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"Move faster!"

The opposing team blocks yet another spike.

"Jump higher!"

The spiker is barely able to hit the ball over the net.

"Match my tosses if you want to win!"

The ball is tossed up once again, released smoothly out of the setter's fingertips at a speed that was maybe, just a little too fast.


This time, no one is there to hit the ball.

There is a wall.

A large wall that blocks the view from beyond the net and now, a new wall that separates the setter from the rest of his team.

What use is a valuable team member when he is no longer a part of his team?

No one is there beside him.

No one to keep the ball from hitting the ground.

No one there to give him a reason to remain on court.


Kageyama woke up with a large headache and a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach. He pulled himself into a sitting position and sighed. It felt like he was on the verge of vomiting out last night's curry. It wasn't as though he hadn't had that nightmare before, in fact he had it many times after he lost his last tournament and was traumatized by the experience.

But this time it was different. Or should've been at least.

He had been playing volleyball at his new school Karasuno for a while now and was already well underway with preparing for the tournament that was coming up soon. He had made new teammates and maybe he'd even go as far as to call them friends.

The nightmares had stopped long ago.

So why? Why were they beginning to crop up again?

Kageyama thought that he had already put his complete faith in his team, so why was he still feeling so anxious? Maybe some part of him still couldn't just trust so easily?

Kageyama buried his head in his arms. He felt like crap.

His arms felt disgusting.

His legs felt disgusting.

His eyes, ears, mouth…

Everything was DISGUSTING.

"How despicable…" he mumbled as he covered his head with his arms in an attempt to shield himself from the morning light that was beginning to seep in through the closed curtains.

His eyes barely open, Kageyama slowly trudged on his way to school. Everything was relatively normal, the usual route, and the usual bustle of students each chattering and walking to their respective schools.

But Kageyama was lacking his usual energy, with shoulders slumped, messy bed hair and hands stuffed casually inside the pockets of his wrinkled trousers. Anyone could tell from afar that it wasn't a particularly good day for him.

As Kageyama approached the gym in which his daily volleyball training would be held, he heard a faint sound from behind him. He brushed it off as something minor.

But soon enough, the sound got louder and Kageyama realised that the sound was the noise created by footsteps. Fast and frantic ones.

Kageyama whipped his head around and sure enough, the usual orange haired boy was there sprinting toward him at an alarming speed.

Kageyama's weariness disappeared in an instant and he took off in a sprint, racing against the boy who was close behind him with the volleyball gym as the goal. But despite being fully awake, his body still didn't work the way he wanted it to and so he was quickly overtaken.

When at last Kageyama reached the gym entrance, he collapsed beside the smaller boy beside him and felt even more out of breath than usual. The shorter one immediately jumped up however, as soon as Kageyama's back hit the ground.

"I won with a pretty big lead this time."

Kageyama sat up to face Hinata who was looking at him kind of weirdly.

"Shut up you dumbass!" Kageyama retorted. "Don't get cocky just because you won this one time!" Kageyama pulled himself up and patted the dust off himself.

"No! That's not what I meant!" Hinata yelled. "I meant like you look pretty bad today…"


Realising how what he had just said could be easily misunderstood, Hinata panicked and attempted to explain himself.

"Wait! No! I didn't me—"


The orange haired boy was abruptly cut off by his bald senpai which in turn, ended the conversation.

Morning practice was as per usual, the same drills and exercises were carried out over and over again, with maybe one or two games chucked in between. It may have sounded like a total pain in the ass to some people, but to Kageyama, it was what he lived for.

Volleyball day and night, the cycle repeated countless times. It gave him a sense of peace and belonging among his teammates, not to mention that he loved the sport and had been playing it for as long as he could remember.

But what made him the most excited was of course, when he tossed one of those god-like tosses to the little ball of energy and watching him spike the ball hard into the opposite side of the court.

"Nice kill!" Kageyama yelled. Volleyball was about one of the few things Kageyama believed in which he and Hinata could get along quite well in. And although Hinata still sucked in all other areas of volleyball besides spiking, Kageyama didn't mind. Although he would always throw a nasty comment or insult here and there, but ultimately they were all for Hinata's own good.

"Yosha!" Hinata exclaimed in return to Kageyama's previous compliment. The fiery head turned toward the coal black one and beamed. After all, it wasn't just Kageyama who loved partaking in that godly toss and spike. Kageyama felt the corners of his mouth curl up a little.

But the smile from his little teammate was quickly replaced with a much darker expression. Hinata stared at his palm which was slightly red from the impact between his hand and the ball when he spiked it. He tilted his head to the side and had a puzzled look on his face.

Kageyama however, had already turned around and begun talking to Sugawara about volleyball strategies and so, did not see the uneasiness that the smaller boy was feeling.

The rest of morning training continued without any more hitches and ended with a simple "osu!" from all the team members before departing to their respective classes.

Kageyama felt so tired. With the presence of volleyball gone, he felt as though all his energy had been sapped away. He slowly made his way toward his classroom and decided he would just sleep through class. He didn't need anything aside from volleyball anyway. His thoughts drifted back to the nightmare that he had last night.

But before Kageyama could even gather his thoughts, Hinata ambushed him from behind.

"OI!" Hinata shouted while he jumped onto Kageyama's back. "What's wrong with you today?"

Completely weirded out by Hinata's actions, Kageyama immediately whirled around, sending Hinata flying off his back. Of course the little orange haired boy found it an easy feat to land upright and continued his confront with Kageyama.

"You were so out of it today!" Hinata accused. "The others didn't seem to notice but it was obvious that you're already pissed off face looked even more pissed off today!" Right after throwing the insult, Hinata bounced a few meters back, bracing for impact.

Kageyama was indeed irked by what the orange haired idiot had just said, but he just couldn't be bothered doing anything about it. "Nothing's wrong dumbass…" he mumbled before resuming his walk to the classroom.

Hinata blinked. Kageyama mumbling? And to an insult? Well this was certainly something unusual…

"What?" Hinata mused, "Are you finally starting to respect me, who is (technically) your senpai?"

Still no response.

"Wahahaha! Scared of me n-!"

"SHUT UP!" Kageyama snarled.

Hinata winced, preparing for some sort of physical attack to befall him. But there was none. Hinata looked up only to see Kageyama's back disappearing into the distance.

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