A/N: I've had this idea kicking around in my head for a little while now, but I needed time to outline where I wanted to go with it. Now that I think I have a handle on how I want to handle it and where I want it to go, I now present this to the world.

"Oh come on! That's a bullshit fucking call ref! That was not a fucking penalty and you know it! God damn cock sucker!"

Roman pinched the bridge of his nose. He loved Dean to death, but his need to scream at the TV when something happened that he didn't like was not something he enjoyed. Especially not when they were in public. Tuesdays meant sixty cent wing night at Buffalo Wild Wings, which meant that was where they met up to have dinner. Dean's eyes were glued to the big TV screen right in front of him, his anger level rising as his team continued to lose. "Come on man." He wiped his fingers off with a napkin before clamping his hand down on Dean's shoulder. "It's just a game."

"It's not just a game! I got fifty bucks riding on this!" Dean shrugged Roman's hand off him and furiously bit into another wing. He had a basket of onion rings in front of him, though he kept stealing Roman's fries while he was at it. "Like fuck dude. I can't keep losing my money."

"So stop gambling you dumbass." Roman had no sympathy for Dean on this front. Dean knew better but still did it anyway. Of course, that described just about everything he got himself into. And it had been that way for as long as he could remember. Hell, the day they had met in Miss Kennedy's kindergarten class, he had pulled the fire alarm just because they had gone over the fact that it was not a toy for them to touch. If wasn't doing things to push the consequences then he just didn't know what to do with himself. "You don't see me doing that shit anymore."

"Because you're a pussy." Dean reached over to steal more fries.

"No, I'm just fucking responsible with my shit." Roman slapped his hand away from his food. "I saved my money and got me and Seth our nice house. You blow yours and live in that shitty ass apartment. Maybe you need to start using me as an example."

"And maybe you should just suck my balls."

That declaration got them a nasty glare from the lady sitting at the next table with her three young children. Roman mouthed an apology to her. It wasn't really accepted. Dean didn't even look the least bit sorry. Not that Roman expected him to. Dean was perhaps the most unapologetic person Roman had ever met in his life. Roman himself always shrugged it off. He was beyond used to it. But it didn't mean other people did, and that made things more than a little awkward sometimes.

"So where the hell has Seth been lately? Is he like, ever around anymore?"

"They got him working pretty late," Roman admitted. About six months ago, his boyfriend Seth had gotten a new job with the McMahon and Helmsley law firm. He had been moving up the ranks ever since, becoming a personal favorite of Hunter, who was one of his bosses. Hunter's wife Stephanie seemed to like him to, which meant they were trusting him with more and more cases. That meant more money, which was great, but it was meaning that they never got to see each other. It didn't help that Roman worked a lot too. His family owned a construction company, one that he had all but ran when his father fell victim to cancer. Thankfully it was in remission now, and he was looking to reclaim his spot. Roman was going to be more than happy to give it to him. He needed a break. What he really wanted was to take some of the money he had saved and take Seth on vacation. A stay at a beach house, a trip through Europe because Seth always wanted to go, a visit up to New York City or Las Vegas-just something where they could get away for awhile. Whether Seth could get the time off now though was the issue.

"Pretty late?" Dean snorted loudly. "He wasn't there to glare at me when I came over Saturday. How am I supposed to go on without his seething hatred?"

Roman rolled his eyes. "He doesn't hate you."

Dean's grunt showed how much he disagreed with that one. If Roman was going to be honest, Dean was probably more right than he was. Seth and Dean had never really clicked. Seth thought Dean was obnoxious (which he was) and Dean thought Seth was a bitch (which Roman disagreed with, but unfortunately, others thought Dean was right). Roman had been trying for the past year and a half to get them to get along. He adored Seth, and even if Dean was kind of an ass, he had also been his best friend since he was five. It was important to him that they liked each other. So far though, the best they ever managed was to be civil. And maybe asking for more was just too much, but he still hoped for the best.

"He should be home this weekend. Why don't you come over again? Bring Renee with you. We like her."

"You like that she brings cookies." Dean grabbed his beer and took a long sip from it. "I'm not even going to be around this weekened. I've got plans."

"With Renee?"

Dean shifted around uncomfortably. "No. Not with her."

"Dolph then?"





"Can you stop guessing?"


"Stop it."


Dean let out a long sigh. "God you make me sound like a whore."

"Well you do have a lot of people you fuck around with." Roman tilted his head to the side. Dean would have confirmed if it was any of the people he just listed...which meant there was only one person that was left. "Oh god no!"

"Don't get mad."

"It's Regal isn't it?"


"Liar!" Roman threw his hands up in exasperation. "You can't be fucking serious! Regal? Again?" He couldn't even believe they were going to have this conversation again. He had hoped they were past this. Regal had been their psychology professor back in college. Dean had been infatuated with him from the moment he laid eyes on the British man. Roman didn't understand it. Sure he was good looking enough, but there had been something very, very off about him from the beginning. Not that Dean listened to a word Roman said on the matter. He pursued the relationship, becoming totally obsessed. Regal, who had a very on again, off again relationship with his wife, gave in and had the same type of relationship with Dean. It never struck Roman that Regal actually liked Dean. He liked that Dean was so into him. He liked that he could make Dean do just nasty, dirty, degrading things when they slept together. He liked that he could send Dean on an emotional tailspin without any real effort and Roman fucking hated him for it.

"It's different this time," Dean insisted.

"You say that every time!"

"Do not."

"Oh you do too. Jesus dude. He plays you like a fiddle. Why can't you see that?"

"He's not." Dean shifted around in his seat. His eyes refused to even meet Roman's now. It was hard to tell if he just was uncomfortable because Roman was mad at him, or because deep down, he actually knew Roman was right. Even if it was the latter though, it wasn't like he would actually admit it. He was too stubborn for that. No, Regal would have to fuck him over yet again before he admitted this time was no different than the other ones. His inability to truly learn from his mistakes was frustrating and infuriating. Roman just wanted to strangle him.

"What do you even think you'll be doing with him this weekend?"

"Probably go up to the cabin. Get some alone time."

"Where he can hide the fact that he's with you."

"Fuck you Ro." Dean pushed aside his food and tried to stand up. "I don't need a fucking lecture."

"Yes you fucking do." Roman grabbed him by the arm and made him sit back down. "He fucks you over every god damn single time. He's fucking awful for you. And who picks up the pieces? Me." Roman gave him a pleading look. "I just don't want to see you get hurt again."

Dean tried to keep looking pissed. But the fight went out of him and he just shrugged helplessly. "I'll be fine alright? You don't gotta worry so much." He stole another French fry and popped it into his mouth. "You got your own shit to worry about. You're fucking gonna propose to Seth. You're marrying the queen of bitch tits."

"He's not a bitch tit!" Roman rolled his eyes as Dean just snickered. "Fuck you man. All you do is torment him. You might actually like him if you ever actually gave him a chance."

"He thinks he's better than me." Dean leaned back and folded his arms over his chest. "Which is whatever. Everyone fucking does. But he also thinks he's better than you. Fucking arrogant ass prick only got with you because you're pretty and successful. You make him look good."

"That is such fucking bullshit and you know it." Roman curled his hand around his beer but didn't take a drink. Dean was literally fucking the king of arrogant pricks in Regal and refused to recognize it. Yet he was going to sit there and talk shit on Seth? Hell no. "He knows plenty of fucking pretty and successful people as you put it. Yet he's with me."

"Well you are the prettiest in all the land." Dean reached over and flipped some of Roman's hair around. "I mean look at this hair. Fucking gorgeous as shit." He ran his fingers over Roman's cheek, getting hot sauce on him in the process. "And look at this chiseled fucking face. You're fucking carved out of stone aren't you?"

Roman slapped his hand away. "Stop that."

"I'm just saying..."

"He loves me and I love him. And if you aren't coming over this weekend, then I'll just propose instead."

Dean smirked. "So now proposing to Mr. Bitch Tits is a spite move? Should I mention that when I give my speech at the wedding?"

Roman raised his eyebrows. "Who said you'd be giving a speech?"

"Well the best man always gives a speech."

"And you're just appointing yourself that?"

"I'm the best friend. Just because you got like ten million family members doesn't mean you get to deprive me of that shit. I will fucking elbow drop all the mother fuckers in your family for that spot."

Roman couldn't help but smile at that. It was nice to know that even if Dean didn't like Seth, he would still stick by him during the wedding. "I'm sure they'll appreciate that." He gave a quick nod to the waitress, who had brought him a refill without him having to say anything. "Good luck fighting my brother though. One shot from him and you'll be down for the count."

Dean snorted loudly. "Yeah. He wishes."

The rest of dinner passed without argument. When they were done they split the bill and headed back to Dean's place for more drinks. Roman knew it actually wasn't a good idea. They both had a work in the morning. But Dean kept insisting, and if he were to be honest, he was always terrible at turning him down. So he ended up stretched out on Dean's couch like usual, another beer in hand while Dean kicked back in his recliner. "Don't you have to be at work at like five tomorrow?" he couldn't help but ask.

"Something like that." Dean cracked open his own beer and took a long drink. "It's alright though. Not like I've never worked hungover before."

Roman rolled his eyes. Dean's current gig was being a camera man for the local news station, though nobody knew how long that would actually last. Dean had never really been one to figure out what he actually wanted to do for the rest of his life. Instead he drifted around from job to job, never settling for anything too long because he grew restless. Roman could have argued that wasn't the way to go, but he tended not to. At some point, Dean would find something to really settle into. It was just a matter of when and what.

They watched another game, this time in silence. Dean didn't have any money on the line, and neither one of them actually cared about either team. It just served as background noise. Roman continuously checked his phone as it went on. He had texted Seth during the drive back here, but he had yet to hear back. That wasn't anything unusual really. Not with how often Seth was working late anyway. He was surely just busy. But that didn't mean Roman liked it. Before he started working so late, they were rarely ever apart. Dean often complained they were attached at the hip. And he could understand how that would be annoying. He really could. But he still missed it. He was tired of not having anyone to come home to. He was tired of going to bed alone and being woken up by Seth grabbing a quick shower before he slipped into bed himself. He was tired of Seth being cranky because he was just so exhausted from being overworked. They needed him to get the time off so they could get back on track.



"You really sure you want to marry him?"

Roman frowned. Dean's tone was softer. More concerned than he usually let himself be. "Yeah. I do." He sat himself up and turned so he could look more fully at his longtime friend. "You really sure Regal's different now?"

"Yeah." It was hard to tell if Dean was trying to actually convince him or himself. Either way, Roman didn't buy it for a second.

"I'll fucking kill him if he hurts you again."

Despite groaning, Dean's lips twitched with a hint of a smile. "Thanks, I guess."

"Any time."