes, I know." Oikawa's shoulders slumped, his voice filled with resignation. "Deal with me as you please. I deserve punishment for what I've done."

"Very well," Elohimon replied. "This shall be your punishment." The assembled children and digimon backed away as a beam of white light shot from Elohimon's fingertip and struck Oikawa. After a few seconds, the beam dissipated.

The children stared.

And a ten-year-old boy stared back.

"Oikawa-san?" Iori asked, his head on one side.

"What happened?" the boy looked in panic at his hands, then at the rest of his body. "What happened to me?"

"Your punishment," Elohimon said, "is to have a second chance at life. Another chance to do things differently and make different decisions. Let no-one say that you have suffered for nothing." Miyako could have sworn that he was grinning. "Oh, and look in your pocket."

Oikawa did so, and gasped as he pulled out…

"A digivice? My very own digivice?"

"Wow," Jyou commented. "I guess that makes you a Chosen child."

"It does," said Iori. "Now you can have adventures and fun times, like the rest of us."

"I guess so," Oikawa admitted. "But what about…?" There was a flash of light from the digivice and something round and green materialised in his arms.


"Datirimon? But how…?"

"I dunno! I'm just glad to see you again!"

"Me too." Yukio hugged the digimon, and the Chosen smiled warmly. Meanwhile, Elohimon looked at Chimofu, who nodded and spread his wings. Hikari looked around as he lifted into the air.

"Chimu-chan? Where are you…?"

"I'll be back soon Hikari-san." He and Elohimon flew up into the air, and disappeared into the clouds.

"What do you think they're doing up there?" Hikari said, to no one in particular.

"Probably something private," Gatomon replied. Hikari nodded in agreement. After a few minutes, they both flew down again.

"I must go now, Chosen children. I must give my parts back their lives. If ever you need me again, you know what to do."

"But what about us?" One of the children asked. "Won't we ever get to go to the Digital World?"

"In time, you too shall reach the Digital World, if you are needed. Until then, farewell."

And with that, he turned into white light and shrunk, splitting into eight parts.

Ken, Daisuke, Taichi, Yamato and their digimon emerged from the light, looking very tired.

"KEN-CHAN!" Ken looked up groggily as Miyako ran to him. They embraced.

"Oh Ken-chan! Isn't it wonderful? Oikawa's a…"

"Yes, I know Miyako-san."

"You mean," realisation dawned on Miyako, "that was you in there?"

"Yeah, kind of."

"Good call!"

"Arigatou Miyako-san."

"Please Ken-chan, it's Miyako-chan. Ken-chan?" She noticed that he wasn't smiling. "What's wrong?"

"Well if that's all," Taichi said. "Then I think we'd all better go home. Our parents are probably all worried about us."

"Wait," Hikari spoke up. "What about Yukio and Datirimon? Don't you have somewhere to go?"

There was silence.

"I don't want to stay here any more," Yukio said eventually. "It hurts to be here. Everything reminds me of…of Hiroki."

"That's all right," the White Lord put a hand on his shoulder. "You can come and live with me...if you like."

"Can I?" Yukio's eyes widened. "Can I live with you? In your castle? Yes please!"

"Come then," he put an arm around Yukio's shoulders. "Time to go home." As Ryo, Alicia and their digimon gathered around him, he turned to the Chosen."

"Goodbye, Chosen children. I'm honoured to have fought alongside you."

"We'll never forget you Falco-sama," Taichi said, with a grin.

"Goodbye, Ken-kun," Ryo said, as the light washed over them.

"Goodbye, old friend." Ken replied, smiling. And they were gone. And there was silence and peace among the ruins.

"Magnus?" The moment was disturbed. They all looked to see Luke, who was looking around in confusion and fear. "Where's my brother?"

"He's gone Luke," Luke spun around as Ken spoke.


"Somewhere far away."

"Why? What happened?" Luke's lip wobbled.

"He tried to destroy the Relic. But when the smoke cleared…" Ken broke off, unable to say it.

"Will he come back and visit like he promised?" Luke asked.

"Of course," Ken smiled to reassure him, unable to tell Luke what he feared was the truth. He knelt down and Luke ran to him, throwing his arms around his neck.

He would let Alicia deal with it in her own way. But if Luke wanted to cry in public, then Ichijouji Ken wasn't going to stop him.


Three weeks had passed since the battle. There had been interviews, therapy sessions, endless media attention. If Prime Minister had not asked the Press to leave the Chosen children alone, it would still be happening.

Luke had gone home, happier with the confidence that his brother would keep his promise. The Dark Seed children had been returned to their families, and everything seemed to have returned to a semblance of normality.

"So why can't I sleep?"

Miyako had been unable to sleep properly since the battle. She had too much on her mind, too many things had been left unsaid.

Even though it was four in the morning, she decided to get some air, courtesy of Halsemon. As they were passing over Tamachi, she noticed a familiar figure standing on his balcony.

"Couldn't sleep?" she asked, sliding off Halsemon's back.

"I was just thinking," Ken replied, leaning on the parapet and staring at the horizon. Halsemon dropped out of sight and Miyako walked over to stand next to him.

"About what?"


"About Magnus?"

"Yeah" Ken admitted. "I just…I can't…I can't believe he's gone."

"It's hard to loose someone," Miyako put an arm around his shoulders.

"It's not just that. I'm not sure…I mean…" Ken broke off. He couldn't say it.

"Ken-chan, whatever's on your mind, just tell me," Miyako said, in a slightly brusque tone. "Better out than in."

"I'm not sure that he's really dead." Ken expected a snort of derision. But none came.

"I can't say I'm sure either Ken-chan."

"You're not?"

"Well he's a remarkable guy, for all his faults, and he's survived worse. Who can say?" Ken felt a little happier at that.

"I just wish I could have helped him," he said eventually. "I can't stop myself from worrying about him."

"I wouldn't worry Ken-chan," Miyako said reassuringly. "He's got a good friend in you. Someday he'll realise that." They were silent for a while, just watching the lights. Miyako knew that there was still pain in Ken's heart, but she knew just how to distract him.

"Do you think that Chimofu and Hikari make a cute couple?" Miyako asked eventually.

"I thought they were going to take it slowly?" Ken cocked his head in confusion.

"Well, they're friends and all, but I think there's more to it than that," she smiled warmly. "And Takeru and Suzuki Hiroko are seeing a lot of eachother, and Catherine has invited Daisuke to spend the summer with her in Nice, to say nothing of Iori and Norika."

"I guess we Chosen children are lucky in love too," Ken replied with a grin.

"The thing is," Miyako said just a little wistfully, "is that we didn't have to do any match-making at all. Everything just started turning out right, and not having to interfere felt good."

"You're right," Ken agreed. "It's best to let people sort things out for themselves." Smiling, Miyako rested her head on his shoulder, as the sun rose over Odaiba.

* William Blake – 'The Book of Urizen'

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