Signatures sing as pain stays today

Watching me here you'd think you'd have known

My life isn't too put together

Hell u'd even say I'm on my own

But I wouldn't trade it for anything

Cause in the end I got the gold….

My lyrics came to me every few seconds I had to catch my breathe, before my next dance. I'd say I had a pretty normal life compared to the girls I have grown up with in my neighborhood. I mean I make money enough to put food on the table for my house mates and myself mostly. We haven't been evicted yet, so that's a plus.

Hell, I'm surprised no cops have busted down our door yet, from Mike's weed forest he's been growing in a greenhouse in our backyard. He never was subtle about it.

Then again he does have back up from the rogue cop that won't turn us in as long as he gets part of the cut. James and his blackmailing techniques….

Oh let me back up a few. Name's Isabella. Well, everyone calls me Izzy. Anyway, I've been on my "own" since I was thirteen and I decided to take off with a couple "friends" from the orphanage that we all came from.

You see my parents died in a car crash, when I was ten, and three years in that orphanage just sucked ass. I mean I would keep my life as it is right now, then go to that place again. And for crying out loud, right now I'm a seventeen (almost eighteen in 5 months) year old stripper, begging for my next meal to gross older perverted men.

Don't get me wrong, I got it better than my friend Jessica (or Jessie) does. She sells… umm well herself I guess. But sometimes I wish things were just a little different.

For one, I'd love to be at least twenty pounds heavier, instead of being so malnourished you could see my bones. I'd like for James (the rogue cop and Jessie's pimp) to leave me alone about selling. And I'd love to have the sense that someone, any fucking one, was out there to care for me.

"Iz" Tyler shouted at me, "your up."

I sighed putting the piece of paper and pen, I used to write my songs on, down. I stood from the small pink vanity I sat at and walked to Tyler in my small little midnight blue gypsy outfit I wore. Instinctively, my hips swayed seductively causing the gold belt thing to chime together like a wind chime.

Before I could pass Tyler, he grabbed my upper arm and whispered, "Fair warning, that new girl, Laura, sucked. She just couldn't get their attention so she had to resolve to drastic measures."

I groaned, "How badly?"

Tyler sighed, "Let's just say we saw her."

I shook my head exasperated. The reason Tyler warned me is because after the girls have to resolve to that, the person behind them is supposed to show more. Seeing how Lauren couldn't keep her thong on means, I'm going to have to show even more.

"Alright," I sighed. "Wish me luck."

"Luck, Izzy." Tyler whispered before sending me into the lions den.

I walked to our DJ, Mike, and wrapped an arm around his shoulders seductively before purring, "Hey baby, you wanna play me a song tonight."

Mike shuddered in ecstasy and turned to look into my blue contact eyes. I put the contacts in to give me a sense of security, somewhat like a mask would, which I do start off with one on.

Mike nodded and gulped, "What song you want Izzy Bells?"

I smiled charmingly, "Mmmm, could you play me, 'Me and U'?"

Mike moaned as I trailed my nail down his face softly, before nodding enthusiastically, "Sure thing Iz."

I dropped my act immediately before smiling normally, "Perfect. Thanks Mike."

Mike snapped out of his stupor and growled, shaking his head, "Fucking tease"

I laughed out but moved to my spot behind the curtain on the stage. I took a deep breathe as the seductive tune started to play. Mike then got on his mic and announced, "Tonight gentleman, be prepared to lose all your cash. This little fireball will satisfy your every midnight craving."

I got on the pole upside down in a pose before the curtains started opening. "Please welcome our beautiful little minx, Izzy Bells"

At that, the lyrics started and my body started moving on it's own accord.

You've been waiting so long, I'm here to answer your call. I know that I shouldn't have had you waiting at all

My body slid down the pole effortlessly. And I now stood on the stage wiggling my hips mysteriously as men gathered around my stage.

I've been so busy, thinking bout what I want to do with you.

I took my midnight blue masquerade mask off and threw it to the crowd. It was my signature, everyone that has been to our club knows I throw my mask and they get to keep it. But it seems it surprised the curly blonde man that caught it as he held it gingerly in his hands. Mmm fresh meat. I keep my focus on him and dance for him.

I know them other guys they been talking bout the way I do it I do.

The man was sexy. Hair so curly I just wanted to run my fingers through it. His blue eyes seemed to see right through me as I danced on this stage.

They heard I was good they wanna see if it's true.

His stature was strange though. Every one here was in a relaxed state, their bodies aching as they wished they could touch me. But he looked rigged and soldier like in his strange stance.

They know you're the one I wanna give it to.

I come close to him and drop to the floor

I can see you want me too.

He looked like he didn't wanted anything to do with me and that was a first for me. And that's when my top came off. Revealing my midnight blue tassels.

It's me and you now. I've been waiting think I wanna make a move baby now Baby tell me if you like it.

I went back to my pole and starting dancing on it.

I was waiting for you to tell me you were ready. I know what to do if only you would let me.

I was upside down again on my pole when my skirt came off and slid down the pole with only my matching thong on.

As long as your cool with it, I'll treat you right. Here is where you wanna be

Money was everywhere on my stage it made it really hard to dance but I kept at it, because soldier boy has yet to approve and he still hasn't dropped any cash.

Baby I'll love you all the way down (drops to the ground) get you right where you like it. I promise you'll like it I swear (I cross my heart) Just relax and let me make that move, it's our secret thang. Keep it between me and you.

My thong came off and all the men cheered except soldier boy. Who at this time placed some cash on the table like you would a waitress and he walked away from me. With my mask still in his hand. I shrugged it off as I continued dancing.

After the song, I walked off stage with cash galore stuffed in my arms, but at that moment I was too upset to be happy. That man made me feel, for once in my life, ashamed of what I did. He didn't give me the time of day as all men did. And that hurt!

Before I could contemplate further on my feelings, Tyler entered the changing rooms and said, "Izzy, you have a private dance in VIP room 3."

I plastered a fake smile on my face and got my clothes back on before walking to the VIP room. Outside of the door was Ben, he was our body guard and my best friend Angela's boyfriend. I smiled at him and he nodded at me in acknowledgment, before I entered the room.

There on the small red, heart shaped love seat, was none other than soldier boy.