I felt the morning sun dancing on my face, indicating a new day has begun. I slowly open my eyes, not yet ready to face the world yet, but knew it was time to. I groan and slowly sat up, feeling my hair static into a million directions. I groan,stretch my arms up and try to smooth some pieces down, but to no avail it stuck straight back to where it was. I hear a deep chuckle across the room, and I turn my attention to the god like creature sitting in my rocking chair. He smirked at me and I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Are you laughing at me, cowboy?" I smirk at him.

He chuckled, " No I'm laughing at the nest on the top of your head."

I huffed, "Not all of us can wake up like super models, you know? Some of us have to work at being presentable."

He shook his head and chuckled but decided to ignore my comment all together, "Are you hungry?"

My stomach growled its answer and I blushed, "I guess I am... What's for breakfast?"

"Pancakes? Emmett is cooking... should be safe enough to eat... unless he got distracted." He admitted.

"I heard that!" Emmett boomed from downstairs.

I giggled and Jasper smiled down at me before answering, "You're distracted now, Em."

I could picture Emmett look down at his pancake before he yelled, "SHIT!"

I giggled and got up, "Let's go check on him before he burns the house down."

Jasper followed me down the stairs, as I ran down them. I was probably take two to three at a time before I saw Edward rush to the end of the staircase and fix me with a stern look, "Slow down. I swear I thought a heard of elephants were coming down the stairs. That or you were tumbling down them."

I blushed before stepping on the last step. He chuckled before giving me a kiss on the forehead, "Good morning."

"Morning, "I mumble, blushing further. Edward was a lot more... well not pushy, but a lot more confident in our estranged relationship than I was. He never felt he over stepped his boundaries, even though we were just getting started and that was quite... well intimidating to me. I never knew of someone that just went with he wanted and didn't care or think about the consequences. Don't get me wrong it didn't bother me that he kissed me... well maybe it did, but I couldn't bring myself to say anything about it. Edward had this air about him, that made him in charge. You didn't question him, you just did as he asked. Jasper was the same way, only a little more relaxed. He went about a slower pace and waited for me to decide what to do. But Edward... maybe that badge gave him that confidence... I'd have to ask to borrow it one day to test that theory.

I bound into the kitchen to the more laid back of the three. Upon entering Emmett burst into laughter, "You look like a cockatoo!"

I gasp in mock offense, "How dare you compare me to a bird... Especially when you look like Martha Stewart. Emmett, what are you wearing?"

Emmett wore a pink apron that said kiss the chef on it. I knew he wore it only to get a good laugh, but it really was a wonder he found one that fit his big frame. He gave me a wounded look and said, "It's what chef's wear, when they cook things... I want to be a chef when I grow up."

I roll my eyes and said "So being alive almost 100 years, means nothing huh? Not grown at all."

Emmett smirked before placing a plate of pancakes in front of me, "I'm Peter Pan, for all you know, Wendy. Now eat your breakfast, before I turn you into a lost boy."

I smiled, and dug into my pancakes. One was slightly burnt from the others, but it was still edible, as Jasper predicted. I picked around the burnt edges and popped a piece in my mouth, "I'd rather stay as a girl thank you. I'm sure the others would agree. But since you roll that way, you may want to reconsider your options, Emmy."

He rolled his eyes and swatted my face gently with a dishtowel. "Eat."

I took another bite and looked around the table. Jasper was just watching me eat, while Emmett did the dishes and Edward read a newspaper. I decided it was too quite, so I filled the silence with small talk, "What's everyone up to today?"

Emmett smiled at me before responding, "Being a bad ass boss like I always am."

I smirked, "Seeing as the first time I saw you, you were dressed as Elvis, I'm surprised anyone takes you seriously."

Emmett chuckled "All about timing, little one. All about timing."

I roll my eyes, but took another bite of pancake.

"What about you, Isabella." Edward asked, looking up slightly from his paper, "Got any plans?"

I shrugged, "No, just work, so far."

I looked up at the clock, "Speaking of, I should really start getting ready."

I stood and ran up the stairs, to which all three yelled "Slow Down!"

I giggled, rolled my eyes and ran into my room. I started to brush my hair but realized it was hopeless today and threw it up into a ponytail.
I quickly threw on my clothes and walked carefully down the stairs this time, deciding not to push the vampires a third time this morning. Edward was already waiting for me at the bottom wearing his uniform. He smiled and me and asked if I was ready.

I nodded and we walked to his police cruiser. He opened the front passenger door for me and helped me into my seat, before flashing to his side and climbed in. When he started the car, the sound of classical music played. I smiled and turned to him, "Clair de Lune?"

He looked at me shocked before replying, "Yes... I didn't know you knew this type of music."

I shrug, "Just because I danced to up beat garbage doesn't mean I don't know other music too.I like all music... My parents had me listen to everything so I'd have a real opinion on it. They didn't want me to hate a genre until I had a ligament reason."

He nodded, "Is there a certain genre you don't like?"

I scrunched up my nose, "I don't particularly like the eighties... I guess it's just too cheesy for my tastes. But I'll listen to it... I hate anything I can't understand. So if a singer has no pronunciation, count me out. My favorite is nineties though. Everyone had their own unique sound, unlike today. Save for a few artists, everyone sounds the same and it drives me crazy when a song comes on and I don't know who it is."

He smiled and nodded, "I can respect that."

We pulled up to the diner and I got out and shut the door. Edward rolled the window down, "You have your cellphone?"

I nodded, pulled it out to show him. He smiled, "Have a good day little one. Emmett will pick you up, ok?"

"Alright, " I said "See you later."

"Welcome to Fifties Dash, my name is Isabella, and I'll be your server today. Can I get you anything..." I was about to ask if my customer wanted a drink but he raised a hand in my face to stop me.

"Coffee. Black. Get my girl some water."

The girl looked ready to object but he gave her a look and she shut her mouth. I nodded and walked away. Glady's rolled her eyes before whispering to me, "They are regulars. He's a real ass. I think they have one of those real hanky panky, spanky spanky relationships. Just be nice and give them what they want and he should leave you alone."

I grabbed their drinks and brought it to them and pulled out my notepad, "Are you guys ready to order?"

The man raised an eyebrow at me, before saying, "If you are going to address me, you will call me sir. Learn some respect before I teach it to you."

I raised my eyebrows at him, but I bit my tongue, "I'm sorry sir, may I get you anything?"

He glowered at me and said, "Yes I want a steak. Rare. Bloodier, the better. A soft baked potato, with sour cream. Make sure it's soft! She will take the grilled chicken salad. No dressing. Make sure the lettuce is green. No brown at all."

I nodded, "Ok. I'll bring that right out."

I turned to walk, but he reached out and grabbed my wrist, spinning me around to face him. I stared at him wide eyed and he raised an eyebrow at me again. "I'll bring that right out, sir."

He let go of me and as I walked away this time I heard him say, "Damn kids these days, don't know respect."

I rolled my eyes and put his order in. Just as their food was ready, I heard the door ding. In walked Emmett, and he smiled at me widely. I smiled back before pointing him to our booth and he moved to it. I grabbed my tables food and prayed for this man. If he said something like he had been, he'd be signing his own death certificate. I started to place his food in front of him but he pushed the plate into my arms again. He growled, "Let me make room, before you start shoving the plate in my face."

I look down at his empty place setting as he moved his silverware a little further than necessary before he gave me an expected look. I looked at Emmett, who rose an eyebrow and slowly got up. The man snapped his fingers in my face and pointed to in front of him. I placed his food down gently and I handed the girl her salad. After placing it down, I straightened and said "Is there anything else I can get you, gu...I mean sir."

He rolled his eyes and waved me away. I walked away and by this time Emmett was half way to their table, before I ran into him and shook my head. I whispered, "Let me finish this table and I'll eat with you, ok? Don't intervene with my work, please."

Just then I heard fingers snapping at me, I pointed mine towards our booth, but Emmett instead walked to Galdys. I heard him whispering angrily about my customer but I ignored it and went back towards the bully I was serving. He shoved his plate at me and practically spit in my face as he said, "Does this potato look soft to you? It's barely even edible, take it back and get me a new one."

I nodded and turned only to have the customer slap my ass. I heard a roar across the restaurant and my eyes widened as I turned back around. The customer either ignored the growl or didn't care because he said, "Not even an apology? Have you learned no manners at all?"

I felt the plate lifted out of my hands and watched as it slammed on the mans head solidly. Cracking on his head and food went everywhere. I turned to see Emmett and his sweet face was clouded with anger. He grabbed the disorientated man by his shirt and lifted him up out of his chair and to his face, "You dare touch someone that is not yours? You dare speak to someone as if you have no common sense? GET OUT, before I THROW YOU OUT!"

He threw the man away from him and the man scrambled his way up. "You can't do that! I'm calling the police! How dare you touch me!"

The man pulled out his phone and Emmett smirked. "Do it. You won't be pleased when they come. Her boyfriend just so happens to be the police. I'm sure he'd love to hear what you did to his girl."

The man paled and put his phone up. Gladys came out from the kitchen, and pointed at him, "Out. And don't come back. I've tolerated your rude behavior from day one, but I will not tolerate you abusing my staff. Out!"

The man ran out and his girlfriend went shortly after. Once they were gone, Emmett turned to me and lifted my face to his. It wasn't until this moment that I realized I was shaking. I was used to people talking rudely to me. Hell I was used to being slapped on the ass by strangers, but I was not used to seeing Emmett getting violent. I've only seen him smile and be the sweetest person, the person who went out of his way to make people smile and laugh. But this... this was a new Emmett. And to be honest, it scared me a little.

"Gladys, I'm taking her home." Emmett called quietly.

Gladys ran into the room and threw a bag at him with to go containers in it. "Here's to feed her, you brute."

She turned to me and smiled sympathetically, "I'm sorry, Bella. I had no idea he'd get physical, otherwise I would've taken his table. He won't be back ok?"

"I'm sorry." I whispered.

She gave me a questioning look, "What for, sweet girl? You've done nothing wrong."

I looked down shyly, "I'm sorry I made you lose a regular customer."

She scoffed before turning to Emmett, "Get her out of here, before I spank her ass. Jesus, Mary and Joseph! "

She stalked off as Emmett gathered me in his arms, "Lets go before she beats us both silly."

When we got home, Emmett set me down in the kitchen and laid out the food for me. I looked up at him just as he handed me a fork, and I groaned. "Do I really have to eat? I'm not all that hungry now."

"Yes Isabella, "he sighed. "You do have to eat. While you eat we will talk about what happened. Deal?"

I sighed and took a small bite of green beans. He sighed again and sat beside me, "I'm sorry, you saw that side of me. I never wanted you to, but that man crossed a line by touching you. Vampires have a huge sense of protection and possession, and when he laid his hands on you... Well the monster came out to defend you. Isabella I know you can take bigger bites than that."

I roller my eyes but took a slightly bigger scoop of mashed potatoes and put it in my mouth. He nodded his consent before continuing, "Had it been Jasper or Edward there, they would've done the same thing, only Edward would have probably slammed him into the table and arrested him as well. You should know, we will not tolerate anyone harming you in any way. He's lucky I didn't rip his hand off and keep it as a trophy."

I stopped and swallowed my latest bite of Salisbury steak, before replying, "But you and the others need to know that you can't run everyone off at my job either. Gladys would lose her business and that's not fair to her. And besides, you and your brothers always threaten me with punishments, how is this any different?"

"HE is NOT your MATE!" He growled. "HE should've never touched you, in anyway. Besides, me and my brothers would never just smack you like that. If we were to punish you...it'd be a whole other story. We'd talk to you, make sure you knew what you did was wrong and then punish you. If anyone one of us ever smacked you like he did, we would lose an arm. Isabella, you are not a dog and you deserve respect. When will you ever see that?"

I sigh and he looked at me. I smile slightly, "I'm sure I will eventually."

Emmett left me alone to do some thinking on my own. That's what I liked about Emmett. He knew our boundaries and when I needed space. I turned the radio on, something I did to calm down. I turned on the shower just as the radio played some guitar cords. It was soft and perfect for the mood. I jumped in just as the first words played.

I wasn't raised in a castle, I grew up on the outskirts of town (I thought about how everything just became complicated. I used to be a girl that had nothing. and now here I was with pretty much everything at my disposal.)

But I'm gonna find the one that needs me see's me. And treats me like royalty (I grabbed the shampoo bottle swaying my hips as I washed my hair. I found more than that in these three men. They held me on a pedestal that no on could reach, and at times it scared me. I wasn't used to that treatment, and at this point I don't think I ever will. How can someone, when they come from my background?)

Queens don't stay unless their king treats them right oh. Every jewel on my crown, you better believe I earned it. (But did I. I've done nothing, except take what was forced on me. and it wasn't exactly like I appreciated it. I wanted my family still. I hated my life then but I'd take it back if it meant I still was home.)

I ain't about to let nobody come and take me off this throne. Some girls might, but queens don't

The song ended and I turned off the shower, thinking about that. I am the "some girls." I don't deserve what I got from these three men. No matter how much they fed me, dressed me, and just took care of me, I'd never feel like I was their queen. I'd feel like an imposter. A skinny imposter, with a plastic crown on her head. I knew there was no way out of this, and my heart felt like it'd shatter but refused to. It too was now kept in place by them and I didn't know how to feel about it. I knew, even if I did somehow make it back to my family, I'd have a missing piece in me. And that piece was them. My thoughts are now jumbled and I feel even more confused than how I started.

I wiped at my face and realized tears were streaming at my face.

"Why am I so emotional lately." I growled to myself.

"Isabella, can you come out here, please?" I heard Emmett's voice through the bathroom door. I sigh and swung open the door. Emmett scooped me up and wrapped his arms around me. I squirmed for a moment, kind of uncomfortable with the fact that I was naked and wrapped around him. He held me and carried me to the bed, setting me down on the edge and handed me a long t-shirt to put on.

I shrugged it on and looked up at him confused, "Emmett, are you ok?"

"I smelt your tears and didn't like it. What's wrong, little one?" He asked as he sat me on his lap.

I sigh before cuddling into him, "I'm not really sure Emmett. I... I miss my family. I miss being with them. At least there I felt like I was contributing and doing something. Here I feel... inadequate. Like I'm this spoiled little girl, that does nothing. And it's messing with me. Don't get me wrong, I... I think I like it here. I know it'll hurt if I leave and I've only known you guys for a while... It's just so fast and maybe its the bond that does this, but I can't seem to slow it down. It scares me, Emmett. IT scares me so bad, because I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know if I'm going to do something and it ruin everything. I'm scared that if I give in, one day you will wake up and realize you don't need me, and I'm just someone who took advantage of you."

And that's when it hit me. "I'm scared because you guys might leave, because I can't offer you much back. At least with them, I felt... irreplaceable. Like if I left, they wouldn't survive."

Emmett nodded, before raising my chin to meet his eyes, "Isabella, I know it's scary. I know it's so fast. But listen to me. We will never EVER leave you. We may have this bond, but Isabella, we... I mean I fell for you the moment I saw you. You genuinely care about people, despite what has happened to you. You'd do anything to help someone, even little old ladies that think they are fine on their own. Not to mention your smart, beautiful, and selfless. You fought us tooth and nail to save your family, even though they'd never do the same for you and that's why you deserve us, little one. We do care. And we do want you happy. Please just let us try, Isabella. Give us a chance and I promise you will not regret it."

I looked at him before I nodded. He smiled at me and I yawned. He took that as a cue to put me to bed, "You're tire little one. Why don't you take a little..."

I cut him off, "Lay with me please."

He grinned at me before laying down with me and I instantly fell asleep in his arms.

Hey guys ch. 22. Yay! Anyway the song if anyone wants to know is Queens Don't by RaeLynn. Hoped you enjoyed.