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"Thank you so much for meeting me, Ana." Mia gushes and strangles me in a choking hug. "I know how dangerous it is for you to be here right now. But I assure you I take self defense classes so I got you covered," she finishes of with a wink.

I'm not even supposed to step out of the house what with a psychotic killer wanting to kill me on the loose but I had to sneak out of Christian and Elliot's clutches to meet Mia.

"I'm sorry to rush this but Christian finishes his meeting in about an hour so I have about forty-five minutes to wrap up with you here."

"I completely understand."

I deliberately chose the Starbucks nearest to Escala so that I could go back there before no one even notices I was gone. I feel bad about lying to Gail though. She thinks I'm sleeping so she went grocery shopping. And Elliot is at the court and Christian at Grey House.

I have been talking about going back to work, the SnapChat of crying employees increasing by the day. They all want me back to keep Christian's temper on a leash even though they know I have to be in New York as soon as Jack Hyde gets caught.

After getting out hot beverages we sit at a corner where we're certain no one will hear what we want to talk about.

"Tell me, Mia, what was so important that I had to hide this meeting from both your brothers?" She seems a bit reluctant about what he has to say. "It's okay, Mia, tell me what's wrong?" I reach out and put my hand on hers.

"I want my family together, Ana. I know it's not going to be easy but I want both my brothers at my wedding."

"Wedding?" And that's when I notice the big rock sparkling on her ring finger. "When did that happen? Why didn't Elliot tell me?" This is such a surprise.

"He doesn't know." She replies meekly.

"What? Are you kidding me? You have to tell him, Mia because if he finds out I got to know before him he will be hurt. Oh my goodness, where are my manners? Congratulations, Mia. I am so stoked for you." I stretch sitting on my chair and hug her.

"Thanks, Ana."

"When's the wedding? And who is the lucky guy?" I wiggle my eyebrows in jest. She blanches. All the color from her face drains.

"His name is Ethan Kavanagh."

"You mean the Kavanagh from Kavanagh media?" she nods.

"I think I've seen him at parties. I don't really know him personally but that's quite a catch. He's totally a looker." I wink at her trying to lighten her mood which had suddenly gone somber.

She doesn't even smile.

"What is it, Mia?" She squirms at her seat and takes a huge gulp of the scorching hot cappuccino.

"He is Katherine Kavanagh's brother."

"Yeah, I think I heard about her too. Word is, she gets around quite a lot. If you know what I mean." And I giggle but still nothing from Mia's end.

"You're not getting it, Ana. Katherine is Kate. Elliot's ex fiancé!"

"Y… you mean the ex Christian had a thing with?" She only nods and I think I hear thunder. Inside my brain.

This. Cannot. Be. Happening.

"Tell me I didn't just hear you saying you are engaged to Kate's brother? The Kate who destroyed your brother?"

I can't help but feel really annoyed at Mia. Does she not see how much of a disaster she is causing? "Can't you see this will destroy Elliot?"

And Christian? Oh my God, I just realize I've never even talked about this with him. Elliot and Christian are just starting to become civil towards each other. This news will destroy what is left of their fragile relationship.

"I know, Ana. But I wasn't planning on it. It just sort of happened." Is this girl for real?

"How can it just sort of happen, Mia? You should have thought of Elliot." I put my head in my hands and try to take some calming breaths while Mia blabbers on.

"You know I went to Paris for culinary courses and Ethan was there for the Fashion Week and we ran into each other during one of the shows. I didn't even talk to him but he came over and started apologizing on behalf of his sister. I swear I didn't give him the time of day in the beginning but he started popping up everywhere. All my friends know him so whenever all of us planned to go anywhere he was just there. And you know it is freaking Paris! One night we talked and strolled along the Seine and I realized what a great guy he was. Then we started seeing each other more and one thing led to another and next thing I know we are sleeping together. And now we've been together for more than two years so when he asked me to marry him, I said yes." Her eyes glisten with unshed tears.

"I don't want to lose him, Ana. We love each other but I don't know what to do. I never told Elliot I was seeing him in fear of hurting him but now there is no other way than to tell him." Choking on the last word, tears fall from her eyes and I can't help but empathize with the girl.

Darn it. I'm a sucker for romance. Oh well, here goes nothing, "Mia, don't cry. I promise I'll help you."

"Oh thank you so much, Ana. You don't know how much it means to me." She leaps to hug me and for a second I think we're both going to topple to the ground.

I don't want to believe that Christian could stoop so low to hurt Elliot that he would deliberately sleep with his fiancé but stranger things have happened when it comes to these two brothers. I'm still not sure if Christian really is in love with me or he thinks he is in love with me because Elliot is in love with me.

I arrived just in time before Christian had to leave Grey House so when Christian has the time to check up on me I don't have to lie to him. So when he called and inquired about what I am up to I just told him I was preparing dinner for the two of us and gave Gail the night off.

He seemed pretty pleased with the idea of coming home to a cooked meal by me. He was jabbering something along the lines of domesticity.

"What are we having today?" The sound of that deep velvety, implacable voice brings me out of my reverie. Awareness of his nearness prickles my skin. He has such a potent force, exuding sexual magnetism that his mere presence is enough to dampen my panties.

Coming around the kitchen counter he wraps his arms around me from behind and kisses me softly on the neck.

"Hi," just one word and I am ready to let him eat me for dinner. My breathing and heartbeat both ragged.

"Turn around."

Slowly I turn around and lean on the counter in fear that my legs will give up. His copper hair a tad bit longer than he usually kept fell on his forehead and I had to fist my hand so that I don't touch it. He's so beautiful. His hand moves to rest on my hip pulling me flush against him so that I can feel his erection.

"See what you do to me, baby?" Trembling in his arms I can only nod in respond.

"Kiss me!" Tilting his head he seals his mouth over mine. He tastes me in long leisurely licks and I can't help but moan. I hear the spatula I was cooking with hit the floor, and then my hands are in his hair pulling and guiding his mouth over mine.

"I want you," he says nuzzling his cheek against mine.

Every other thought leaves my body, about Katharine Kavanagh about Mia being engaged to Ethan Kavanagh.

His body feels so perfectly right against mine. His now very familiar smell triggers every nerve end in my body. My nipples harden and a hot trickle of arousal drenches my core. He picks me up and suddenly I find myself against the refrigerator, Christian's body against me. His arms at my waist begin their way south and delve inside the band of my boy shorts going around and cupping my butt cheeks wrenching me hard against him so that I my drenched core hits his hard on.

His lips are gliding down my neck stroking over my erratic pulse. Sucking on my skin he coaxes out my name in a prayer, "Tell me you want me, Ana."

"I always want you, Christian," I tell him cupping his face. The affection I see in his eyes coupled with the desire, held the power to destroy me.

I have to believe he loves me. I have to give him my trust. I have to take this chance on us with all that I am. I have to believe he loves me for me and not because Elliot has feelings for me.

On my tiptoes I start licking his neck. He bents his knees to align our bodies so I get a better reach at him. He groans, his hands running all over me restlessly. My thighs, my buttocks, my arms. Every time he touches me is like a balm to my soul fulfilling a need in me that I didn't know about. I need his touch like I need oxygen.

"I need you," his tongue is back on my throat stroking in that area below my ear which makes me absolutely crazy. My hands are desperately trying to pull him to me. My need for him so intense that I feel like I would die without him. "I need to be inside you…"

"I need you inside me, Christian," it's true when I said I always want him.

I want him anywhere, anytime, anyhow. I am always ready for him however he wants me.

He pulls my boy shorts down while I unbuckle his belt and undo his fly. Flexing my leg around his back I rock against him to feel him in my aching core. He holds back and before I could mouth my protest he puts two fingers inside me.

"Shit, baby you're so hot for me right now."

"Please…" that's the only word I can manage. Suddenly he is on his knees sucking on my cleft. He knows my body better than I do. Knows what I want and need. His expert oral skills make me shamelessly grind into his mouth. His tongue darts in and out of my entrance and his thumb strokes my clit.

"Yes…" I hiss as my orgasm builds. I tug his hair and shove his mouth against me harder. Sucking rhythmically on my clit he massaged it with the tip of his tongue and inserts two fingers inside me again. Everything tightened viciously and the orgasm ripped through me, "Christian…" I draw out his name. Christian doesn't stop tonguing me until the last tremor courses through me.

Standing in a rush, Christian picks me up and makes way to the great room carrying me to the nearest couch, his pants lose on his ankles.

"No condom..."

"Why do you keep on forgetting I'm on birth control now?"

"Right. Fuck. Sorry."

My core throbs once again at the sight of his beautiful penis. He shoves himself inside me as my body quivers at the fullness I so crave. Yanking my hips to meet his, Christian pounds into me in an animalistic craze. After a handful of deep strokes his head falls back, eyes closed, my name a gasp on his lips.

"Ana… yes, I'm there, baby."

I squeeze him with my muscles and his gaze meets mine, the silver of his eyes a stormy shade of gray hazed with sexual euphoria and desire to race to the finish. He shudders followed by a cry of ecstasy and I feel him fill me with hot spurts. His orgasm bringing one of my own and I cry out his name once again.

Christian falls over me still inside me rubbing the perspiration on his forehead on my tank top. I just notice Christian still wearing his suit, shirt and tie. I giggle.


"We're still dressed."

"I noticed but I needed this," pulling his head up he kisses me softly on my lips.

"Can't complain," I wink at him and he grins.

"What's for dinner?"

"You mean what was for dinner because I can smell the food burning."

"Damn it. I really like coming home to find you in the kitchen preparing dinner and I love eating whatever you come up with."

"We can just order in. I have been wanting to try those Turkish kebabs Elliot got for us that day."

"Okay, you go get in the shower and I'll join you after I order."

After dinner, we're both cuddling in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine.

"I'm going to miss this after I move to New York," I tell him and relax into his arms. His hold around me tightens. "I can't wait to go and stand in front of those people and hear the applause." Christian doesn't utter a word.

"What is it?"

"Nothing, I just don't want to think about you not being there." The sadness in his voice pierces through my heart. Turning in his arms I take his face in my hands and kiss him softly.

"I will never be not there, Christian. I will always be there. I love you, baby." Both my hands circle his waist and my head rests in the crook of his neck. His arms tighten around me to pull me close.

A few moments pass before I decide to drop the bomb, "If I ask you something will you answer me?"

"Always, Ana, you know that," he says sincerely.

"I want you to tell me the truth about you and Katherine Kavanagh," he visibly tenses under my hold. I can literally feel him freeze.

"Why are you suddenly asking me that?" I know I have to play a game here to really get him to answer truthfully.

"Because I'm not sure if you really love me or is it because Elliot wants me," he gasps so loudly, the shock jerks him away from me. Accusing gray eyes stare at me and I know that I've hurt him.


"How can you even think that, Ana? You have to know what you mean to me by now?"

Not wanting to hurt him further, I keep my mouth shut.

He goes on, "I love you, Ana. You have to trust me, baby. Is he putting these thoughts in you again? I swear to God, I'll rip his head off and tear him limb from limb." Christian is flushed red in rage; this is the Christian I am truly afraid of. I feel the chill of his stare seep into my bones. This Christian will do just about anything in his fit of rage.

"No, Elliot didn't tell me anything. It's been nagging at me from the very beginning," this is not a lie. He is beside me in a flash and takes me in his arms.

"Why didn't you tell me this was hurting you. I never want to hurt you, Ana. You know that. I hate seeing you suffer. I promise to you I love you with everything that I have. You are my soul. I don't even know Katherine Kavanagh, and I didn't know who she was. She came on to me. I was just in Vegas that weekend for business. I was at the Bellagio Casino and she came up to me offering sex on a silver platter and she brought a friend along. No single hot blooded male would ever turn down a threesome."

Alarm bells are ringing in my head and I don't know if I want to weep in frustration or jump in joy.

"I promise to you that is the truth. When Elliot found me I was just leaving her suite at night so he thought I did it on purpose and I let him believe it. I just wanted to hurt him. And you know the rest Grey sibling rivalry. That was the beginning of it all."

"A misunderstanding!"

"Not really since I led him to believe otherwise," he stops looking confused at my wide smile. Once I tell Elliot the truth he won't have any more reasons to hate Christian.

I leap into Christian's lap and straddle him kissing all over his face.

"Take me to bed, Christian. Make love to me." He just looks at me adoringly and carries me to bed without a word.

There is hope after all.