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A/N: Wow, I never felt I want to upload this Halloween special.

Me and Kanius work together for this huge party character corner in script form that tributes to Disney's House of Mouse. With feelings of 'popular demand', I decide to convert it a fic to upload on this site for more viewers and for Kanius to get ready for its Deviantart upload on October 1st (remain in script form intact).

In history, back in 2012, the first party corner was made during Kanius and Chaosblazer did Siege of GranDracmon. In 2013, a sequel was made with another of my friends' contribution at Digimon Fusion Kai: Yagami's Second Coming. Now as mention above, this is my first time getting involved at this and take it to the next level of awesomeness and diversity, I imagine this party corner to have five parts.

(Note: As of October 2016, I have update the fanfic to have quality similar to Shinnen:New Year alongside slight fixes/changes.)

House of Madoka: Halloween Night

Chapter 1: Welcoming the Guests

New York City, New York/House of Madoka (Outside)/Dimension: Character Corner/Real-life: October 31st, 2014

(Cue Alan Tew – Night Watch)

October 31st, this is both the notorious and infamous day of All Hallow's Eve. It is now nearly nightfall around 5 or 6 pm at New York City, a busy place with crowds and tourists. It is home to Time Square, Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty, and New York Comic Con located at the Jacob K Javits Convention Center.

In the heart of that city lies a huge fancy dinner theater club called, The House of Madoka. It is own by five magical girls and their 'cute' pet mascot. Outside, they are now preparing to open the front doors for the grand opening and lots of guests to come soon.

Sayaka Miki dresses as Velma from Scooby Doo, Mami Tomoe is Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Kyoko dress up as Vanellope from Wreck-it-Ralph, Homura is Enma Ai from Hell Girl, Madoka Kaname is Silica from Sword Art Online, and Kyubey is dressed as Sylveon from Pokemon.

"Oh wow, this is going to be the best Halloween night ever!" Sayaka cries out in joy.

Mami smiles at her friend's comment, "We have all the candy and buffet for the guests they need."

Kyoko gives a snide remark, "All that talk of food makes me hungry, Mami."

"I'm so glad that we work together for making our new friends stopping by!" Madoka said to her friends.

Homura replies to Madoka calmly, "Yes, we must hope to make this celebration safe." She then gives a glare at the emotionless Kyubey, "Don't think you are doing something rash, I'm watching you."

Kyubey remains unconcern at the raven-haired girl's warning, "Relax Homura, it's just a big party for everyone."

"Yeah, what's the matter with that?" Kyoko said to Homura.

Madoka sweatdrop, "I think you're stressing out much, Homura."

Homura shows concern to the pink-haired girl, "I can't help it, Madoka."

Just then, the magical girls and Kyubey senses the first round of guests appearing.

"Hey, is that what we think they are?" Sayaka points out.

"It's about damn time." Kyoko stated while Mami smiles.

(End theme)

The first arrivals of guests are the YuYuGiDigiMoon (YYDGM-01) founders: Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Yusuke Urameshi, Yugi Muto, Takato Matsuda & Guilmon, Takuya Kanbara, Karin Osaka/Sailor Sedna, and Kotori Ayame/Valkyrie Brunhilde. Behind them are the Ascendants & Kai Destined, the D3s, the other Digimon Fusion Kai (DF-616) members, the Tamers, the Legendary Warriors, the Planetary Senshi, the Kuiper Belt Senshi, the Spirit Detectives, and the Duelists.

(Cue Armin Van Buuren ft. Nadia Ali - Feels So Good (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix))

Sailor Moon dressed as Buffy Summers gives a big smile at the venue, "Ahhh, just look at this whole set-up! These girls worked extra hard getting the House of Madoka up!"

Yusuke dressed as Ging Freecss from Hunter x Hunter gives a satisfying grin, "Man, this is what they spent almost a whole year on? Not bad. They did alright!"

Yugi dressed Leon S. Kennedy states, "You can tell they poured their entire hearts and souls into making this possible."

"No kidding." Takato dressed as Roy Mustang before being unnerve, "I like the entire set-up, but could they have done without the Kyubey face on the front?"

Guilmon shudders at the sight of the visage, "Yeah, it's creepy!"

Takuya dressed as Ryo Sanada from Ronin Warriors said, "Hey, here come our hosts!"

Sedna dressed as Twilight Sparkle positively comment, "Great work, girls! We're really looking to this party!"

Kotori dressed as Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill smirked, "We're also glad to be the first guests to try this out. Now, where's the food?"

The Ascendants and Kai Destined came wearing a Naruto theme.

Taichi Kamiya dressed as Naruto Sage Mode grins at Madoka's hard work, "Madoka, you guys did an excellent job with the House!"

"Cheers for Madoka and her friends!" Agumon shouted.

Kensuke Rainer dressed as Rock Lee cried out, "Make that three cheers!"

"Why not all cheers?!" Kensuke's Veemon added.

"Hmph." Yamato Ishida said as he dressed as Sasuke Uchiha.

"I wonder if they got a buffet lined up?" Gabumon wondered.

Dimitri Ishida dressed as Gaara said to the canine digimon, "I'm very sure they do, Gabumon."

Faith the Patamon is hopping up on Dimitri's shoulder, "I'm starving!"

Kari Kamiya dressed as Hinata Hyuuga, giggles, "I think we're all hungry, Faith."

"I call dibs on the food first, guys." Gatomon said.

Davis Motomiya dressed as Kiba Inuzuka, growls, "No way! You'll have to get by me and Veemon first!"

"What Davis said, Gatomon!" Veemon added.

"No fair!" Patamon joins in and ask his partner. "TK, whoever gets in line first gets first dibs."

TK Takaishi dressed as Sai, laughs, "You got that right."

"It's going to get awfully crowded and there's already huge crowds forming behind us." Ken Ichijouji said as he's carrying Wormmon and dressed as Neji Hyuuga.

"Crowds make me nervous." Wormmon stated.

Yolei Inoue dressed as Tenten comment, "And these are the invited guests for the opening night. Sheesh."

Sora Takenouchi dressed as Sakura Haruno brightens up the mood, "At least we got here before anyone else."

"Yep, the early bird gets the worm." Biyomon said.

Palmon supports the bird Digimon's remark, "Or in this case, us since we'll get in the buffet line first!"

Mimi Tachikawa dressed as Ino Yamanaka interrupts, "Hate to break everyone's hearts, but it doesn't look like the buffet will open right away."

Izzy Izumi dressed as Shino Aburane calculates the area, "I estimate over a hundred guests and counting."

"You're making a head count?" Tentomon ask his partner.

Joe Kido dressed as Shikamaru Nara said to Izzy, Why bother, Izzy? Just know it'll be a lot of guests.

"Are they gonna have enough to feed all of us?" Gomamon wondered.

Armadillomon jokes, "With who you're cosplaying Cody, ya'll be eating up the whole place! Right?"

Cody Hida dressed as Chouji Akimichi, mumbles, "Haha, very funny."

X dressed as Kakashi Hatake feels relax than ever, "This is a great way to get out Other World."

Keke, the AU daughter of Yamato and Mimi, is seen dressing up as Alia from Mega Man X, holding X's arm, "Sure is!"

Tike, the AU son of TK, dressed as Medabee from Medabots feels the same way, "They mentioned food! Hell, that's what we're here for, right, sis?"

"Damn straight!" Kara, the AU daughter of Kari, nodded as she dressed as Genki Sakura from Monster Rancher.

David, the AU son of Davis, is dressed as Solid Snake, sweatdrops, "Guys, you might want to control yourselves?"

"Forget it, David." Sam, the AU son of Ken, said while dressing as Sonic the Hedgehog, "Just any Pokemon or Digimon, when food comes to their mind there's no reasoning with them."

The Kuiper Belt Senshi are all dressed in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic theme.

"About time the hosts are coming out." Sailor Varuna said as she is Rainbow Dash. "What took them?"

Sailor Orcus, who dressed as Pinkie Pie, answers Varuna's comment, "Getting last minute preparations done? Believe me. I've had to do house warming parties before."

"Madoka and her friends are under a lot of pressure." Sailor Quaoar said as she is Fluttershy. "This is their opening night."

Sailor Ixion dressed as Rarity said, "Yeah, let's give them a chance to be our hosts. We'll assess the accommodations they provide us."

Sailor Eris dressed as Applejack smiles at a little girl, "Don't ya just look so adorable, Athena?! Ya little darling you!"

Athena, who is the future daughter of Dimitri and Sailor Sedna, dressed as Spike, and blushes, "Thank you, Auntie Taylor!"

"And I'm not adorable?" PinkPatamon huffs.

"I'm impressed." BW dressed as Magma Dragoon from Mega Man X4 said with his arms cross, "Now to give the inside a look."

Pikkan dressed as Afro Samurai, gawks at a hilarious sight, "BanchoLeomon, the hell are you doing?"

BanchoLeomon who dresses as Garterbelt from Panty & Stocking, does an awkward pose with Sonja and Sheila, "Cosplay group shot."

"C'mon, kitty cat, smile!" Sheila said as she dressed as Panty, "These fans want their picture perfect shot of us together!"

Sonja dressed as Stocking added, What she said, BanchoLeomon."

"Well it is, Panty & Stocking W/Garterbelt." Mummymon said being dressed as Mr. Satan before talking to his daughter, Meryl, "Um, don't look at them. Look over at Madoka and her friends."

Meryl dressed as Videl Satan, gleams with joy, "Woooow, pretty magical girls!"

The Puellas and Kyubey are pleased to see their guests coming.

"I'm glad you're all here!" Madoka smiles with a positive feeling.

"This is the first round, Madoka." Kyubey reminds the pink-haired magical girl.

"Step right up to go inside the house!" Kyoko shouted in joy.

Mami smiles, "I want you all to line up so everyone can get in an orderly fashion."

The YYGDM Founders, Ascendants/Kai Digidestined, D3s, Kuipers, and Kai Allies all do so as they get in line. One by one, the characters went inside the dinner theatre club.

Soon, there are guests/cameos of various fictional characters in line.

One is the Anime people with TOM (Toonami) as Amon from Legend of Korra, Doraemon, Haruhi Suzumiya, Jimmy Kudo/Conan (Case Closed), Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop), Alucard (Hellsing), Eren Yeager (Attack on Titan) as Raleigh from Pacific Rim, and Kirito (Sword Art Online) as Samurai Jack.

"It's so rad, wonder if the magical girls can show some anime like my channel." TOM stated. Spike smirks at TOM's comment.

Alucard gruff, "Perhaps a Hellsing Ultimate marathon fully dubbed and ready for the last two OVAs?"

"I needed a break of killing Titans." Eren feels tired of his daily routine back in his home world.

Kirito sees Madoka, "That girl dresses up as Silica, hmm."

"Cheer up guys, we're all having the same boat to have fun!" Haruhi gives a bright expression to her new friends.

"She's right, let's all head inside to reserve our table." TOM said to the anime group.

Next is the Cartoon Network folk with Ed Edd n Eddy as teens/young adults, Coop/Jamie/Kiva from Megas XLR, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Sector V (Numbuh 1/2/3/4/5 from KND) as teens/young adults, Grim/Billy/Mandy (Billy and Mandy are teens/young adults), and Mordecai/Rigby (Regular Show).

"Check it out guys, a cool party that we're invited!" Eddy grins at the sight.

"These girls did a wonderful job hosting this place." Edd smiles about the Halloween party that the Puellas made.

Ed enthusiastically smiles, "This Halloween is going to be the best since I remember dressing up as Lothar the Viking!"

"Gee lumpy, we're not in costume you know." Annoyed Eddy.

"Check it out Rigby, that's Sailor Orcus." Mordecai points his best friend at the Kuiper Senshi.

"You mean that singer looks like that Sailor Venus chick except the brown hair?" Rigby asked.

"Sure is."

Grim comment at the place, "Now that's a nice change of pace from Endsville mon."

"Yay, Halloween!" Billy happily shouted.

"Hate to admit, it looks dark in my taste." Mandy sarcastically commented.

Then there's the Autobots of Transformers Prime: Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Arcee, Bulkhead, and Bumblebee.

Ratchet's optics widen at the venue, "By the allspark, it looks fabulous."

"Wonder when we're gonna fit inside?" Bulkhead questioned.

"Don't sweat it Bulkhead, there's still a way." Arcee replied at him.

Then are the South Park gang dressing as the Beast Tamers of YuYuGiDigiMoon: Cartman as Henbu, Kyle as Himmako, Stan as Seirika, Kenny as Suzakato, and Butters as Ouryo. Apparently, Randy Marsh is watching over the boys as Lady Morrigana.

"Check it out, we're the Beast Tamers!" Cartman shows up.

Kyle practices his moves, "I'm as fast as a tiger!"

Kenny muffles of saying he looks cool.

"Man, I dress up as a girl." Stan complimented.

Butters gives a boastful attitude, "Well I am the most powerful of all! Haha!"

"Butters, you're still lame in that outfit." Cartman insulted.

"I am not!"

Randy Marsh looks at his costume, "Aw goddammit! I'm a woman!"

Stan nod at his dad's humorous agitation with disbelief.

And the other people are Nostalgia Critic as Link from Zelda, Angry Video Game Nerd as George Romero, Nostalgia Chick as Princess Zelda, Angry Joe as Superman, TMNT (2012 Series), George RR Martin (South Park version), and Howard the Duck.

"Boy that sure is bigger than last year's party." The Nostalgia Critic commented at the place.

AVGN gives a confident smile to himself, "I pay tribute to the man who makes a name for zombie films."

"Let's hope I can plan everyone to sing about wieners." George RR Martin humorously said.

The Critic gives a disgusting look to George RR Martin, "What's with you?"

(End theme)

The guests all line up to sign in and get their plates for the buffet. The interior of the House of Madoka is spacious and neatly designed. The accommodations are nice. The buffet area is very large and enough food was provided for all the guests. After each guests got their plates, they headed over to large tables, some reserved for specific groups.

The Tamers came dressed in their Halloween costumes. They came in a Fullmetal Alchemist costume theme. Takato and Guilmon sat down with their friends.

"Didn't expect there to be a lot of guests." Takato said to his friends. "Crazy, huh?"

Guilmon is already woofing down his entire plate, "Mmmm! Yum, yum!"

Renamon sighs, "Chew with your mouth closed, Guilmon."

Rika Nonaka dressed as Riza Hakeye said to Takato, "What do you expect? This party is in middle of New York City, gogglehead."

Henry Wong dressed as Ling Yao and holding up a glass of water, "Anyway, here's a toast to all of us."

Terriermon lifts his glass with his ears, "To all of us!"

All the Tamers lift their glasses into the air.

Himura Tsubasa is dressed as Edward Elric, "Hey, Phillipe, kinda fitting we're dressed as the Elric Brothers. We might not be blood brothers, but I consider you closest to a brother I've ever had."

Phillipe Sagara is dressed as Alphonse Elric smiles at him, "Thanks, Himura, I'm glad we value our friendship that much."

Inumon pours some wine for Renamon, "Shall I pour you a glass?"

Renamon nods at him, "Thank you kindly."

Then, Inumon accidentally pours some wine near Jaguarmon, causing her to hiss and nearly shock him.

"Watch where you're pouring, idiot mongrel!" Jaguarmon hissed at him.

"Sorry!" Inumon apologizes.

Suzie Wong is dressed as May Chung, "Jeri, where are Felinismon and Leomon?"

Jeri Katou, who dressed up as Winry Rockbell, answers, "They're still getting their dishes. They're having trouble picking from the selections."

"It's hard to choose what to eat, so I just grabbed what I could." Lopmon said.

Himura pours a glass of sweet tea for Jeri, "Want some tea?"

Jeri smiles, "Thanks, Himura. You're always so kind."

Kazu Shioda is dressed as Alexis Louis Armstrong, "Man, I'm so tempted to do some Armstrong posing."

"Please don't or I'll shoot you." Rika is annoyed.

Kenta Kitagawa is dressed as Maes Huges remarks, "Better do as she says."

"Rika, you hate fun." Groaned Kazu.

"No, I hate bozos acting like fools." Rika answers. "Wait until the cosplay photoshoots."

"I can't wait for us to do a big FMA group shot!" Takato cried out in excitement.

Ryo Akiyama is seen dressed as Van Hohenheim speaks up, "Phillipe, I take it you wanted to go as human Al and not the armor suited Al?"

Phillipe answers the dimensional traveler, "Guardromon is always here to cover that bit."

Guardromon is seen prancing around dressed as the armor suited Al with MarineAngemon sitting atop his head.

Terriermon laughs, "Haha, Guardromon is ready and rearing to go for our group shot, huh?"

Takato gets their attention, "Hey, check out Takuya and the gang over at the other table. Sweet!"

"Ooo, big sis is over with them, Henry!" Suzie cried out.

"She sure is." Henry stated.

For the Legendary Warriors, it is a Ronin Warriors theme for them. All ten are seated together eating their meals.

"So, how about a group shot?" Takuya said to his friends, "Takato and the gang are doing their FMA themed one."

Kouji Minamoto is dressed as Sage Date, "Sounds like a neat idea. I'm in."

Junpei Shibayama agrees and dressed as Kento Rei Fuan, "I'm totally in."

"Since I'm now a fashion model, I'm so gonna outdo you boys in posing glamorously." Izumi Orimoto said as she is dressed as Rowen Hashiba.

"Haha, I bet you will, Izumi." Tomoki Himi said as he is dressed as Cye Mouri.

KouichiKimura is dressed as Cale suggested something, "Well, the rest of us are the Warlords. How about we do separate group shots. One of just you Ronins, one of us Warlords, and one of all us together."

Sam Joseph dressed as Dais approves, "Now there's an idea."

Vega James Hunter who dressed as Sekhmet said, "Hell yeah, and maybe another us in a face-off. That'd be badass."

"Now I like the sound of a 'vs' posedown!" Jaarin Wong cried out and dressed as Lady Kayura.

Dimitro Lesvaque dressed as Anubis Dohji questions, "So, we're in agreement?"

"Yeah!" All the Legendary Warriors agreed with Dimitro.

Just then, Norn arrives, dressed as White Blaze. "Sorry I'm late! I got lost, my JP!"

Junpei waves to her with eyes full of hearts, "Over here, honey!"

"Enjoying life being a married man, J-man?" Takuya smiles at him.

Junpei chuckles at Takuya, "It's great."

"It's crazy knowing you get married before any of us." Tomoki complimented.

"Well, you're still young to worry about that, Tomoki." Izumi said to the younger boy.

Sam whispers to Jaarin, "Think we should finally tie it soon?"

"Who knows? Surprise me." Jaarin replies back.

The Duelists are seated together having a good laugh over Seto Kaiba's costume.

Seto is irked about it, "Now, explain to me why I'm dressed as Diggersby?"

Lyn Stromberg, the modern reincarnation of Kisara dresses as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, scolds him. "You can consider that payback for chasing Kensuke around at last year's Halloween holiday corner! Let this be a lesson to you!"

"Yes ma'am." Seto grumbled.

"Let's all have a good time, Kaiba. It's to celebrate the opening of the House of Madoka." Yugi cheers him up.

Joey is dressed as Chris Redfield and ask his friend, "Hey, Yug, since some of us here are dressed like Resident Evil characters, we ought to do group shots for our adoring fans. What'da think?"

"Sure thing."

Tea Gardner who dressed as Claire Redfield speaks up, "I like that idea, Joey. We also need to take pics of us together since we're the Redfields."

"Oh yeah."

"I think it's fitting I get to dress as Jill Valentine since we share the same surnames." Mai Valentine made a coincidence.

Serenity Wheeler who dressed as Rebecca Chambers said, "What do you think, Morpheous? We can take group shoots since we're dress in theme?"

Morpheous, a reformed Rajita, uses morphing power to change into Albert Wesker, "How's this?"

"Very lifelike! Just like him!" Serenity clapped.

"Hey, that's cheating!" Joey accused.

Tea explains to Joey, "It's not if it's part of his abilities, Joey."

"How about this?" Morpheous then changes himself into Ada Wong and feminizes his voice, "Well? How about now?"

Maiis irked and jealous, "Hun, try all you want. You'll never out-sex me."

Serenity hugs Morpheous, "Doesn't matter to me. I'll love you no matter what you are!"

Tristan Taylor is dressed as Forest Speyer, resist urge to nosebleed, "Damn it, Morpheous, don't do that!"

Duke Devlin is dressed as Justin Timberlake, "Be glad you're not a lady, Tristan, or you'll be advised not to look at Duke Devlin if you got heart conditions." After he said that, a twinkle from his teeth along with a sexy smile.

"Can it, Duke!" rebuked Tristan.

Mokuba Kaiba is dressed as Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon sees the conversation before asking two friends, "There they go rambling on. Say, Max, Sam, we should do a group shot of us three since we're doing a Dreamworks theme."

"Sounds like an idea!" Max Stromberg said as he is dressed as Hiccup.

Sam Stromberg, who dressed as Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians said, "Let's do it."

(Cue Buffy the Vampire Slayer Theme)

Next, the Planetary Senshi are seated together eating and chatting away.

Moonhas a mouthful of spaghetti, "Try some of this delicious spaghetti!"

Tuxedo Kamen dressed as Angel from Buffy, sweatdrops, "Um, Usaki? Honey? We're at a dinner table."

Sailor Neo Moon, who was Chibi-Usa, dressed as Dawn Summers from Buffy, facepalms, "And you're going to be queen of all Crystal Tokyo." She gives a monotone voice to present, "Ladies and gents, my mom."

Sailor Mars is dress as Satine from Moulin Rouge, raises her tone of voice, "Close your mouth and chew, Usagi! Please, it's embarrassing!"

Sailor Mercury dressed as Bubbles from PPG, sweatdrops, "There are some people watching."

"Not as embarrassing as being seated in the same table." Sailor Jupiter said as she dressed as Buttercup from PPG.

Moon starts closing her mouth and chews, "Ok, ok since I need to be a proper queen."

"Now that's more like it." Sailor Venus said as dressed as Blossom from PPG, "Relax you'll get the hang of it before Crystal Tokyo forms."

"When it forms." Sailor Uranus said that she dressed as Utena Tenjou and drinks her wine.

Sailor Neptune dressed as Anthy Himemiya, chortles, "Was that sarcasm in your voice, Uranus? Ohoho."

Sailor Saturn dressed as Black Swan remark, "Never afraid to speak your mind, Haruka-poppa."

Sailor Pluto dressed as Amaterasu from Okami, sips her wine, "Choose your words wisely, Uranus."

"Well, we don't know when Crystal Tokyo forms yet, right?"

Moon then speaks up, "Maybe I don't want to now? Maybe I just want us to live our lives freely. I prefer things that way if you ask me."

Mars nods at decision, "I'm all for that if that's what you want. I haven't gotten bored bossing around Hiei."

"Or sending more time at the sea with Mako Tsunami." Jupiter said.

"Vega and I are having a splendid time together." Mercury added.

"Hey, I'm just getting started with my starring roles in movies!" Sailor Venus cried out. "I've got a role in the new Sailor V movie coming up! And that's my shameless plug of the night, ladies and gentlemen!"

Venus then winks to the camera and breaks the fourth wall.

"Usa, you want to go over and see RJ in a few?" Saturn ask the pink-haired senshi.

"Sure, I'd like to see what he, Yusuke, and the others are doing." Neo Moon nodded to her friend.

"Speaking of them, they're a lot noisier than we are." Tuxedo Kamen commented.

Moon smirks evilly, "Gee, I wonder why. Are the boys arm wrestling now or something?"

The Spirit Detectives are seen making a commotion with their chatting. Indeed, Yusuke and Kuwabara are arm wrestling with Yusuke winning every time.

"Ok, fork over your bread, Kuwabara!" Yusuke grins.

Kuwabarais dressed as Takashi Kamiyama from Cromartie High School, grumbles, "Here! Have yer stinkin' bread! I didn't want it!"

Yukina dressed as Froslass politely ask, "Could you pass me some bread with butter, Kazuma?"

"Why yes, my sweetie pie!" Kuwabara hands her bread and butter. "How about I put the butter over the bread for ya?"

Hiei grumbles that he dressed as Mega Charizard X, "Why did I let that Miko woman put me up to this?"

Kurama chuckles and dressed as Delphox, "Well, you lost a bet to her and she loved Kensuke's Charizard costume from two years back. She thought it'd suit you."

"Hey, look on the bright side, Hiei! We can do a Pokemon group shot later on! How about it, Kurama?" Maya said and dressed as Ninetales.

Kurama nods, "Sure. Well, Hiei?"

Hiei gives his answer, "Leave me alone."

Mizuno dressed as Kyogre sees the obvious, "Oooh, a Pokemon group shot. What do you think Brimstone?"

Brimstone, who is dressed as Groudon feels quiet.

Botan is dressed as Blair from Soul Eater, purrs, "Merow! Don't I just look cute?" She puts on a catface.

Keiko is dressed as Renge from Ouran High School replies the female grim reaper, "Very cute. Looks good on you, Botan."

Koenma, who is dressed as Shaggy from Scooby Doo, grumbles harder than Hiei, "Why did I let you put me up to this, Yusuke? Should the new King of Spirit World be reduced to dressing like a cartoon slacker?"

Jorge is dressed as Scooby Doo, "And his dog sidekick? Oh rooby roo."

Yusuke interjects, "Hey, Scooby Doo is a cartoon icon! Have you two ever heard of him?"

"No, because I've been too busy stamping papers and judging souls to even bother with kids' shows." Koenma answers the ex-Spirit Detective.

"C'mon, you turn into a baby with a pacifier."

"That's a form, putty for brains!" Koenma snaps at him. "I've been around hundreds of thousands of years longer than you have. I've acquired all that knowledge and more than you can even compre-."

"And yet you never even heard of Scooby-Doo?" Kuwabara interrupted. "My sister Shizuru knows who he is and she don't watch his show."

RJ is dressed as Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist interjects, "Heck, Scooby Doo is still around back 1000 years in my future."

"I think you two look adorable in your costumes." Keiko commented.

"When you put it that way, that's very sweet of you, Keiko." Koenma is glad.

Neo Moon and Saturn have arrived at the Detectives' table. RJ sees Neo Moon and joins her.

"Wanna go see the cosplays around the place?" Neo Moon said to RJ.

"Sure, I'm done eating here anyway." RJ answers her. "Let's see if we can find Koori, Ryuuhi, and the others around here."

Rio Kuroshishi who dressed as Yoh Asakura from Shaman King said to his sister, "You want to go with them, sis?"

"Sure, let's go find Aoshi, Cammy, and Shingo, Yui!" Kohana Kuroshishi agrees that she dressed as Anna Kyoyama from Shaman King.

Yui Tsubasa is dressed as Eiko from Final Fantasy IX said, "Ok! Let's go, DarkGabumon!"

"Right behind you, Yui!" DarkGabumon cried out.

"They grow up fast, don't they Rio?" Kyo Kuroshishi said that he is dressed as Kao Asakura.

"They sure do."

Over at a separate table are the friends and allies of the Spirit Detectives. Chuu (dressed as Dan Hibiki), Rinku (dressed as Aipom), Touya (dressed as Sub Zero), Jin (dressed as Kyo from Fruits Basket), Shishiwakamaru (dressed as Issun from Okami), Suzaka (dressed as Guile), Sasuga (dressed as Simipour), Yasha (dressed as Inuyasha), Younger Toguro (dressed as Kenshiro), Genkai (dressed as Yuria from Fist of the North Star), Tsukimaru (dressed as Parn from Record of Lodoss War), and Byakko (dressed as Electabuzz) are seated together on the far right from the Spirit Detectives' table.

Somewhere in the buffet, Aoshi (dressed as Zidane from Final Fantasy IX) is seen helping his sister Hina/Sailor Neo Pluto (dressed as Vivi from FFIX) finding the perfect meat plates. Cammy Hino (dressed as Garnet from FFIX) and Shingo Tsukino (dressed as Adelbert Steiner) are about to head over to the Planetary Senshi's table.

"Hey guys!" Yui get her friends' attention.

Cammy Hino smiles at her, "Glad you're here. We're about to go to where my sister and Shingo's sister are sitting."

"Well, I was thinking we can find our own table. It'd be less crowded that way." Kohana thought about it.

"Now there's an idea. We can leave our sisters alone and bug them later." Shingo thought about it.

"Sure, let's go find us a seat then." Cammy said.

"Aoshi, Hina, come with us!" Yui ask the two Lycan siblings.

"Ok!" Hina cried out.

"We should totally do a Final Fantasy IX group shot later." Aoshi suggested.

"Now that's a cool idea!" Yui approves.

(End theme)

Outside of the club, the Magical girls see Funeral Parlor and the Tennouzu High School students from Guilty Crown: Lost Kingdoms. Not only that, but they are accompanied by a Thai young man with glasses named Ford (dress as Flik from A Bug's Life), a Gardevoir with a human bosom (as Asuka from Tekken), and a teenage/young adult Delightful Children Ashley (as Lili from Tekken).

Ford gives a bright expression to everyone, "Guys, we finally made it to NYC!"

Ashley smiles, while Gardevoir simply looks at the exterior.

Homura gives a monotonous mood, "Welcome, more people."

"You look nice with that costume, Shu!" Madoka smiled.

Shu Ouma, however, feels embarrassed as he's dressed as Ayumu Aikawa in a magical garment girl attire up to the mystletainn chainsaw from Is This a Zombie?, "Oh god, Haruka forces me to put up like this!"

Inori Yuzuriha is Elsa from Frozen and stays by Shu's side, the pink-haired songtress is holding Fyu-Neru that the robot is a Haro from Gundam.

Gai Tsutsugami is Toma Kamijo from A Certain Magical Index jokes, "Lighten up, Shu. I look cool compare to you."

"That's not funny, Gai!"

"Quit being such a wimp and have some joy." Ayase Shinomiya said that she is Minene from Future Diary.

Tsugumi, a nekomata, is dress as Glameow shouts, "It's a party that we're going in! Right, Oogumo?"

"Oh boy." Oogumo said as he's Totoro.

Argo Tsukishima is Desmond from Assassin's Creed, "Yeah, I'm in that mood after looking around this city."

Shibungi is Solomon from Sym Bionic Titan, "The banquet will be quite pleasing."

"I bet." Kenji Kido said as Sneasel.

Souta Tamadate as Bulbasaur said, "Man, this is going to be great!"

Yahiro Samukawa is dress as Light Yagami, "Who never knew we're hanging out with Funeral Parlor."

Kanon Kusama as Yuki Nagato from Haruhi Suzumiya agrees with Yahiro.

"I could use a break from being a studious president." Arisa Kuhouin said as she is Ayaka Yukihiro from Negima.

Hare Menjou smiles that she's Baby Bonnie Hood from Darkstalkers, "Well what are we waiting for, guys? Little red riding hood tells us to go in!"

"And that we shall." Mami stated.

Madoka encourages the group, "Hope you guys make some new friends."

"Oh we sure will for being social." Ford replies with a smile.

The group then goes inside the House of Madoka.

(Angel Theme – The Sanctuary)

Once inside, the Guilty Crown characters and Ford's company are amazed at many guests and the interior.

"Holy mackerel.." Shu looks at the interior of the place.

Ford replied at the crossdresser's comment, "You got that right, here."

"I even see the YuYu Hakusho characters!" Tsugumi shouts as she saw them.

Ayase remark, "This oughta be good."

Gai then announce his cohorts, "Guys, let's find ourselves a table."

They then do so as Funeral Parlor, Tennouzu, and Ford's group have found three reserved tables to sit on.

Over at the Kuiper Senshi table, the Kuipers and friends are chatting and eating.

Sedna raises a glass for her team, "A toast to our companionship. Through all the challenges we've been through, I'm happy we can be here to celebrate our heroisms."

Dimitri raises his glass, "A toast to us, the Kuiper Senshi team!"

Everyone at the table raise their glasses of tea and water.

Varuna is pouring some tea for Quaoar, "What do you think of the whole set-up inside?"

"Wonderful." Quaoar said to Varuna. "I can see they spent a lot of time to make the interiors look beautifully done."

Orcus leans over on Kensuke's side, "What'ca think of the place, Ken?"

"It looks nice." Kensuke said before feeling creep out. "Though the Kyubey on the front, I agree with Guilmon it's creepy."

Orcus snickers at her boyfriend's comment about the Incubator, "Kyubey's a creepy little bastard, ain't he?"

"Makes me glad he wasn't the one to recruit us to become magical girls." Ixion feels satisfied.

"Totally. Glad Madoka and the gals have that little freak put on a leash." Eris said.

Athena drinks her water, "Those Madoka girls are really pretty."

"Yep, and they know how to treat their guests well!" PinkPatamon cried out.

"We should totally repay the favor to them from one magical girl team to another." Sedna said to her friends.

"You think we ought to invite them to our own party?" Eris thought about it.

Sedna nods at Eris and smiles, "Perhaps, but let's enjoy this evening, guys. Madoka and her friends' place deserve our attention."

Somewhere in the House of Madoka, Kazu spots his girlfriend Kiyoko Sasaki (dressed as Catherine Elle Armstrong). Tsukimaru leaves the Spirit Detective section to see his lover Saya Sagara, sister of Phillipe (and dressed as Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War).

"Hey, is that the Valkyrie team, Kiyoko?" Kazu ask her.

"Yep! Pretty cool, huh?" Kiyoko replied to him.

Kotori grins and introduce her group, "Take a good look at my team, guys! And for readers they'll make their full screen debuts in Kanius' series in the future!"

The Valkyrie Maiden/Norn team are assembled at the House of Madoka's entrance. Kiyoko is also known as Norn Verdani. Saya is Norn Urd. Jessica Nightwood (dressed as Julia Chang) is a Native American girl who curiously looks around the place. Kara Summers, an Australian Olympic swimmer/water sports enthusiast, (and dressed as Cammy from Street Fighter) is seen posing for photographers. Ayanna Nazawi (dressed as Elena from Street Fighter) is a Kenyan girl and also poses for close-ups. Sasha D'Anjou is a white-haired French girl (and dressed as Weiss Schnee from RWBY) who looks around for Phillipe.

Phillipe sees his childhood friend, Sasha, "Sasha! Over here!"

Sasha smiles and waves, "Phillipe, mon amie (my friend)!"

Phillipe and Sasha hug each other.

"Bon de vous voir (good to see you)." Phillipe smiles at the French girl.

"De même (likewise)!" Sasha smiles back.

Kotori smiles of seeing her cousin, Phillipe, and fellow maiden, Sasha, hugging.

(End theme)

Other guests/cameos appear such as Marcus Damon as Raiden from Metal Gear/Rising, Tai and Matt (YYGDM) as Red and Blue from Pokemon, Davis and Ken (YYGDM) as Ethan and Silver from Pokemon, Taiki and Shoutmon as Finn and Jake, Slade Matrix as Mighty Guy from Naruto, Taito Yagami as Suzaku from Code Geass, and Tony Stark/Iron Man (DF616/MCU).

Ed and Eddy are seen eating jawbreakers.

Ed is eating the candy, "Free jawbreakers!"

"That a boy, monobrow!" Eddy encourages him.

Edd has a spare jawbreaker in his hand and calms his two friends, "Settle down gentlemen!"

Courage the Cowardly Dog and Howard the Duck are seen wandering around the huge place in curiosity.

(Cue Alan Tew – Night Watch)

Outside, the Puellas are seeing neutral guests arriving. Two of them in particular...

"We're here because there's a pack of food inside." A Beerus digimon knockoff named Beerusmon appears as King Kazma from Summer Wars.

His assistant named, Whismon is besides the Cornish rex humanoid and dress up as Love Machine. "I hear the desserts are beyond my expectations. Let us pass through."

"Uh, sure thing." Sayaka said to the two.

"Help yourselves out." Mami stated.

The Digi-god of Destruction and his advisor went inside. The magical girls then meet the Decepticons of Transformers Prime: Megatron, Starscream, Knock Out, Soundwave, and Shockwave.

"Step aside, earthlings. The Autobots are around in this city." Megatron stated before ordering his men. "Decepticons, let's go in."

The Puellas watch as the towering Decepticons went inside. Following that are Father and the four remaining Delightful Children.

"Me and my children are here because Ashley and those KND are around!" Father yelled. "I would have brought my daughter back home, but I feel of seeing what's happening in there. Not to mention the Decepticons drag us to this mess."

Kyoko gives a smug, "Gee, that sounds appropriate."

As Father and his children to in, the hosts saw Mr. Popo (Dragonball Z Abridged) as the Cloverfield monster going in with a creepy smiling expression.

The demented genie is creeping out the girls, "Hiiii.."

Afterwards, the magical girls see two unexpected guests: Daryl Yan as Garchomp and Dan Eagleman as Captain Falcon. Unaware to the girls, these two came to spy the house from GHQ.

"Hey, we're here for-." Daryl said before being interrupted.

Dan Eagleman cries out in a joyful mood, "Some guts in this Halloween party! Let's pump in some action!"

"My god it's so annoying." Daryl muttered.

They swiftly went inside. The quintet then sees a pink haired girl dressing up as Yuno Gasai from Future Diary.

Mana Ouma smiles at the hosts, "Hello, I hear you five and that cat of yours are having a wild party."

"Um, yeah." Madoka nervously said. "More weird guests are passing through."

Homura, being aware of Mana's temperament, said to her, "Keep control of your behavior will you?"

"No problem, I just want to see Shu and Triton." Mana said before she is skipping inside the party.

Meanwhile at another area outside, SkullSatamon, MarineDevimon, Pumpkinmon, and Gotsumon are digging a hole to secretly go inside the party. They hope to see some fun surroundings.

Back with the five magical girls.

"There are four groups left, girls." Kyubey remind them.

Sayaka realizes who they are, "Oh tell me that their coming?"

"The villains?" Madoka feels unconcerned, "I think they can have fun like our friends."

"You don't get it, Madoka." Mami worried.

Homura gets the groups attention as she points at the sky, "That's right, because I saw four figures in the sky approaching."

(End theme)

True to Homura's word, they saw four dragons descending down to the ground. One is an Alduin knockoff named Alduindramon who dress as Smaug from The Hobbit, Loki (DF616/Marvel Cinematic Universe) is riding the black wyvern. The other three are Norse Drakes: Wyrm (dressing up as Lugnut), a wyvern named Aerialvern (as Animated Starscream) and a Slavic dragon named Zmey Gorynych (as Blitzwing).

Alduindramon growls at the five magical girls, "Well what do we have here, five human girls are hosting a party."

Loki (MCU) feels smug, "And it's been so long since I lay siege in New York with the Chitauri army."

"'Our' Loki's forces, alongside that foolish drake in the guise of a duergar are coming soon." Wyrm said to the hosts.

"It's brilliant that we can stay!" Aerialvern shrieked.

"Along with comfortable seatings." Zmey/Middle Head politely said.

Zmey/Left Head laughs, "I say we want to dig in food!"

"Knock it off, we're not inside yet!" Zmey/Right Head growled at the left head.

As the magical girls are startled at the dragons a bit, they huddle to talk amongst themselves.

"A reminder, who are the baddies that are coming?" Sayaka ask her cohorts.

"If my calculations are correct, they are The Lokar, The Legion of Doom, Demon Brotherhood, and most of all, Paradais." Kyubey gives the information of the villains.

The magical girls gulp after Kyubey mention the evil groups, their mere presence will make this party topsy turvey.

(Cue Love In This Club)

Inside, the Kai Destined, Ascendants, D3s, and other DF-616 members are seated in several tables. Tai and Agumon are devouring plates full of food in front of everyone. Yamato and Gabumon don't let themselves get outdone as they too stuff their mouths with food.

"Man, I don't think I can compete with you two." Davis commented.

"But, we can try!" Veemon cried out.

Davis quickly starts eating anyway, "Right! We'll show them!"

Everyone else who isn't an Ascendant or at least those with control over their appetite gawk at the rivals eating competition.

TK sweatdrops, "Not you, too, Davis and Veemon."

Gatomon groans to herself, "Now I know how you feel BanchoLeomon, I've just lost my appetite."

Kari giggles at the feast, "Wow, they're really putting their plates away."

"I swear if you guys stop training, you're going to get fat from all that food you eat." Worried Sora.

"I doubt they're listening, Sora." Biyomon said to her partner.

Mimi sighs, "I hope my baby boy, Dimitri, and little Athena are having fun with Karin and the Kuipers."

"I'm sure they are, Meems." Palmon said to her.

"They're having a blast where they're at, Mimi." Keke stated.

"Um speaking of bottomless pits. Look, guys." David points out to the group.

X realizes this, "Ah, crap. I hope Madoka and the girls aren't going to run low on chefs."

Tike and Kara are devouring plates of food as they tried competing with Tai and Yamato.

BanchoLeomon watches them eating, "I'll never get used to these Ascendants and their appetites."

"Ugh, gross." Sonja felt disgusted.

"Tell me about it, sister." Sheila added.

Pikkan gives a snide remark, "I hope you little pukes choke!"

"Harsh." BW simply said.

Tike and Kara spit out their food at Pikkan. Pikkan gets pissed and chase the Ascendant tykes around.

"Nah, nah, come catch our asses!" Tike taunted.

Kara cries out, "Can't get us!"

"OH YOU'RE DEAD, YOU LITTLE PRICKS!" Pikkan fumes at the two.

Yolei groans at seeing the dispute, "Ugh, I've got such a headache."

"There, there, Yolei, have some water." Sam suggest her a glass of water.

Meryl looks up at Mummymon, "Poppa, can I go see Athena?! Pretty please?!"

"Oh sure, you can, my little sweetiepie!" Mummymon gives the obvious answer.

Meryl quickly bolts from the table and heads out looking for Athena.

"Say, Yamato, did you know our YYGDM counterparts are here?" Tai points out. "They're dressed as Red and Blue. Wanna go see them later?"

Yamato gives a cocky smirk, "Why not? Just so I can get a look at how much of a pretty boy punk my mainstream self became."

"Hey, Gabumon, I heard our Digimon counterparts are married to an Athenamon." Agumon said to him.

"And they can form into Omegamon, the Royal Knight." Gabumon stated. "Very interesting."

"What do you say, Ken? Should we go see them?" Davis ask his friend.

"I'm up for it." Ken answers the gogglehead.

Tai grins, "Before we see them, how about some seconds?"

Everyone else, except Agumon, Yamato, and Gabumon, in the Kai Destined/Ascendant/DF-616 table sweatdrop and hang their heads.

Elsewhere, Jaden Yuki, dressed as Ben Tennyson, and Yusei Fudo, dressed as Shotaro Kaneda from Akira, meets with Yugi at the Duelists table.

"Sorry we're late, guys!" Jaden cried out.

Yusei ask the group, "Are there seats available?"

"Yes, we have a few." Yugi answers Jaden.

Jaden then chuckles, "Hey, Koiba! Nice costume!"

Seto growls at him, "My name's not Koiba!"

Lyn, however, bonks Seto's head lightly, "Down boy."

"Good one, Jay!" Joey encourages Jaden.

Meanwhile, Funeral Parlor is seen eating in their table.

"Well all of the accommodations are nice." Shibungi commented.

"Agree, couldn't get the hang of it you know?" Ayase said to Gai's second-in-command.

"And seeing Ford as Flik, at one point, we would have dress up as those circus bugs." Argo said about that Pixar movie.

Kenji snickers at it, "Like that ladybug you're wearing?"

"Shut it!" Argo rebukes back. "You and Tsugumi I see are those twin pill bugs."

"I would be that black widow spider, Shibungi could be that stick insect, Oogumo is our big beetle." Ayase added.

"Me and Inori could have been the mantis and the moth." Gai said before he gives a smug smile, "That leaves Shu here the caterpillar."

Shu sweatdrops in embarrassment, "Oh why me?!"

"Cause it suits you that way?" Tsugumi sarcastically joked.

Unaware to Funeral Parlor, Mana is seen stalking them.

Next, Whismon and Beerusmon are seen choosing some food at the buffet to eat.

"You mind if I help pick the best offerings?" Whismon offered the Digi-God of Destruction.

"No need for that." Beerusmon replied.

(End theme)

Outside of the front doors, while Loki (MCU), Alduindramon and the three Norse Dragons are waiting for the others, the magical girls and Kyubey continue huddling to discuss more.

"I bet the villains are going to eat their dinner right this minute." Sayaka sees the predicament.

"Don't mind me, I hear that a Frieza knock-off loves to eat Crabmons." Kyoko heard about the rumors. "Or the fact that these two demon dragon brothers became video game competitors that remind me of Two Saiyans Play."

Mami is reminded of the last part of what the red-haired girl said, "We did have a huge game room inside besides that we're showing some Halloween themed videos."

"Yeah I knew that."

"Hate to interrupt, girls." Kyubey interjected. "But we have more company."

As Kyubey points out, the girls saw more villains coming to line up.

Some of the Legion of Doom members are the Daleks, the Cybermen, Davros, ShenPeacockmon (as Master Shen from Dragonball), GranDracmon (dressed as Ghetsis from Pokemon), DarkKnightmon (dressed as the Lich from Adventure Time), and Gorrath (Megas XLR).

"We have made our destination." DarkKnightmon said.

ShenPeacockmon gives a sly remark, "Burizalor, Madoudramon, and Valmarmon will be pleased when they come."

A few villains that sided with Paradais are coming: The Master (Doctor Who), Weeping Angels, Vicious (Cowboy Bebop), The Major (Hellsing), and Woodland Critters (South Park).

"I don't even want to know when we go inside.." Vicious muttered.

The Major is satisfied about it, "But itz so enthuziastic to have a banquet zo that I love to have a chit chat with Sharon and Jeremiah zoon."

The Woodland Critters stare at the huge building in amazement.

Also appearing are members of the clan of evil demons calling themselves the Demon Brotherhood. The Taiyoukai Eight (Draco, Cecaelia, Relam, Tokage Keroro, Shishi, Yeti, Madeira, & Ironclaw) show up dressed as the Demon Sorcerers from Jackie Chan Adventures. Draco came as Shendu, Cecaelia dressed as Bai Tza, Relam as Tchang Zu, Tokage Keroro as Xiao Fung, Shishi as Dai Gui, Yeti as Po Kong, Madeira as Tso Lan, and Ironclaw as Hsi Wu.

Standing in front of them are Suzaku as Foghorn Leghorn with Murugu as Miss Prissy, Rando as some generic rapper, Demento as Daolong Wong from JCA, Loki Nekomata as Cait Sith from FF7, Risho as Pinocchio, and Karasu as Yazoo from Advent Children.

Other members include Kairen as Raoh from Fist of the North Star, Elder Toguro as Amiba from FOTNS, Kuro Momotaro as Hak Foo from JCA, Zeru as Finn from JCA, Roto as Chow from JCA, Gouki as Ratso from JCA, Seiryuu as Mercenary Tao from Dragonball, and Genbu as Rockbiter from Neverending Story. A bunch of Demon Ninja that look like the Shadowkhan amass around them.

"And don't forget us, the Demon Brotherhood!" Suzaku cried out.

"Now to await Lord Arago, Long, and Kiryu." Rando smirk. "I'm dying to perform my rap show!"

"What's taking them long to get here?" Draco questioned.

Inside, the Tamers do a FMA themed group shot. Likewise, the Legendary Warriors do their Ronin Warriors theme group shot. Yugi, Joey, Tea, Tristan, Mai, Serenity, and Morpheous (morphs into Wesker and Ada Wong for different takes) take their Resident Evil theme group shots. The Kai Destined and Ascendants do their Naruto group shot theme. The Kuiper Belt Senshi pose for their My Little Pony group shot. Seto (forced to swallow his pride), Hiei (likewise), Kurama, Maya, Mizuno, Brimstone, Yukina, Rinku, Sasuga, Byakko, Tsugumi, Kenji, and Souta gather for a near complete Pokemon theme group shot.

Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen, and Neo Moon pose together for a Buffy trio shot. Likewise, BanchoLeomon, Sonja, and Sheila do one for Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.

"Wow, not only have I met a time traveler (Dimitri), but Espers (Sailor Mars, Cammy), and aliens (Morpheous)." Haruhi feels so euphoric. "No way I'm getting bored being here!"

"Hey, Coop, check out all the chicks in the cosplay." Jamie points out the girls with a smirk.

"I'm so in heaven with all these cosplayers!" Coop cries out before mentioning, "Now where are those video game rooms?"

"Why do I have a bad feeling someone's going to crash and ruin this party?" Kiva sardonically stated.

Yui & DarkGabumon, Aoshi, Cammy, Shingo, Kohana, and Hina gather to take a Final Fantasy IX theme group shot.

"Brother, can I take this off? I'm getting hot and wanna show my other costume." Hina said to her older brother.

"Go ahead." Aoshi replied to his younger sister.

Hina removes her Vivi costume and reveals her Chibierasu costume.

"How cute!" Yui squeals upon seeing that costume.

"You look very adorable, Hina. Who helped with your costume?" Kohana asked.

Hina gives DarkGabumon the Vivi costume to wear. "Godmother Pluto."

"That's very nice of her." Shingo smiled.

Hina smiles back kindly, "Yeah, she's dressed as Amaterasu."

"How about we go find her and we can take pictures of you two?" Yui suggested.


Elsewhere, Tai and Agumon meet with Taito.

"How's it going, Taito? The Otherworld let you come here?" Tai asked him.

"X was able to pull some strings yeah." Taito answered to his successor. "When are you and Agumon coming back to spar with me?"

"We've been caught up with our own trainings." The small orange theropod said to Taito.

Tai grins, "Don't worry we haven't forgotten, Taito. I owe you a fight."

"Good, I'm looking forward to it."

Suddenly, Tai and Agumon notice Yamato & Gabumon, Davis & Veemon, and Ken & Wormmon meeting their YYGDM counterparts and Athenamon (dressed as Athena from Saint Seiya).

Tai shouted, "Hang right here. We'll be back, Taito!"

Tai and Agumon then meet with their friends to see their YYGDM counterparts.

"So, you're my DF-616 counterpart?" Tai (YYGDM) said in first meeting his alternate version. "I heard you and the Matt of your world are Super Saiyan-like warriors named Ascendants. Right?"

"We sure are." Tai (DF616) grinned. "Well, except you're talking to Yamato now not Matt. 'Yamato' is Matt's darker alter ago."

Matt (YYGDM) glares at his counterpart, "So, you're basically 'Vegeta'."

Yamato raises an eyebrow, "What of it, pretty boy?"

"You're one to talk." Matt (YYGDM) stated. "You're every bit as 'pretty' as me."

"Except I've had the pleasure of fighting and getting my hands dirty to help my partner fight enemies." Yamato tells the difference. "You sit back and order your Digimon like a lazy ass."

Matt (YYGDM) brushes his hair back and smiles, "I don't want my hair and skin messed up."

"What the hell are you made of?! Estrogen?!" Yamato growled. "Augh, you make wanna puke!"

Both Gabumons sweatdrop and laugh.

Tai (YYGDM) compliments the DF-616 version, "Y'know, I do have to admit I like that you're buffer than I am. I'm just tall and skinny."

"Hah, well I do train and eat well!" Tai (DF-616) chuckled.

"Whoa, so your girlfriend is some Android 18 knock-off?!" Davis (YYGDM) felt surprise. "Man, I so wish I could have a hot chick like that and be an Ascendant like you!"

"Heh, I don't wanna brag, but I'm so awesome." Davis (DF-616) smiled.

Both Kens sigh together.

Agumon (DF-616) ask his YYGDM and Gabumon (YYGDM), "So, you two are Athenamon's husbands?!"

"Technically." Agumon (YYGDM) answered. "When we fuse and become Omegamon, we become her one husband."

"I find it amazing there's a different form of digital fusion that combines specific humans with Digimon to form Ascendants." Athenamon feels impressed. "Sailor Sedna's boyfriend, Dimitri, is the first I've seen. He's quite strong... and according to Sedna, Dimitri trained under another version of me from his future."

"Yeah and I'm sure he'd like to talk to you, Lady Athenamon." Tai (DF-616) said to her.

Athenamon smiles at him, "Yes, I'm sure he will."

(Cue TMNT Main Theme (2012 Series))

Sailor Orcus meets with Rigby and Mordecai.

"Ooo, oo, ooo! Dude, do you realize who we're talking to?" The blue jay said to his raccoon buddy.

"Yeah, it's the brunette Sailor Venus lookalike!" the small brown raccoon cried out. "Sailor Orcus, we're your biggest fans!"

Orcus sweatdrops at the two, "Oh really? Gee, that's wonderful to know, mates. What do you want me to do for my biggest adoring fans?"

Mordecai and Rigby both fangasm over Sailor Orcus.

"Please do your Sailor pose!" the blue jay requested.

Sailor Orcus winks and does her with perfection. She turns and struts her stuff, running her hands through her long brown hair and doing an alternate pose.

"And can we have your autograph?" Rigby asked.

"For my big fans, anything!" Orcus smiled.

Mordecai and Rigby give a, "Oooooooooh!"

Orcus is thinking and chuckling, "These two kinda remind me of Beavis and Butthead if they were a bluejay and raccoon."

Meanwhile, the 2012 Ninja Turtles chat at their table.

"Dudes, I heard rumors there's three Shredder-looking freaks hanging in New York and they're even scarier than our Shredder!" Michelangelo said to his brothers with fear.

"You mean to say New York's gonna be full of more Shredders?!" Donatello cries out about it.

Raphael is concern about this, "This is not good."

"But keep in mind, they're just rumors, Mikey." Leonardo said otherwise.

Michelangelo gulps, "I don't know. What I heard sounded legit."

(End theme)

Back at outside, the villains are getting restless here. Eventually, they had enough patience.

"I am tired of waiting, let's all go inside!" Alduindramon bellowed.

"You heard him, I hear that monkey man (Coop) is here!" Gorrath roared.

Zmey/Middle Head simply puts, "This should be good."

(Cue 45 Grave – Do You Want To Party)

With that, the villains are rampaging inside the house like a disorderly mob, unlike the heroes and neutral characters who line up properly.

"Wait! Please calm down everyone!" Madoka tries to calm down the riot.

Homura attempts to stop it, "Do what Madoka said or we'll-."

Well, the villains are not listening to the girls that they went in..

Sayaka chuckles about it, "Hehehe, guess I think we should follow through?"

"Probably, it's almost 7 pm that we are going to announce a few things concerning the game room and the things we love to show." Mami said to the aqua-haired girl.

"Yeah, it's getting boring standing out in the cold." Kyubey stated.

Madoka eventually lighten up, "Then let's go in, team!"

The holy quintet and Kyubey all went inside the House of Madoka. Eventually, the remaining villains will arrive in no time.

The heroes are obviously surprise that the villains appear in the house. Madoka and company all made it to witness the confrontation.

"What the hell are they doing here?!" Eren angrily cried out.

TOM gives a snark comment, "Now that's surprising."

"It's the villains that want to take over the madness!" Ed shouts out.

Eddy said in a sarcastic tone, "Oh come on, I bet I'm scare of them."

Yahiro and Kanon are surprise at their presence.

"This is seriously 'not' going well." Yahiro said in disbelief.

"I feel uncomfortable of seeing them, Yahiro." Kanon feels scared.

Tsugumi and Kenji are agitated and are walking towards Roto and Zeru.

"Your just here to be party poopers!" the cat girl angrily shouts.

Kenji growls, "At least I'm a good kamaitachi compare to you (Roto)."

"Out of the way, kids." Roto said as he flicks Kenji's forehead to the floor.

"Get lost, kitty." Zeru comically kicks Tsugumi as well.

Loki (MCU) looks at his surroundings, "My, what a pleasant surprise."

ShenPeacockmon said to Seiryuu, "The interior looks crafty if you say so myself."

The Mayor gives a gleeful smile, "Now to find ze perfect table for our leaders."

Meanwhile in another area, SkullSatamon, MarineDevimon, Pumpkinmon, and Gotsumon finally dig their way to the party.

"We made it, guys!" Pumpkinmon said.

"No sweat, all this digging makes me tired." Gotsumon added.

In a game room, some of the guests are playing against each other.

Coop and Jamie are playing with Kazu and Kenta in a Tag Team Tekken. Eventually, they won a random match.

Coop pumps his fist and hollers, "Whoo! We win!"

"Can't beat the tag team gaming champions of the multiverse, kids." Jamie smirks at the two Tamers.

Kazu grins, "Man, so close! Still, I'm honored to have even played against Coop and Jamie!"

"Is it just me or does Jamie sound alike like me?" Kenta sees a coincidence here.

Kiyoko is clapping for Kazu, "You did you best, Hiro."

Just then, Kiva storms in the game room, "Guys, we've got a situation!"

"What? Don't tell me they don't got Philly cheese steaks?" Coop said to her.

Kiva scoffs at the comment and warns, "Worse, it's as I feared. There's a whole bunch of villains busting in and I saw Gorrath!"

"WHAT?!" Both Kazu and Kenta shouted in surprise.

"Oh no! Horrible news!" Guardromon said in fear.

"Pipipi!" MarineAngemon feels the same way.

Kiyoko is worried at Kazu, "Hiro?"

"Let's go show them the way out." Kazu said to his friends before they are leaving the area.

(End theme)

(Cue The Walking Dead Theme)

More villains start to pile in forcefully. The main members of the Legion of Doom start to show up, which greatly alarm the Kai Destined, Ascendants, the Sailor/Kuiper Senshi, the Tamers, and Legendary Warriors. The Demon Brotherhood's arrival startles the Spirit Detectives.

"We've got company!" Grim cries out in fear.

Billy excitingly sees the baddies, "Oh cool! A bunch of demon-looking dudes!"

Mandy sardonically comment, "With a bunch of outdated hairstyles."

"What the hell are you doing here, Suzaku?! Rando?!" Yusuke yells at the evil demons, "No one invited losers like you!"

"Yeah, this is a good guy party only!" Yui shouted.

"Well, I beg to differ." Briefly interrupted Abridged Mr. Popo, "Cause I'm like neuuuutral. Ha!"

"You look evil to me." Jimmy Kudo commented.

"I'm not eviiiil. I'm my own level of order." AbridgedMrPopo creepily replied.

Taichi interjects back to the situation here, "That's beside the point! You're not invited!"

"Actually Taichi, we are." Loki (MCU/DF-616) replied. "Our names have been reserved as well."

"You heard the Norse God, you dirty Ascendant!" Gorrath shouted. "Give us some room!"

"You're just here to spoil the party and the House of Madoka's opening night!" Sailor Moon chastised. "As Sailor Senshi, we won't forgive you for being party crashers!"

"You heard her!" Sailor Sedna shouted.

ChaosGallantmon enters forth and dressed as the Green Goblin, "Spare us your petty speeches, Moon Princess. This is our night now."

Accompanying ChaosGallantmon are four armored warriors with evil four guardian beast motifs. HiSuzakumon came in dressed Vulture. ChiGenbumon came in dressed as Rhino. KazeByakkomon entered dressed like Kraven the Hunter. MizuSeiryuumon walked in dressed as Mysterio. Evil!Pharaohmon came dressed as Doc Ock.

"No way! The Demon Beast Generals!" Himura is shocked.

"All four of them!" Inumon added.

Rika angrily stares at them. "The last creeps I ever wanted to see again."

"And the evil Pharaohmon, too!" Takato cried out.

Guilmon stumbles forward with his belly full, "Ow, can't fight. Stomach full!"

Renamon sighs, "You chose the worst time to stuff your mouth full of bread."

"Don't worry we beat them once and we'll do it again!" Takuya has confidence to his team. "Ready Warriors?"

"Yeah!" All the other Legendary Warriors shouted in unison.

Suddenly, a Cell-look alike, Virus, blasts through the ceiling and descends in. He comes dressed as MechaSonic and laughs.

Kari gasps and clenches her fists upon seeing the bio-artificial, "Oh no, Virus!"

"He's in league with them?!" TK shouted.

Virus smugly grins at his adversaries, "Hah, not just me but my other colleagues. Come on in, there's plenty of space!"

The next villains to enter are a bunch of evil Digimon and DBZ knock-offs. GalacticNova X, a Broly knock-off, breaks through a wall dressed as Nagato from Naruto. Then, a blonde-haired young man that looks like Matt/Yamato with spikier hair and darker blue eyes floats from the ceiling hole dressed like Lelouch from Code Geass, his name is Cyrus Fujita. Loki (MCU/DF-616), Gorrath, Alduindramon, GranDracmon, and ShenPeacockmon are also seen with them.

"GranDracmon?!" Kensuke shouted.

The Daleks, the Cybermen, Davros, and DarkKnightmon enter the House of Madoka intimidating most of the guests.

"No way! It's DarkKnightmon!" both Taiki and Shoutmon shouted in fear.

Next, the Nightmare Special Squad, Ginyu Force knock-offs, appears and came dressed exactly like the Ginyus. Gurdmon is dressed as his originator Guldo. Brutemon comes dressed as Recoome. Chaser comes dressed as Jeice. Devilin comes dressed as Burter. Ginyumon comes dressed as he is.

"Oh great! Not those Nightmare Squad bozos!" Joe cowered.

Gomamon sees them, "The Digiverse's biggest lameos are here, too?"

"The assholes that broke mine and Patamon's necks!" Tike recalls that time.

"Did you need to remind me?" Patamon stares at Tike.

Sora figures out something, "Wait, isn't Piedmon supposed to be with them?"

"Piedmon's outside taking care of the crowd control with the Dark Masters." Ginyumon answers her question. "But, I Ginyumon have taken back my rightful place as commander of the Nightmare Special Squad!"

"You tell those punks who's boss, cap!" Chaser said with his Australian accent.

"Ooo, when do we get to our table? I'm starving!" Brutemon acted childish that he sees something. "Oh, is that a karaoke machine?!"

"And a stage. Perfect place for us to perform our stylish Squad poses." Devilin smirked.

"Great idea!" Gurdmon cries out.

Mars interrupts with agitation, "Hold it! You think you can out pose us, you Ginyu wannabes?!"

"I doubt they can. We bring more oomph to our battle poses!" Venus said with pride.

Jupiter pops her knuckles, "Then, we'll show them the door."

Uranus gives a grin, "I sure wouldn't mind shutting their loud faces."

"Likewise, I've got an ax with their names on them." Varuna smirks with thoughts of what she's going to do.

"I'll hogtie the little fat green turd." Eris refers to Gurdmon.

NeoDevimon drops in dressed as Raditz. Babimon stomps his way through a door dressed as Ghost!Nappa.

"YEAH! Who are ya gonna call?! Ghost Babimon!" Babimon shouted.

NeoDevimon sweatdrops about it, "Cute, very cute moron."

Yamato gawks at the sight of the Baboon Digital Invader, "Bah, you still exist?!"

Babimon sees Yamato and happily shouts, "YAMAKINS! I MISSED YOU!"

Kensuke laughs at the remark, "You, too? Yeah, that's such a good name for him, right?"

"Actually I came up with it first." Babimon said to the XLR-8 Ascendant. "It simply just got on with a bunch of fic and parody writers on the interwebs."

Yamato fumes when he figures it out, "BASTARD! IT WAS YOU?!"

"Now gimme a hug! It's been so long!"

Mutalior, a Cooler knock-off, came in dressed as Bane from Batman. Daimaomon comes in dressed as King Piccolo. DarkMagimon floats right in dressed as the Fairy Godmother.

"Babimon, will you pipe down?" Mutalior ordered. "We're not hugging anyone. After all, if my son caught you hugging the enemy you'll be seeing dying a thousand deaths."

Babimon whines at Mutalior, "Waahh, I just wanted to say hi to my old buddy."

DarkMagimon then speaks up, "Ok, I know I'm the current villain in the Digimon Fusion Kai season fic and I'm glad I was invited... BUT WHY THE SHIT AM I DRESSED LIKE THE FAIRY GODMOTHER?!"

"You lost a bet. Now deal with it." HiSuzakumon could care less.

"Yes, in case you didn't know, allow us to introduce to you the leading men in charge of our organization! I give you!" Virus presents the guests their head honchos.

Hovering the ceiling, a giant demon appears. This is Valmarmon, the Demon Digi-god that's opposite to Granasmon. He comes dressed as Galactus. Two smaller figures float down from the ceiling. One is the aforementioned Frieza knock-off, Burizalor; he comes dressed as Electro. The second figure resembles Wolzard from Mahou Sentai Magiranger/Koragg the Wolf Knight from Power Rangers Mystic Force. He comes dressed Doctor Doom.

"Here are the leaders of our organization!" GranDracmon said. "For we..."

Valmarmon, Madoudramon, and Burizalor all announce, "We are the Legion of Doom!"

Davis (DF-616) sarcastically comments about the group, "Isn't that name already taken?"

"Say one word and the Daleks will exterminate you." Burizalor quipped.


Virus evilly smirks, "And the Cybermen shall delete anyone who gets in their way."


Takato is shock of seeing the two Digi-Vvillains. "Madoudramon! Valmarmon!"

Tai and Matt (YYGDM) both shouted, "What are you doing back?!"

"Without that fool MahouGarurumon a part of me, I'm now free from restraint." Madoudramon declared as a new man. "However, I won't waste time killing you all. This is a party after all."

"Yes and without MahouGarurumon, Madoudramon can and will kill anyone who provokes him." Valmarmon added.

Tai (DF-616) glares, "Burizalor, you're the last guy I wanted to see again."

Burizalor sardonically retorts, "Yes and I love you, too, Taichi. Now show us our seats."

"When I shove my sword in your ass." Dimitri growled.

Sedna glares at Burizalor, "You're not welcome here, you monster."

(Cue Street Fighter IV Theme - Exile - The Next Door - Indestructible (English Version))

"Now hold on!" Suzaku then interrupts to say something. "If the Legion of Doom can bring their leaders here, then allow our leaders to take their seats."

Rando announces, "And here they come, bitches!"

Lord Arago, a giant Taiyoukai demon, walks in dressed as Aku from Samurai Jack. His loyal Demon Brotherhood bow before him. Long and Kiryu, the Taiyoukai dragon brothers, come dressed as Jimmy and Billy Lee from Double Dragon.

Arago gives his introduction, "With the Halloween season upon us, it's only right for us demons and apparitions to wreck havoc on the city that never sleeps."

"But, we'll start the festivities with a dinner party here in this well produced facility." Long stated.

"Suzaku and Rando, show us to our table." Kiryu ordered.

"Even if you were invited, we don't want your asses here." Yusuke said with an angered tone.

"Especially not you monsters!" Rio shouted.

"Ugh, this is crazy." Yui gives herself a headache. "What other bad guys want to crash our party now?!"

At the stage, the Puellas and Kyubey quickly appear to calm down all the guests. A big screen is shown to get the audiences attention.

"Settle down! Settle down!" Sayaka calms everyone, whether they are heroes or villains.

Madoka then speaks up with a sheepish smile, "Um, I'm really sorry that all these baddies are making a fight, but we're all um still going to have fun when its nearly seven o clock soon."

"So to accommodate, we like to show our schedule of our All Hallow's Eve showings." Mami said.

The Magical girls present the schedule of stuff to show starting at 7 PM. They are:

Scooby Doo on Zombie Island (7:00 – 8:17)

Billy and Mandy's Jacked-Up Halloween (8:17 - 8:41)

Danny Phantom: Fright Knight (9:05 – 9:28)

Ed Edd n Eddy's Boo Haw Haw (9:28 – 9:51)

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (9:51 – 11:47)

Hellsing Ultimate/All Episodes (Midnight onward)

"Now that's what I like to here." TOM is satisfied at these episodes and movies.

"I agree here, that's a fitting schedule." Doraemon added.

Mami then explains, "We are saving Hellsing Ultimate for last because the final two OVAs are going to be dubbed in real-life October soon, it's a big bloody bath in that anime. That goes on until morning time.

Alucard gives an evil smile of seeing his anime as the grand forte, "Good for you, because I destroy all in my path."

"Plus, the games we have at the game room are listed right here!" Kyoko smirked about these certain video games.

The magical girls show them the game roster.

Super Smash Bros.

Street Fighter IV


Mortal Kombat

Marvel vs Capcom 3

Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma

Dragonball Z Budokai/Tenkaichi games

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm games

YuYu Hakusho: Dark Tournament

Digimon: Rumble Arena 1 & 2

Mario Kart 8

Dance Dance Revolution

Guitar Hero

"See, looks good on yah!" Kyoko cried out.

Madoka smiles at the audience, "And finally, there's also some karaoke to sing and a dance room for all you couples here!"

Randy Marsh cries out, "My god, this is going topsy turvy!"

Stan sees the familiar devilish animals, "Oh great, the Woodland Christmas Critters!"

"That's the last time we saw them in Cartman's story and Imaginationland." Kyle remembers them.

Cartman smirks, "Really, because that's a good one. Haha!"

"Shut up, fatty!" Kyle angrily shouts at the fat boy.

"Cool, video games! Especially today's Tokyo Game Show I saw." Ford is satisfied at the news.

Argo smirks at the news, "Ignoring the villains and done eating, I'm in."

"Same here, I could use to train my fighting skills or maybe some DDR." Ayase added.

Inori thought about trying karaoke. Just then, Funeral Parlor saw Mana in surprise.

"Sis! What are you doing here!" Shu shocked at her presence.

"Hiya, Shu! Nice dress here." Mana giggles at his costume.

"This is getting complicated." Gai muttered upon seeing Mana and not to mention the villains around.

Souta, Hare, and Courage the Cowardly Dog are scared and run off from the Weeping Angels' frightening visage.

Ed shouts out to Edd and Eddy, "Look guys, our halloween special is here!"

Eddy feels agitated, "Oh great, we see the fact that you dress up as Lothar whatever he was, and beat those kids only that they beat me and Double D afterward!" the leader of the Eds grumbled, "Can't believe my brother tricked me to Spooky Ville."

"It's all fun and games before seeing that special again, Eddy." Edd commented while remembering that time.

"Yay! Our Halloween episode!" Billy shouts excitingly.

Grim recalls the memories, "I remember that time mon of our conflict with dear ol Jack o Lantern."

Mandy talks to Valmarmon unafraid, "It takes pure evil to intimidate me. For you remind me of that demon from that Disney musical (Fantasia)."

Valmarmon looks down at Mandy, "I'll take that as a compliment, human."

(End theme)

As the festivities get underway and hostilities calm for now, Kyubey calls on a bunch of his own clones to repair the damage caused by the villains.

(Cue Game of Thrones Theme)

Finally, the Paradais members enter to take their seats. The three Rajita Warlords: Kaisers Gyaos, Ghidorah, and Gamera, enter as the Kaijuu-named alien leaders take their seats. The evil trio comes in a Shredder costume theme. Kaiser Ghidorah comes in dressed as Utrom Shredder/Chr'ell. Gamera comes in dressed as Cyber Shredder. The First Rajita Warlord, Gyaos, comes in dressed Tengu Shredder.

"Gah! See! I told you, guys!" Michelangelo cried out. "It's the other Shredders!"

Donatello is shock upon seeing them in person, "I can hardly believe it!"

"Damn, and they're so big they make our Shredder look scrawny!" Raphael growled.

"And that guy's scary as they come." Leonardo commented. "But, they're dressed as the Shredders from the 2003 universe. No way we can take these three by ourselves."

A table reserved for Paradais is full and they're dressed in a Fullmetal Alchemist theme. The members comprise of Professor Frank (from Yugioh 5Ds as Solf J. Kimblee), KingBasiliskmon (as Dragon!Envy from FMA Conqueror of Shamballa), Myotismon (as Atlas from FMA Sacred Star of Milos), Igasu the Blood Moon (as Envy), Nix (as Gluttony), Hydra (as Lust), and Grendelmon (as Sloth from FMA Brotherhood). The other members include The Master (Doctor Who), Weeping Angels (Doctor Who), Vicious (Cowboy Bebop), The Major (Hellsing Ultimate), Woodland Critters (South Park), Yami Bakura (as Albert Wesker), Nemesis (YYGDM-01, dressed as Nemesis from Resident Evil).

"A toast to Paradais!" Ghidorah bellowed. "And allow us to introduce the leaders of our chaotic organization! Please welcome our guests of honor!"

The evil Paradais duo comes walking in arm-in-arm like a couple. One is a secretary woman that looks like Sailor Pluto, but has brunette hair and pale skin. The other is a suave blond-haired businessman. They are the most reprehensible couple in the multiverse: Sharon Rivers/Sailor Chaos (AKA the Queen of Mean) and Jeremiah Grand/Millenniummon. Sharon comes in dressed as Dante from the FMA 2003 anime while Jeremiah comes dressed as Father from FMA.

Pluto resists the urge to want to get her hands on her sister Sharon/Chaos. Sailor Moon and the Senshi calm her down. Likewise, Sedna, Dimitri, and Kensuke want the conniving woman and her equally chaotic partner. The Kuipers calm the three down.

Orcus holds her boyfriend's hand, "Please, Ken. Not now."

Kensuke gives his heavy breathing to calm down, "I needed that."

"We can go without fighting for one night." Dimitri stated.

"It's going to be tough." Sedna agreed with Dimtri.

"I know you want a piece of her." Moon understands Pluto's feelings.

"Believe me all of us do." Mars said.

Mercury states, "But, let's try to make it through the rest of the night."

Saturn said to ease the tension, "All of us already caused enough of a scene as it is."

"So be it." Pluto sighs and resigns, "Hina, stay close to me, honey."

Hina nods to move closer to Pluto and growls at Sharon, "I don't like that lady."

Sharon and Jeremiah give toast to the Paradais table as they get seated.

"Thank you for having us at this grand opening for the House of Madoka." Sharon politely commented.

Jeremiah smiled, "You really shouldn't have, but we never turn down invitations to parties."

"We deeply apologize for ruining everyone's livelihoods with the Dawn of Chaos." Sharon smirked. "Let's this be the start of a rebuilding of trust between us."

Jeremiah concludes to give a big remark, "A toast to all in attendance!"

Now that most of the attendees are here in the House of Madoka, this is just the beginning for them.

(End theme)

A/N: Now that is a huge first chapter. This is a tiring process that I did since I have little time for adding detailed descriptions of the characters.

Basically, it's a crisis crossover with fanfics, anime, cartoons, and others for being invited to this Halloween party and grand opening. This feels like a love letter to Cartoon Cartoon Fridays, Fridays, Cartoon Network City Commercials, and of course FoxKids. Everytime me and K work all these scenes, I laugh at the same time.

It's going to be so topsy turvey and interesting when the villains show up. Stay tune for part 2.