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It is the year 1526 and the early spring air was light cool and perfect for all occasions. For the occupants of Ludlow Castle, it was the perfect weather to go out and play after being cooped up indoors all winter. At the moment, two children ran carelessly around the gardens. The boy was not really a child, he was fifteen years old and he knew better than to run around and play such games as this, especially with this girl in particular. Not only was she of a different gender and younger than he, but also because she outranked him by far and the informalities between them should not exist.

He stopped running and paused to catch his breath. The girl was so full of energy, she could outrun him even at her age of ten. This made him think that she should have been born a boy indeed, for out of all the children born of her parents, she was the only one to survive infancy and grow strong. If she had been a boy, people would not be so quick to dismiss her.

He felt someone run into him from behind and wrap their hands around his waist. He laughed and turned around to look at her. He had experienced a growth spurt and now he looked down on her. Her beautiful blue eyes looked up at him shining with mirth, admiration, and just a bit of mischief.

"I caught you", She said in a light sing song voice

"Indeed you have princess. I am now at your service, ask me to do anything you want and I shall", He said as he fell to his knees in a grand gesture.

She laughed happily and then looked around to see if anyone was looking–they weren't– She came closer to him so that only he would hear what she had to say.

"You know, If I was not a princess and if I was not to marry Emperor Charles, I'd marry you George Boleyn" Having said this, she kissed his cheek and ran away.

George could say nothing. His entire face and neck were flushed as he stood up and watched her be led back indoors by Lady Salisbury. She was the Princess of England and he was nothing. She was destined to marry an Emperor, yet she had just told him he was her first choice. He knew that they were both just children and knew nothing of these matters, but if anyone was to ask young George what love was, he'll say it was what he felt when he was around his closest friend. He did not even remember when they had gone from mistress and companion to the closest of friends, all he knew was that he wished he was Emperor Charles or some rich king of somewhere. Thinking such thoughts, he whispered.

"And if I was worth more, I'd marry you Mary Tudor"


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