Listen to "Remeber Me" by Thomas Bergersen on repeat while reading this; you can find it on Youtube.

The haunting melody drew her in, like a creature cold in the night was drawn to the warmth of a fire. Strands of flickering light and caressing heat in the form of chords and notes trickled around her, wrapping her in a warm, melancholic blanket. Her eyes closed. She listened with not just her ears, but her heart, her gut, her emotions. She felt it swell inside her like a rising bubble through the shallows of a pond, seeping out every pore and turning her insides to liquid sunshine. She followed it, her feet chilled on the floor as they padded faster and faster down the hall, white nightgown kissing her ankles as it fluttered around her. She was walking towards it, her mind swirling with thoughts.

She opened the door a crack and the notes of the piano, so soft and sad, but so hopeful swept over her like a refreshing breeze. His tall, black from was seated at the bench, the imposing figure in complete opposition of the elegant piano. He moved with the music, bleeding into it as if the song was a life form he clung to, desperately keeping it alive with the light pressure of finger to key. There was no light save what came from the moon through the domed glass ceiling. But he didn't need light to see by. He didn't need the notes to know the tune. This came from his heart and she felt it with every fibre of her being. Every nerve screamed at her to leave, to stray from her rooted spot and leave this private moment to him. She felt horribly invasive, like a voyeur spying on a private, weak moment. Glimpsing, perhaps, into his heart. But the thought of leaving made her small fingers curl around the door frame a bit tighter.

And then he struck a note that made her light-headed. It rose over her like a magnificent cloud upon which angels sang, the light of heaven breaking free to grace earth for mere seconds, but it was enough. Suddenly the hopeless had hope. The sad became happy. The condemned were given grace. And it hit her so hard, she lost her breath. She saw him there, pouring his heart out in a way that words simply could not express. Suddenly she understood and she was struck dumb. Her mind went blank save for one thought.

She was inside the room, but he was so swept up in his melody that he didn't notice or hear. she couldn't either.

She kept walking towards him like an apparition in white lace who'd found their lost love, and he kept on playing like a fallen angel seeking redemption.

Tears were in her eyes, her hands folded beneath her chin as if she dared to hope, dared to believe that maybe this could be. Maybe he felt the same.

As for him, agony tore at his insides, but still he played - he would have continued to play until his fingers bled if it meant he could make her understand.

And then as if they were one, she stopped and he turned. Their eyes locked. Her heart stopped beating and his fingers stumbled. Both of them froze and felt the same exact thing: uncertainty followed by an electric surge of hope. And then, he stood and she launched herself into his arms. He caught her, cradling her to his chest. She felt soft, he felt firm and they both felt safe. Wanted. Keeping one arm secured around her fragile waist, he brought the other to her chin and tilted her head up so he could look into to her eyes just before his lips claimed hers in the sweetest surrender of love ever committed.

A/N: What I felt and saw in my mind while listening to this song on my walk today. I wonder if you wall saw/felt the same thing...? Did words express this song to you? I wonder...