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" talk"


" hes gone i cant believe it "

" i know its hard but you - we will be okay alright"

"yeah... just i just need some alone time okay"

"sure we will come by tomorrow to see you alright"

"yeah see you then"

the door closed slowly as they left and as it closed he slowly slid down the door

'gone hes gone some stupid thing took his life' he thought

'why why cant he just have i don't know' he started to cry

' Ryoma you were my world why did you leave'

he stood up and walked to the kitchen ' i would have done anything to take your place to be the one gone'

'why'...".WHY" he cried as he collapsed

"Ryo why cant... i just want to see you again i wanted to spend forever with you its a long time i know but its worth it with you so why" he sobbed

he stood up and walked to the drawer by the sink 'maybe just maybe i can just be with you again' he thought sadly

'just one action and i could see you again Ryo' he thought as he opened the drawer the knife drawer.

"see you soon Ryo" he said as he grabbed the knife and let out one last sob

later that day

"Fuji Fuji open the door " shouted Eiji as he knocked on the door for the 5th time

"Oishi he wont answer i'm worried" fretted Taka

"well i guess we can just go in" oishi said as he pulled out a spare key

"hoi hoi Fuji Fuji were here" called Eiji as they walked in

"Fuji" called Taka

"Fuji" called Oishi as he checked the living room and kitchen

"FUJI!" he screamed and rushed to the still figure of Fuji


"r-right" stuttered a pale Taka as he ran for the phone

" Oishi we cant lose him not him too first ochib now him" cried Eiji as he fell to his knees

" we wont Eiji we wont."

" i-im sorry m-minna-san b-but Ryoma i-is waiting fo-for me" muttered a semi consious Fuji

"FUJI! hang on please" screamed Eiji

"s-sorry Eiji but this i-is good-goodbye i'm c-coming R-Ryo" Fuji muttered

"FUJI! FUJI! NO! NO! noo..." cried both Eiji and Oishi

'good bye my friends im sorry but i just cant live forever with out ryo its a long time but one life time i want to spend with ryo dead or alive... forgive me' read the note that fuji scribbled minutes before.

(a/:n) sorry i know i killed ryoma and fuji but this is how i picture it being placed so yah hoped you liked it i dont own prince of tennis trust me you would know if i own prince of tennis lol r&r